20201022: PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, Nashville, Tennessee

Calling what is about to go down in Nashville a “debate” may well be generous considering that the challenger to the office of President of the United States has all but been in hiding for days, supposedly prepping for it.

Well, apparently crazy Uncle Joe Biden is going to play groundhog just as all sorts of family dirty laundry is hitting the fan from all quarters. How often does the turncoat show up at a debate as a guest of the other side.

He he he

The sitting president, and his lovely First Lady, on the other hand, are freshly recovered from the Wuhan plague that the Democrats want everyone out on the fruited plain to fear.

And then the other side wants the world to believe our Very Special Genius is a failed president. Minor problem…nobody told the people that.

And this isn’t even a protest against stupidity. It’s the landing party.

And as for the debate format…let our dear president be inspired by this moment in presidential debate history.

Okay, on with the show:

556 thoughts on “20201022: PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Can’t listen to the blonde on FOX Business anymore. She thinks too much time was spent on personal scandals when umpteen zillion people are dying of a pandemic — completely ignoring that America could elect someone involved in a HUGE scandal. But no, don’t look there.

    They’re saying no microphone was cut. Wrong. I’m outta there.

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    1. Before the debate started, was on Fox business News.

      Five minutes of pure bashing President Trump I flipped it over to RSBN. Faux News is beyond redemption.

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    1. Get your facts straight, Joe Biden. It was General (ret.) George McClellan that was running for President on the Democrat Party ticket who was the racist.

      One of McClellan’s campaign posters from that election:

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  2. I saw a post on OT “Biden is a liar always was but he is lucid.”
    I always thought it was an act for his purpose. Seems to work for him half the country seems to want to vote for him.

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  3. Listening to Bill O’Reilly – he played a clip about what PT said – he did not get paid by China – he did not get paid by Ukraine – he did not get paid by Russia – YOU DID!!!

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  4. .
    Yeah…he did. He definitely did.

    That moderator would always tell him which question was coming, then give him time to prepare for it before she ‘officially’ asked the question!

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    1. She also tried to edge in and argue, but was so meek about it that Trump was able to handle her with ease to the point it actually made her look okay.

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  5. Just a remark on RSBN vs. CSPAN. I started watching this on RSBN but had CSPAN open as well and ended up switching to CSPAN. RSBN stayed in the far off view and CSPAN had the two mostly in their own windows with very clear faces. Noticed every time Biden would face toward Trump, Biden looked like a skeleton and that view happened often. CSPAN will be replaying again the whole debate in appox 45 mins they said.
    BWT Trump nailed it again. Biden looked as bad as he sounded.

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  7. So Drudge did not put up a poll for the first debate. Afraid we may assume. He did for the VP debate and Pence took that 72% to 28%. For this debate, Drudge is not putting up a poll. Afraid we may assume.

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    1. I think part of what she said was that Trump played to moderates tonight and did a great job of it while still being able to toss us some red meat!

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  10. Regarding that moment in the debate where Biden said he would “transition from the oil industry,” did anyone else notice how the moderators tone COMPLETELY CHANGED? “Why would you do that?” It sounded like an uncontrolled gut reaction. She knew how badly he screwed up.

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    1. Yes…she was coaching him; prompting him.

      I’m thinking that she had probably worked with Biden and his handlers, coaching him and prepping him for this debate appearance.

      She used that ‘coaching voice’ more than once, too.

      Her tone was measured and calming.
      It was like…’We went over this, remember, you can do this.’

      Joe also had the dark eyes this time, like the last debate.
      High tech contacts?

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    2. EXACTLY Sadie, it was “clean up on aisle 6” time. But the MODERATOR, like Joe, BLEW it. She SHOULD have ignored the comment, and kept interrupting Trump on it. SHE deviated from the script too, and Trump was THEN able to HIGHLIGHT what Biden said “That’s a BIG statement” and EXPAND ON IT “Are you listening Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas?”

      The moderator made it WORSE further by giving Biden TIME to spew absolute NONSENSE, then saying he would REMOVE funding (federal subsidies) from the oil industry. Trump handed them BOTH a shovel. let them dig, and then BURRIED them both with their own dirt and shovel.

      The MORE Joe and the moderator kept trying to “spin” the WORSE it got.

      THAT line just LOST the dems not only the Presidency, but the House as well.

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  11. At one point, I audibly gasped ‘OMG!’

    Biden said that ‘the first thing’ he would do would be to legalise ’11 MILLION’ ILLEGALS residing in the US.

    Imagine DEM administrations forever. Good grief.


      1. YES!

        Because he hates Brexit, London’s current mayor, Sadiq Khan, wants to make London a separate nation state (e.g. Monaco, which had been a principality for many centuries, independent of France). Parliament would have to vote on that. It will not happen.

        I’m somewhat surprised more people didn’t get the 11 million illegals remark, though. He made it rather emphatically.

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