2020·06·27 KMAG Daily Thread

I am writing this Wednesday night. The DC Appeals Court has ordered Sullivan to dismiss the case. I'll be honest, I doubt he'll do this. If having the government move to dismiss the charges didn't do it, why should this? When the government first moved to dismiss, everyone here was celebrating and I was, frankly, … Continue reading 2020·06·27 KMAG Daily Thread

2020·06·20 KMAG Daily Thread

Well, one hopes there won't be too much posting today...on account of the Mega MAGA Rally. A post is planned for that one, or so I'm told. Justice Served At Last? I'm genuinely surprised the Left hasn't gone apeshit over this. We've been hearing that having an Antifa dirtbag shot or otherwise harmed by one … Continue reading 2020·06·20 KMAG Daily Thread

2020·06·06 KMAG Daily Thread–D Day, 76th Anniversary

Warfare has changed over the millennia. It has gone from hand-to-hand with clubs and blades, to involving archery, to firearms. And as that has been going on, it has also involved naval warfare, because seas were (and are) excellent means of delivering supplies and soldiers, so control of the seas became essential. And, over the … Continue reading 2020·06·06 KMAG Daily Thread–D Day, 76th Anniversary