20201017: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Michigan & Wisconsin

In the interest of being organized and not cluttering up things too badly, multiple events on one day will be on one thread. First up, Muskegon, Michigan: Early inhabitants Human occupation of the Muskegon area goes back seven or eight thousand years to the nomadic Paleo-Indian hunters who occupied the area following the retreat of the Wisconsonian glaciations[citation … Continue reading 20201017: MAGA Protests Against Stupidity, Michigan & Wisconsin

2020·10·17 KMAG Daily Thread

Shitstorm Saturday?? Maybe, and that would be ironic, because this time I actually do have something to talk about that has nothing to do with justice for the Deep State. Or maybe it does, in a way, because the war for liberty is a constant in our lives, and what I'm about to talk about … Continue reading 2020·10·17 KMAG Daily Thread