The Time Has Come to Secure the Internet, to Preserve Peace and Freedom

How I was led from prayer at a patriotic rally to resolution that we must NEVER concede to either the stolen re-election of President Trump, or the deplatforming of The Last Refuge, and that NOW is the time to send in the troops. The key is WHERE.

The order in which this happened should be noted for the historical record.

Late this morning, in the aftermath of a wonderful RALLY yesterday, and after sleeping on the thoughts of a wonderful YouTube video about the TWELFTH AMENDMENT…..

…..I had a kind of revelation, and decided that we must, and I personally will, NEVER concede to this fraudulent cheat coup.


All we have to do is NOT CONCEDE, knowing TRUTH is on our side, and this election becomes the SWORD that turns into a PLOW that digs up the DIRT in FREEDOM’S FIELD and the HARVEST is OURS.

Stay PEACEFUL – we turn NANCY’S ARROWS into the blades of AMERICA’S PLOW.

The symbolism of the SEAL where a group of patriots prayed the day before should not be lost on the reader, for it was indeed inspirational.

Immediately after that, I learned that The Conservative Treehouse is/was going to be deplatformed by WordPress.

Look HERE for the full context, including my comment at 13:40…..



you tell ’em, Sir!

He won because the Election was Rigged. NO VOTE WATCHERS OR OBSERVERS allowed, vote tabulated by a Radical Left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 15, 2020

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did you see what’s happening with the treehouse?
they’re being deplatformed…

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WOW. Must go look now…..…….

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I will cover this later. I told people here to prepare. Bad stuff. This is what CIA is doing through Stelter and CNN – putting out that “alternative social media” is dangerous.

They are TRYING to make peaceful revolution impossible. It’s quite EVIL.

POTUS may have to intervene. They are trying to FORCE VIOLENCE on America.

Nail their asses.

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k…will wait for more

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I need to do some things before commenting. I read the article – it looks like WordPress the actual company.

This is seriously bad stuff. I will explain.

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Now – let me make an argument which falls out of BOTH my revelation about concession, AND what is now happening to Sundance and The Conservative Treehouse.

One of the most important points is this, made by President John F. Kennedy:

Guess what? It is now my contention that the forces arrayed against President Trump are attempting to FORCE his supporters into violent rebellion. They WANT it. They understand the TRUTH of John F. Kennedy’s wonderful quote. They are attempting to FORCE President Trump to concede the election, so that his supporters are not forced into violent rebellion, but rather into submission. And yet, I am not so certain that even a concession by President Trump would – or more importantly SHOULD – work to quell the thirst for Precious Liberty in America.

Once you see the control of the media – the HIDING of our words – the SILENCING of our voice – it is quite clear that the Bolsheviks are using EVERY tool they can to force us to accept socialism, or rebel violently. The deplatforming of voices of BITTER TRUTHS, like The Conservative Treehouse, will, in my opinion, ENSURE that there is either war or concession, but more likely WAR.

Must there be war?

I bring your attention to a small, pacifist, monotheistic religion – highly persecuted – which prides itself on befriending all other godly / heavenly religions. This is the Baha’i Faith.

They have two specific beliefs which I think are highly relevant here.

One a very USEFUL belief – that we are duty-bound to always attempt to overcome thoughts of war with greater thoughts of peace.

This should not be that hard for followers of the Prince of Peace, who in fact constitute a majority of believers in America, and have since its founding. The founder of the Baha’is, Baha’u’llah, was in fact himself a big follower and fan of the Prince of Peace, and led an exemplary life, even befriending and winning over his jailers, by loving his enemy.

The SECOND point – much more interesting and a bit mystical – is that the Baha’is believe AMERICA has a special purpose in helping to bring PEACE to the world. They even have a prayer for this.

Abdu’l Baha was the son of the founder, Baha’u’llah, and so while this is not “red letter” Baha’i theology, it’s definitely regarded as canon.

Is there, in fact, a way that this can all work out?

I believe there is. And as the mysterious group behind “Q” reminds us, John F. Kennedy is the KEY.

I urge you to now take a look at all of Q’s posts which reference JFK – it will give you a picture of what is going on.


This one in particular is interesting.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 237dde No.324395
Feb 10 2018 03:33:29 (EST)

“Rest in peace Mr. President (JFK), through your wisdom and strength, since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of FREEDOM and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children, our way of life, and our world. We, the PEOPLE.”

Prayer said every single day in the OO.
JFK – Secret Socities.
Where we go one, we go all.

Why is JFK particularly relevant? Because JFK used the military to (1) insure peace, and (2) restore civil rights to a minority being denied those rights.

Tom Cotton was suggesting that the military be sent in to confront rebellious communists (ANTIFA and BLM) directly. These groups are the violent shock troops of not just the left in general, but the leftist TECH TYRANTS in particular.

It is no accident that ANTIFA staked out my house when I first attacked censorship by Big Tech.

It is no accident that BLM, carrying a big “pocket 9”, was used to try to intimidate me into silence when that didn’t work.

However, nobody except TRUMP wants to do anything about the problem.

Chris Wray will not rein in these groups using the FBI. Mark Esper would not rein in these groups using the DoD.

Now, here’s a wild thought. What if Wray and Esper are RIGHT? Or maybe ALMOST RIGHT?

What if WE THE PEOPLE have the primary duty to rein in ANTIFA and BLM – if only we could?

Normal citizens in NORWAY reined in THEIR Antifa problems PEACEFULLY by their VOICES – by their FREE SPEECH – in public and online. They SPOKE Antifa into retreat, and ultimately into nearly vanishing. Interestingly, it involved a lot of argument and even ridicule. Very interesting that Jack Dorsey FORBIDS the social speech which inhibits these violent Bolsheviks.

Wow. You know, we could do that here, too, if our voices weren’t suppressed by the MEDIA and now the SOCIAL MEDIA.

But it gets worse. Voices of reason and peace – remember COLD ANGER? – like Sundance of the Last Refuge, are now being squelched.

This is too far. THIS is directly interfering with those who counsel RESTRAINT. It is a cunning way to pave the way to WAR. WordPress was one of the last bastions of reasoned but unrelenting free speech on the internet. The Last Refuge is indeed one of the LAST refuges of smart and restrained but uncompromisingly free speech without ever descending into hotheaded fury.

Thus, I am suggesting something entirely different. I believe that the TECH TYRANTS – gifted the beauty of the INTERNET by our own military – have ABUSED THEIR PRIVILEGE, and are now choosing to KNOWINGLY disenfranchise a segment of our population for political reasons. They are DENYING IN PRACTICE our civil rights – our equal rights – and particularly our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

They even push us into SEGREGATION.

They are doing this knowingly, to create conditions for WAR, while pretending to seek PEACE.

PURE BOLSHEVIK. “Make it look like the other guy is at fault.”

Forget Section 230. SEND IN THE TROOPS – not for WAR, but to preserve PEACE.

All we want is free speech and freedom of religion. Nothing more. We can handle PEACE from there.

Restore our ability to seek a PEACEFUL transition to the next administration – and we all know who that will be, if the public is allowed to SPEAK FREELY and demand TRUTH and FAIRNESS.

Restore our VOICE. Prevent the cunning tech Bolsheviks from forcing us into WAR by their removal of our FIRST AMENDMENT OPTION. Stop them from forcing us to the SECOND Amendment.

Send in the troops, and restore TRUE law and order – on the internet.



127 thoughts on “The Time Has Come to Secure the Internet, to Preserve Peace and Freedom

  1. While I agree that no voice should be silenced…ever…I have ZERO sympathy for the Conservative Treehouse and Sundance…that’s a bridge too far. You can’t silence those whom you disagree with and then be shocked when you yourself are silenced. Where were you, Sundance, when patriots were trying to speak freely on YOUR platform?

    HYPOCRISY! I will not stand for it!

    It’s either free speech or it’s not. There are no exceptions.

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    1. Thinking about q and drudge report….he has a NDA supposedly. I wonder how that will come into play for free speech?

      My sympathy for SD is cold bc he has banned so many people over the years for truly no reason, however, I am angry for the loss of community, and that is what they are destroying. Covide restrictions set to destroy physical communities and as people have become awake, flocking for info online, they target the next group.
      Nameless, faceless, and unaccountable.

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    2. Was not around when Sundance got really bad on censoring people.. Do remember that when Lavoy was murdered by the FBI, Sundance would not go there, but gave us a platform to share our ideas.Will say that did bother me.
      But Harry if WordPress shuts down Sundance, there is a very good chance that wordpress will start shutting down all the conservative forums, along with the religious ones like Mario
      Whatever you think of Sundance, just remember it is very likely going to happen to more…
      Hey I have been saying the same to the Democrats who are saying that trump deserved to be cheated out of the election,
      Regardless of your personal feelings one always needs to look at the overall picture,

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      1. But that’s my point…Sundance’s past behavior encouraged the silencing. And that was unforgivable. He did it to himself. It doesn’t mean I’m in favor of it or agreeing with it…just that I have zero sympathy for someone who encouraged their own demise. The fact that the silencing is morally reprehensible is already a given…but Sundance participated in the same behavior.

        In other words…I don’t want to see the Conservative Treehouse silenced…just like I didn’t want Alex Jones silenced…or Kaleigh McEnany silenced…or IPOT…or the Medic…or anyone else…but once you go down that road (and Sundance went down that road) then, I have zero sympathy.

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        1. “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because his conscience tells him it is right.” MLK

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        2. I understand what you’re saying. I rarely commented there….was content to give thumbs up and read, read, read. Was there a long time and suddenly erased from commenting or giving thumbs up. I wondered if it was more staff than actually sundance. I also had just had a new hard drive installed and wondered about that. I even sent a donation and asked why I had been banned……they accepted the donation and did not answer.

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      2. I tell everybody – the ability to *truly* forgive Sundance was a gift from God, and specifically from the teachings of “Muh Jesus”. I mean, I LITERALLY don’t feel that Sundance did anything wrong. Now some of that comes from being a blog admin, and knowing that I NEED total freedom to run this place the way I need to, to make it work, and that is HIGHLY imperfect. There are good people I never let on here because I can’t get the level of vetting I need to make a decision per my methodology. Sundance gives people WAY MORE of a chance than I do. So I’m actually MORE prejudicial and MORE of an asshole in that respect. For the people I let in here, great, but for everybody else, I’m a supreme “Super-Sundance”.

        No stones thrown by me. I’m a jerk to a lot of people who try to post here by letting them twist in the wind and never allowing them to get a first post.

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        1. “I mean, I LITERALLY don’t feel that Sundance did anything wrong.”

          This is where we are going to part ways. I don’t even recognize where I am right now.

          The First Amendment. The Founders thought that this was extremely important…of the highest importance. It had nothing to do with a blog.

          “I mean, I LITERALLY don’t feel that Sundance did anything wrong.”

          So then did WordPress?

          Of course they did. And so did Sundance.

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          1. I get where you’re coming from and your support of free speech. I think some of us make a distinction about a personal blog that someone allows others to comment on. Anyone can make their own rules about that, the First Amendment notwithstanding. If I wanted to start a blog and make a rule that typing the word “blue” would get you banned, I would be perfectly within my rights to do that. If I start an organization, I can make my own rules about it and the key is that people are free to join or not.

            I was not banned OT because of Q, but before that for an opinion I expressed that some of Milo Yiannopoulos’ behavior and comments were not helping our cause. I said they were too far out of the mainstream and were offensive to too many people, and poof — gone. I maintain that SD had every right to ban me because it was his blog. That said, I had observed his behavior toward people for a couple of years, with disapproval. So for me, it comes down to he has the right to do what he wants on his blog, but I don’t have to like his acting like a jerk to a lot of people. And I don’t like it. It’s not a matter of forgiving him; since he had a right to ban me, there is nothing to take offense about, and I don’t harbor offense. I use the same judgment about his observable behavior as I would use when choosing people to associate with. It is clinical and logical, not emotional. I don’t agree with how he treats people, with how he arrives at some of his conclusions, with the snide nature of some of the arguments he makes, with the whole “I’m going to force the DOJ to take action” scenario (which he predictably had to back down from), etc. I’m just not impressed.

            I completely understand your point that he’s having done to him what he did to others. And you’re right; he is. But the bigger issue of the Left’s increasing censorship of speech they don’t like or are afraid of is more important for us all, IMO.

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            1. I was banned there because I posted here. I followed the commonsense method of “his house, his rules” at CTH.

              I consider “his house, his rules at other houses” to be contemptible. I consider the bans of people in similar situations to be despicable. Nevertheless, it remains “his house.”

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              1. So his rules involve the exclusion of people who post here, even if they were abiding by his rules on his site. (I don’t know if anyone who posts here is allowed to post there now, or if that is a hard and fast rule.) I suppose he is within his rights to do that, but following “law-abiding” people around to see where they post is more behavior that I do not admire.

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          2. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are interwoven and balanced, and the actual solutions are difficult to deal with. You must be utterly honest about yourself to see this. Sundance’s blog and this blog NEVER had pure freedom of speech, because they’re small assemblies organized by ONE PERSON who has – er – I mean HAD total [legal] freedom of speech, and freedom to control assembly. It was equally free speakers in a park, and people were free to join their assembly, but NOT to speak to that assembly.

            The right to control assembly is part of the actual implementation of free speech, and how they interact can promote or inhibit free speech. The important part is allowing equal rights to BLOG OWNERS to speak and create an assembly.

            In the past, WordPress respected freedom of speech, by simply providing the means of creating small assemblies that people were free to listen to, and – respecting the wishes of the organizers of the assemblies, JOIN THE SPEECH to the extent desired by the assembly, according to the rules of the assembly.

            LOGICAL THINKING can see this. EMOTIONAL THINKING cannot.

            I am PREJUDICIALLY CENSORING people in creating a small assembly which respects TRUTH as I see it.

            Sundance is OBSERVATIONALLY CENSORING people in creating a somewhat larger assembly which respects HIS SPEECH.

            Both of us are WERE equally free to speak, as was every visitor to WordPress, all of us being constantly annoyed to create our own blogs. Both of us were equally free to control the proximate assembly to discuss our speech.

            Neither one was EVER an assembly allowing full freedom of speech. Mine just seemed that way to the lucky few who were selected to enter an assembly that feels a lot like full freedom of speech, thanks to the right of free assembly, which includes the right to control assembly.

            Notice that the COVID commies are taking away THAT right, too – freedom of assembly.

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              1. YW!

                It’s pretty hard to get banned from here. I pre-ban all the trouble! 😉

                Seriously, that’s why it SEEMS like we have so much freedom here. People who can DEAL WITH FREEDOM responsibly are the only people who get in.

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            1. I like your pre-vetting method…..
              Trump should use it for the new PATRIOT party.
              WEED OUT the RINO’s and EVIL people.

              Repub’s are infiltrated with Anti American ASSHOLES.
              See Romney, McShame, Ryan, KatSick and MANY others.

              DemonicRats are ALL Assholes.

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          1. Thanks! I do like our model better, but I’m under no delusions that we have free speech here. We speak freely among friends, but the people have been picked:

            – all MAGA
            – all with control of emotions, more or less
            – mostly “graduates” of CTH
            – all are “Q-tolerant”, many are “Q-believers”

            The deck is stacked for basic agreement. But that was OK – WordPress allowed other sites to spring up for FREE for any other viewpoints. Thus, Freedom of Speech at the WordPress level with Freedom of Association and Freedom of Assembly built in.

            But the deplatforming of Sundance is a shot across the bow. Tech Balkanization is coming. BOOOOOOOO!

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    3. It is important to note, that the Internet censoring Ministry of Truth will not distinguish between CTH and Qtree…

      or UTree, or Marica’s place, or Side Porch Politics, or anyone else for that matter…

      Even though we’ve been supporters of WordPress for years and have their promotions badge linked on every page.

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      1. I say get Solomon on these jokers. Split the baby as many times as needed to get at least one blogging company that will happily platform any possible site.

        Obama’s strategy of letting companies merge and acquire until there was only one fearful management to intimidate was some pretty sneaky smart socialism.

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        1. Yeah that really pisses me off.

          About 100 years of “Big Business”. We don’t do trust busting anymore, but we tolerate oligopolies. So American big business only has the “illusion” of competition.

          Visa and Mastercard “duopoly” effectively controls all credit based transactions, including bullying smaller mom & pop payment processors. Gab can’t take any credit!

          Ford Chevy Crysler.

          AT&T Verizon Sprint

          Big Oil

          Big Pharma

          In some cases the Government created the oligopoly. Airline industry “big four” was courtesy of our USPS.

          USPS was incredibly influential on the early AT&T too… which is why it was able to be a tolerated monopoly for so long. Like Baseball, another tolerated monopoly.

          Defense is going thru massive consolidation phase 😦 You think the M-I-C was bad? You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

          Big Networks – ABC NBC CBS for years, then FOX

          FiOS, AT&T, Spectrum – not “monopolies” but in any given geographic locale they’re an oligopoly

          FDR LOVED public utilities. Wanted govt owned eclectic and gas. Now it’s nearly impossible to un-entrench them. Texas made major headway, but still a lot of legacy problems.

          Don’t forget Obama’s Too Big to Fail banks.

          Now we have killed a ton of small business and have extreme retail consolidation – Walmart and Target, Walgreen’s and CVS, and of course the omnipotent Amazon.

          The old Big Business model, which aligned with the Big Government model didn’t mind as long there was a figleaf of competition.

          Socialism already came to America. They just snuck it in when you weren’t looking. The marionettes were placed on the stage and now it’s time for the puppetmasters to pull the strings.

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          1. Yup. The satanic, inverting nature of socialism is very clear in how it plays monopoly bass-ackwards to install an unpopular viewpoint, while pretending otherwise.

            A “popular monopoly” is created by people flocking to a solution, which makes it appear to have the will of the People. Honest creators respect the PEOPLE who created their monopoly.

            A communist monopoly is created by decapitation of popular monopoly, either the people or their practice, and pretending it is still the will of the People.

            SKIN SUITS.

            Zuckertreason was a perfect example of this. Remember when he first started saying that people were “demanding” “safety” and other euphemisms for censorship? “People” was really ADAM SCHIFF. We The People were demanding no such thing.

            Zuckerberg looks pretty botty – I’m guessing he’s been through some serious Chinese brainwash.

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  2. Harry, I understand your reaction. But it’s not about sympathy, it’s about free speech rights for all of us, and that includes people who were banned from the Treehouse. On another topic, Wolfie, I wish you would look into whether the Bahais believe in globalism. I think they do. I Don’t.

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    1. “it’s about free speech rights for all of us”

      Zoe, I agree 100%…but, if you’re not willing to stand up for those rights in your own backyard (Sundance did not when given the chance) then he can’t cry foul when it comes back to bite him in the ass. He participated in digging his own grave…nice job, Sundance! Zero sympathy for Sundance…100% in favor of free speech…they’re not mutually exclusive.

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    2. Oh, yes – they believe in a world government, and unfortunately I don’t think they’re discerning enough to realize that the UN is basically run by China now, and was always a socialist construct, even when it pretended not to be. They are way too friendly with globalism, but not in a sneaky way – more in a dupe way.

      Now they ARE very leery of socialism per se, and won’t say anything positive about it, which is their worst level of endorsement, because they generally won’t go negative on anybody. So they get that socialism is godless and thus incorrect. However, they’re getting schmoozed hard by commies now, just like Baptists and more conservative Protestant churches are, so the danger is ever-present that they will get sucked into craziness.

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  3. I have always thought that a peaceful reining in was Pres. Trump’s intention but that the time was not right because the people have to see for themselves what the Left will do. I think that allowing us to see the riots/Antifa/BLM and destruction of our cities and statues, the WuFlu lockdowns/destruction of businesses and social norms/hypocrisy of the Left not following their own rules, and the social media censorship to date have awakened a huge swath of people who gave Pres. Trump an as-yet-hidden landslide victory. I have thought this was all part of the plan.

    I honestly don’t know if it is expedient for Pres. Trump to use the military now while the voter fraud is being disputed. It seems a little risky, as if the Left is itching to start the violence we’re trying to avoid. They’re spoiling for a physical fight. Can we afford to wait until the election is settled? I’m not sure.

    I’m having trouble envisioning how the military could be used to stop censorship of CTH and conservatives on the internet. Would it mean a declaration of martial law? Or — sorry, I’m not well versed on details — enforcement of an existing Executive Order? I would like nothing better than for the Left’s totalitarian march to be stopped.

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    1. This is exactly what I’m hoping. I want people to think about all the upsides and downsides NOW, so that when the TIME IS RIGHT, it will make sense, seem possible, and seem opportune.

      RIGHT NOW may not be the right moment. But things are happening fast, and you never know. Likewise, if it happened, it would likely be a total surprise, both WHEN and HOW.

      I’m opening people’s minds to the possibility. Not trying to argue for any specific methodology or implementation. But I’m saying that I think part of the fix may be literally forcing Big Tech to replatform everybody OR ELSE.

      The technology is not a problem. The WILL is the problem.

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      1. I agree that it’s wise to be mentally preparing for whatever might come. Things are happening fast, and if the time comes when action is necessary, there will not be time to overcome denial or disbelief. We have to be prepared mentally as well as physically. Part of self-defense training involves envisioning scenarios and how you would handle them to protect yourself and others.

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        1. Agree 10000%. Make a quick note of all that has happened in 4 years and see how the “events” are now on fast forward.

          Please be prepared for anything. They expected covid to accomplish certain goals, it didn’t stop us. Everything they have tried hasn’t stopped us. More Americans are awake and groups/people the left never expected to leave them have left them.

          It’s like the abuser spouse who is shocked that the abused spouse escaped. They are enraged.

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            1. I’m not going to go into great detail on a public forum and I’m not bragging, I’m just using this as an example. When there was a rush on shopping because of “events” going on and the shelves were empty we were already completely stocked up, because the left is repeating their playbook.

              All of these “events” should be viewed as flags. Did the media, fb and twitters actions shock me? No, I was expecting it.

              Yes, CTH gets a lot of traffic, but for years we were called nutjob conspiracy theorists and mostly just monitored but ignored. SOMETHING has changed, it’s another flag.

              Sundance hasn’t done anything different than he’s been doing for years.

              Put yourself in the enemies shoes. This election steal isn’t going as planned. The riots aren’t having the effect they want them to have. Covid isn’t controlling us.

              What is their next step?

              Think of old war strategies. If two factions or armies are trying to undermine each other, think of current cities like fortresses, what do you do to your enemy to weaken them?

              If someone had told you 2 years ago that a “virus” would be unleashed to control Americans how much stock would you have put into it?

              Prepare because this isn’t over.

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              1. I believe you are very on target.

                Things are not going as planned. The election cheating is being uncovered by many, including bad-ass attorneys who can PROVE it. The media gaslighting isn’t taking. Polling shows most of the right believe we had a fraudulent election.

                So what it the next step? Well, they prevent us from talking or writing about it, right? It’s all they’ve got left.

                Isolation from peers and family is the classic abusers way of controlling the abused. If they victim is isolated, they start to believe that NO ONE can help them, and become resigned to their fate.

                I hope Sundance gets his shit together and makes some kind of plan for his people, even though I think he is an asshole, and that this is KARMA for him. I have no respect for the man, who I think is a narcissist, but I do have sympathy for the people reading there who may not have any idea where else to go.

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  4. First off TY Wolfie….What a piece.
    I am afraid that the time for reigning in the Democrats has passed. Do believe that a war has already been started by the left with all the riots, and destruction, especially the destruction of all things representing our history,
    Regardless of what happens, Trump or Biden in the WH in 2021 I do believe that America is in for the wildest roller coaster ride ever.

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  5. Heh. I just now sent an email to CTH:

    I’m very sorry to hear that CTH is being deplatformed. And I say this honestly — despite having been deplatformed, myself, from CTH a while back.

    I suggest you investigate Joomla or Drupal as a WordPress alternative. Either will allow you to run CTH anywhere you can get a LAMP stack [ ] and point DNS to it. That will dramatically decrease the probability that you will be deplatformed in the future. You could host on cloud servers like AWS or Azure, move to leased hardware in any country in the world, or move to your own hardware anywhere you can snag a static IP.

    At the same time, you should reach out to other Conservative bloggers on WordPress and see if you can pool your knowledge and abilities to map and effectuate a common migration path. Being able to parse out tasks like migrating the database, building-in security, establishing tools for building posts, creating a user interface for commenting, and the like will make the pieces more manageable. Even though YOU currently have a deadline, I’d have to believe that the entire right half of the blogosphere is incentivized.

    And, to that point, I suggest you briefly touch base with those Conservative bloggers who are NOT on WordPress, perhaps creating a mailing list. That way, you can “feel ahead” for landmines before you stride confidently onto them. “Hey, guys, I’m thinking of hosting with XYZ. Any deal-killers I should know about?” If you move fast enough, you could also run “Hey, everyone, can anyone recommend choosing either Drupal or Joomla?”

    As a final note, if you happen to find out what Pixy Misa’s “Minx [perpetually] 0.9” is, you could move to that. Say what you will about its quirks, it has withstood an awful lot of abuse.

    Again, very sorry to hear…..but it will make you stronger in the end.

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    1. Anyone remember the days when bloggers wrote their own software? Csarhel Jhosnon at Giant Orange Marbles famously did. Pixy Misa wrote Ace’s software. QandO had a guy who did theirs…..but it demands javascript so I won’t open it.

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    2. Excellent, IMO.

      Getting de platformed is wrong.

      Certainly not defending SD or his admin weenies for booting so many folks. Censoring, de platforming, stifling Free Speech is wrong, Regardless of who does it.

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  6. BTW…..has anyone else here wondered if we were banned by CTH under threat of deplatforming?

    Funny thing about feeding the crocodile in hopes he eats you last…..eventually, he eats you.

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      1. BTW, you should be thinking about Drupal or Joomla, yourself. You may want to substitute Nginx for Apache in the LAMP stack if you do, it scales better.

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        1. I have no intention of doing IT work again. I’m here to help fix the broken political system that is ruining science. Once that’s done, I can start working on science again. But the fact is, things are so broken right now, I can do far more for science by fixing politics, than I can by doing science.

          Liked by 10 people

    1. “BTW…..has anyone else here wondered if we were banned by CTH under threat of deplatforming?”

      If you’re assuming that threat was due to ‘Q’ discussions, that was not the case for me. I was banned twice and I 100% believe it was due to my contrarian views. I pointed out a few times his hypocrisy on a couple issues by using some of his previous posts. I followed his ‘not allowing any further ‘Q’ discussions’ going forward, so I’m sure it wasn’t due to violating his ‘Q’ rule.

      Liked by 7 people

  7. The sword coming out of Christ’s mouth in Revelation is the Word (Logos) – the Truth, spoken. He has an army of angels – messengers. A human who speaks the truth is an angel – delivering a message that he received. The final battle is primarily between Truth and lies – and much of it is by means of the spoken/written word. The enemy attacks us, desperate to turn us into people that hate them – because then we have let their demons colonize our bodies. Every person converted by us is a double win – the person we win for Truth is lost to the enemy AND joins our ranks. It is much more powerful to fight this way – the battle is won faster. And it is what God wants – his lost sheep are brought back into the fold.

    So far Trump’s patriots have turned the other cheek – absorbed the cowardly attacks. This is the strategy that Christians are taught. The enemy is not the body wielding the club, it is the idea (demon) controlling the body. That demon can only be exorcised with the Truth – the Sword. God loves His lost sheep – the sheep under demonic control. Christ said that He would risk His flock to save the lost sheep. He loves you, but you are not in immediate peril – the lost sheep are in grave danger – He seeks their redemption. This is why Christians are taught by Christ to “love your enemy”. It is them that are lost, that he is in the process of saving. You (Christians) are the instrument in this realm – we are the army of flesh. His angels show us the way – through intuitions – the still small voices that we here on occasion.

    The left knows all this – that is why Antifa is “only” an idea. AND why they fear your voices, and ACTING through censorship. Talk here about guns – a weapon that Christ prefers you not use unless your have no other choice (protecting you and yours from death in your own home for example) – then you give them an excuse to silence the weapon they fear much more – the truth being spread online.

    So yes, never concede to a lie, and protect your freedom to speak above all else. If you know the truth, you are standing on firm ground and can withstand some cowardly physical attacks. Their are many Biden voters suffering from TDS that can be converted to your cause by seeing patriots absorbing Antifa’s vile attacks. Patriots are filming everything – this converts the blind when they see enough of it.

    So, in a nutshell – Wolf has nailed it with this post – it is the Biblical way.

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  8. When you take down a rabid dog…you are not doing it out of hate.
    You are doing it because it must be done.
    You are doing it because there is no other way.

    The Left does not fear us.
    And they should.

    We are under assault.
    We can face it with a quiet resolve and benevolence, like someone who is faced with the horrible task of taking down a rabid dog.

    If the Left/Cabal is trying to push us into a war…then they should be careful what they wish for.

    Liked by 18 people

    1. The movie where Conservatives are allowed to cry: “Old Yeller”.

      You can love dogs and realize that putting down a rabid animal is necessary — not least of wherefore, because it protects other dogs.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Rabid dog is perfect analogy and one that most people can relate (except perhaps inner city). Antifa certainly qualifies and I’d love to see the visual connection to the public between the two.

        Liked by 6 people

  9. Once the reelection IS SECURED, President Trump WILL deal with the insurrection.

    President Trump is a master at avoiding war. Me thinks that will include, potential for hot civil war in America.

    As dirtbags are taken down for the soon to be failed election steal, much of the problem will be arrested and tried for various crimes.

    Absolutely believe Durham has indictments ready to go, but Barr and President Trump want the reelection wrapped up.

    Unparty – D-Rats and RepubliCONs alike are going to fall in the next few weeks. Very publicly. Key DOJ, FIB and IC going down.
    Me thinks the only way we get a hot civil war, is President Trump is not president January 21st. (Which I do not believe will be the case.) Americans will not tolerate endless rioting, burning, looting, lock downs, businesses being destroyed, livlihoods lost…all due to hyped Covid.

    Most Americans know, the cure can’t be worse than the disease. And they know Covid is mostly hype.

    Liked by 17 people

    1. Once Trump’s EO about foreign election interference kicks in and nabs all their assets, they won’t have any money left to pay their Nazi brownshirts, so that my solve that problem at the same time.

      Liked by 13 people

      1. If he chases that thread as long as it leads, VSGPOTUSDJT may be the second US President to entirely pay off the National Debt [first was Andrew Jackson].

        Liked by 12 people

    2. Once people see their traditional Thanksgiving and, more so, any Christmas celebrations forbidden…that will be the call to action, IMO. The emboldened Governors will soon feel the rebellion of “their subjects.” Funny thing when you defund the law enforcement…there won’t be enough personnel to actually enforce the “laws.”

      Liked by 10 people

      1. Have noticed some folk sin the area have Christmas lights up earlier than they normally do. Ours are going up this wee. Earlier than we normally do. Thinking more than normal just for grins.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. I just got back from my daily mountain climb (aka walk) and noticed one house already had their mailbox decorated (a tradition in our community).
          Think I’ll stick to patriotic theme for now but may do extra outside decorations this year just because…

          Liked by 4 people

  10. Wolfmoon,
    Correct me if I’m wrong or misunderstanding; your last sentence said “Send in the troops, and restore TRUE law and order-on the internet.”
    What your saying is for us to use our voices on the internet for as long as we are able to and to push for the law to be changed with big tech and to push for big tech to be taken down/arrested. Use our voices everywhere peacefully.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. No. I’m saying send people with guns into Big Tech and make them replatform everybody they kicked off, and if they refuse, relieve them of duty and let the military run the corporations until those who comply can be found to administer the companies.


      Liked by 13 people

      1. “I mean, I LITERALLY don’t feel that Sundance did anything wrong.”

        What right do we have making Big Tech replatform people that they’ve kicked off if we can’t even keep our own from kicking innocent people off of their websites? What on earth is it that people aren’t getting? This is infuriating…it’s either free speech for all or it’s not. I think I need a break. This place has become unrecognizable.

        Liked by 5 people

      2. I agree 100%. I think the military should take over Big Tech. I was thinking that but wasn’t sure its what you meant thats why I said taken down/arrested. I also think we should use our voices loud and clear.

        Liked by 4 people

  11. Thanks Sundance, for the good you’ve done for us!

    I personally have been convinced that it was OK for Sundance to keep his big stick built in proportion for his own swing mechanics. He did achieve a certain focus and efficacy despite a very big audience and tons of commenters.

    So there’s Sundance’s Tree operation going on and, best of all possible worlds, over here’s der Voolfsmooon’s Q Tree. I think this operation has a much smaller footprint that the O Tree, which I love! Do you guys ever pause just to be thankful for the short list of commenters here? I do! As in a 1001 Arabian Nights, each writer of comments here is more wonderful than the one before.

    What a brave new world – and with such people in it!

    Now CTH was de-platformed for not believing in the WuFlu shutdown propaganda. Not just because of what I just wrote, because I’m only part of the chorus, but The Q Tree most likely gets the left boot of fellowship too.

    Liked by 13 people

    1. Agree, Zorro…the CTH had to go because it was getting too much traction…how many times, for example, were Sundance articles included in other forums such as Lucianne? I suspect that someone in the DS, either with whom Sundance may have directly or indirectly had conversation with during his mysterious rounds, put the word into the owners of WordPress that it was getting too influential.
      And, although I stopped even reading over there that often (especially comments), for me it became a totally different place…unfamiliar names (many trolls, no doubt) with an atmosphere of hostility and disrespect towards other posters, a lack of sympathy, a certain arrogance that permeated the current conversation such as speculation about VP Pence or Barr without any evidence to back up their claims.
      Having posted that, I still hate to see ANY site be shut down because this type of censorship is not only vindictive and wrong but anti-American. One cannot help wonder about the motivations of WordPress and if they are part of the media attempted coup. If so, they deserve the fate of what will happen to the others.

      Liked by 7 people

  12. Incidentally, Twitter is saying that they will discontinue “Legacy Twitter” (the ability to see what’s on the platform without letting Twitter run arbitrary code on YOUR machine) as of 12/15/20.

    So far, I have installed Docker on my machine. I hope to find a lightweight browser to run in a Docker container so that I can read Tweets without unfettered access to my machine.

    The sort of arbitrary code that Twitter is demanding to run can do anything from exfiltrate your contacts to run bitcoin mining. Running a browser in a box is the least aggressive response I’d consider. Capitulation is not on the menu.

    Liked by 12 people

      1. Yup. Funny how CTH gets the boot from WordPress on the 2nd and Twitter orphans the non-compliant on the 15th. I’d suspect that Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday in December is going to be a doozy.

        And, gee, is there anything political on the calendar in December? Like, oh, December 8, the “safe harbor” date for states to put forward their final slate of Electors? Or December 14, the date that the Electors actually vote? Or December 23rd, the deadline for receiving such votes in Washington, DC?

        Liked by 11 people

  13. I feel no ill will towards Sundance, when it’s your yard you get to maintain it and make the rules. I wasn’t banned but I’ve been around many, many, many years.

    I try to see the positive and in this case those that wanted to discuss the topics that Wolf and Co wanted to discuss were able to do it here.

    I tend to observe and try to notice the path that the players involved are making. As an example…when riding past a field one may only see the man on the tractor. The man’s wife, standing on the 2nd floor of their home, looking out the window sees her husband cutting the words “I love you” into the field on their 50th anniversary.

    Trumps words during his speeches and rallies, his tweets and his actions all have meaning and purpose.

    The media, hollywood, politicians, facebook, twitter and now wordpress have drawn their line in the sand. We clearly know where we stand with them.

    I expect to hear we are on the eviction list also.

    Do your best to prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for what is to come. They spent 4 years trying to take down our president. They are so emboldened and desperate that they no longer hide their hatred and they are passionately removing our God given rights.

    I pray for all of us and our country.

    Wolf provided a thread with our social media contact info so for the time being we still have that if we are evicted here. I used the same name on parler and mewe.

    God bless!

    Liked by 6 people

  14. Since WQTH is a lower traffic site, there is a chance that it’ll fly under the radar for a while. CTH was pretty high profile and frankly a lot of overhead with compute/bandwidth. It drew a lot of attention, partly b/c CTH was pushing – to one degree or another – a certain level of attention and journalistic respectability.

    Qtree hasn’t pursued that same model – thank goodness – maintaining community and conversation over splashy articles and attention from aggregators.

    Likely too, unless some posts go up that really ruffle some feathers, the daily threads will continue to fly under the radar.

    I think that’s a likely scenario. BUT not justification for complacency.

    SO. If we wanted to diversify, a network of sites could provide a solution.

    I would not recommend that Wolf set up a pile of WP sites on various hosts. A backup site, sure, but a more practical solution would be for everyone here willing to contribute, set up their own sites on different hosting platforms, and cross-link them, like a Blogger Alliance.

    Several folks here already have their own sites on WP, which is similar in concept, although the execution means that everyone is on the same host.

    Also, if someone is willing to pay for hosting, that would diversify options more. It’s real easy to delete a free site, but harder to justify deleting a site that is generating revenue.

    Dreamhost is a good one, but there are LOTS of options in the paid space.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. What difference does it make if ANYONE can squelch free speech? If Sundance didn’t do anything wrong than we are all screwed. If free speech can now be trampled because of blog mechanics than we are entering Soylent Green…enjoy your lunch.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. This is why:

        97309754509Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6ID:f4ac89
        Jun 24th 2020, 12:01:36 (EST)
        You have been selected to help serve your Country.
        Never retreat from the battlefield [Twitter, FB, etc.].
        Use other platforms as a form of centralized command and control.
        Organize and connect [bridge through linking].
        Source meme(s) material from battlefield and/or garage [highlight share][take drop]
        Mission 1: Dispute [reject] propaganda push through posting of research and facts
        Mission 2: Support role of other digital soldiers [one falls another stands (rises)]
        Mission 3: Guide [awaken] others through use of facts [DECLAS 1-99 material and other relevant facts] and memes [decouple MSDNC control of info stream] _ask ‘counter’ questions to initiate ‘thought’ vs repeat [echo] of MSDNC propaganda
        Mission 4: Learn use of camouflage [digitally] _primary account suspended-terminated _use of secondary
        Mission 5: Identify strengths / weaknesses [personal and designated target(s)] re: Twitter FB [+other] example re: meme(s) failure to read through use of ALGO [think Tron (MCP_master control program)] _dependence on person-to-person capture [slow response time unidentified user(s)]
        Game theory.
        Information warfare.
        Welcome to the Digital Battlefield.
        Together we win.

        Liked by 10 people

    2. WordPress is the website provider, and they have informed CTH of his deplatforming. SD is not just facing his web provider being cut out from under him (which is not too bad a hurdle), but also his content management framework (which is a bigger problem).

      He already owns his own domain, so he’s ahead of the game there (although Obama *spit* gave that away to the mob). If he had another host, he could just point the domain at it. By using WordPress as his one-stop solution, however, he also gave up control of the site’s essential programming. If he went to Joomla or Drupal, he’d be totally free of that reliance.

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I’d say anyone is welcome to set up whatever they like. WP software is FOSS and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Joomla and Drupal are fine but they aren’t as brain dead simple (stupid) as WP. Frankly if it was up to me to use anything I want I’d use Confluence 😉

        Liked by 5 people

          1. It’s extraordinarily powerful. I’ve used Confluence in my last four workplaces. Atlassian is a MONSTER in the DevOps world.

            In fact, it’s so big, it’s too big for its britches. One of my projects right now is finding alternatives to the Atlassian stack so that my customer doesn’t have to pony up for the Data Center licenses. By alternatives, I mean that Microsoft Azure Devops suite is considered as a “possible contender”…

            Liked by 4 people

        1. AFAIK, WP is not FOSS.

          In FOSS, if the underlying organization zigs when you wanted to zag, you can just say “fork it” — and many, many successful projects got their start in just such a manner. But on proprietary software, if TPTB wants to boot you, you’re booted. My understanding is that CTH got booted not just from WP’s miniscule hosting services department, but from the entire organization.

          Were I not bandwidth-constrained, I’d like to hear more about Confluence. Yet another characteristic of FOSS, however, is that it is forever in flux. The best example may be an anecdote…..

          Both the Fiancee and I replaced our cars in 1994, and we both chose Hondas. I drive an Accord wagon and she drove a Civic. We chose them because, at the time, Hondas offered superior value for the money and could apparently last forever. Recently, the Fiancee decided she needed a new car. Naturally, we first looked at Hondas and were seriously unimpressed. After looking at Kias, Hyundaes, Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus, and other marques, she got a recent-vintage used Subaru. After looking at alternatives, frankly, the Honda looked like crap.

          I’m not setting up a website next week. I could study Confluence, Joomla, and Drupal today and come to a definitive conclusion…..which might, or might not, be valid when — in the indefinite future — I decide to implement it. Better to evaluate options when a choice must be made and not before. The thing with CTH, however, should put many websites on notice that they may not have the same luxury.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. As a CPA, I really shouldn’t be telling you this…..

            But the same thing is true about selecting a tax preparer. You want one that is about 30. If you go in to meet with a guy in his 50s, he’ll be handing your stuff off to a staffer in their 20s to actually prepare — but a preparer in their 30s will likely do it themselves. They’ll have seen one or two major reshifts in the tax law, so they won’t blindly trust old rules-of-thumb……but they won’t have seen so many that they blur together.

            I’m 58. I’ve seen so many versions of section 179 bonus depreciation that I can’t keep track of them all. In my mind, capital gains are reported on Schedule D…..not form 8949. The things I remember that are no longer applicable wildly outnumber the things that should give me wisdom.

            If you’re going to spin up a website in 2025 and you’re making hard choices today, you’re doing it wrong. The right platform to run in 2025 may not have been written yet — or it may be a middlin’ one today that will be a monstrously popular one then. Prepare, but decide from what is known.

            Liked by 6 people

              1. I don’t know enough about ClassicPress to say one way or another but I have no objections to it. Same on Epik. The key is to find something that does the job, that you can trust, and doesn’t have a lot of extra features that can be exploited later.

                It’d probably be worth standing up a local LAMP stack to play with ClassicPress in a sandbox for a bit. For me though it’ll be at least a couple weeks before I can play with it.

                Liked by 4 people

            1. If WordPress is GPL, then most of what I was seriously concerned about goes away. Rent a “server” (virtual, shared, or dedicated), point DNS at it, and run WordPress there. All Wolf’s files should just copy over.

              There are even a large number of “managed WordPress” sites (which I had thought were like “certified re-renters”) that keep things up to the current rev.

              Liked by 3 people

  15. So if Sundance took away your 2nd Amendment rights with the stroke of a keyboard…would we still be having this ridiculous conversation?


    1. Harry, this is emotional thinking. You may just need to cool off to see things clearly.

      Sundance is free to tell me to put my AR-15 back in my truck and not bring it into his house. He can even tell me that I can’t bring my legally licensed firearms [open or concealed carry] into his house, depending on the legalities (LE vs private vs circumstances).

      Implementing free speech is HARD, and it’s COMPLICATED, but it’s worth it.

      You might want to set up your own blog. It really teaches about the mechanics of the First Amendment. You will be forced to face difficult choices which will REVEAL your own biases and preferences.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “You might want to set up your own blog. It really teaches about the mechanics of the First Amendment. You will be forced to face difficult choices which will REVEAL your own biases and preferences.”

        What leads you to believe I haven’t.

        “It really teaches about the mechanics of the First Amendment.”

        You mean the mechanics of a Big Tech blog. The mechanics of the First Amendment are very few and very clear.

        You can chalk it up to me being emotional all you like…but blog mechanics had NOTHING to do with what occurred OT…if blog mechanics had anything to do with the silencing of hundreds, if not thousands of patriots OT than SD did far more damage to free speech than any good his website ever accomplished. If it meant saving his website…then his website wasn’t worth saving. The people that bend first do the most damage…and then there is no turning back…and that seems to be where we find ourselves right now. I was there and witnessed it. Saying SD did nothing wrong is like the MSM telling me there are no violent antifa protests.

        And just for clarification…I didn’t get banned OT at first…I left voluntarily to support the Q folks (which includes most people here) right to be heard. If a news/political blogger who claims to support free speech and claims to be truthful can pick and choose what is going to be allowed other than what the law determines (the real law…not some big tech invented BS) than we are no longer in the realm of free speech…let’s be honest about this…just call it something else…perhaps fiction…or propaganda…because it will always end up there eventually.

        People keep twisting the 1A to fit the modern world instead of the other way around. Examples: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, The Conservative Treehouse. There is nothing more dangerous than this. Nothing.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. “What leads you to believe I haven’t.[?]”

          The fact that you keep avoiding addressing the specifics of running a large site with a lot of people and a lot of comments. Now combine this with another statement you made…

          “If a news/political blogger who claims to support free speech and claims to be truthful can pick and choose what is going to be allowed other than what the law determines (the real law…not some big tech invented BS) than we are no longer in the realm of free speech…”

          Precisely! We were NEVER in the realm of total free speech. Look at “Gab” versus “Gab Groups” to see how this works.

          We don’t have “total” free speech here, and we never did. If we did, I would allow ANTIFA and #Resist and every troll and underminer to come in here, and I don’t.

          I give a select group of people almost free speech, using free assembly. Just like Sundance does. I simply move my censorship of PEOPLE up in time, to be highly predictive about who to selectively allow free speech.

          The architecting of optimal and maximal free speech in a society is a complex mathematical problem.

          I welcome you to start a blog where everybody can say everything. It might be a very good thing, if you can make it work. I don’t have time to run two places. I tried to run the U Tree, too, and it was too much and not sufficiently effective in our battle. It was clearly (IMO) not optimal.

          There is a setting in WordPress that just lets everybody in, without moderating the first post. Sundance may or may not use it. Or you can just use the setting I do, and “click people in” without much vetting. Either way, you will quickly get a wider range of opinions than people here, and there will quickly be conflict, IMO, but you are welcome to deal with it and attempt to have a site with more free speech than people have here.

          Accepting that even the Founders did not have the simplistic free speech we have idealized is a sobering reality of LAW and HISTORY. It takes minds like Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett to even begin to deal with that truth, legislatively.

          Great Awakening! It’s here! 😀

          Liked by 4 people

  16. “They are attempting to FORCE President Trump to concede the election, so that his supporters are not forced into violent rebellion, but rather into submission.”


    If Trump concedes then we’re all dead, the nation is gone, freedom everywhere in the world is lost.

    So conceding a stolen election is not an option, it simply won’t happen, not with DJT.


    “And yet, I am not so certain that even a concession by President Trump would – or more importantly SHOULD – work to quell the thirst for Precious Liberty in America.”


    Conceding a stolen election is to capitulate to evil and hand the whole world over to the Dark Side. While he still lawfully occupies the presidency, and still lawfully commands the United States military.

    Does that sound anything at all like President Trump?

    Mitt Romney, sure. Hussein, of course. Hitlery, without a doubt.

    But Trump?

    Not a chance! 😁

    Liked by 8 people

  17. “it is quite clear that the Bolsheviks are using EVERY tool they can to force us to accept socialism…”


    Well it’s applied pressure, they’re not going to stop until someone forces them to stop. That doesn’t mean we’re going to accept socialism or their control over us, it’s nonsensical.

    We have the most powerful military in the world, and our citizens have more guns than any nation in the world. Why would we ever give up?

    Nuking Chyna into oblivion will happen LONG before we ever give up.

    And they certainly know this.


    “, or rebel violently.”


    Rebel against whom?

    Who are we fighting?

    How can there be a ‘civil war’ without geographic lines being drawn, sides clearly established and chosen?

    Why would Trump allow it?

    Unless DJT identifies specific targets within the U.S. and gives the green light to the American People to lay waste, who would Americans attack in any so-called Civil War?

    These are the same questions I always have when this subject comes up.

    Even if we WANTED to have a civil war, WHO would we fight?

    It’s like saying “What if we threw a civil war, and nobody identified the enemy?”


    “The deplatforming of voices of BITTER TRUTHS, like The Conservative Treehouse, will, in my opinion, ENSURE that there is either war or concession, but more likely WAR.”


    There definitely won’t be concession… why would the leader with the most powerful military on the planet concede a stolen election to an enemy obviously determined to enslave the entire world?

    There is no credible answer to that question besides “he wouldn’t”.

    And what point would there be in going to WAR (presumably against Chyna?), when the CCP is as much an enemy to the Chinese People as the CCP is to us?

    The paradigms don’t fit, this isn’t like 1861 or 1941.

    Although curiously it was 80 years from 1861 to 1941, and 80 years from 1941 would be 2021 😁

    There are better means for destroying our enemies in 2021 than resorting to all-out conventional War, unless a pure act of self-defense becomes necessary, e.g., a nuclear response to a nuclear attack.

    But if the purpose of this line of thought is to amp up the anxiety to 11, then I’m all-in — I’m not trying to run a counter-narrative 😁

    Liked by 7 people

  18. Ahhh… I did not know any of this, although I did have a glimmer that smiley had been banned over there (I mean, smiley?! C’mon man).

    I wandered here from Wolf’s twitter that I had “bookmarked” a while ago, leaving the umm..unhelpful, I guess you could say, comment section, and was so very pleased to see all my favorites from back in the halcyon 2016 days.

    Thank you for the ticket to ride, Wolf.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. ” and was so very pleased to see all my favorites from back in the halcyon 2016 days.”


      We’re putting the band back together 😁

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Somebody just needs to give us a bomber and train us to use it. We even have a big-plane pilot. 😉

        I’m in a bad mood tonight. All my peacenik shit yesterday, and I go out on the web tonight and see the haughty criminality of the left, and their acting as if there will be no justice.

        The SLOW BURN is becoming BRIGHTER.


        Yes, put me on a JURY and let me see the evidence and they can FEAR TWELVE, the rat bastards.

        Liked by 2 people

  19. Si vis pacem, para bellum. = If you want peace, prepare for WAR.

    There is a SIMPLER way. It need ONLY be done ONCE.

    Use the FCC.

    As you said these platforms use OUR backbone to operate, under LICENCE. Simply remove one, say Twitter, FROM that backbone for censorship, and electioneering, and propaganda, a blatant MISUSE of the public trust.

    404 NOT found. THAT grabs attention, headlines, AND compliance by the others, OR face the SAME fate.

    In essence DEPLATFORM THEM. Let THEM deal with shareholders, like Fox is NOW. Hit them where they CARE, their WALLET.

    If Twitter is NOT enough, hit Facebook. The message WILL be received. Loud, clear, and LEGAL.

    WE the people can find OTHER means, just like we found parlor, etc. THEY cannot. See this cuts off THEIR propaganda, and censorship. Their POWER.

    It destroys their MONEY.

    LET them TRY and sue. That would be an “interesting” case, that they would open up to DISCOVERY. So, they WOn’t sue, they will COMPLY.

    THAT is the exercise of REAL power. High time WE start playing HARDBALL with THEM.

    They will NOT like their OWN tactics used against THEM..

    THIS is how WE WIN, without firing a SINGLE shot.

    Let the Military and US marshals handle Antifa, but I would use TREASURY, cut the FUNDING, seize FUNDERS assets. THAT is how you quelch this.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. I’m up for this solution too! 😀

      Seriously, I think the deplatforming stuff needs to end, as a THREAT to peace and stability. To me, that justifies it. The left will HOWL, but I think the JFK argument is solid. Robust First Amendment protects us from Second Amendment solutions.

      Liked by 4 people

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