King Leonidas Gallery

I decided to create a gallery of "King Leionidas post number memes" for others to help me apply them. I will keep this post handy in the sidebar. Each number will have multiple sources, if they exist. I will add missing numbers and new hostings occasionally. HERE YOU GO!!! W 100 200 300 400 500 … Continue reading King Leonidas Gallery

ChiComs Drive a Massive Spike In Our Site Statistics!

Every graph tells a story. Check this out - this "Boom" I got in my notifications: OK - check out those numbers. Whatever it is, it's not a fluke. So I go look at the graphical view..... That is a legitimately big spike on the end. Look at the views (big red spike), and then … Continue reading ChiComs Drive a Massive Spike In Our Site Statistics!

Komrade Kamala Dirt Thread

So - treasonous communist VALERIE JARRETT and her PROG COMMIE friends say that we must treat "whichever" black female VP pick Biden makes (clearly they were planning on Kamala Harris) with some sort of artificial respect based on her - well, just read it. To which I say..... To me, rich, attractive, powerful and … Continue reading Komrade Kamala Dirt Thread


It has come to my attention that there is significant dissatisfaction with the way that the traditional Open Thread has bifurcated into two threads. COVID and NON-COVID - the latter losing a lot of steam. And then, when I threw in a "topical" COVID thread today, which I think just pushed things over the edge, … Continue reading SITE REORG. It’s Gonna Be BIBLICAL.

Threats of Personal Violence, Even Joking, Will Not Be Tolerated On Either Site

Several Announcements Will Be Made In This Post Announcement 1: Due to comments public and private, which have escalated to levels which could theoretically constitute evidence in criminal and civil trials, I have been forced to suspend posting by two individuals. Both the public and private comments are of questionable legality, and appear to be … Continue reading Threats of Personal Violence, Even Joking, Will Not Be Tolerated On Either Site

On Expectations of Civility

I will try to keep this brief. I have been serving two masters on this one site, and that simply doesn't work. Without an "ignore" function, so that people can ignore certain other posters, it is basically impossible to have both civility and incivility on this site, and the "calls of the civil against the … Continue reading On Expectations of Civility

A Tale of Two Revolutions

A Deplorable Abroad, Wherein Keln's Meme Takes on a Profound Second Meaning I must begin by admitting - to a limited extent - where I was during my recent absence. For a short time, I was in Paris - as in Paris, France. I was forced by circumstances to take a taxi across downtown Paris … Continue reading A Tale of Two Revolutions

We Don’t Have To Eat Them Now

a guest post by Wolf's dear hibernophile sister Fox Moon Just play the video and read the words. W I proclaim it loud and clear I proclaim it now and here God be praised and bless the men Women, grannies, dear children Whoever in the hell it be Who gave this song to you … Continue reading We Don’t Have To Eat Them Now