Dear KAG: 20201001 Open Thread

It’s been a hectic few days. Shall we relax a little?

[14 seconds into the video] Enough of that.

Okay, here we are. RED OCTOBER.

Yes, patience is wearing more thin than usual. However, for many Americans, the strategy to wake the people slowly and methodically is working. It may not always seem that way, but it is.

In the meantime, we just keep plugging away.

For Pat:


As usual, this is the daily thread, the place to put all information that needs to be out there – Q drops, Q drop decodes, riot information, rumors about MAGA rallies starting up again, news flashes, Chy-na flu updates, fashionable mask photos, satire, memes, and of course cute animal videos.

In the meantime, the short and sweet version of “THE RULES” is here borrowed from Tuesday:

Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Since it is almost the weekend, the reminders are in place to not swing from the chandeliers, wash your hands and face, and be nice to the liberals whether they deserve it or not. Making your bed, OTOH, is optional.


LUKE 10:1-12

1After this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he himself was about to come. 2And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; pray therefore the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. 3Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves. 4Carry no purse, no bag, no sandals; and salute no one on the road. 5Whatever house you enter, first say, `Peace be to this house!’ 6And if a son of peace is there, your peace shall rest upon him; but if not, it shall return to you. 7And remain in the same house, eating and drinking what they provide, for the laborer deserves his wages; do not go from house to house. 8Whenever you enter a town and they receive you, eat what is set before you; 9heal the sick in it and say to them, `The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ 10But whenever you enter a town and they do not receive you, go into its streets and say, 11`Even the dust of your town that clings to our feet, we wipe off against you; nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God has come near.’ 12I tell you, it shall be more tolerable on that day for Sodom than for that town.


While on the hunt for the perfect COVID parody for this spot, I made a horrifying discovery.

The other side is doing parodies of us and targeting President Trump. GASP!

It made wading through the videos a challenge, but I did find this little gem.

814 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20201001 Open Thread

    1. On ground prescription report….started with a new medication 3 months ago. Best price (GoodRx) was $60. Time to renew so decided to check GoodRx again….$20!
      I’ve read about others’ experiencing significant decreases but this was the first one for me.

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  1. Now it appears this “bi-partisan” Debate Committee is going to have “new rules” for the next “debate” between POTUS and Ole Joe — and one the “new rules” is that the “moderator” can CUT OFF POTUS’ microphone? Really?
    So here’s what POTUS’ team has to do:
    If the Debate Committee tries to finalize their “new rules”, POTUS’ team MUST demand the following be ADDED:
    Mandatory drug tests of POTUS and Ole Joe.
    Mandatory “wire detection exam”.
    Mandatory search for ANY remote / outside communications station, audio transmittal station, etc., within a 6-block radius of the debate site.
    Mandatory CURBS on interruptions by the “moderator”.
    Mandatory PROHIBITION of ANY extraneous inclusion by the “moderator” of questions into the debate during the event itself.

    IN addition, POTUS’ team MUST bring, NOW, any and all video / audio / photographic items showing that JOE BIDEN was not only wired for the September 29 debate, but was ALSO getting his answers TRANSMITTED to him.

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  2. lots of “possible” problems already being discussed (and dismissed –who’s surprised) in the theft of voting equipment in Philly…
    A laptop and several memory sticks used to program Philadelphia’s voting machines were stolen from a city warehouse in East Falls, officials confirmed Wednesday, setting off a scramble to investigate and to ensure the machines had not been compromised.

    Though it remains unclear when the equipment was stolen, sources briefed on the investigation said the items vanished this week. The laptop belonged to an on-site employee for the company that supplies the machines. It and the USB drives were the only items believed to have been taken.


    Custodio, the deputy to Deeley, said officials ensured the stolen laptop had been disabled remotely after the theft was discovered to prevent it from being used and added that it “did not have any of our election material on it.”

    His statement did not address the stolen memory sticks, which are used to program the machines in advance of an election, including setting the design of the ballots.


    The commissioners have begun checking all the seals on the machines, which are numbered to prevent them from being opened and simply replaced, Custodio said, to ensure they have not been tampered with.

    Sources familiar with the investigation said late Wednesday that during the review, officials found several machines had the wrong seal numbers, but Custodio said they believe the discrepancies were due to a logging error in recording the numbers and did not indicate that the machines had been compromised.

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    1. How do they think that little fact would go undiscovered and not be brought out? Are they that stupid? The Debate Commission=Nobel Peace Prize Committee! LOL

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    It’s obvious that Biden was WORN OUT from the “whistle stop” train AND bus trip he made YESTERDAY to Western PA and Eastern OH.
    He had to be HELPED DOWN the steps of the train by his wife.

    And also:
    September 20, 2020
    “Joe Biden releases medical assessment, described as ‘healthy, vigorous'”
    NBC News posted a 2019 Biden medical assessment 10 DAYS ago with the CLEAR implication that Biden is in the SAME medical condition as Dr. Kevin O’Connor reported 10 MONTHS AGO.
    In this DECEMBER 15, 2019, medical assessment report, Dr. O’Connor describes Biden as a “healthy, vigorous 77-year-old male WHO IS FIT to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency…” (emphasis mine)

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    1. I listened to a little of AJ yesterday, who was wildly enthusiastic and happy about the President’s performance in the debate.

      He believes that Biden was given blood transfusions before the debate.

      I wonder if there are any medical people who could look at the thing on his wrist and see if it could be related.

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      1. I can say it wasn’t a rosary. It’s either a techi thing, or it could be an access port – IV line. Many cannulas are usually rounded at the end, but there are so many out there, it’s quite possible it’s the end tip w/ the blood that backs into it showing.

        Why isn’t it a rosary – Dems saying it is – a single decade rosary would have shown in it’s entity – w/ a little cross or religious medal. In fact, he’d have proudly shown it off. They didn’t think of that. No, what was there was either a medical device or a tech device. I’m leaning medical there, and a wire at his chest. Not a wrinkle or crease in his shirt.

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    2. And now we have it that essentially Dr. O’Connor is committing medical malpractice. No one observing Joe Biden over the past 10 months, even the past 6 months could say that he hasn’t declined. His cognitive function has declined. His appearance is pale and frail. People with his illness look worse by the day.

      Garbage ethics in some of the medical profession.

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  4. I wish somehow the American people would realize that the unreasonable hatred of the President coming from so many powerful people and organizations is because they are no longer able to buy influence.

    And corrupt politicians are mad because their bribes and ability to steal has been negatively impacted.

    They have had things their way for so long.

    Now, like babies who succeeded in grabbing illicit sweets, they remind me of what happens when Momma removes the lollipop from their mouth.

    I don’t know if there is a list of all of the money stolen from the people by dirty politicians and/or one of the countries who have benefited from funding these people, but an ad exposing this which serves as a memorable soundbite might help wake up those who have not paid attention.

    When I found out how corrupt the Bushes were I was ashamed that I had ever voted for them.

    Surely there remain some of those on the left who would feel the same way about their side.

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  5. Poor wittle John Roberts of Fox News keeps pushing the Trump could be a racist nonsense…but now he’s getting bombarded by Trump Patriots on his twitter acccount…says he’s “tired of it”…

    Aw…poor little baby media hack is “tired of it”…

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  6. LM…. I’ve been walking a lot recently and to help keep me going I listen to audio books (lots of hills and I need distraction!). I’m currently listening to an old Clive Cussler book called Typhoon Fury. The story revolves around a super steroid pill developed by the Germans in the ‘30 and later also used by the Japanese in WWII to enhance the performance of the soldiers…super strength, fast healing…all the usual steroid-related properties, but 100x. But, like any steroids, the withdrawal is severe…again 100x.
    Because I just came in from my walk, your comment about the dirty politicians, businessmen, banks, organization leaders, etc. reminded me of that powerful steroid. In the fictional book, it’s about power, obscene amounts money and control once people are addicted. (Obama famously stated that at one point everyone has enough money…then he and Michelle took the addiction pill…and now it’s never enough!)
    The protagonists in the book will do anything…anything….to obtain it and keep it. Much like the Deep State and Globalists in real life, isn’t it?

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    1. I love Clive Cussler!

      Power and wealth are a heady combination. These, along with blackmail seem to be reglarly employed by the left as means of control.

      The problem is that they seem to be of use mainly with those who are corrupt, stupid or naive enough to be indoctrinated, or some combination of all of the above.

      Imo, this is why their leaders are such vacuous, evil people mainly devoid of abstract reasoning or moral character.

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  7. 4802
    Oct 01, 2020 12:51:00 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: e37132 No. 10870492
    Spy campaign failed.
    Russia Russia Russia failed.
    Weissmann [Mueller] failed.
    Leaks failed.
    Fake news reports failed.
    Impeachment failed.
    CDC/WHO recommend ‘do not close’ border failed.
    What if C19 didn’t exist?
    Economy today?
    Unemployment today?
    Trade today [China phase II held accountable]?
    Rally POTUS v BIDEN attendance?
    BIDEN interview(s) non_basement?
    BIDEN question(s) non_basement?
    Removal of delay(s) re: Durham (GJ + interview(s) + testimony + DECLAS]?
    Removal of BIDEN ammunition P_Debate 1, 2, and 3 [200k dead, down-economy, unemployment, debt, …..]?
    Removal of mail-in ballot harvesting + fraud [normal in-person voting]?
    Removal of tech [tyranny] censorship [WHO foundation _anti WHO = suspend/terminate [C19 basis]]?
    Removal of bailout attempt re: CA & NY [debt solution]?

    4m ago
    8kun qresearch

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    1. Also when did piggy bring up the Impeachment.

      So the beer bug was about the election and control and so much more? Is that How I’m suppose to read it? (I suck at reading Q!!!) LOL

      But the WH pulling it from the CDC must have been big.

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      1. I bet the President now knows just how criminal the virus response has been. Fudging the numbers isn’t going to be the whole story. He just has to wait until he has his ducks in a row on this to out them.

        It will out a big conspiracy on the part of the Dems…

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      2. I also suck at reading Q…well, the reading part I get–I has schooling—LOL
        it’s the secret decoder ring stuff that wolf, sadie and others are so good at interpreting that I don’t get.
        I feel like Freud–sometimes a cigar is JUST A CIGAR…
        I know q wants to lead me to stuff on my own, but dang what happens when i go off the cliff cuz I ran out of breadcrumbs???

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    1. Gosh, Super-investigative reporter, Roberts…can we submit some other questions you need to ask Biden, Pelosi, Harris, et al? ( actually I’ll give you a pass on Hiden because that’s a waste of time.). John sounds a little grumpy today…you think? Nap time.
      I will give him credit for not wearing a mask while outside like some of the other dimwit FOX reporters.

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      1. I wasn’t impressed w/ Roberts today either, and he’s in meltdown. After I sent the tweet didn’t realize the little extra dig in there when I told him to go cry to “mommy at FoxNewsSunday.” 🙂

        You deserve it, @johnrobertsFox, you’re upset the People know you’re nothing but a Dem hack, not a news reporter. There’s nothing honest in pushing the racist propaganda question which @realDonaldTrump has been quite clear on. Go cry to mommy at @FoxNewsSunday

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          1. People are really going after him. I believe folks are fed up with the MSM and FOX. The Debate broke the dam. Notice also they’re quiet about Judge Amy? They likely found out it’s not a good look to attack her.

            I believe we’re not afraid to fight these days. Not gonna take it anymore. Roberts was a jerk to ask the same question that’s been asked over and over again. Press Sec tweeted that she had already answered Roberts’ wife 21 hrs previous.

            Of course, Roberts and gang have their marching orders from Leftist mgmt at FOX.

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            1. Kaleigh did a great job slapping moronic reporters at the daily presser. More push back on interrupting answers and highlighting reporter bias / ignorance.

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  8. Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate:

    Joseph Dawson of South Carolina, to serve as Judge on the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina.

    Joseph Dawson is the County Attorney for the County of Charleston, South Carolina, where he is responsible for managing and overseeing all legal matters for the County and its officials. Mr. Dawson also operates his own solo law practice and focuses on general civil litigation and providing strategic advice to small businesses. Mr. Dawson earned his B.A. from The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, and his J.D. from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

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    1. Okay boys and girls…

      I bees real worried about this one…

      As Dawson is a fellow Charlestonian, I of course wanted to take a look at him. All info is the same with repetitive complaints about the excessive salary he has been drawing during his rather long tenure as Charleston County Atty.

      Charleston County voted for Clinton in 2016 and about 1/3+ demographically are voters of color.

      The very first reference I pulled up appeared to be a DEM hotbed…

      So I looked some more:

      Then I checked good ol’ Martindale to see what his peers think of him (latest entry is 2012)

      Dawson is the county attorney for Charleston County, S.C. and supervises six other attorneys. He also is permitted a private law practice on the side. He has been roundly criticized for refusing to disgorge a ridiculous and outrageously high salary he receives because of favorable political connections.

      And today this:

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        1. I read that POTUS got the nominee from Sen Scott… I’m really beginning to worry about him. You know he is defending BLM wrt Beonna… I posted about it recently.

          Will send to referenced. I’m sure it was Sen Scott’s turn to give the WH a name… still SC has a number of qualified black Americans who would make better candidates.

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        1. Was she a Belgium or a Haflinger?

          She looks a lot like my Merrylegs who I lost a couple years ago. ( Haflinger/Quarter cross -13h 2” + 12,00 lbs by a scale. Short and wide and a great ride for an old lady.)

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          1. Belgian. She was a rescue – I had her for only 8 years. This was when I first adopted her. She developed a bad combination of EPSM with lymes, coupled with arthritis. I had all the testing done at New Bolton because she lost so much muscle mass in her hind end, EPSM is very bad in drafts – they become unable to properly process carbs. We’re lucky to be near that hospital. Anyway, it’s been over four years since she’s been gone. I miss her so much, still.

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            1. Yes, I still miss Merry. Given I have been riding for over 60 years and owned for over fifty, I have had to say good bye to way too many horses and ponies. At least they have longer lives than dogs but that just means you get that much more attached.

              At present my oldest is now in his forties and still looks great.

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  9. 4803
    Oct 01, 2020 1:21:29 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: e37132 No. 10871022
    Fake/doctored image/video dropped here re: Epstein [cell cam] explicity designed to ban – terminate any TWIT user(s) reposting.
    Do not take the bait.
    Use discernment.
    2m ago
    8kun qresearch

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    1. From the Press Release Cue cited:

      This lawsuit is separate from the criminal charges brought against Snowden for his alleged disclosures of classified information. This lawsuit is a civil action, and based solely on Snowden’s failure to comply with the clear pre-publication review obligations included in his signed non-disclosure agreements.

      This matter is being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia and the Department of Justice’s Civil Division.

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    1. Now that I think about it, I seem to remember a Sidney Poitier movie with the wife giving up a child from before Roe v. Wade. All I remember is my mom was watching it on cable or something, and I walked out of the room.

      The first entertainment offering I remember where there was an abortion was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And I didn’t see it until it was out a few years.

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    2. I will say this on that: in the romance genre, a few decades back, abortion done on the heroine was eliminated. I haven’t seen mention of it, even, in thirty years unless the woman was a villain of some sort.

      It could just be the books I read, though.

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      1. The hit TV show Scandal, a Shonda Rhimes creation, a few years back glorified the black lead Kerry Washington, girlfriend/wife of the President, aborting their child.
        Good ole Shonda, has ruined Grey’s Anatomy with all the social justice BS, healthcare for illegals, cops shooting kids, stop having chldren to save the planet….is totally unwatchable. A few years back they had a room full of 6+ gays, mostly men, turned it off. It’s one thing to be tolerant of gays, but I will not have 2 men kissing and having sex on my living room tv. Just like the HIV commercials they’re currently running w/2 black men kissing, turns my stomach. KEEP IT OUT OF MY FACE!!!

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        1. Grey’s Anatomy had a character who was supposedly a strong Christian who fell into a fornication relationship w/ an atheist or agnostic & ended up marrying him. She fell pregnant w/ a child that was deemed to have unsurvivable disabilities. The mother-in-law, never tolerant of the woman’s religious views, pushed for abortion. The Christian wouldn’t budge. Their compromise position was to induce labor so early that the baby would never survive, a different form of abortion. They had all the lovely trappings of a birth, got to love on the baby for a bit before he/she died & the Christian magically “aborted” with a clean conscience. Cultural marxism at its very best aka worst!

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            1. Having watched (what I believe to be) a post-birth abortion on a poor little girl abandoned by her parents, while I nursed my twins in the NICU, I’m very sensitive to that topic! That was 25 years ago in 2 months…


            2. My mom, an RN, was trained in Resolve Through Sharing, a grief recovery process for those who lost a pregnancy or infant. They had all sorts of mechanisms to help the family cope including dressing the baby, baptisms, photos, funeral if desired, etc.

              It infuriates me that when the babies were deliberately delivered pre-term knowing they wouldn’t survive that that type of service could be used to “normalize” the fact that you deliberately killed your child “softly” so you could show love & care for them before you put them in the earth…or the fire…

              That’s entirely different than families who have tragedy visited on them in the loss of their child, in my opinion…

              It seems, like the character on Grey’s Anatomy, that some people choose that route when told their child (likely) will be born with disabilities. They think they are taking the moral high ground to kill such a child rather than play the hand God has dealt them, with all the ups & downs that might entail.

              Given all we’ve been through with Josiah I feel quite strongly on this topic!


      2. Hmmmm They might have taken that out of the books but for most they are sending me I’m getting Anti Trump, euthanasia, and even Incest (yes I had a book where that popped up!) They now all have an agenda.

        Movies like ‘vera drake’ and ‘Grandma’ had to do with abortion. I think ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ had a odd scene as well.


          1. Yeah I keep winning all these books to review and I have to ask myself WHY is this stuff being published. Awful. Just awful.

            If I do get something from independents it is better but some kind of need a little editing help.

            But yes independents are the way to go.

            And my own. I tend to go back and read my own work a lot.— 🙂 I do that with most stories I’ve written. I’d read your stuff but I prefer paper back books…. sorry.

            But your tempting me to pop open my tablet to read.

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            1. What’s your blog? No reply button where you mentioned it 😉

              My main blog is

              I have several others I write at less frequently & then occasionally update on Josiah’s medical journey (primarily) at CaringBridge a poor substitute for CarePages, which shut down but thankfully helped me get through the liver transplant journey before it ended…

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    1. Jewish Democratic Council of America

      The Jewish Democratic Council of America, which defines itself as “the voice for Jewish Democrats and the socially liberal, pro-Israel values,” was announced in August 2017 and officially launched in November 2017. JDCA was incorporated in Washington, D.C., in June 2017.Wikipedia

      Tax ID no.:
      Legal status:
      501(c)(4) nonprofit organization
      Washington, D.C, United States

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    2. Somehow these lies must be countered. What a slap in the face to those who endured the horrors of Nazi Germany, and to their successors if they have passed — and to Pres. Trump. Indirectly, it smears every Trump supporter as people who condone the supposed antisemitism.

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  10. This is why they’re freaking out. I’ve long said there’s not only a shy GOP voter for POTUS, but there’s a shy Dem/Other voter for POTUS.

    Our data from the Duluth Rally shows
    is still bringing in tons of new voters:

    60% of attendees were NOT Republican

    20.9% were Democrat

    17.2% did not vote in 2016

    8.4% have not voted in last 4 elections

    Thank you, Minnesota!

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    1. Hmmmm. We used to see like data after each rally. Always thought it to be interesting. Perhaps it was all a rabbit’s hole…not really useful for the campaign. Dunno.

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      1. I did not like the appointment from the get-go…

        She was Brennan’s right hand… and at the time of the appointment it was known, at least by citizen journalists, that she was Station Head for London when CH was going down… and iirc, when Strzok and Page went to London for ………………

        She is stonewalling on matters she was involved with…

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  11. More on Bergoglio’s temper tantrum. Looks like VSGPOTUSDJT threw up another roadblock in front of a globalist goal.

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  12. Per 710WOR 3P< Eastern news report:
    There are now 20 areas in New York City, mostly in Brooklyn and Queens, that apparently have large spikes in positive CCP Virus cases.
    So now we have Gov. Andrew ("I'm going for President in 2024 and I'm building my resume) CUOMO stating that as of today, police will be patrolling these areas and ENFORCING the mask wearing AND social distancing diktats.
    Cuomo is also heavily hinting that non-compliance WILL result in business owners losing their licenses to operate AND individuals will be FINED for each "infraction."
    Meanwhile, there's BARRY DILLER now saying that New York is "gone".

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    1. Commie Cuomo also announced there’s a smartphone app that alerts users if they are within 6 feet of a person who is Covid positive and if you were around that person for 10 or more minutes.


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  13. Senate subpoenaing “big tech” because the CEO’s declined to participate…
    The committee voted unanimously to authorize these subpoenas and then debated whether the hearing should take place before or after the November 3 election. While some Democrats expressed that they think it should happen after, the Republicans, who control the committee, seem likely to move forward with the hearings swiftly.

    “On the eve of a momentous and highly charged election,” said committee chairman Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), “it is imperative that this committee of jurisdiction and the American people receive a full accounting from the heads of these companies about their content moderation practices.”

    The subpoenas were necessary, he added, because the CEOs had “declined to participate.”

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            1. we got an old allis chalmers (sp?) when we first moved here to plow the long steep driveway–called her Alice and her color was RED–so that looks remarkably like the seat…lol
              he traded it in for a John Deere–green–that mows, plows, brush hogs, and houses mice and chipmunks thru the winter…LOL

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              1. We discovered a well cooked rat that took refuge under the hood of one of our cars. My husband removed it in mummified pieces at work, witnessed by our son Brandon, Josiah’s twin…nasty business!

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              2. hubby was driving to work once and a mouse came out of the engine and jumped on his windshield–he casually flicked it off with the windshield wipers…I would have wrecked the car!

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  14. Larry Schweikart@LarrySchweikart
    Nolte: Donald Trump Sees Approval Rating Rise in Post-Debate Poll via

    For those of you who do polls.
    Nolte: Donald Trump Sees Approval Rating Rise in Post-Debate Poll
    We have the first poling that includes some post-debate data, and it’s good news for President Donald Trump.

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    1. Larry Schweikart@LarrySchweikart
      So figure Trump is up about 5-7 in IA right now.
      Quote Tweet

      Political Polls@Politics_Polls

      · 5h
      Trump 47% (+3)
      Biden 44%
      Jorgensen 1%
      Hawkins 1%
      Trump 50% (+5)
      Biden 45%

      @DataProgress/@IndivisibleTeam (D), LV, 9/23-28

      Click to access dfp_psp_IA_Senate_week2.pdf

      Larry Schweikart@LarrySchweikart
      From “Freeper” Ravi re Wisconsin:

      Milwaukee and Dane Counties (“Blue”): 923,905
      Waukesha (“Red”): 283,373
      All Registered Voters: 3,583,804

      Change from 10/1/16 to 10/1/20:
      Milwaukee and Dane (“Blue”): -1,120
      Waukesha (“Red”): +13,442
      All Registered Voters: +78,742

      Larry Schweikart Retweeted
      Down pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand index
      CA will become a red state in 5 years!
      Quote Tweet

      Jeremy B. White@JeremyBWhite
      · 3h
      BREAKING: They’re number two!

      California Republicans @CAGOP have overtaken no-party-preference as CA’s second-largest voter bloc

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      1. ain’t science grand …

        I guess I didn’t wait long enough for it to open…

        It’s all this winnin’… I just can’t take it… much too much… (clapping)

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      2. Boy the other side could head-fake us but good by slowly removing the bias from their polls. We’d be thinking Trump was getting more popular when it’s really just them lying less.

        In fact they probably have to do this anyway close to the election so that it won’t be “surprising” how bad they are.

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    1. John Roberts needs to lay off the booze… red face doesn’t become him, and a clear marker for problems with booze. Going to step out on a limb here and say, he had been drinking JUST BEFORE asking that question… over… and over again…

      I hear he has been getting messages from patriots… guess he can’t take even a smidgen of the pressure President Trump deals with daily.

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          1. I keep thinking of one of those 1980’s era commercials: “Are you tired of being hassled by insufferably rude, know-nothing, talentless hacks? You need to put them in their place with the amazing K-Mac! It slices, it dices, it whacks over the head….once they’ve been K-Mac’d, they’ll KNOW they’ve been schooled!”

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    2. Red heartJenny Red heartCrownButterflyMermaidTwo heartsRed appleStrawberrySmiling face with halo

      John Roberts just threw a fit and said people on Twitter need to stop being mean to him for simply asking the Presidents press secretary questions. He said very angrily he’s tired of it. Hey John, we get treated very mean by the left on Twitter too. Grow up!

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        1. Butterfly, I’m having a senior moment…

          wasn’t there so sort of snafu during that portion of the debate…? They cut part of his statement out, at least out of the transcript? I remember someone quoting from the transcript the next day, and there had been a modification. Or, am I tired?

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        2. Adams was not a real Trump supporter. He used Trump and used the deplorables. He wrote his book he always was a liberal vegan. If he truly was a Trump supporter he would know who Trump is and he would know the slime Biden is but he seems to be happier with slime. I hope those who fallow him are not fallowing his walk to the black hat. What a fake !
          I am glad I got board with him do not like to be manipulated.

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          1. By the way Mark Lavin has a good show tonight he played Ryan’s debate with Biden and everyone can hear who did not let Ryan speak and interrupted.
            To Adam’s Antifa who kill people burn down black businesses beat up old people are only and idea and that is ok ? I dislike fraught.

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        3. The guy is myopic and does not stay abreast of things he doesn’t think consequential and thus says stupid things like this. Go to his time line and you’ll see’s well past this stupid moment in his life. Personally I didn’t go back far enough to see where he got schooled but it he’s now well abreast of where he should of been before he opened his stupid mouth and is scurrying to reclaim what he lost which is most of us.


    1. If RNC had given James just a teeny bit of help in 2018, he would have won.

      So, you better cough it up for him this time. We need his strong support of President Trump in the Senate asap.

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    1. More like an image destroyer. I might understand if they were talking to kids, but you don’t trust kids with Clorox. “These people are stupid.”

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    2. 🙄

      🤢 🤮


      I can not make up my mind…
      But since you can not see Lightfingeredfoot of Chicago, I think I will go with. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  15. Carlos has two new threads on the debate:


    ….. [military stuff]
    Last night Trump created a paradigm shift.

    Politic is will never be the same.

    The commentary is so feeble because the shift has not yet been recognized.

    They talking about muzzling Trump in the next debate.


    Won’t happen.
    Biden has to rise to Trump’s level.

    So do debate moderators.

    It’s what WE THE VOTERS now expect.

    One debate changed everything.

    From now one we expect direct talk, not the same old lies and biases.
    Today Chris Wallace says he’s sad and how everything “went off the rails.”

    He has some nerve.

    Here are the six topics he announced:

    The Trump and Biden Records
    The Supreme Court
    The Economy
    Race and Violence in our Cities
    The Integrity of the Election
    What’s missing?

    Climate change.

    Wallace LIED TO US and tried to nail Trump with an unannounced topic that BIDEN knew Wallace would introduce but that Wallace thought would hurt Trump.

    Made no difference.

    Trump slaughtered BOTH BIDEN AND WALLACE.

    Paradigm shift.
    The debate was NOTHING that all the “experts” are claiming.

    It was a non-politician refusing to play the game and read from the script that all the flopped Republicans read from.


    You think he wants to go through that again?
    This was Trump TRAINING everybody:

    Knock off the corruption or face my wrath.

    It was magnificent.

    Trump has never done that before, even in his private life.

    Look how natural he was.

    How easy it came to him.

    Righteous fury.
    Some people never accept paradigm shifts.

    They fall off the radar screen.

    Politics changed forever last night.

    It wasn’t pretty.


    I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    In other words, President Trump refused to play by The Marquess of Queensberry Rules and be a good little battered Conservative so the DemonRats, Wallace & Biden could use him as a punching bag.

    #2 Thread is in answer to another tweet who doesn’t GET the Trumpian shift.

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  16. This Carlos thread specifically goes into the ‘Condemn White Supremacists Stuff’ that we are all hardily sick of by now.

    (WHAT White Supremacists??? All I have seen is a bunch of lies, some harmless kooks and the occasional crazy criminal…. AND SENATOR BYRD, beloved of Hillary and Joe Bit-me. )

    I’m sure that @realDonaldTrump read Joseph Heller’s WWII novel Catch-22.

    That means Trump knows about Major ________ de Coverley and the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade.

    And THAT is why Trump always refuses to condemn on command.

    @johnrobertsFox is part of the Crusade.

    In the novel, Captain Black decides that he’ll stand out among the officers on the Army Air Force base if he begins making men sign loyal oaths to the US when they deal with him.

    All the officers on the base in command of all functions suit.
    In order to do anything, the men must sign loyalty oaths.

    Black sees that he no longer stands out, so he makes the men sign TWO loyalty oaths.

    The other officers follow suit.

    Black ups it to three then four loyal oaths, and then reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Next the men who come to Black’s intelligence tent must sing the Star Spangled Banner.

    It got to four loyalty oaths, the pledge of Allegiance, and four choruses of the National Anthem.

    With each addition, Black scorned the other officers for not following suit.

    “The combat men in the squadron discovered themselves dominated by the administrators appointed to serve them. They were bullied, insulted, harassed and shoved about all day long by one after the other.”
    “When they voiced objection, Captain Black replied that people who were loyal would not mind signing all the loyalty oaths they had to.”

    “To anyone who questioned the effectiveness of the loyalty oaths, he replied that people who really did owe allegiance to their country would be proud to pledge it as often as he forced them to.”

    Catch-22 continues.
    “‘The important thing is to keep them pledging,’ Black explained to his cohorts. ‘It doesn’t matter
    whether they mean it or not.'”

    “To Captain Piltchard and Captain Wren, the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade was a glorious pain in the ass, since it complicated their task of organizing the crews for each combat mission.”

    “Men were tied up all over the squadron signing, pledging and singing, and the missions took hours longer to get under way.”

    “Effective emergency action became impossible, but Captain Piltchard and Captain Wren were both too timid to raise any outcry against Captain Black, who scrupulously enforced each day the doctrine of ‘Continual Reaffirmation’ that he had originated…”

    “…a doctrine designed to trap all those men who had become disloyal since the last time they had signed a loyalty oath the day before.”
    Enter Major ________ de Coverley.

    Nobody knows what his job is because he’s so terrifying. Everyone is so afraid of him than nobody even knows his first name.

    They’re all too afraid to ask.

    He looks like a white-haired Biblical patriarch, and he always makes sure to find the men incredible accommodations when they go on leave, so the men love him despite their fear.

    He was away looking for accommodations when the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade came into being.
    After Major ________ de Coverley returns, he goes to the mess tent and stops dead, staring.

    Every man is signing loyalty oaths, reciting the Pledge, and singing the National Anthem at every step of the way.

    He pushes through the crowd, and the tent falls silent.
    Major ________ de Coverley gets a tray, moves to the head of the line, and slams down his tray.

    “Gimmie eat,” he snarls to the cook.

    The cook hold out a loyalty oath and a pen.

    Major ________ de Coverley knocks it out of his hand.

    “GIMMIE EAT, I SAID,” he bellows.
    The cook hurriedly complies.

    Major ________ de Coverley turns and surveys the room, turns back to the cook, and sweeps his arm in an arc to indicate the men.

    “Give EVERYBODY eat!”

    And that was the end of the Glorious Loyalty Oath Crusade.
    You NEVER comply when ordered to denounce or condemn on command.

    Look at THIS happy horseshit.

    McMaster: Trump Is ‘Aiding and Abetting Putin’s Efforts’ on Election Interference

    Former Trump National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said President Donald Trump was “aiding and abetting” Vladimir Putin by not directly calling out Russia’s election interference on Thursday’s broad…

    HOW is Trump aiding and abetting Putin?

    “This sustained campaign of disruption, disinformation, and denial, is aided by any leader who doesn’t acknowledge it. This is why, I think, the president has to be much stronger in condemning this effort to really reduce our confidence in who we are as Americans.”

    Have you ever heard of anything stupider in your life?

    McMaster has no idea what Trump is DOING behind the scenes.

    He just wants strong VERBAL condemnation, like we got in the past.

    And let’s see a show of hands:

    How many of you feel a reduced confidence in who we are as Americans?

    How many of you will feel a GREATER confidence in who we are as Americans if Trump condemns Russia?

    This is why Democrats are unfit to hold positions of power.

    McMaster honestly believes that unless Trump makes an entirely USELESS verbal condemnation, Trump is aiding and abetting the Russians.

    McMaster was once a brilliant man.

    The mental illness of leftism made him into a shadow of what he was.

    It always gets worse.

    Public condemnations on command must NEVER be made.

    Trump is right to always refuse to comply.

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  17. Winning!
    Maine court cites voter fraud concern in ruling against push for ballot harvesting, extending absentee deadline
    h/t Citizen Free Press

    “The Maine Superior Court dealt a blow to organizations and voters who are looking to relax state laws dealing with absentee voting, including those involving third parties turning in ballots and the state’s Election Day deadline for receiving them.

    “Justice William R. Stokes denied the plaintiff’s request for a preliminary injunction that would have blocked state officials from enforcing the current laws, claiming that state interests — including the desire to prevent voter fraud — outweigh any burdens that may be imposed on voters. One such law forbids third parties from being compensated for collecting and turning in ballots, a practice often referred to as ballot harvesting.”

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    Fri, October 2
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Sanford, FL

    Sat, October 3* –Changed from La Crosse due to coronavirus concerns
    3:30 pm CDT
    Janesville, WI

    Sat, October 3
    6:00 pm CDT
    Green Bay, WI

    Mon, October 5
    6:30 pm
    Tucson, AZ

    Tue, October 6
    6:00 pm
    Flagstaff, AZ

    For rally schedule, click President Trump in left column –

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  19. Where’s K-Bo?

    Per John Solomon….
    Yes ODNI Ratcliffe can tell Haspel to declass and release docs. I think Grinnell already did….He said Agency Heads had been ordered to declass and that they weren’t complying. So that’s Wray, Haspel, and 17 says StateD people who aren’t complying. Are these docs the same ones POTUS previously ordered declassed? What is penalty for defying Presidential order? Sedition?
    It may have to be escalated to POTUS to order these Agency heads to submit. SMDH

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  20. Nunes on Dobbs. We need video.

    Commenting on declass and Durham. Had an interesting observation. He thinks Dem media have been planting fake stories to send Durham chasing rabbit trails, thereby running out clock. He commanded DoJ and Durham to ignore, stop reading the news.
    He also said Barr and Durham need to take action BEFORE the election. Durham findings have ZERO to do with this election. If DoJ doesn’t say anything, it’s akin to the coupe continuing. He’s absolutely correct. All their deception and lies have convinced almost half of America that Trump is working with and was elected by the Russians. History needs to be corrected in front of ALL Americans, NOW!!

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    1. Barr is Wray’s boss… he should have fired him when he stepped in as Attorney General (well, maybe a few says after)…

      You can’t preserve the reputation of an institution that has lost theirs…

      Grab a broom and clean house Barr (well, you waited too long, now you have to wait ’til after election)

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    1. I saw that earlier. I want to know who did a number on the Navy when it comes to real men being in charge.

      Thank Heaven for POTUS. Looking at SEALs and other Special Forces is part of what makes life worth living for a lot of ladies. Well, and they serve us in some amazing ways.

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      1. The Pentagon is SWAMP!!! BAD! Think Jennifer Griffin + Atlantic hit piece, Mattis, Hayden, McChrystal, et al. POTUS gave them funding and approval to put Patriot Missile System on Guam over 2+ years ago. They haven’t moved a muscle. Leaves our troops Seriously compromized by attacks from China, NK, etc. The Troops love him, the Command, not so much! Really concerns me 17 talks about .MIL in charge and helping POTUS. Insert all of Miss Wheatie’s side eye gifs.

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