2020·10·31 KMAG Daily Thread

Shitstorm Saturday?

As usual I am writing this Thursday evening, so there’s a decent chance something Big, something that’s not just a Boom or even a Kaboom, but a Kaf*ckingboom, has happened between then and the time you’re reading this!

WordPress Sucks.

I decided to go back to the eagle from my first post. I just spent half an hour scrolling back to my original eagle from January 10 2019, because the image at the top of this post MUST be loaded as a media file on this site, and there’s no other way to do it but to scroll back through nearly two years of images and pick it. And it gets slower and slower and slower the further you go.

I *do* have the URL of the media file (I just had to go back to my first post and save it), but you can’t just type that in; you have to scroll to the picture and click on it.

I thought I’d save Wolf some space (since half of his media space is used).

So I finally get there, select the image…and instead it’s some blurry image out of the middle of a Q drop.

You can’t type the URL in, but you can add a new piece of media and make that the URL of the one you have. Yes, you end up with a duplicate image in Wolf’s media library, but I had no choice.

Fuck you, WordPress. Fuck you sidewise with a 12 gauge bore brush, for making it impossible for me to do Wolf a favor, and making me waste a ton of bandwidth and time finding that out. The moron who made it necessary to scroll back to select an image from the media file should be dragged down a dirt road for thirty miles.

This sort of thing irritates me, because I work in software, and I’d be fired for this kind of donkeyf*ck bullshit. Well, actually my boss wouldn’t fire me immediately, but he would if I refused to redo it right.

The Election

By the next time I do my Saturday post, the election will be over, and we’ll be going through absolute mayhem. Either the results won’t be clear, or they will be clear and someone will be very, very unhappy about it. Hopefully everyone is prepared, and also hopefully it won’t come down to Civil War II.

A Reminder Of Today’s Big Issue.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People...Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they’ve never seen before.

Then-Candidate Donald J. Trump

Needs to happen, soon.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

Please note that our menu has changed, please listen to all of the options.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Political correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. The first rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government take your guns.
5. The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.
9. Social Justice Warriors, ANTIFA pukes, BLM hypocrites, and other assorted varieties of Marxists can go copulate with themselves, or if insufficiently limber, may substitute a rusty wire brush suitable for cleaning the bore of a twelve or ten gauge.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Coin of The Day

The Eagle, Part II.

In our previous post, I discussed the eagle, not the bird but the coin, with the official definition of an “eagle” being ten dollars. And yes, it was an official definition unlike “nickel” but very much like “dime” (look at one, and you will see it actually says “one dime” not “ten cents” on it).

For all that it was a full, official denomination, for some reason in the early years the US didn’t make them very often, preferring instead to make half eagles and quarter eagles. That plus the fact that any gold coin became subject to melting when the price of gold (relative to silver) went up in the 1830s, makes any eagle from before 1834 quite rare. Which brings us up to where we left off last time.

In the middle of 1834 the gold standard was reduced, and designs of quarter and half eagles were altered so people could readily tell the old coins from the new ones (and old ones were now exchangeable for a bit more than face value, which saved the ones that hadn’t been melted). But we still didn’t make full eagles.

In 1839, however, the mint had a new chief engraver, Christian Gobrecht and he was a capable artist. He redid the silver from 1837-1840 and turned his attention to gold in 1839.

And now, finally we had eagles again. This design is now called the “Liberty Head” eagle by collectors, and we used it for almost seventy years, which until 1979 or so was a record (we’ve now been using Lincoln’s head on the cent for over 120 years, and Jefferson’s head on the nickel for 82 years).

The bad news is, he didn’t do a new eagle design, basically using the motif that had appeared on the quarter and half eagle since the late 00s of the 19th century. Still, at least it does look like an eagle!

Liberty or Coronet Head Eagle, 1853

I had to struggle to find one of these in a picture…and I don’t know if it’s the picture or the coin, but the color just looks freaking awful on this coin. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had been harshly cleaned at some point. But it took me a while to find even this picture.

The same basic design was used on quarter and half eagles, but when the gold dollar and gold double eagle were introduced in 1849-1850, the mint had a new engraver, James Longacre, and he put totally different designs on those denominations. (His major shortcoming as an engraver was that he had great difficulty getting lettering lined up properly.)

Coronet eagles from before 1866 are rare, and in many cases when you try to look up the price of one in choice uncirculated (MS-63), you will find a dash in the book…meaning there’s no such thing. For dates where such a thing exists, the price is stratospheric.

Now why would one care about ones from before 1866? Because in 1866 a minor change was made to the reverse, and those who collect by type (rather than by date) therefore want one from before the change and one from after the change.

Fortunately, after the change is easy, since that time span (1866-1907) has plenty of common dates in it where you won’t pay much more than the price of the gold in the coin. Of course you’ll have a piece with a date that starts with a 19 or maybe 1890-something, not a coin from 1867 (coins continue to be scarce until 1876 or so thanks to the after effects of the Civil War, but that’s another story–maybe I’ve already told it; I can no longer keep track).

Anyhow, here’s the change:

The motto was not added to the quarter eagle, as the coin was deemed too small for it to fit. Nor was it added to the $1 or $3 gold coins that were being issued at the time.

So now we fast forward to Teddy Roosevelt, during 1906-07.

Roosevelt felt that our coinage was staid, and he had a point. He wanted to redesign our coinage to be much more artistic, and as a result we have coins like the Mercury dime, the standing liberty quarter, the walking liberty half dollar…all of which I have discussed in the past. But we also have the St. Gaudens double eagle and the Indian head eagle, both designed by Augustus St. Gaudens, a world famous artist at the time.

I had a choice between this picture, with awful color but good lighting, and one with good color that looks like gold instead of dull brass, but with the lighting head on so you can’t see the relief of the design.

At Roosevelt’s insistence the In God We Trust motto was omitted, both on this coin and on the new double eagle. Was he some sort of foaming-at-the-mouth atheist? No. He was a believer, and he thought putting the deity’s name on a mere piece of money was a sacrilege.

Congress didn’t agree, and passed a law requiring the restoration of the motto. Up to this time it had been something the mint and the treasury had just agreed between them to do. Now it was required by law on those two coins, and the mint was forbidden from removing it in the future, though it was not required to add it to coins that didn’t have the motto, which at that time were the cent, nickel, dime, and quarter eagle. (The nickel had had the motto from 1865 through 1883, but it was dropped with the change in design that happened that year, without anyone kicking up a fuss.)

And this photo, and our story, bring us to the end.

In 1933 a different Roosevelt confiscated our gold. He then devalued the dollar from $20.67 per troy ounce of gold to $35, which would be the official level through the 1960s.

People were allowed to hold gold in jewelry, and could even hang onto coins that had numismatic value (i.e., were worth more than their face value, to a collector). But much of our gold went back to the mint, which melted most of it and it’s now in bars in Fort Knox and other places. (The mint actually hung onto many pieces that were turned in that were of numismatic interest.)

A lot of our gold coinage “wintered over” in Europe and has been coming back home in the hands of numismatists ever since all restrictions on gold ownership were removed in the 1970s. I still see coin dealers offering coins that are coming back from Europe, today.

In particular, almost every 1933 eagle was melted at the mint. Any out there today are in the high six figures for value.

[Digression: For double eagles, none were officially released, though a few got out. They are officially considered stolen property (and the US government confiscated ten of them about 15 years ago), with the exception of one piece that our government apparently gifted to a foreign dignitary. That coin sold for seven million dollars in 2002. I did get to see that double eagle since I was at the convention where it was auctioned off, as well as the ten that were confiscated–the mint did not destroy them, it even exhibited them in Denver in 2006. It’s funny to think that I have seen and photographed (too badly to show here) every single 1933 gold double eagle that exists.]

So that is the end of the eagle as a circulating $10 denomination.

But I’m going repeat my rant/conclusion from last time.

You can, today, buy “eagles” from the mint. But they aren’t these eagles. The word has been redefined to mean either a silver coin with an ounce of nearly pure silver in it, with a denomination of a dollar (but they’ll set you back thirty dollars), or gold coins…with a tenth, quarter, half, or full ounce of gold, denominated five, ten, twenty five, or fifty dollars. (Yes, the quarter ounce should either be a fifth of an ounce, or denominated twelve-and-a-half dollars. This is the government we’re talking about here, it doesn’t have to make sense anymore.) There are even platinum and palladium coins. (Platinum is denominated 10, 25, 50 and 100–so at least the values are consistent with the weights. Palladium just has a full ounce coin, which is denominated #25, even though it’s more expensive as a metal than any of the others.)

All have a denomination, and each and every one of them would mark you as the world’s biggest idiot if you were to actually spend them at face value.

So “eagle” has lost its original meaning, at least when it comes to coins.

But in zoology, they’re still cool birds!

Standard disclaimer: I never show pictures of my coins, and in many cases don’t own anything remotely resembling the coins in these pictures. [This would be one of those cases.] Any prospective thieves should know I also collect other heavy metals–anything with a heavier nucleus would be unstable–and keep those a lot closer to me than the coins.

Obligatory PSAs/Reminders

Just one more thing, my standard Public Service Announcements. We don’t want to forget any of these!!!

How not to get your ass kicked by the police. Chris Rock in 2007

Granted an “ass kicking” isn’t the same as being shot, but both can result from the same stupid act. You may ultimately beat the rap, but you aren’t going to avoid the ride.

Remember Hong Kong!!! And remember the tens of millions who died under the “Great Helmsman” Chairman Mao.

I hope this guy isn’t rotting in the laogai somewhere!

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

For my money the Great Helmsman is Hikaru Sulu (even if the actor is a dingbat).

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              1. Hey, Pat! What’s up in your neck of the woods? Beautiful Sunny Fall Day here!!!

                God Bless Your Day, too – Hugs!!!

                Got Sweets? Did not have time for breakfast – need a pick-me-up till lunchtime! Please – Thanks!!!

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              2. it’s cloudy here…did some more splitting this morning…we are already going thru the wood pile we brought in a little while ago…

                HUGS back to you Duchess!!

                how about some cinnamon streusel coffee cake?

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  1. turn in people and businesses? what kind of state do they have in New Mexico?

    New Mexico lock down. Halloween canceled. Stay at home. Restaurants require covid training for workers. Limited seating. Must gather patrons info for contact tracing. Fines and closing for business for 2 weeks if covid. Spot check workers for covid. Turn people/business in.

    — Stefani Lord for NM Representative Dist 22 (@Lord4NM) October 31, 2020

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    1. I have been watching new mexico off and on. Its their female dimm governor. A hispanic whitmer but worse. Low profile but doing a lot of damage. I have no idea how the state isnt in total rebellion. She really locked down all the Native American tribal land too.

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      1. IIRC, with near no notice, back in ~June or so, NM guvner locked down Gallup ~72 hours. Curfews and everything. Draconian. On/off ramps blocked.

        Have crossed NM on I-40 twice east bound and return west bound. Both times mandatory masks, yada, yada.. Most wore masks. I ignored the nonsense. No one bothered me.

        Folks really need to push back against these idiotic mask edicts.

        Stop the go along to get along mantra.

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      1. Molly, thank you. This is brilliant. Yes, mass munchausen, that needs to be spread on twitter. someone needs to make a meim, however you do that. Lol. It’s catchy and so true. A form of mass indoctrination.


    2. The COVID COMMIES tried to spread the crazy to El Paso using a JUDGE. ABBOTT’S ORDER is helping the police refuse to be part of it.


      This is why KGB-FIB tried to use a political operation in El Paso to initiate their RED FLAG ATTACK on American gun owners. El Paso is DEEP BLUE MURDER ZONE TREASON.

      The LOCAL COPS know better. BAD STUFF infects the FO. KGB-bad.

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          1. I want my life back.

            I want to make music with my fellow choir people.

            I want my family out of the house so I can have the peace to work.

            I want to be able to go shopping and have fun without hiding.

            I want to walk freely in the cultural institutions here.

            I mean, is it too much to ask?

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          1. It gets more and more crazy around here. Yesterday, we found out that my one brother’s mini dachsund was put down Thursday, I think. He was 15ish, blind, had back issues and more, but that was one cool dog. I hear my sister in law (not the one who is not well) cried all night.

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            1. Loosing a pet is painful and affects the whole family.

              I had to take my dog back to the vet 3 times after surgery because of complications. The third time my regular vet was back and opened her up just in time otherwise my dog would have died. The doc called me 1:30 am that the dog had survived.Another doc in the vet office had performed the first operation and kept telling me nothing was wrong. I knew there was.
              My doc kept her two weeks . I have her back now for the past 5 days she cannot go up the steps so I slept with her on the sofa. I am so tired taking her out two three times a night and early up for meds. Sleeping on the sofa is not my thing but Peri was so stressed out that she could not be in the bedroom with us.
              Every day she is doing better. I cook organic beef and chicken for her and put it over her dry food so she gets her strength back.

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              1. Thank you. Today finally she seems to feel better. She is able to sleep without moaning. Her stitches look good and are healing. She has two type of pain killers and antibiotics and vitamins. Also tonight she does not need to go out so often. Prayers are helping. My husband and I are now taking shifts. I went 8 PM to bed and got up at 12 AM and he is now sleeping.

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    1. Yep…we get that hour back that they stole from us back in March.

      It’s so silly, it doesn’t “save” anything.
      I wish they would leave it alone.

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      1. We voted a couple years ago to do just that, it overwhelmingly passed, then they just ignored it. Apparently this requires congressional approval. Honestly, of all the simplest things to do wtf is political about this one?

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            1. Ah ha. Dunno if I ever knew that. I do know, during my working years, traveled to parts on IN many times. Recall be puzzled more than once. Should have looked into the the contradictions, in my mind anyway, what time is it in IN.



            2. Indiana’s rules–and which counties follow them and which don’t–have changed a lot.

              There is a database for computers, of all the different time zones, and in this case it’s historical…every place that EVER was different has its own listing. So, say, if St. Louis were to skip DST next year without the rest of the timezone doing so, and then did NOT and followed the central time zone, it’d get its own entry in that file–forever–because it did something different in 2021.

              There’s a shit ton of entries for places in Indiana.

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        1. Was this by any chance a vote to simply stay on DST? Usually people would rather stay on it all year around than not go onto it at all.

          I saw a suggestion once–put the pacific and central time zones on DST–permanently! And the mountain and eastern timezones on standard time–permanently.

          We’d then effectively have only two time zones, with a two hour change on the boundary between Central and Mountain time zones. That line happens to run through the High Plains and other parts of the country that are very thinly populated (and actually emptying out).

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  2. The closer we get, the more nervous I become. I can’t wait until it is over!


    Trump must win Pa. by 4 or 5 points to overcome voter fraud, says pollster who got it right in 2016

    Robert Cahaly, chief pollster with the Georgia-based Trafalgar Group, is predicting a Trump victory nationally against Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Nov.


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    1. Remember that after a certain point, more cheating will still not win — but will risk further exposure of the cheaters. When that happens, the focus will turn from phonying up more fake votes to covering their tracks.

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    237,186 EARLY-VOTING TOTALS for Montgomery County (Republican-heavy)
    = 288,000 TOTAL VOTE (Only 10% were Ballots-by-Mail)
    = 41% INCREASE over Record Total Vote in 2016!

    “Who’s Yo DADDY.”

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  4. Guesstimate on FL Republican share of Total Hispanic Vote
    • 27% coming from 90% of the 30.2 GOP RV
    … What GOP RV would switch to Beijing-Biden
    • 20% coming from 2/3 of the 29.8% NPA RV
    … Hispanics share opinions and most of these would be listening
    • 4% coming from 10% of the 40.0 DEM RV
    = 51% of FL Hispanic Vote 😱

    Check out the embedded graphic:

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    1. reading some of the replies–some TDS drivers were hitting the trump supporters’ vehicles–they posted pictures of the cars and are asking for info if anyone knows them.
      hmmmm…road rage…they should have their licenses revoked and insurance suspended.

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              1. Just looked again.

                I’m 90 percent sure he’s actually well but just trying to brumate (which is “hibernation lite”).

                If he was sick, he’d be losing weight, and he’s definitely not losing weight, he’s over 600 grams.

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              2. Grams wouldn’t upset me any more than pounds do.

                Actually sometimes it can be beneficial. You see some huge 7 or 8 figure price (and your weight in grams wouldn’t be that high) in some third world country with bad inflation and you don’t realize that when the price is THAT high it’s actually real money.

                Poland, 1992: 14,000 Zloty to the dollar, about 10,000 to the Deutschemark (which I had gotten used to earlier in that trip, so the arithmetic was easy).

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    1. my exchange on twitter with someone claiming he was taken out….SMH

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      1. Thanks, Sauce.

        Yeah, it makes no sense that Connery was with the cabal…or that he was taken out.
        He was an actor who loved his country, Scotland, and his wife of 45 years.

        Btw, I like the new avatar!

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    1. well, to be fair, Joe was rehearsing for his gig later next year…he’ll be playing Punxatawny Phil in the Groundhog Day remake.
      the director Michael Moore says he’s a natural. he likes living underground…he emerges once a year and speaks gibberish only his handler can interpret…and he looks remarkably rodent like–no leg hair extensions needed!

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      1. LOL – Oh, that is a precious analogy, Pat!!! Question: Do men quit producing hair on various parts of the body as they age? If so – he is out of luck for pool foibles – isn’t he?

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          1. Not sure, either – just asking – but, your hubby may not have gotten to that point – maybe, he was hairy from the get go – so it might take longer – Biden is losing more than his hair, tho’ – LOL

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          1. The human is not illegal true however their actions are if they sneak across our borders.
            Maybe we should call them persons who come illegally into our country and break the law for doing so?
            In abbreviation we call them illegals 🙂

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  5. Per 700WLW, Cincinnati, 11:30AM Eastern:
    The governor of Kentucky, ANDY “I’m a dictator in training and I’m running for President in 2024” BESHEAR has just SHUT DOWN the Commonwealth due to the “very high rate of infections from Covid-19”.
    He issued a diktat saying that ALL “non-essential travel” is TO STOP. People can to out ONLY “if it is absolutely necessary”.
    Kentucky colleges are shifting to all-virtual classes immediately.

    This sounds like BACKDOOR ELECTION INTERFERENE to me.

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  6. Indo-Pacific News

    #Canada ‘Severely Penetrated’ by #Beijing’s Influence Operations, Says #China Expert

    Harassment of Chinese human rights defenders in Canada, the government’s delays in banning Huawei, recent threats by the Chinese Ambassador against Canadians in #HongKong

    Indo-Pacific News
    #Chinese influence in #India: Hindustan Times today published a 4-page, unvarnished #CCP propaganda section.

    The New York Times & The Washington Post do the same. Not difficult to understand why they publish a lot of pro #China articles, it’s all about Chinese $$$$

    Indo-Pacific News
    Over 100 #Chinese Migrant Workers Detained for Illegally Entering #Vietnam

    Unemployment is a major issue in #China due to many foreign companies leaving the country. An increasing number of Chinese workers are looking for jobs in neighboring countries.

    Indo-Pacific News

    #Taiwan Can Now Complicate #China’s Invasion Plans By Buying Hundreds Of Harpoon Missiles

    It’s now official, Washington has detailed the sale of Harpoon Coastal Defense Systems to Taiwan.

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      1. Agree with OR – not sure about WA or CO – what about VA? Agree – not ready for CA or NY to turn RED – but, hey – we might be surprised about others – wondering why ME was blue, too – Thanks for playing, Kal!

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      2. I don’t know about OR, but I know in WA people are PO’d. They’re just very quiet about it. What’s weird is the lack of signage and bumper stickers. Very few presidential or Gov. signs; few signs for U.S. rep, most signs are for local races, and are mostly located at major intersections. The amount of signage is what I see for an off year election. What I think might happen is that we could end up with a R Gov. (and he is MAGA) but maybe the Dims will carry the presidential race. Plus it depends on how much cheating goes on in King County, where Seattle is.

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        1. I believe the Nov. SHOCKER is going to be the black vote for Trump, which will not only deliver him a few states no one is thinking possible (like CA), but also going to thoroughly repudiate and undermine the BLM bowel movement.

          Lil’ Wayne has 34.8M Twitter followers. 😳
          Both Ice Cube and 50 Cent are LEGENDS in the black community.

          Kanye West had them going “WTF? That dude is crazy.”
          Ice Cube had them going “Wait? You, too?”
          50 Cent had them saying “Man, I must be missing something.”
          Lil’ Wayne has them actually saying “OK. If all these guys going for Trump, I am, too.”

          How do I know I’m right?

          Because in keeping with our POTUS’ genius, all of this is VASTLY underestimated, unreported, and under-discussed.

          The black vote for Trump is going to be the Nov. surprise.

          And it is going to decimate the democrap party.

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          1. 50 cent changed his mind after criticism. He said on Twitter–

            “Another spin F–k Donald Trump, I never liked him,” the rapper wrote. “For all I know he had me set up and had my friend Angel Fernandez killed but that’s history. LOL.”


        1. I agree, DP, about Il. and it is so very corrupted. At one time long ago my county was very red in cen. Il. but due to student vote it got flipped, and now we have corrupt dem officials running much of it. It is depressing.

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      1. I have a feeling about California, too.

        The friend I research and write with lives there, and she has the same impression.

        Maybe we are right, FG&C. Wouldn’t that just be amazing?! California for Trump?

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    1. Fucking scumbag.

      “It’s not lying, it’s simply re-wording the truth so that the truth becomes more palatable to people who are not bright enough to understand the real truth.”


      The arrogance and hubris is simply off the charts here.

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  8. The Library


    The Drive

    SEAL Team Six Executes Long Distance Rescue Operation Of Kidnapped American In Nigeria
    Armed gunmen had abducted Philip Walton from his home in neighboring Niger earlier in the week and there were fears he could be sold to terrorists.

    Harold Wren

    Praying Medic@prayingmedic
    SEAL Team 6 staged a daring raid in Nigeria, rescuing Philip Walton, 27, who had been taken hostage.
    Quote Tweet

    Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

    · 3h
    Big win for our very elite U.S. Special Forces today. Details to follow!

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    1. It doesn’t say but…

      “Sadly, all those involved with the kidnapping did not survive the meeting with the SEAL team hostage negotiators.”


      Play stupid games with our POTUS, you gonna win stupid prizes.

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    2. https://www.thedrive.com/content/2020/10/cv-22.jpg?quality=85&width=1440&quality=70

      The Library

      #NATSEC #DEVGRU #DebtOfHonor #heroes

      Does everyone remember how Jimmy Carter had to hold a press conference to explain to America how US Military’s best tried to rescue Iranian held hostages, but that the mission failed, costing us some of our best from Delta Force & other service branches? It cost him re-election.

      This week, days before the most important & consequential election in American history, President Donald Trump took on the same responsibility & knowing that a failed rescue mission would cost him re-election, he courageously put politics SECOND & put the life of an American Hostage FIRST, and ordered the mission to go forward.

      As Commander In Chief, we have the right man in charge, & we need him for #4moreyears

      Harold Wren
      , edited

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        Trust is THE #1 currency in the Spec Op community.

        POTUS just demonstrated his trust in them, and they just demonstrated it in return to him.

        This forges an UNBREAKABLE BOND between our CiC and the Spec Op community.

        Btw, this incident explains POTUS’s unscheduled, “no press” stop at Ft. Bragg the other day. It was to give his personal “Go!” to the Spec Op guys to rescue Philip Walton.

        POTUS just GUARANTEED any violent coup attempt against him post-election will fail, and fail spectacularly.


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    1. Not going to mention any names here… please don’t you either…

      but she’s back on twitter if you’re missing here (she’s been on gab since left twat)

      just glad to see her… shhh! don’t give her name away…

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  9. MiGFlasher Retweeted
    All 50 News
    Replying to @cjtruth


    NG deployed in: (count em)
    1. Alabama
    2. Arizona
    3. Colorado
    4. Delaware
    5. Illinois
    6. Kentucky
    7. Pennsylvania
    8. Tennessee
    9. Texas
    10. Virginia
    11. Washington
    12. Wisconsin
    Just like 17 said.

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      1. Found this … doesn’t seem like a very big deal – less than 30 people to help in plain clothes with cyber security


        The Tennessee National Guard has activated around 30 cybersecurity troops to support state and local elections officials with network security. The Tennessee National Guard is also making 13 of its readiness centers available as polling sites across the state, and approximately 26 troops in civilian clothes will be placed on state active duty in order to facilitate access for election officials, according to comments made by Holmes, the state’s adjutant general, during Wednesday’s media roundtable.

        The armories’ full time staffers will be instructed not to report to their offices on Election Day, said Holmes.

        Holmes said that the decision to make the readiness centers available was driven by a “lack of space” for adequate social distancing in traditional polling sites in some of the state’s rural counties.



  10. This should go without saying but I feel it worthwhile anyway…

    With mere days to go prior to Nov. 3, Flep’s daily OP is REQUIRED reading. Today’s post is a standout, IMHO.

    Wishing all a wonderful pre-election weekend and entertaining, fun night tonight.


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  11. Cari Kelemen
    Today’s 14-stop Biden Rally Texas Tour: CANCELLED Too many Trump supporters were showing up

    L 🤺

    · 7h
    This is the most badass thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Go Texas.

    Zoe, what follows is a vid clip of a van covered in Biden signs being followed on freeway with tons of vehicles with Trump signs and flags!

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    1. Lemme show you what pathetic, vile, filthy liars democrats are.

      Watch this. See how the “staffer’s car” is in the truck’s lane, causing the collision? And dems turn around…IN THE FACE OF VIDEO EVIDENCE….and claim it was the Trumpsters being “homicidal”.

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      1. Right… I read some back and forth about that… Harold Wren at The Library called it… said “Thats called an illegal lane change, causing an at-fault accident. The Biden/Harris idiots literally cannot even drive a car properly but want us to vote for them to run America.
        Harold Wren

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  12. Send this to some of your DIM family and friends (remember to remove the splat)


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        1. Apparently she is not finished. Pennsylvania next (showing picture looking out from plane flying over the untouched wood lands of the foot hills as she flies east.)

          Melania Trump

          US government account
          Thank you Wisconsin for your immense support & pride for our country. I am now off to Pennsylvania!

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            1. Apologies, never see my notifications unless I go to second web browser. Not sure where in Penn, but this is part of her speech there.

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    1. MiGFlasher Retweeted
      General Flynn@GenFlynn
      Read this very sincere & uplifting thread from the great journalist


      Tracy, you speak for millions of Americans & Patriots around the world praying for America to remain THE beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

      Quote Tweet

      Tracy Beanz@tracybeanz

      · 21h
      Thread: Running some errands today when I was absolutely struck with emotion for a minute- I can’t really explain this but I’m going to try. I’ll likely get mocked by some for sharing this but I don’t care. It’s my heart speaking. Deal with it.
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  13. L Person fencing@SomeBitchIKnow
    Tim Walz’s daughter tweeted out instructions to rioters in Minneapolis and told them when the national guard would arrive. A complete breach of safety and confidentiality from his office.

    Vote Tim out.
    Quote Tweet

    Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
    · 18h
    Your far-left Dem Attorney General, and your Dem Governor tried to shut down our rally, silence the people of Minnesota, and take away your freedom of assembly. They thought we would cancel – but I said NO WAY, I will NEVER abandon the people of Minnesota!

    L Person fencing@SomeBitchIKnow
    This tweet comes from my thread “The Democrats Are Morons and George Soros Is Too”. Scroll up to read the entire thing.
    Quote Tweet

    L Person fencing@SomeBitchIKnow
    · Jun 23
    You also had Hope Walz, daughter of Tim Walz (Minnesota’s governor) gave rioters inside information about military activity, and Isra Hirsi, Ilhan Omar’s daughter, sought suppliers for her rioting comrades in Minneapolis.
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