Dear KAG: 20200930 Open Thread

Tuesday was a busy day what with the General Flynn hearing which sounds like it was an exercise in torture, and the debate (that has its own thread). And, of course, a few more booms from our favorite letter of the alphabet.


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Those who scream the loudest…


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Podcast yesterday.
Intentional or careless?


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“Trump Swift Boat Project.” – Clinton OP

Trying to keep up.

Since the month starts tomorrow…..

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JOB 9:1-12, 14-16

1Then Job answered: 2“Truly I know that it is so: But how can a man be just before God? 3If one wished to contend with him, one could not answer him once in a thousand times. 4He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength — who has hardened himself against him, and succeeded? — 5he who removes mountains, and they know it not, when he overturns them in his anger; 6who shakes the earth out of its place, and its pillars tremble; 7who commands the sun, and it does not rise; who seals up the stars; 8who alone stretched out the heavens, and trampled the waves of the sea; 9who made the Bear and Orion, the Plei’ades and the chambers of the south; 10who does great things beyond understanding, and marvelous things without number. 11Lo, he passes by me, and I see him not; he moves on, but I do not perceive him. 12Behold, he snatches away; who can hinder him? Who will say to him, `What doest thou’? 

[13] God, whose wrath no man can resist, and under whom they stoop that bear up the world.

14How then can I answer him, choosing my words with him? 15Though I am innocent, I cannot answer him; I must appeal for mercy to my accuser. 16If I summoned him and he answered me, I would not believe that he was listening to my voice.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, members of the Cabinet, first responders and those working behind the scenes.

Are we sure we’re ready?

695 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200930 Open Thread

      1. I did not bother to watch. I already KNEW where President Trump stood on issues and where Joe slept on them.


        Chris Wallace… SHUDDER 🤢 🤮

        Note I did watch all the 2016 debates.

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        1. What I found painful seeing clips from the debate and reflecting on Biden is the sheer lying of that man.
          He accused POTUS of things that were not true and he had an accomplice to let the lying stay in Wallace.
          I can see the frustration in POTUS with all the crimes and dirt that has come out from the Obama Biden team and the coup against him.
          There has to be a human response of anger and frustration.
          I pray he has good competent people around him who give him honest feedback . Today I heard lots of people saying what POTUS should do and not do how does anyone know what POTUS should do?
          Wallace was the man who had an agenda it showed. We need lots of spiritual healing they all need prayers and Wallace needs the most.


    1. These numbers do not reflect on line watching nor according the article cabal numbers. Nor does the article describe what composed of the 2016 numbers (TV/Cable/Online?) so it seems a bit meaningless Meanwhile taking it at face value, some of it may have to do with the debate being on Fox news which is an an anathema to many liberals. Can’t imagine that would of kept many away though, but some sure. Mostly I’d put it down to the fact Biden is not there real candidate while they also really can’t stand to expose themselves to Trump and the truth.

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      1. James has an entire WALL filled with plaques for the lawsuits he’s won…

        he did a video once where he was ADDING to the wall, said he was going to have to start another wall!

        Don’t think he has lost a lawsuit yet

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  1. lol

    I rewatched the start of the debate. The 1st Q went to Trump who gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then Biden gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then it went back to Trump, whose answer was interrupted 3 times by Biden. If you didn’t like it, blame Biden for starting it.

    — Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) September 30, 2020

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    1. C-Span is ‘neutral’
      “Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network is an American cable and satellite television network that was created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a nonprofit public service. It televises many proceedings of the United States federal government, as well as other public affairs programming.” — WIKI

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      1. I listened in on CSPAN as I don’t want to listen to yammering talking heads. They spew drivel and too commonly talk over the speakers fols primariuly tune in for.

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  2. When Trump Won the Debate

    The president stood tough in defense of his supporters

    The crucial moment in Tuesday night’s debate was near the end when Joe Biden invited President Trump to throw the Proud Boys under the bus, and the president refused to do it. The president was asked by moderator Chris Wallace “to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities as we saw in Kenosha and as we’ve seen in Portland.” Trump replied, “Sure, I’m willing to do that,” but then added that “almost everything I see” in terms of violence “is from the left-wing, not from the right-wing. I’m willing to do anything.… I want to see peace.”

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  3. The Daily Beast
    BREAKING: Seagram’s liquor empire heiress Clare Bronfman was sentenced to 81 months in prison for her role in the purported cult NXIVM, that branded and manipulated women into master-slave relationships

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  4. DawsonSField has an IMPORTANT THREAD

    I’m going to do a quick thread on this very important document from DNI Ratcliffe regarding the other FBI Russian Interference investigation.

    The investigation into Hillary trying to rig the election by framing Trump for Russian Collusion!


    . Letter Radcliffe to Graham

    I suspect these are the CIA documents that former DNI @RichardGrenell was discussing last night.

    But note, this is covering a Russian intel analysis that Hillary was doing this. Not proof Hillary did this. In and by itself…
    This could be Russian disinformation!

    I have long said that Russia knew Hillary was going to win, so they needed a means to control her. So if she was going to Swiftboat Trum[p], the Russians were going to feed her fake information about Trump Russian Collusion.

    If she wins, they then can expose her for framing Trump!

    Either way America is weak & divided, either a President Trump where half the country thinks he is guilty of collusion or a President Clinton where half the country thinks she is guilty of rigging the election.

    Which was Putin’s Plan A, but she went & lost the election!

    Now we know that Brennan & the CIA had intelligence that “allegedly” Hillary’s foreign policy advisors were implementing this plan on her orders. But we don’t know the sources & methods CIA obtained that info with.

    This was July 26th, 2016 when Obama was briefed on this. On July 30th, Christopher Steele had breakfast with Nellie & Bruce Ohr. Ohr briefed McCabe & Page & 1 day later Strzok opens Crossfire Hurricane.

    Christopher Steele is likely a Russian agent, he certainly worked for more than a dozen Russian oligarchs writing intel reports to give to the US to confuse us.

    One of those oligarchs was Oleg Deripaska who has had long relationships with both Ohr & McCabe. The guys Steele calls.

    Here is where it gets very big (especially with Comey testifying to Graham tomorrow). On 9/7/16, unidentified intel officials notified @Comey & @petestrzok to open a counterintelligence case against Hillary for framing Trump to distract from the emails case!

    I’m sure the Cleetus’s are having a field day at the moment attacking Comey for knowing this information.
    But it confirms a major theory of mine that they ignore, that Comey had a second Russian interference case targeting the people who were framing Trump!

    [See Old Thread:]

    Now where it gets interesting is that Brennan briefed Congress on Trump-Russia & Senator Harry Reid instantly tried to force Comey to admit that Crossfire Hurricane was investigating Trump for collusion.
    But he didn’t tell them about Hillary’s efforts…


    The fact the Steele’s primary subsource Igor Danchenko was a suspected Russian agent, probably further reinforced the need to keep this case secret to prevent the criminals from destroying the evidence.
    The leaks lead Steele to destroy evidence & advise his ally Jonathon Winer at the State Dept to do so too. Years of Russian funded research fed into the State Dept. destroyed to protect them from the FBI investigation!
    Apparently DNI Ratcliffe put out a further statement, this was not Russian disinformation! Sources & methods…

    Never underestimate the willingness of people to narratives because they want to connect dots. Especially when someone tells them Comey is lying about the case, because he had another case that was classified that he was talking about!


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        1. I think he attempts to play devil’s advocate sometimes…

          Regardless of his ‘opinion’ about white or black hats…

          Dawson is an exceptional researcher… he’s great buds with Dr. Quigley, and they share data… he’s friends with most really good researchers… those who require primary documentation, sources etc.

          And I’ve never observed him to allow ‘opinions’ to get in the way of facts. His exposure of corruption (follow the money) is right up there at the top. imho of course *smilin’*

          You keep bringing Dawson’s threads and tweets (not that you need my permission) Ms. Gail…

          Ozzy admires him a lot also.

          P.S. I share your belief in knowing other opinions.

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    1. Even if Comey took the other case (Trump is the victim) as cover, he was playing the “relative clocks game” for Hillary to win and then for Trump to be impeached. He took the “Trump victim” case to slow-walk. This is basic Commie 101 – CONTROL the other side.

      Dawson is ALMOST THERE but not quite. Trump was ahead of Comey’s game without knowing about EITHER case. Now THAT is genius.

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      1. It is speculated that Trump and Rudy were FIB informants, helping clean up NYC

        Probably very little Trump didn’t learn about FIB and most of its people.

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    1. Seems every few days we have a stream of elder abuse… There is no elder abuse. Those fools are asking for what is going on. Greedy, power hunger ego driven asshoes they are.

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  5. Have to agree with Morpheus here:

    Morpheus 78
    Replying to

    It won’t happen until after Trump’s second term. You can indict people in a first term, only to have Biden clean up the mess should he win. It was always about securing the second term, the clear political mandate, and the House and Senate majority. Think logically.

    5:51 PM · Sep 30, 2020

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    1. Unfortunately I think he is correct. Also the rat’s nest is so big and deep it will take YEARS to trace back to the REAL ‘shadow government’

      As POTUS said we will not even recognize the names.

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      1. Yeah, I was thinking about that in the dark yesterday morning, and my suspicion is that it all ties back to the Chamber of Commerce and the Military Industrial Complex, and the investors who stand to lose a lot of money with manufacturing moving out of Chy-NAH and peace agreements actually being signed.

        Yes, Forbes has a billionaires list published, but that’s self reported and there’s some names I know are in that category financially that aren’t there.

        I don’t know that it will take years, but it is going to take some time to untangle, that’s for sure.

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      1. The only ‘report’ that may happen, would be a summary from Durham to his boss, AG Barr.
        Durham is a PROSECUTOR… he brings indictments…
        Some of those indictments can come from the crooks pleading guilty and getting a plea deal as a result of testifying against others.

        Some people believe a few of these arrests arising from guilty pleas, may come before the elections.
        AG Barr could merely say “I did nothing to influence anything, these people came to me, said they were guilty.” These types of arrests would 1) diffuse the Commies’ attacks and 2) satisfy patriots who very much want to know that somebody is being punished.

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              1. I hear you Sweet Lady… been online too much today and yesterday myself… brain gets fuzzy doesn’t it! No worries… get some rest…

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  6. Brent Cates — #SOULWAR ✝ has a thread on the debate.

    He says what I said above. POTUS was studying the enemy!

    During last night’s Debate Biden said “Antifa is simply an idea” & refused to disavow BLM or Antifa. He also owns the lockdowns & their impact on the economy
    .[video The Sting sound track]

    People claim Trump just “took” Biden’s abuse last night & missed many opportunities to punch back hard.

    Trump PUMMELED Biden repeatedly defending his Administration as he STUDIED Biden carefully but didn’t “go for the jugular” as many wanted.

    Has everyone forgotten ALL of Trump’s previous debates?
    Versus the GOP Candidates & Hillary?
    Trump NEVER goes for the throat on the first outing, he SIZES UP & STUDIES his Opponent(s) divining weaknesses.
    Then he demolishes them as the MSM claim he got trounced.

    They claim Trump lost all 3 debates to Hillary when It’s clear he won the 2nd handily & trounced her in the 3rd.
    The 1st was Trump ASSESSING her.

    Trump’s political INERTIA is rocketing towards the Heavens as Biden’s is a DEAD STICK plummeting to Earth in flames.

    Last night Trump was doling out ROPE to Slow Joe.
    He acted bullish but presidential, defending his presidency allowing Biden to lash out, rude & nasty.
    The result?
    Biden (The Democrats) OWN THE RIOTS NOW.

    Andy Ngô

    Rose City Antifa is a group. Antifa Seven Hills is a group. Antifa Sacramento is a group. Atlanta Antifascists is a group. Youth Liberation Front is a group. There are many, many antifa groups. And they are violent.
    10:17 PM · Sep 29, 2020

    Biden made wild accusations about Trump.
    “Called our Military dead Losers.”
    Claimed all charges against his son Hunter are “not true.”
    Trump rattled Biden to the point he told the President of the United States to shut up.
    ROPE, I SAY!

    The biggest moment wasn’t when Biden claimed “I am the Democrat Party” then moments later when asked WHY he hasn’t called the DEMOCRATS in Oregon to try & stop the rioting he stammered “I don’t hold public office now.”
    Damning & damaging, yes but not the #KILLSHOT.

    THIS was the Killshot = when President Trump stated Biden was complicit in the UNPRECEDENTED Coup that made a mockery of the usual SMOOTH TRANSITION of power from one Party’s President to another.
    Listen to this song=

    (Language Alert!)

    All Biden did the entire debate was hurl baseless accusations trying to assign TRUMP the fallout of a Pandemic & months of rioting NO ONE SANE would believe.

    We don’t blame the President for COVID, we blame the CCP.

    We blame the Lockdowns on draconian Democrats, not Trump.


    When our President called Biden out on that January 5th WH meeting, HE WAS NOT WHISTLING DIXIE, FOLKS.
    “We caught them all!”
    Take Trump at his #WORD on that.
    Watch Biden’s reaction. He’s rattled & shaken.
    October will be FULL of surprises!

    Replying to @ScottAdamsSays
    You missed Biden’s big ‘tell.’ Watch his body language when Trump says “We caught them. We caught them all.” Heavy breathing, look of surprise in eyes, head moves down on mention of Obama. Breathing much different than rest of debate.


    [At this point Brent Cates goes into how our divided country can be saved.]


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  7. Continuation (I split it because of the number of links.

    ROPE, I SAY!!
    A Pied Piper was a Folklore Character who, after magically piping the troublesome rats out of the Town of Hamelin (Germany) & drowned them in a river was refused his agreed payment by miserly townsfolk.
    He then PIPES their children away to their doom.
    .Illustration of Pied Piper

    Trump recently began addressing the “Pied Pipers” in the Federal Government & Academia by banning Critical Race Theory in US Government.
    Our tax dollars used to FORCE racist, un-American indoctrination upon a captive workforce or audience.

    Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️
    VICTORY: The President has just signed a full Executive Order abolishing critical race theory from the federal government, the military, and all federal contractors.

    The president has effectively declared war on CRT—and extended the battlefield to all of our institutions.

    6:54 PM · Sep 22, 2020

    The #StealthMarxists in Academia & in our Federal Institutions & the MSM have created millions of Americans who have been led so far astray you have no chance of meaningfully communicating with them.
    They. Are. LOST.
    So, what’s to be done?
    Write them off?
    A LOST generation?

    . UGLY photos

    President Trump is going to use THEIR METHODS to “Pied Piper” the Lost back into the Fold of #AmericanaRISING.
    You can’t confront fanatics or lunatics without bloodshed, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly guns don’t scare them anymore & they’re bringing their own.
    So we WON’T.

    President Trump is going to RESHAPE the American Landscape underneath their frantic feet. He is going to be reelected in a LANDSLIDE (MANDATE!) that will stun the Lost.
    Then he will END the rioting.

    When it morphs into terrorism it will be IMMEDIATELY crushed

    .[photo president Trump going to vandalized church in DC]

    Prosperity will come ROARING back, now unimpeded by the Democrats whose lockdowns will also end overnight rather than risk AG Barr’s wrath & LEGAL ACTION over their abuse of civil rights.
    As the Lost mill about, angry, afraid & unfocused TRUMP WILL IGNORE THEM.

    .[photo Trump Tower]

    That’s right, IGNORE THEM. He’s not going to address them, WTF could he possibly SAY to them?
    He & the American People are going to begin participating in our Enemies (Foreign & Domestic) greatest fear=

    As a quality of LIFE begins unrivaled in human history.

    [A favorite photo of mine -GC]

    That amazing amount of stability, safety, prosperity & SANITY will do more to win them back from their mental wildernesses than any lecture or demand he, you or I could make of them.
    Oh, BTW, you are going to SEE proof Trump can do this BEFORE THE ELECTION.
    Remember that STING?

    I watch the VILE Democrats **effortlessly pivot** in their attacks on President Trump from one terrible, amoral action to another, striking at him but hitting US…
    President Trump is now going to EFFORTLESSLY PIVOT & STEAL THEIR VOTERS IN DROVES!

    .[3 photos]

    Trump will be MERCILESS! The Ads were already brutal, but now?
    After wrecking the US Military under Obama FORCING Trump to rebuild it they slander him with claiming the honored dead are “suckers & losers.”

    . video — Kill Bill Ironside Siren Sound

    <b.So, to sum up, last night Biden WALKED INTO A TRAP & fell headlong into it.
    HE & the Democrats OWN Antifa & BLM, the rioting, lawlessness & destruction, the lockdowns & Hunter's corruption.
    Trump didn't NEED to "punch hard."
    & then there’s THIS=

    Daniel Garza
    Spanish speaking viewers of Telemundo expressed their preference of who won tonight’s presidential debate: 66% Trump 34% Biden. #DebateTuesday

    More Intel Drops are coming from Trump & the DoJ.

    As I’ve said, October will be FULL of surprises.
    The Democrats are shooting BLANKS.

    Biden has opened a very BAD DOOR (for him)
    by claiming Antifa is simply an idea & Trump is going to CHARGE THRU IT!

    . [photo Trump smiling]

    What Trump is going to HIT the Democrats with in the coming days will NOT be blanks, but IRREFUTABLE proof of Democrat crimes & malfeasance
    He will do it in such a way the MSM cannot bury, deflect or minimize it
    I expect MILLIONS of Democrats to abandon Biden in the next 4 weeks

    It will be a STING of such magnitude pundits will study it for years to come.
    I believe Trump has a LANDSLIDE advantage right now.
    But by November it will have manifested into a TRUMPSLIDE unlike anything in living memory.
    He’s going to STEAL a massive chunk of their voters!

    We are about to be afforded an opportunity to watch the Party that tried to DECIMATE America hurtle to the Earth, a Dead Stick (piloting term) to explode in a thunderous IMPLOSION on Nov. 3rd. as President Trump uplifts a tired, battered America into a soothing, peaceful Age.

    So be of GOOD CHEER!
    Our Champion has things well in hand as the Media assures us we are DOOMED.
    Their Age is ending in a crashing cascade of fear & doubt.

    They want YOU there with them.
    Don’t listen, turn away. WE have better things to do having won the #SoulWAR

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    1. I try very hard not to hate…

      Love is so important… there’s never enough of it…

      my greatest difficulty lies with LIES…

      that thing behind the podium has to be a programmed tool…

      how else could he lie so easily about something that will incite people to rage, to riot… on both sides!

      so irresponsible… like screaming fire in a darkened theatre…

      I hate his behavior, his pathological lying… but what I hate the most is what it does to me…

      it seeps over so that I hate the entity… thus harming myself, my own beliefs, and eventually those around me.

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    1. I LOVE Ric… wish POTUS had a few more who could act the “junkyard dog” to his below the belt attackers.

      Ric has style, but you don’t miss the message “back off stupid’… my pen is mighty”

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  8. Has this been posted? FG&C, have you seen?


    Praying Medic@prayingmedic
    Texas Salon owner who refused to obey coronavirus lockdown orders makes Texas Senate runoff.

    Salon owner who refused coronavirus lockdown orders makes Texas Senate runoff
    2020 strikes again.

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  9. I haven’t heard much about the likelihood of success of the various Senate races for R’s to hold or increase their seats. Have I just missed some good info or is it not being talked about?

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    1. The Senate Republican Majority

      check these twitter accounts… remember to remove splat




      more I’m sure… will try to remember to post

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  10. This just popped into my notifications:

    On Wednesday September 30, 2020, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on The Q Tree. That’s pretty awesome, well done!
    Most Likes in One Day
    Current Record: 52
    Old Record: 51

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  11. Carlos new thread on the debate:

    …Big picture, folks. Big picture.

    @realDonaldTrump is a big-picture guy.

    You need to become big-picture guys and gals…..

    …..”‘I have not taken off the rosary Beau was wearing when he passed, since then. It is my connection with him,’ Biden said.”

    A transparent lie.

    A simple Google search shows that Biden never wore a wrist rosary until after that interview.
    . [photos of Joe WITHOUT the rosary.]


    It doesn’t matter if Biden had the entire US Intelligence Community feeding him answers last night.

    Trump DEMOLISHED him anyway.

    Trump said it was FUN.

    If you continue to wring your hands, you’re going to miss out.


    Do not try to second-guess Trump.

    You’ll end up with egg on your face.

    I’m getting all sorts of “shouldas.”

    They’re ridiculous.
    “Trump shoulda reminded the viewers of the historical connection between the Democrats, the KKK, and racism.”

    Absolutely not.

    That’s what YOU would’ve done, and they have an answer for that.
    “The parties have switched. Racist Democrats became Republicans, and virtuous Republicans became Democrats.”

    Sure, it’s a lie, but NOW you have to debunk THAT too.


    They lead you into a maze of lies and futility.
    Trump won in 2016 by smashing ALL the narratives, and he won last night by smashing THAT narrative.

    Too many of you are STILL as easily manipulated as children.

    Trump IGNORED the traps.

    Best example:
    Biden thundered in outrage at Trump mocking Biden’s dead hero son Beau, and Trump simply said, “Well, I don’t know Beau, but I know Hunter, and boy is that guy corrupt! Look at all his deals with China and his $3 million from Russia! What was THAT all about?”

    Too many of YOU people want Trump to be as big a flop as Mitt Romney
    You know why Hollywood turns out so many dud movies?

    They hire someone for a specific skill AND THEN TRY TO CHANGE THEM.

    They homogenize a unique talent.

    And it’s all because you’re fretting about what OTHERS mind think.

    Fret about yourself.

    Better yet, STOP FRETTING. It’s repulsive. It’s weak.

    Former leftists LOVED Trump’s performance last night because THEY’RE fighters.
    Black Americans and Hispanics loved it because THEY’RE fighters.

    Working-class white people loved it because THEY’RE fighters.

    The left and right establishment and FRETTERS are the ones all upset today.

    Last night was the acid test:

    Either you get Trump, or you don’t.
    If you were not laughing last night, you’re not a big-picture person, and you may never be.

    It was THRILLING.

    I enjoyed every second of it.

    Trump dominated the entire night.

    Nitpicking it is DUMB.

    It’s exactly like a massively successful military offensive.

    The Battle of Mosul was pure genius.

    That doesn’t means the Iraqis suffered no casualties or killed zero civilians.

    It’s the nature of the beast. It’s WAR.

    But if you look at the big picture, it was stunning.

    Same as last night.
    Trump mopped the earth with the entire Democratic party.

    If you can’t see that, you need to work on your perception skills.

    You can’t see the world through a microscope.

    You need to use a MACROSCOPE.

    Your brain.


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    1. Praying Medic Retweeted
      Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
      HIGHEST CABLE TELEVISION RATINGS OF ALL TIME. SECOND HIGHEST OVERALL TELEVISION RATINGS OF ALL TIME. Some day these Fake Media Companies are going to miss me, very badly!!!

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    2. DH likes to listen to the radio, and this a.m. he was listening to a couple of programs that are moderated by “conservative” republicans. These are the exact type of Rs that Carlos is describing, and it was extremely obvious this a.m. Made sure that DH knew when these guys were lying through their teeth.

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    1. DIMs are so arrogant.

      They know we know they cheat… they simply don’t care.

      (And of course we never call them on it… I got physically sick in 2016 watching hil de beast cheat with her ear pieces, her ‘backpack’, her notes, her personal bodyguard/nurse with handy syringe…)

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    2. Has anyone here seen rules published for the 2020 debates? Do we know that “not interrupting” is a rule? Do we know that “no notes” or “no electronic communications” is a rule?

      Anyone have a cite for the 2020 rules?

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    1. Translation: Ted Wheeler wants ANTIFA and BLM to be able to ATTACK and beat the crap out of the local police officers WITHOUT FEAR of any prison time…

      Got it!

      Oregon police officers = PUNCHING BAGS.

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    The [DS]/[CB] just showed the American people their true agenda, destroy the economy. During the debate JB brought up the economy and blamed Trump for destroying it. This failed, people see improvement as the economy opened. The [DS] believes the debates are going to expose Trump, its the other way around. The patriots are using the debates to bring the corruption to a larger audience, to have people think and question. While all of this is happening JC is being questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is not about have JC tell the truth, this is about getting him on record under oath. This will be used against him later on. The patriots are in total control, Trump mission will to break Biden during the debates, enjoy the show.

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    1. Roscoe B Davis has an ‘I GOTCHA’ thread on Comey:

      He summarizes and brings in points I was not aware of.

      This is such a good point, and may I add a few things.

      Comey acts like he was completely oblivious to what was going on in Crossfire Hurricane. This wasn’t just you average run of the mill Counter Intel Investigation, this was case was targeting the Candidate for POTUS

      Undercover Huber @JohnWHuber

      Same guy who claims to have been able to write verbatim word for word recollections of his meetings with Trump also can’t remember a damn thing about the most important investigation in his tenure that was ran out of his own HQ, not FBI field offices
      1:12 PM · Sep 30, 2020


      And I will take it a little further. This Crossfire Hurricane team was hand picked by Comey for the Mid Year Examine investigation into Hillary’s private email server she was running the State Dept off of.

      The Mid Year team carried over to the Crossfire team.

      When the ICIG Charles McCullough discovered Hillary was using a private email server while she was Sec of State he initiated auditing hers email traffic. And eventually discovered they had a huf problem with the State Dept while HRC was Sec of State.

      3/17/15 McCullough notified Charles H Kabale IV of the FBI Counterintelligence Div that there may possibly be a severe security breach & requested security review of the State Dept by Counter Intel Immediately Kabale bean the process of sending out records preservation requests.

      May 6, 2015 the FBI formally opened an investigation into the email & classified information handling of Hillary. ICIG had discovered a code embedded in the header of these emails he retrieved from the NSA, showing a copy of every email was being forwarded to an IP in China.

      In June 2015 newly appointed State Dept IG Steve Linick was directed by Congress to investigate the State Dept’s FOIA review of approximately 30K government emails stored on Clinton’s private server. Mind you there was no IG assigned to the State Dept her 4 years as Sec of State

      6/6/15 Linick/McCullough sent a formal “Section 811” referral from the ICIG to the director of the FBI. The ICIG determined that classified, national security information in Clinton’s emails had been “compromised” and shared with “a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power.”

      Charles H. Kable & Dean Chappell served as section chiefs at the FBI’s counterintelligence division during the early days of the MYE investigation. Both Kable and Chappell have expertise in Chinese espionage, which made perfect for them to head up the MYE team.

      Charles H Kabale was an expert in Chinese Cyber warfare & was working vigorously at trying to get to the bottom of this, based on the mountains of paperwork he was blanketing the state dept with. After months of being Stonewalled by State, suddenly Comey makes major team changes

      First Comey Transferred Dean Chappell to the WFO and Brought in Peter Strzok from the WFO to join the MYE team alongside Kabale.

      So Comey takes a n expert in Chinese espionage and swaps him out for Peter Strzok.

      Next Charles Kabale was reassigned to the WFO and Bill Priestap was transferred from the WFO to FBI HQ to head up Counter Intel and Peter Strzok was made team leader of the MYE Team.

      So due to a Chinese breach of security in Hillary’s server, Comey takes the Chinese experts off the the MYE team and Puts Strzok with no background in Chinese espionage in charge of the MYE.

      That’s curious to say the least.
      Comey, replaces every person in the chain of command above Strzok at different points during the Clinton-email investigation.

      Peter Strzok picks his own MYE team members including his side piece Lisa Page to be on the new MYE team.

      Here’s another strange thing as well is in over 500 pages of the Horowitz’s OIG report there is ZERO mention of Kable’s or Chappell’s names anywhere. I find that very curious and suspect. Why are they left out completely when they clearly were part of it, hell they started it.

      I understand though that during the time frame these three MYE team members were in place was during the dark period when Sally Yates has locked Horowitz out of the National Security Section arm of the FBI, but after his access was restored in Feb 2017 he should have known.

      With all those changes in place, the only one left on the Mid Year Exam team, that was present when Rucker briefed them on the Chinese Breach was Strzok, and now the Chinese breach faded away and the new Russia breach began to take life.

      It was McCullough, who sent his investigator, Frank Rucker, along with an ICIG attorney, Jeanette J. McMillian to originally brief the FBI on the Chinese breach.

      In his testimony before the HPSCI Strzok said he had no recollection of the briefing he attended.

      You’ll recall the exchange between Gohmert & Strzok was lost in the blowup when Gohmert lost his patience with Strzok & went rogue about his smirk & looking into his wife’s eyes when he was banging Page, & the committee train jumped the tracks & all they talked about was that.

      That outburst completely over shadowed the significance of the the exchange about Fred Rucker reporting the breach to the FBI & they ignored it & Strzok claimed to not even remember it. 30K HRC classified emails were being forwarded to a foreign power other than Russia & nothing

      Strzok was 1 of 4 officials briefed on the anomalies. He was transferred to FBI HQ from the field office in Washington to work on the Clinton-email probe 2 months after it was opened & eventually the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

      McCullough said he did interact with the FBI after the initial meeting with Kabale when he referred the Clinton-email case. He tasked Rucker to handle day-to-day interactions with the bureau. Rucker would go on to pass information to the FBI in several tranches.

      According to the transcripts, the four FBI officials briefed by Rucker & McMillan originally were Strzok, then Executive Assistant Director John Giacalone, then Section Chief Dean Chappell & Jon Moffa. Rucker made nearly daily updates to MYE until Strzok took over & shut it down

      Jon Moffa was a lead analyst on the MYE before Strzok transferred from WFO, told the HPSCI during a closed-door interview on Aug 24 2018 that he met ICIG McCullough together with Counterespionage Section Chief Charles H Kable.

      Moffa said he & Kable met the ICIG 2 or 3 times during the early days of the investigation. SO there is no way the FBI wasn’t fully briefed on the breach to China, they were simply covering it up and not pursuing it, after Comey changed out the MYE team.

      Original Point being there is no way Comey wasn’t aware of what was going on since it was his hand picked team he pulled from the WFO he put in place. Comey got a daily briefing 9 AM every day with the MYE team.

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      1. Ok, I researched this. Emails were NOT going to China. Paul Combetta, the server guy, created an email address that ‘looked like’ it was named after a Chinese company on google email server in the cloud and forwarded a copy of every email to that address. He would then go backup the cloud email inbox, clear it out afterwards (probably on a monthly basis), and transfer backup files to other server/medium. That’s how he did her email backups. That way he could do backups remotely from the cloud, without having to be physically at her server.
        I don’t remember the exact company name right now, but here’s an Example – Say there’s a real company in China named MaiLeiMarble. Combetta created Each one of HRC’s emails automatically got forwarded to that address. It ‘looks like’ a real email address belonging to the MailLeiMarble company in China, But it’s not. Domain names in China end in ‘.CN’. So the real and valid email address for the Chinese company is ‘data@MaiLeiMarble.CN’. This mistake keeps being repeated by non IT people. They google MaiLeiMarble and falsely conclude that her emails went to China. I’ve seen it propagated by Govt people and pundits alike. And of course Combetta has never come forward to correct.

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    Justice Department Retweeted
    National Health Care Fraud and Opioid Takedown Results in Charges Against 345 Defendants Responsible for More than $6 Billion in Alleged Fraud Losses

    Justice Department Retweeted
    US Attorney SDFL@SDFLnews·
    Quote Tweet

    Secretary Pompeo@SecPompeo

    US government account

    · 8h
    We’re offering up to $5 million each for information leading to the arrests and/or convictions of two indicted former Venezuelan public officials. We are working with @TheJusticeDept to protect U.S. citizens and to help Venezuelans restore their democracy.

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    1. Justice Department@TheJusticeDept
      The Department of Justice,@FBI @DEAHQ & @OIGatHHS
      today announced the largest health care fraud and opioid enforcement action in Department of Justice history.


      National Health Care Fraud and Opioid Takedown Results in Charges…
      Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian C. Rabbitt of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, Assistant Director Calvin Shivers of the FBI’s Criminal Inv…

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  14. Probably not the 1st person to see this but it came to me the genius of PTrump’s use of twitter. From the campaign onward he’s communicated with everyone, Pols, us, world leaders. The fascinating thing is that his opponents have also used it to slap back. Their own words out of their own keyboard and now it’s permanent record that can be pulled up each and every time they lie and claim they never said thus and so. Brilliant strategy.

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  15. What Flep was talking about

    awful headline but it talks about Venezuela and Cuba being pro Trump!

    After Fleeing Socialism, Some Immigrants Fear for America’s Future

    A diverse group of supporters gathered outside President Donald Trump’s hotel in Doral, Florida, hoping to catch a glimpse of him during a recent Latinos roundtable event. Many were exiles from socialist or communist regimes such as Cuba and Venezuela.

    This personal backdrop—many having fled to America—and the notion that the Democratic Party has been shifting further left, are key factors behind their support. The administration’s repeated sanctions against the regimes of Venezuela and Cuba helped solidify their decisions.

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