Our Half-Millionth Comment: Beautiful!

I intentionally made sure that nobody was paying attention to our approaching half-millionth (500,000) comment, because I really did not want there to be conscious gaming of it. I wanted it to be as RANDOM as possible. I wanted GOD to decide the post - not us. Only days later, when I was sure that … Continue reading Our Half-Millionth Comment: Beautiful!

Sub-Dividing the Diving Deeper CV Post, Part N

Continuing on From Part M Here: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/05/20/sub-dividing-the-diving-deeper-cv-post-part-m/ *** ************ RED PILL Part N ************ *** This is worth checking out, for an even deeper dive!  https://politicalmoonshine.com/2020/03/13/covid-19-coronavirus-catalog-of-articles-in-this-ongoing-series/ ***   https://twitter.com/almostjingo *** VC Note:  I am leaving these images here because I couldn't get the captions attached above without locking up my computer for some reason & … Continue reading Sub-Dividing the Diving Deeper CV Post, Part N

Diving Deeper on the Chi-Com Virus

Here is that RED PILL Chi-Com Virus Post, finally. There is a lot of info here. Red Pill & red pill companion posts are still pending. Dig In!

20200513: The Apostate Left Attacks the AFA Over HCQ and QAnon

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV64 May 2020 - 3:58:02 PMhttps://onenewsnow.com/perspectives/bryan-fischer/2020/04/27/fauci-knew-about-hcq-in-2005-nobody-needed-to-die Reconcile. Q It is noteworthy that Q chose to highlight an article published by OneNewsNow, the media arm of the American Family Association. This is one of the few remaining Evangelical news agencies that is still faithful in reporting news from a theologically orthodox and politically conservative perspective. Almost … Continue reading 20200513: The Apostate Left Attacks the AFA Over HCQ and QAnon

Collaborating to Calm CV Craziness

First of all let me say this post By Design is unfinished & a work in progress! Second, as the newest author (I think) in the Wolf Pack I know that I don't have the longevity, credibility, or the capability to request all of your help for this task. Third, I'm asking for your help … Continue reading Collaborating to Calm CV Craziness

Don’t Tread On Me

https://gudthots.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/dont-tread-on-me.png https://gudthots.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/color-of-law-violation.png https://gudthots.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/trying-to-start-a-civil-war.png Our Lion is FIGHTING for us! https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/1256708681137356802 This is the Second American Revolution. The enemy of our American people wants to challenge the constitutional rights of citizens by creating narrative that they can be suspended for public health and safety. (First and Second ammendments) When they remove constitutional protections they always cite … Continue reading Don’t Tread On Me