20201020: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Erie, Pennsylvania

In the interest of being organized and not cluttering up things too badly, multiple events on one day will be on one thread.

Erie, PA. Here we go:

Indigenous peoples occupied the shoreline and bluffs in this area for thousands of years, taking advantage of the rich resources. The Sommerheim Park Archaeological District in Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania west of the city, includes artifacts from the Archaic period in the Americas, as well as from the Early and Middle Woodland Period, roughly a span from 8,000 BCE to 500 CE.[9]

The historic Iroquoian-speaking Erie Nation occupied this area before being defeated by the five nations of the Iroquois Confederacy in the 17th century during the Beaver Wars. The Iroquois tribes had developed and five nations formed a political league in the 1500s, adding their sixth nation in the early 18th century. The Erie area became controlled by the Seneca, “keeper of the western door” of the Iroquois, who were largely based in present-day New York.

Europeans first arrived as settlers in the region when the French constructed Fort Presque Isle near present-day Erie in 1753, as part of their effort to defend New France against the encroaching British colonists. The name of the fort refers to the peninsula that juts into Lake Erie, now protected as Presque Isle State Park. The French term presque-isle means peninsula (from the Latin paene and insula, both literally, “almost an island”). When the French abandoned the fort in 1760 during the French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War), it was the last post they held west of Niagara. The British established a garrison at the fort at Presque Isle that same year, three years before the end of the French and Indian War.[10]

Erie is in what was the disputed Erie Triangle, a tract of land comprising 202,187 acres in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania fronting Lake Erie that was claimed after the American Revolutionary War by the states of New YorkPennsylvaniaConnecticut (as part of its Western Reserve), and Massachusetts. The Iroquois claimed ownership first, so a conference was arranged for on January 9, 1789, wherein representatives from the Iroquois signed a deed relinquishing their ownership of the land.[11] The price for it was $2,000 from Pennsylvania and $1,200 from the federal government. The Seneca Nation separately settled land claims against Pennsylvania in February 1791 for the sum of $800. It became a part of Pennsylvania on March 3, 1792, after Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York relinquished their rights to the land and sold the land to Pennsylvania for 75 cents per acre or a total of $151,640.25 in continental certificates.[12]The Battle of Lake Erie played a role in the history of Erie.

The General Assembly of Pennsylvania commissioned the surveying of land near Presque Isle through an act passed on April 18, 1795. Andrew Ellicott, who completed Pierre Charles L’Enfant‘s survey of Washington, DC and helped resolve the boundary between Pennsylvania and New York, arrived to begin the survey and lay out the plan for the city in June 1795. Initial settlement of the area began that year.[12][13] Lt. Colonel Seth Reed and his family moved to the Erie area from Geneva, New York; they were Yankees from Uxbridge, Massachusetts. They became the first European-American settlers of Erie, at what became known as “Presque Isle”.

President James Madison began the construction of a naval fleet during the War of 1812 to gain control of the Great Lakes from the British. Daniel Dobbins of Erie and Noah Brown of Boston were notable shipbuilders who led construction of four schooner−rigged gunboats and two brigs. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry arrived from Rhode Island and led the squadron to success in the historic Battle of Lake Erie.[14]State and 9th Streets in downtown Erie during the early 1920s

Erie was an important shipbuilding, fishing, and railroad hub during the mid-19th century. The city was the site where three sets of track gauges met. While the delays engendered cargo troubles for commerce and travel, they provided much-needed local jobs in Erie. When a national standardized gauge was proposed, those jobs, and the importance of the rail hub itself, were put in jeopardy. In an event known as the Erie Gauge War, the citizens of Erie, led by the mayor, set fire to bridges, ripped up track, and rioted to try to stop the standardization.[15]

More at the link above.

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Pennsylvania, and any travel stories you may have.

158 thoughts on “20201020: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Erie, Pennsylvania

  1. If I’m right, and my actually bout with the bug was in December, NOT the one in March which has been labelled Influenza A and was much worse, that cough will last a while. I coughed straight through December and January.

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  2. Was talking to a friend about JFK, and his family.. How i truly feel they murder him and JFK jr.
    How I felt that Carolyn probably only supported Obama because she didn’t want her brother’s faith. Told him that Carolyn probably took the Japanese ambassador job to be safe and out of America.
    Well end of story this song comes on that I had never heard… WOW…
    Kleenex warning,

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  3. EXTRA LIVESTREAMS carrying the Erie PA Rally – just in case!

    FOX BUSINESS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szKxxTgp-wE
    CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?477111-1/president-trump-campaigns-erie-pa
    No Cable Livestream – carries OANN, Fox and other networks – https://watchnewslive.tv/
    OANN – will likely carry the rally – access via subscription or cable
    TRUMP CAMPAIGN LIVE STREAM – sign up – https://events.donaldjtrump.com/events/

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  4. Right out of the gate, POTUS hammering away at JOE BIDEN (and by extension, BIDEN’S HANDLERS).
    POTUS firing both barrels.
    POTUS running on all cylinders.

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  5. POTUS hinting about the “60 Minutes” demarche with Lesley Stahl!

    Here comes an “Original Donald Trump play” — showing a clip of JOE BIDEN saying he’ll end fracking and fossil fuels! Then a clip of HARRIS saying the same!


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  6. POTUS calling out the DemComs for exactly what they are —

    POTUS quotes the WSJ article about how Biden’s “tax plan” will add $6,500. ON AVERAGE in more taxes on every American.


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  7. POTUS — “an outsider who is finally is putting America first”.

    Smoking gun emails —
    The Biden family sold the office of the Vice President!

    If Biden wins, CHINA wins. China will OWN the United States.

    MSM is trying to depress the truth about Joe Biden.

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  8. Whether you want to hear it or not – JOE BIDEN IS A CORRUPT POLITICIAN!!!

    The Bidens got rich while PA suffered – lost jobs – jobs went overseas – factories closed down – devastated!!!

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  9. Biden left your state when he was 9. I went to college in Pennsylvania. I know it better than he does.

    Talking about “The Lid” —
    You know why? Because he can’t take any questions from the press.

    I’m not a politician. If I don’t always play by the rules of the Washington Establishment, it’s because I’m fighting for you. I’m fighting for the country. I love my country.

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  10. How about the ballots that don’t have my name on them? (!!!!)

    Biden – Harris war on the police.

    Is the mic ready? Yes — I wonder who did that to our mic? You know who it was? Probably Crooked Hillary.

    Kamala — she WIL NOT be your first woman President.

    I will always stand with the heroes of Law Enforcement.

    **** POTUS tying Biden’s free healthcare to all illegal aliens to LOSS OF HEALTHCARE FOR AMERICA’S SENIORS. THIS IS HUGE!

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        1. (LOL !… I was thinking IBEW (the international brotherhood of electrical workers; i.e the electricians union… that just got raided by the feds !)

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  11. I will ALWAYS protect your Medicare and Social Security.

    Medicare premiums have gone down 43%!

    Battle against the China Virus. Maybe the China Plague. We launched the largest mobilization since WWII.
    The media refuse to acknowledge it.

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