Scammin’ Me

Thanks to our QTreeper realsauce who posted a great Tom Petty video, Won't Back Down, here: LINK: Suddenly I remembered one of my FAVORITE videos of all times - the one where Tom Petty understood FAKE NEWS, FAKE ENTERTAINMENT, FAKE SCIENCE and FAKE HISTORY literally DECADES before we did. Here are the original … Continue reading Scammin’ Me


Share Your Current Theories on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Departure”

All things Epstein invited here, but ESPECIALLY what you think happened or is going on. W Time to Party like it's 1992!

Top 10 Reasons “Red Flag” Laws Are Bad for America

If you're not familiar with "red flag" laws, then you had best get there quickly. This new attack on the Second Amendment is actually WAY WORSE than any previous one, and constitutes what may be the most cunning attack on the CORE values of America EVER. The more I have learned about these laws, and … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons “Red Flag” Laws Are Bad for America

F5: FBI False Flag Failure Forum

GET IT IN HERE, PEOPLE. EL PASO AND DAYTON. All related materials. Gun Control. Red Flag. Whatever. Please feel free to REPEAT and UPDATE information from earlier threads. BRING YOUR BEST. Anything that proves why the FBI needs to be SAND-BLASTED WITH THE ASTEROID BELT, and the SOCIALISTS need to be chased out of Ohio … Continue reading F5: FBI False Flag Failure Forum

How Many Innocent People Will You Allow THEM To Kill, To Make YOU Give Up Your Guns?

This is a simple question. The question is prompted by the knowledge that a SOCIALIST, SATANIST, ANTIFA-LOVING DEMOCRAT who WANTED GUN CONTROL, shot up a bar SO THAT THERE WOULD BE GUN CONTROL. Think about that. Read it again. One of THEM shot up a bar so that WE will have our guns taken. This … Continue reading How Many Innocent People Will You Allow THEM To Kill, To Make YOU Give Up Your Guns?

FFS: False Flag Syndrome

I didn't want to call it "False Flag Sunday", but that is what it felt like this morning, when I got up and heard the news about the shooting in Dayton. What I want to do here is to gather into one place, our thinking about this Q-predicted series of violent attacks. Part of me … Continue reading FFS: False Flag Syndrome

Vagina T. Fireball

How Cabal "Third Wave" Feminism Became the Joke That It Is In an effort to either prove or disprove whether Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll is or is not in fact a descendant of infamous Alice In Wonderland author Lewis Carroll, I came to a profound realization. First, I made an observation: The death of … Continue reading Vagina T. Fireball