God Bless Rick Perry! Promises Made – Promises Kept!

There is a reason our VSGPOTUS is winning - he HIRES WINNERS. https://twitter.com/SecretaryPerry/status/1201289922306543616 Consider that in THREE YEARS of the 4-year FIRST TERM of the Trump presidency, the KEY MOVES: ENERGY INDEPENDENCEENERGY DIPLOMACYENERGY SUPREMACY were all executed FLAWLESSLY. One of the reasons we KNOW energy was key, is that the SPYGATE CREW was dual-purposed - … Continue reading God Bless Rick Perry! Promises Made – Promises Kept!

The Grand Energy Treason Conspiracy

When what is about to be exposed is fully exposed, people are going to prison all around the planet. Some nations and political systems will have to live down their roles in this conspiracy for CENTURIES. The Catholic Church will very likely have a new Pope. American politics will be changed forever. Science will be … Continue reading The Grand Energy Treason Conspiracy

Socialism Freebies ~ What’s the Cost?

Whaddya mean Bernie Sanders is trying to sell me on Socialism? Woke up this morning and flipped on the news. First story was about a survey of how socialism is gaining traction among women. What? Makes no sense! Contradiction in philosophy. How are women supposed to be modern, strong, make their own decisions, independent.... yet … Continue reading Socialism Freebies ~ What’s the Cost?

Dear MAGA: 20190512 Open Topic

Image of lightening outside and inside dark clouds erupting out of a snow-clad volcano

  This very special STORMY and yet very MOTHERLY MOTHER's DAY SUNDAY open thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA world. Say what you want, comment on what other people said, comment on people’s … Continue reading Dear MAGA: 20190512 Open Topic

The Aggregation Scam: How a Trump Town was Tricked into Paying for the Green New Deal

I spent two days working on this post, and just trashed the prior, many-page version. WHY, YOU MIGHT ASK. Simple. Because I was beating around the bush. I was not getting to the POINT. THE POINT: A town full of Trump-supporting Republicans in MAGA country was TRICKED into funding the GREEN NEW DEAL. I don't … Continue reading The Aggregation Scam: How a Trump Town was Tricked into Paying for the Green New Deal

Dear MAGA: 20190130 Open Topic

This GLOW-BULL WARMING COAL WEATHER WEDNESDAY Open Thread is dedicated to the vision of those who realized that the globo-commie conspiracy was SCAMMING US on energy across the board, including their notorious WAR ON COAL - that DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH. COAL - which will help get this planet back on track, as the globo-commie … Continue reading Dear MAGA: 20190130 Open Topic

VLWC 03: Energy is Destiny

What letter comes right before Q?  That would be P, as in Perry, as in Rick Perry, our Secretary of Energy. Mind your P's and Q's, people.  They explain a LOT of what is going on right now. I want to thank our friend fleporeblog, who made a comment on Secretary Perry's energy travels HERE, … Continue reading VLWC 03: Energy is Destiny