20201020: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Gastonia, North Carolina

In the interest of being organized and not cluttering up things too badly, multiple events on one day will be on one thread.

Gastonia, North Carolina:

Gastonia is named for William Gaston, a jurist and United States Representative from North Carolina.[8]Historic Downtown

The Loray Mill strike of 1929 in Gastonia was one of the most notable strikes in the labor history of the United States. The role of organizers for Communist Party-affiliated National Textile Workers Union alienated religious leaders in Gastonia, who denounced the organizers’ ideology, undermining support for the strike.[9] The strike collapsed after the death of Gastonia’s police chief, Orville Alderholt, led to a murder trial of several of the organizers.[10] The strike largely failed in attaining its goals of better working conditions and wages, and the American labor movement was never able to gain a foothold among textile workers in Gastonia. The strike, however, became for a while an international cause célèbre, figuring in several novels published in the 1930s.

And…an airport.

More at the link above.

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Pennsylvania, and any travel stories you may have.

156 thoughts on “20201020: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Gastonia, North Carolina

    1. Sylvia,

      Here is a ‘trick’ that might help you and Wolfie.

      In my 30s I had pneumonia. About 6 months later I started running 5 miles. When I stopped I would cough like crazy removing old nasty dried material from the bottom of my lungs. After a few weeks my lungs were again clear and I was breathing much better.

      I have asthma which also leaves my lungs ‘clogged’ I have found that if I breath steam (tea water) first thing in the morning on the days I have trouble It helps clear my lungs. I do this by breathing out as much as I can and then refill my lungs with moist air. Usually I will then cough. In this way I can ‘clear’ my lungs for the rest of the day. Guaifenesin is an expectorant and is used to loosen and thin mucus. So that may help too.

      Also research what herbs/vitamins/minerals will help build lung tissue.

      This gives some names to research

      for example African Geranium:

      Clicking on ‘view references’ and looking for a title gives:
      Treatment of Acute Bronchitis in Adults With a Pelargonium Sidoides Preparation (EPs® 7630): A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

      EPs 7630 was superior in efficacy compared with placebo in the treatment of adults with acute bronchitis. It may therefore offer an effective alternative for acute bronchitis unless antibiotics are clearly indicated.

      Hope like heck that helps both of you.

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        1. Guafenesin is very good, but be sure you drink lots of water. The point of the water is to “liquidfy” your secretions, loosen them up so you can get them out. the expectorant can be very drying without adequate fluids, so take double the amount they recommend when dosing.

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          1. Yikes, let me clarify – take double the amount of WATER, not the medication! I encourage more fluids for several hours after you dose as well.

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            1. Yes, otherwise you end up feeling bad and headachy. It’s kind of one of those little tricks of the trade, and I try to let people know.

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          2. THANQ for adding that. I meant to and forgot. Drink LOTS of water to thin secretions.

            I am suggesting this because some of the early autopsy reports (China?) said the lungs were filled with ‘concrete’ like secretions. That sounds like what I was dealing with after that bout with pneumonia in my 30s. I had pneumonia again a couple years ago again and had to work to clear my lungs again.

            There are these reports:



            You might consider Co-Q-10

            Supplemental selenium and coenzyme Q10 reduce glycation along with cardiovascular mortality in an elderly population with low selenium status – A four-year, prospective, randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled trial

            A low intake of selenium has been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular mortality, and supplementation of selenium and coenzyme Q10 influences this….

            A significantly lower concentration of fructosamine was observed in the elderly community-living participants supplemented with selenium and coenzyme Q10 for 42 months compared to those on the placebo. As oxidative mechanisms are involved in the glycation of proteins, less glycoxidation could be a result of the supplementation of selenium and coenzyme Q10, which could have contributed to lower cardiac mortality and less inflammation, as has earlier been reported.

            Lots more papers listed on Co-Q10:


            (The stuff kills off hot flashes for this old lady too.😋 )

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    I woke up the next morning and I felt like Superman.
    I’m working to make the same antibody treatment I received available to ANYBODY, for FREE. We’re getting an Emergency Use designation.
    I got RIGHT TO TRY done. We’re have more success with Right to Try.

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    Biden’s lockdown would reduce life expectancy. (POTUS IS RIGHT ABOUT THIS)

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      1. JD Crow
        Replying to
        Ironic: the party of “Green New Deal” and “Abolish Fossil Fuels” hosting car rallies for people to sit in their cars and create air pollution, global warming.

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      1. I surmised that from what Dan said – was just surprised he was campaigning – and now – you have provided the evidence as to why – Thanks, Georgia – as usual – you are on top of what is important to know!!!

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  3. The sound on the Diamond and Silk Youtube feed went out. Switched over to Closed Caption. Have to say that Closed Caption is like somebody trying to translate Sanskrit into English in real time.

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  4. Apparently FIB had an emergency press conference during the rally about election interference. Can’t say I watched it. but this long time poster at GWP pretty much summed it up as follows:

    Patty 🇺🇸 • 41 minutes ago
    You call an emergency 7:30 PM press conference to say that other countries are sending people mean emails?



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  5. Their economy (Biden and Obama) went down 27%.
    We will END our reliance on CHINA once and for all.
    Religious liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. Joe Biden will take away your 2nd Amendment.

    No more ridiculous foreign wars in places you never heard of.

    *** Now here’s the DIFFERENCE between WOODROW WILSON’S “keep our boys home” and POTUS —
    Wilson DID NOT believe in Peace through Strength. He believed in Peace through TALK.
    POTUS’s Peace through Strength is the strength that comes from the United States being able to DESTROY any foreign country who tries to dominate America by force of arms.

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    You have a President
    who is standing up for America
    and for North Carolina
    We are taking back America,
    Returning Power to the American People!
    Together, with the incredible people of North Carolina
    We have made America powerful again
    We have made America wealthy again
    We have made America strong again
    We have made America proud again
    We will make America safe again
    And we will make America great again!!!


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  7. So, earlier, I was going to share my impressions of Gastonia.

    They largely were centered around Mary Jo’s Cloth Store — a pilgrimage point for quilters where the Fiancee spent HOURS while I was driving around the rest of Gastonia trying to find something memorable. [Hint: I didn’t.] Sadly, Mary Jo has passed on, and her family decided to close the store.

    But I’m going to go into a little bit of exposition about that region of the Southeast (even though I’ll be a n00b when I get there).

    The most interesting geologic feature (from an economic / development perspective) of the Southeast is not the coastline, the mountains, or the mountain passes…..it is the “fall line”. The natural development of the region involved port cities — where there were both deepwater port facilities and docks for shallow barges. Shipments of goods from everywhere in the world would come into deepwater ports like New York, Wilmington NC, Charleston SC, and the like. Warehouse facilities would be built — and, with them, insurance companies and accountants — and longshoremen would transfer thousands of lots off of hundreds of deep-sea boats, through warehouses, to thousands of riverboats — and vice-versa.

    The riverboats and barges would proceed upstream across the flat-as-a-table Atlantic Coastal Plain, to the “fall line” — the first “waterfall” on the navigable river. Mind you, this “waterfall” might be one foot high — but it formed an impregnable bar for barges and riverboats to ascend. So there needed to be a new town built, with new warehouses, and new docks — and, now, wagon depots, stables, and the usual insurance agents, transfer clerks, accountants, auditors, brokers, shipping coordinators, and the like — because everything coming up the river on boats needed to be transferred to wagons for further progress upcountry; while everything coming down from the higher elevations would be transferred to boats to move downriver.

    Above the fall line, various industries became available — the power of a water wheel could drive a feed mill, a machine shop, a power loom, a sawmill, or a gravel crusher. Below the fall line, you were pretty much stuck with agriculture — the power of a shallow, lazy river drifting by doesn’t run much else.

    The industrial development of this area at the foot of the mountains (pie d’ mont — or piedmont) tended to cluster around the fall line cities where they could get resources from wagons or riverboats, and export similarly. Even after the advent of steam power and railroads, the Piedmont retained their natural geographic advantages. Even today, the furniture capital of the United States is High Point, NC — and the High Point Furniture Mart is a twice-a-year international festival of quality furniture. If NAFTA hadn’t replaced it with toxic melamine-encased particle board made in China with minimal processing in Mexico to qualify for NAFTA, it might still be a world leader.

    Instead, NAFTA has gutted the Piedmont area. Textile mills and furniture mills and gravel mills and saw mills and everything else was eaten away by the China loophole in NAFTA — China could make things using slave labor in horrific ecologically-horrible conditions, pass it on to Canada or Mexico for a kiss and a rub, and push it into the US at favorable trade terms as if it were made by free Canadians or Mexicans.

    Which gets back to Mary Jo’s. One reason it was so special was that it was the outlet and overrun rack for every textile mill in NC. You could get wonderful prints and patterns that showed American exceptionalism. NAFTA, in 1994, began a long, slow, thorough strangulation of that. By the time Mary Jo, herself, had passed on to a better world, her family couldn’t see a way to continue, so it’s closed.

    So much was lost — in 1994, there were probably dozens of guys there who could hand-shape a beautiful, strong, graceful couch leg in hardwood in any one of a dozen styles using standard woodworking setups. They are all 26 years older and out-of-practice today — not to mention their years of mental despair as the mills closed and towns crumbled.

    But there’s nothing wrong with the regions or the people therein, and we have the USMCA. The factories are empty, but the rail connections, loading docks, power, parking, and space remain the same. We need to dust it off and turn it on and make the 21st Century as much of an American Century as the 20th.

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