For The Sake of One Honest Man: Why I’m Supporting Susan Collins

I get an enormous amount of mail, email, texts, and flyers for Republican candidates. I think I must be on every list of every candidate in every state. From California to Maine, Florida to Alaska, I get mailings and urgent texts like I live there. The reason is that I am cursed to see the … Continue reading For The Sake of One Honest Man: Why I’m Supporting Susan Collins

Dear MAGA: 20190325 Open Topic

This POST-MUELLER MONDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world. You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on. Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. … Continue reading Dear MAGA: 20190325 Open Topic


First new Q of 2019! Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 4a88a1 No.4609173 Jan 5 2019 11:57:15 (EST)DtTs2t-X4AA7yJB.jpg happens when all 'insiders' know the news is FAKE?What happens when all 'insiders' know [AS] is the leak of false data?What happens when a member of the House Intel Comm purposely leaks FAKE & FALSE data to 'friendly' news sources in order to … Continue reading 1Q19

Facts Not Fiction

Q's most recent posts are very helpful in reading the fig leaves on Syria. If you want FACTS, stay away from COMMUNIST FAKE NEWS. We take up the rabbit trail immediately after the Mad Hatter.... Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 28b403 No.4400956 Dec 20 2018 21:02:56 (EST)Rogers departure. Intel.Sessions departure. Law.Kelly departure. Warfare/MILMattis departure. Warfare/MILNotice a pattern?QQ Post 2637 The above post … Continue reading Facts Not Fiction


This thread is being prepared for THE DAY we've all been waiting for. Here it comes.  December 13.  They postponed it ONCE. But we know what this is really all about: OANN has done some amazing reporting here - much of it getting the same information that George Webb got.  Please check out these … Continue reading D13

TREMORS: The 5:5 on D5 is Here

Here it is folks.  Get your popcorn.  It's MOVIE-TIME. Good GRIEF!  Q won't stop posting! 😀  LMAO!!! Here's the YouTube link - Pence on CHINA. Christie on a bicycle!  Q will NOT stop posting.   I am updating every few minutes!  LOL!!! There you go.  D5 is coming.  Explains all the TREMORS. W … Continue reading TREMORS: The 5:5 on D5 is Here

The Empire Strikes Back

I think Sundance is right.  The Empire is striking back. This is what he's talking about: I urge people to read both links - the DC article immediately above, and Sundance's analysis. In my opinion, we are now seeing an open civil war in the federal government.  This is completely analogous to what … Continue reading The Empire Strikes Back

Logical Thinking

I want to directly address Q's latest, very long post (number 2381 on  I believe that it is critical for sorting out what is happening right now - not only with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but also with FBI Director Christopher Wray. Jeff Sessions is directly addressed by Q's post.  However, it was by … Continue reading Logical Thinking

Q, Sessions, SCOTUS & Trump

Treeper Johnny Bravo had a great question yesterday: Right here is the Q post in question: Before getting into that, it's worth looking at the Q post right BEFORE that one, which may or may not be related: Treeper RAC then asked this excellent question: To which I responded: Followed by this graphic: From this … Continue reading Q, Sessions, SCOTUS & Trump