Pray for the Supreme Court

Fellow Q Treepers, this current event is worthy of prayer and discussion here at Wolfmoon's Q Tree. Lou Engle has been at the spear tip of an army of young intercessors for decades, standing in the gap for the UNBORN of our Nation.  It is truly humbling to link arms with them for this key … Continue reading Pray for the Supreme Court

Preparing for the MK Reveal: Tavistock Basics

I am now convinced that Q is signaling upcoming revelation on what people commonly refer to as "MK Ultra", but which is in reality an array of semi-secret technologies used for a seamless program of individual and mass psychological manipulation. I had been hoping things would go in this direction for a variety of reasons … Continue reading Preparing for the MK Reveal: Tavistock Basics

Castling Moves

Well, today was a pretty extraordinary day in DC, and I missed most of it, although I had some extraordinary thoughts on things.  And Q had a big day, too. If I had to sum it up with a metaphor, Obama's big castling move was Eric Holder as a corrupt Attorney General.  Having communist radical … Continue reading Castling Moves

The Lawfare Playbook Is Already Written

I just had a profound realization over at the Treehouse. And that's not counting the fact that the scenario I describe probably solves the Kavanaugh case via Ed Whelan's findings. THAT is just one of many. THE PLAYBOOK OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION BY CRIMINAL LAWFARE HAS ALREADY BEEN WRITTEN FOR EVERY SINGLE TRUMP SCOTUS NOMINEE, JUST … Continue reading The Lawfare Playbook Is Already Written