A Tale of Two Revolutions

A Deplorable Abroad, Wherein Keln's Meme Takes on a Profound Second Meaning I must begin by admitting - to a limited extent - where I was during my recent absence. For a short time, I was in Paris - as in Paris, France. I was forced by circumstances to take a taxi across downtown Paris … Continue reading A Tale of Two Revolutions

Scammin’ Me

Thanks to our QTreeper realsauce who posted a great Tom Petty video, Won't Back Down, here: LINK: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2019/08/14/speech-protecting-the-red-flags/comment-page-1/#comment-230851 Suddenly I remembered one of my FAVORITE videos of all times - the one where Tom Petty understood FAKE NEWS, FAKE ENTERTAINMENT, FAKE SCIENCE and FAKE HISTORY literally DECADES before we did. https://youtu.be/TCFAzPl1QmE Here are the original … Continue reading Scammin’ Me

Boris and Natasha Discover The Internet

How a Red Diaper DEM and a Fake News FEM Discovered the Power of Normal People to Liberate America from THEM Using Twitter Retweets OK, fellow internet warriors. Gather round. Let's talk about Natasha Korecki. https://www.politico.com/staff/natasha-korecki OH, NO, not THAT Natasha Korecki. THIS Natasha Korecki. Oh, yeah - that's more like it! Now she's HOT! … Continue reading Boris and Natasha Discover The Internet

Deplorable Level Five

Q drops are happening too fast.  I am just trying to create a thread and add the posts as fast as I can.  Here we go. Thanks to Elizabeth Carter for reminding us of this video. https://youtu.be/gWAgIVNzHKs Thread creation NOW. Now building from latest tweets backwards..... Done.  Now adding tweets and images. The image therein.... … Continue reading Deplorable Level Five