Dear KMAG: 20201018

This Sanctuary Sunday Open Thread, with full respect to those who worship God on the Sabbath, is a place to reaffirm our worship of our Creator, our Father, our King Eternal.

It is also a place to read, post and discuss news that is worth knowing and sharing. Please post links to any news stories that you use as sources or quote from.

In the QTree, we’re a friendly and civil lot. We encourage free speech and the open exchange and civil discussion of different ideas. Topics aren’t constrained, and sound logic is highly encouraged, all built on a solid foundation of truth and established facts.

We have a policy of mutual respect, shown by civility. Civility encourages discussions, promotes objectivity and rational thought in discourse, and camaraderie in the participants – characteristics we strive toward in our Q Tree community.

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In The Q Tree, we’re compatriots, sitting around the campfire, roasting hot dogs, making s’mores and discussing, agreeing, and disagreeing about whatever interests us. This board will remain a home for those who seek respectful conversations.

Please also consider the Guidelines for posting and discussion , outlined here

Let’s not give the Internet Censors a reason to shut down this intellectual haven that Wolf has created for us.

The Storm is upon us.
Please remember to Pray for our President.


It’s time to replace
a failed and CORRUPT political establishment
with a new government
controlled by you, the American People.
~ Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


On this day and every day –

God is in Control
. . . and His Grace is Sufficient, so . . .
Keep Looking Up

Hopefully, every Sunday, you can find something here that will build you up a little . . . give you a smile . . . and add some joy or peace, very much needed in all our lives.

“This day is holy to the Lord your God;
do not mourn nor weep.” . . .
“Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet,
and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared;
for this day is holy to our Lord.
Do not sorrow,
for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Bad Days

Have you ever had a really bad day?  Well, that’s probably kind of a dumb question, the answer being “Of course I have”! 

Well then, have you had a number of bad days?  Well, again, I think most of us would answer “Duh”!  Recently?  Well, yeah.

I think we all, some more, some less have bad days.  Even really bad days. Maybe even lots of ’em.

Maybe something at work, or at home, or between us and God . . . we’ve had bad days, are having bad days, and will have bad days.

So, what’re we gonna do about that?  Just wallow in the situation and let time, the great healer, eventually have its effect?

Well, we don’t have to do that.  As Christians, when we are beset with a plague of bad days, we are in a position to look at those days with a perspective that will reduce them to, well, hopefully next to nothing at all.

When we’re having a bad day, it helps to be reminded that God is on our side and that we are one of God’s beloved children, officially adopted into His family.

So if we’re having a bad day today, let’s sit back and remind ourselves of just what our Heavenly Father promises us.

Deuteronomy 31:6: Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.

Psalm 55:22: Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you;
He shall never permit the righteous to be shaken.

Zephaniah 3:17: The Lord your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.

1 John 5:4: For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world — our faith.

Romans 8:37-39: Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

 Well, that’s all good for holding a proper perspective, but the bad days don’t just get logically into our heads, they get deep into us at an emotional level, also.

John 16:33: I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

John 14:27: I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.

When we get caught up in that “Oh, poor me!” trap, I think the Psalms are the place to go.  We’ll have a really difficult time hanging on to our precious little bundle of self pity while and after we read a few of our favorite Psalms.  Praise and Thanksgiving Psalms work the best in these situations.

Try one:

Psalm 16
1 Watch over me, O God, for in You I put my trust.
2 O my soul, you have said to the Lord,
“You are my Lord, my goodness is nothing apart from You.”
3 As for the saints who are on the earth,
“They are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.”
4 Their sorrows shall be multiplied who hasten after another god;
Their drink offerings of blood I will not offer,
Nor take up their names on my lips.
5 O Lord, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You uphold my lot.
6 The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Yes, I have a good inheritance.
7 I will bless the Lord who has given me counsel;
My heart also instructs me in the night seasons.
8 I have set the Lord always before me;
Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.
9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoices;
My flesh also will dwell securely in hope.
10 For You will not leave my soul in the abode of the dead,
Nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo corruption.
11 You will show me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

When we stop and think that we praise and thank God for a future eternity of Peace and Joy in His presence, that singular fact has the effect of reducing our transient bad days to just a nit. 

Just think of it . . . an eternity of Joy and Peace with God of such a quality that “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

We won’t let a bad day distract us from God’s blessings. We are loved. We are not alone. God delights in us. We are victorious. In fact, we are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. So we will be encouraged and have a good day because “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

862 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20201018

  1. Twitter and FascistBook aren’t the only ones promoting the big purge…

    Apparently they are willing to destroy their own big-tech corporations to win this election.

    Purged from youtube:

    Amazing Polly
    Dustin Nemos
    Mouthy Buddha
    X22 Report
    World Alt Media
    Dollar Vigilante
    Titus Frost
    Destroying the Illusion
    Storm Is Upon Us
    Truth & Art TV
    In Pursuit Of truth (IPOT)

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  2. DawsonSField@DawsonSField
    #ButNothingsHappening just peace in the Middle East.

    Still 2 weeks left for the Saudi announcement!
    Quote Tweet

    SV NewsPolice cars revolving light@SVNewsAlerts
    · 8h
    PHOTO: Israel & Bahrain have signed a historic treaty establishing diplomatic ties with the two countries
    Show this thread

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  3. Who’s Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? – Brian Cates Retweeted
    HOLY COW! Hunter Biden’s former business partner has turned over 26,000 emails to Peter Schweizer.

    Biden is finished.

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      1. I think Brian is upset about all the negative comments wrt FIB doing nothing while having the laptop for over a year…

        Brian thinks Wray is a White Hat.

        just a guess

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      2. I think it has more to do with the chinese pedo drug picture rumors that are floating around. There’s a lot of I heard from someone who talked to someone else that saw it type of rumors.

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    1. Reminder:

      “Joe Biden: Obama offered me money to pay for dying son’s treatment

      In an interview with CNN this week, Mr Biden said Beau feared being forced to resign as Delaware’s attorney general following a mild stroke in 2010.

      At the time, Mr Biden told Mr Obama that he and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, planned to sell their home to make up for Beau’s lost earnings. The President “got up and he said, ‘Don’t sell that house. Promise me you won’t sell the house,’” Mr Biden recalled. “He said, ‘I’ll give you the money. Whatever you need, I’ll give you the money.’”

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  4. Ground report from Hilton Head….an island primarily devoted to retirement condos and tourism with a gazillion places to eat…EXCEPT we are having difficulty finding one. Tonight we selected a small place with a very interesting menu selection, as seen in the tourist magazines and online. We decided to go early because of the crowds on the island (parking is awful!). When we arrived, we were the only 2 there, female owner welcomed us and asked if we knew their kitchen was closed since the C19 and currently they only offered burgers.
    We regretfully declined the burgers and I asked when she thought she would reopen. She replied the lockdown is killing her business…in addition to the C19 shutdown, she can’t find anyone to work…”they’d all rather take unemployment and go to the beach all day.” Said she only had her sous chef (more $$$than a regular chef) working and they are trying to hang on until the restrictions are lifted.
    So, again tonight we ended up having “snack food” outside instead of the good seafood this island features. Being a tourist area, the prices are considerably more (About 1/3 more) than In our town across state and we think many of the young families where we are staying are cooking in instead of going out every night.
    Hoping for a “real” dinner tomorrow night! Nachos just don’t cut it!

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    1. I’m holding fire on this one until I see good evidence. This could be “bait” to make us look bad for jumping on it. There could be child porn on that laptop, but there might be only adult porn.

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  5. Then there’s Beijing Joe Biden’s ACADEMIC PROWESS:

    FACT: Joe Biden was on scholastic probation his freshman year at University of Delaware after earning a 1.9 GPA. He managed to get into Syracuse Law whereupon he copied his classmates’ notes & failed a class after a faculty committee found him guilty of plagiarizing a term paper

    — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) October 19, 2020

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  6. Liked by 8 people

    1. this goes along with what I posted below.

      the “normal” crimes need to remain bad enough in people’s eyes if it is not as crazy as some Q interpreters have thought.

      Treason, selling out, drugs, blackmail, etc. are bad enough, horrific at the highest levels of gov

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  7. my only concern about the reports on what is on Biden’s computer is that the reports of child and child + torture, etc., are so awful that if it is just regular drugs, prostitutes and porn it will be viewed as not that bad in comparison to the sensational bar set by the horrific rumors. And yet the rumors are in line with what many Q followers have said all along. Not saying its not true but I am not spreading the rumors/report as regular lawbreaking and blackmail material + influence peddling needs to remain bad enough v. a relief that it is “only” that kind of regular criminal activity

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    1. Liked by 1 person

    1. “The Epoch Times contacted a Washington voter who then went through the process for his own ballot, which he recently received in the mail. He verified that the name and date of birth is all it takes to request a new ballot and thus invalidate the current one.”

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      1. Have done this for DH a couple of times when he did not get a ballot in the mail. The ballots do have to be signed, but it is very sketchy because there’s more than one page, and how easy would it be to swap out a page or 2?

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    1. Wander if Melania kids him about this?

      At the end of today’s rally In Carson City, the crowd absolutely got into his dancing prior to leaving the stage. President Trump IS having fun and plays it to the audience delight as he moves back and forth on the stage, gesturing to the crowd:-)

      So much fun!

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        1. As the thought goes, or was it a song…
          – Everything Is Coming Up Roses.

          President Trump is a professional and knows to NOT take anything for granted. It’ll be a full court press for sixteen days, rallies, public appearances and fund raisers.

          He is rightfully confident.

          Maximum visibility, positive message for America…

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    1. Here’s why this is such a big deal….

      Bevan Cooney‘s emails corroborate the validity and authenticity of Hunter’s emails, so claims Hunter’s emails are fake or hacked are debunked and fall flat.

      Game. Set. Match.

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    1. Worse….

      Their ideological bedfellows/wetters were willing to go along with it all as long as they got their pet “initiatives” and agendas put into place, like gay marriage, “clean” energy, etc, etc, etc.

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  8. We are here—–>

    2 Timothy 4:
    3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, 4 and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths.

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    1. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-13
      and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. …

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  9. International upheaval…

    They are protesting mandatory PCR testing here

    I don’t think there are Enough “cops” around the world to keep free people down or silent!

    maybe they aren’t censoring international twitter as much as around here…

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    Incredible that we’re suddenly competing against 80 million ballots mailed UNREQUESTED to whomever-wherever, UNTRACEABLE on the way back and UNVERIFIABLE when counted in so many states.

    We’re going to need powerful COMPARATIVE ALGORITHMS between counties and cities (with comparable demographics) that persuade SCOTUS where there’s ELECTION FRAUD based on large-scale voting deviations between those locales in 2020, and within those locales compared with prior elections.

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett had better be in place in time to get an honest ruling!


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