Grandparents of the world, unite!

Oh, the show we are all watching as players on the chessboard of this American drama play their roles! It can make your head spin trying to figure out the good guys and the bad guys. The latest Constitutional drama unfolding regards the 10th Amendment. Alan Dershowitz, the same guy who defended President Trump during … Continue reading Grandparents of the world, unite!

ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Bioweapon

This is a Twitter thread I just did, which Twitter is WILDLY SUPPRESSING for the ChiComs. Enjoy. W This person's tweet was in … Continue reading ChiCom-19 as a 4GW Bioweapon

Under The Trumpian Sun

This is another Wolf "please bear with me" post, so please bear with me! Break out the damn wine glass, if you must! Heck - I think I may just do it now..... What I'm trying to say here doesn't really lend itself to logic. It doesn't even lend itself to WORDS. It's more like … Continue reading Under The Trumpian Sun

In the Bubble: Trump’s Presidency Reveals 7 Undeniable Facts About The Swamp

February 8, 2020 by Doug “Uncola” Lynn: from This wonderful post is being "manually reblogged" from its source with the permission of the author. It originally appeared here: It made its way to The Burning Platform, here: Ultimately, it was picked up by ZeroHedge, here: Please consider putting a follow on the … Continue reading In the Bubble: Trump’s Presidency Reveals 7 Undeniable Facts About The Swamp

SpyGate Book Sneak Peek

If you're a fast reader, you have THREE DAYS to check out an author copy of an e-book/paperback on SPYGATE, free of charge, before deciding if you want to buy it. THIS BOOK: This book is the work of this site's frequent denizen, prognosticatasaurusrex, or P-rex as I call him for short. Here is … Continue reading SpyGate Book Sneak Peek

For The Sake of One Honest Man: Why I’m Supporting Susan Collins

I get an enormous amount of mail, email, texts, and flyers for Republican candidates. I think I must be on every list of every candidate in every state. From California to Maine, Florida to Alaska, I get mailings and urgent texts like I live there. The reason is that I am cursed to see the … Continue reading For The Sake of One Honest Man: Why I’m Supporting Susan Collins

Speech-Protecting the Red Flags

Let me put the KILL SHOT on these "red flag laws" right up front. Hard to read that graphic. Let's make things just a bit more clear. Now you MAY be saying "BUT WOLF - THAT'S NOT THE SECOND AMENDMENT - THAT'S THE *FIRST* AMENDMENT!" To which I say "EXACTLY." Here is the explanation. It … Continue reading Speech-Protecting the Red Flags

Top 10 Reasons “Red Flag” Laws Are Bad for America

If you're not familiar with "red flag" laws, then you had best get there quickly. This new attack on the Second Amendment is actually WAY WORSE than any previous one, and constitutes what may be the most cunning attack on the CORE values of America EVER. The more I have learned about these laws, and … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons “Red Flag” Laws Are Bad for America

The Unbelievable Convenience of Amnesia

It's rare for me to DEFINITIVELY state that somebody has been "MKed" by "special" methods. Like I always say, 99.99(numbers)% of MK is done openly - mostly by the Mind Control Media, but also by individually tailored psy-ops through social media or - in very special cases - placed assets using perfectly legal means of … Continue reading The Unbelievable Convenience of Amnesia

Infanticide: America’s Moment of Moral Crisis

We have reached a critical juncture; this is a defining moment in America’s conscience. There is only one other time in our country's history when we faced a moral question of such great magnitude - Slavery. Our entire moral-social fabric is about to be shredded. No society can survive once it starts killing its young. … Continue reading Infanticide: America’s Moment of Moral Crisis