Best RANT, Ever.

Folks, this is one which will make your heart soar. Please read. Link was sent to me by dear husband, on WordPress, thankful and a deep hat-tip to Don Johnson, and of course, Rabbi Dov Fisher. Copied here. It was apparently written approximately 18 months into President Trump's Administration. Would love to see what … Continue reading Best RANT, Ever.

Dear KMAG: 20200117 Open Thread

Welcome to the Friday OPEN THREAD at the QTree! What a week it has been. What would we do without FLEP's News Roundup to keep up? A bit of good news and fair tidings for you all. The quince bush at our house is in full bloom. Time marches on. Spring is around the … Continue reading Dear KMAG: 20200117 Open Thread

Dem Impeachment Chaos

Accumulation of activity in the Congress. Note the contrast between Nancy's pressers versus President Trump pressers. Nancy signing ceremony on impeachment, passing out pens, versus Trump signing an historic China Trade Deal. Compare and Contrast: Nancy's signing ceremony will be placed here when available: Never forget what we saw today. One side building, … Continue reading Dem Impeachment Chaos

USA China Phase 1 China Deal Signing.

It's a big deal. Here we go. We will update with clips as we go through the day, trying to keep everything organized, including the 86 page deal and transcripts when released. No tariffs will be lifted until Phase Two. The econ and biz sector folks are celebrating like it's Christmas. reading USA China Phase 1 China Deal Signing.

Off the Record Interviews with Bernie Staffers, Project Veritas.

James O’Keefe, III and Project Veritas went undercover into the Bernie campaign and the results are worse than we feared. Radical communists talking about confrontation with the police and “burning Milwaukee down” if Bernie’s candidacy is rejected as before. Here is the first full length video from Project Veritas. Don’t worry though, they’re righteous. … Continue reading Off the Record Interviews with Bernie Staffers, Project Veritas.