Dear KAG: 20200930 Open Thread

Tuesday was a busy day what with the General Flynn hearing which sounds like it was an exercise in torture, and the debate (that has its own thread). And, of course, a few more booms from our favorite letter of the alphabet.


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Those who scream the loudest…


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Podcast yesterday.
Intentional or careless?


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Sep 29 2020 14:11:36 (EST)NEW


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“Trump Swift Boat Project.” – Clinton OP

Trying to keep up.

Since the month starts tomorrow…..

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JOB 9:1-12, 14-16

1Then Job answered: 2“Truly I know that it is so: But how can a man be just before God? 3If one wished to contend with him, one could not answer him once in a thousand times. 4He is wise in heart, and mighty in strength — who has hardened himself against him, and succeeded? — 5he who removes mountains, and they know it not, when he overturns them in his anger; 6who shakes the earth out of its place, and its pillars tremble; 7who commands the sun, and it does not rise; who seals up the stars; 8who alone stretched out the heavens, and trampled the waves of the sea; 9who made the Bear and Orion, the Plei’ades and the chambers of the south; 10who does great things beyond understanding, and marvelous things without number. 11Lo, he passes by me, and I see him not; he moves on, but I do not perceive him. 12Behold, he snatches away; who can hinder him? Who will say to him, `What doest thou’? 

[13] God, whose wrath no man can resist, and under whom they stoop that bear up the world.

14How then can I answer him, choosing my words with him? 15Though I am innocent, I cannot answer him; I must appeal for mercy to my accuser. 16If I summoned him and he answered me, I would not believe that he was listening to my voice.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, members of the Cabinet, first responders and those working behind the scenes.

Are we sure we’re ready?

695 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200930 Open Thread

    1. DP really has taken on some heavy lifting. Kudos and many thanks for all that you do. I try not to take it for granted that I just come here and magically there’s a website that suits my needs…I realize that a lot of work goes into creating and maintaining this place…thank you.

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      1. I suspect, based on nothing at all, that any such people swept up and deported will be quietly subtracted from census counts. ‘Cause that’s the way I would do it.

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        1. I hope so!

          This year’s Census was done mostly online…for the first time.
          So it seems like they would be able to cross-match names a lot easier now.

          We didn’t even get a form to fill out this time — just a short letter telling us to go to the website.

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            1. Oh yeah, it was the easiest census I’ve ever filled out!

              The last one…in 2010…we received one of those ‘long form’ things to fill out.
              It was horrible!
              It was a thick booklet, about 25 pages.

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    1. Tried to email JayAWallace, of FOX, but as with most emails I attempt to send them, it was returned. Guess they really don’t want to hear from the public.
      Wonder if Chris’s awful performance last night will impact his Sunday show?
      After reading many opinions, good and bad, about the debate I think Carlos’ probably days it best…we saw the street fighter from Queens last night and it took a lot of people by surprise. I
      If you are old enough to remember Presidential debates from years ago, then it probably didn’t sit well with you. But, the days of honest conversation, no covert cheating, and un-biased moderators are long gone and the playing field is no longer level. Looking and acting “Presidential” means nothing in these situations..there are plenty of opportunities for those occasions.
      The older me does squirm a bit because I live in a world of civility, manners, and respect, but I also am a realist and know that nice guys do often finish last. And I do not want our POTUS to finish last.

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    1. Interesting….Not sure about him reaching in pocket, but he looked down almost the whole time. The podium was clear, nothing on it. But he kept looking down. Something was definitely going on. At one point I thought it looked like he was making a check mark w/his finger.
      Don’t know about this device. When I clicked the link, got the SCARY DANGER UNSAFE WARNING. Did NOT go any further. Maybe a similar device, but I would like to see details.

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      1. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.

        Here is the part I thought was interesting:

        Think back to the first debate in 2016 between Trump and Crooked Hillary. That’s the debate where she wore the red pantsuit that she stole from Kim Jong Un’s wardrobe. Literally everyone on the right noticed the square box under Hillary’s jacket that was taped to her back, and the wires running up toward her head.
        The device sparked a lot of theories about what it was, with some thinking it was some type of medical device to control Hillary’s seizures. But having worked in TV for so many years, I instantly recognized it, because I used to wear one at work every day. It was a power source and wireless receiver for Hillary’s IFB (her earpiece). Someone within close enough proximity was able to relay information to Hillary during the debates to make it look like she just has so many obscure facts and figures floating around in her big brain.
        The funny thing is: Trump knew. If you re-watch that first debate, when Trump shakes Hillary’s hand at the very beginning, he reaches over with his left hand and taps Hillary on the back – directly on the wires. He was signaling to her, “I know you’re cheating, you wretched villain, but I’m going to beat you anyway.”

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        1. “Literally everyone on the right noticed the square box under Hillary’s jacket that was taped to her back, and the wires running up toward her head.”


          I assumed that was the robot’s battery pack. 😁

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        2. I remember that LM…

          also recall one of her aides removing a binder or something similar from her podium after the debate was over and everyone was picking up lighting etc. chatting on stage…

          DIMs cheat something fierce… and they don’t care if they’re caught.

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          1. Indeed Phoenix!

            But then why should they if there are never any consequences?

            And of course, most of them have dismissed God so moral considerations are not a consideration.

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    1. “What did I learn today? Judge Sullivan has animus towards Sidney Powell and President Trump, Gleeson is not Amicus but assigned to play the role of prosecutor in place of the Special Counsel. Biden is 100% dependent on the media. The media is willing. Biden is a liar.”


      Just learned that today?

      Welcome to the end of the thought process… glad you could make it… 😂🤣😂

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      1. Confirmation that Sullivan is owned by the deep intelligent swamp and Wallace is owned by the Biden-Obama cabal. Trump is the only one who is not owned and works for the American people , Flag and Constitution.

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      1. Have never associated decency with Pedo Joe. Never as a senator, VP, and certainly not as a candidate these days.

        Watch and listen to Pedo Joe. No decency in his words or actions.

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  1. Saying good night to everyone.

    Before I go I want to pass along a eord that I received today from an old friend who is a Democrat operative…in a big way.

    50 + years and neither of us can stand talking to one another. She sent me a terse message wishing us well, good health, sending love and sparing me conversation and then informed me that she is working as hard as she can to get Joe Biden elected and flip the Senate.

    I know her. That means full time no holds barred and across the country.,

    I guarantee that when she says that, we are unlikely to fathom the scope of it or the extent of what that means.

    But it tells me that our focus should also include the Senate.

    We cannot afford to lose Lindsey or McConnell or even Collins,

    I hope this gets the riveting attention of our side.

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    1. If nothing else, D-Rats have learned the beauty of Senate majority. President Trump has rightfully bitch slapped D-rats for nearly three years over confirmations – Justices, Judges and high Federal positions.

      So very fundamental to as Flep would say, Trumpism will reign for fifty years.

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  2. EconChick/IntelChick@MikayesFiona
    Outstanding article. Glad to see I wasn’t only one spending all night slamming Chris Wallace.

    But ALL of you need to be talking to President of Fox, Jay Wallace. I don’t know if he’s too elitist to care what people tweet him but he’s at @jayawallace
    Quote Tweet

    Ryan Saavedra@RealSaavedra

    · 2h

    Chris Wallace Faces Intense Backlash, Including From Colleagues, Over Bias During Debate

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  3. I havent seen this guy anywhere in several years. There are many in the replies who agree.
    Rinos and dimms voting for him in silent larger numbers?

    Bernard Goldberg (@BernardGoldberg) Tweeted:
    I detest Donald Trump. And I hope he wins in a landslide. #debate

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    1. The comments! We need a closeup of his eyes, I want to see his pupils!

      Sadie….was right, as usual.

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  4. Wolfie, etc might appreciate her plight!

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    1. Someone else getting messed with by twit world 😦

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  5. When I listened to this great New Ad from the Trump Team…the voice sounded really familiar:

    And it struck me that it sounds like the voice in the “Q The Plan To Save The World” videos, like this one:

    That’s JoeM’s voice…isn’t it?
    I wonder if JoeM has been recruited by the Trump Team.

    Hope so, because JoeM is a very talented video maker!

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  6. And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as a human word, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is indeed at work in you who believe.

    1 Thessalonians 2:13

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    THREAD by @COsweda

    My brother’s here from Vegas, and he wanted to watch the debate, so I joined him.


    @realDonaldTrump did EXACTLY what he needed to do.

    In this video, the shirtless protestor is Biden.

    We watched Fox, which was of course a waste of time.


    The world expects Trump to fall into Biden’s trap.

    Everything Biden said tonight is a LIE.

    But the world expects TRUMP to defend himself against LIES.
    That’s being “presidential.”

    Instead, Trump tore off Biden’s head, stuffed it up Biden’s butt, then folded Biden in half and stuffed THAT mess of arms and legs up Biden’s butt.

    Biden disappeared up his own butt, courtesy of Donald John Trump, QUEENS STREET FIGHTER.
    Republicans were always expected to play by Marquess of Queensbury rules.

    THIS is how Democrats played.

    (Harvey Logan is Ted Cassidy, who played Lurch in the TV series The Addams Family.)

    Tonight former G. W. BUSH press secretary Ari Fleischer said that debates aren’t supposed to be “food fights” and the TRUMP should have restrained himself.


    The enemy spied on him, created fake evidence against him, impeached him, lied about him…
    Enemy former military officers are openly called for a coup.

    I was worried that Biden would be a basket case, but they shot him up with enough cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine that he was able to BARELY get through it.

    But he looked like death warmed over.
    This is the most important wartime spech ever made in a movie.

    “It is a DIFFERENT knowledge they need now. This is NOT a gentleman’s war.”

    And we have one.

    Here’s the stupidest thing Biden said tonight:


    Here just took ownership of the riots and violence.

    The Trump ads write themselves.
    Debates don’t impact the outcomes of elections.

    Here’s the myth that won’t die.

    Debunking Media Myths, Those Prominent Cases of Fake News
    by W. Joseph Campbell, author of Getting It Wrong: Debunking the Greatest Myths in American Journalism The mainstream media’s recent angst and hand-wringing about a surge of “fake news” has ten…
    “The media myth is that John F. Kennedy looked so cool and collected that TV audiences gave him the nod, but that Richard Nixon was the winner among radio listeners.”

    The FAKE NEWS was made up by JOURNALIST Theodore White in his book The Making of the President, 1960.
    Debates have no impact on elections.

    Presidential debates and their effects: Research roundup – Journalist’s Resource
    2016 updated literature review of political science insights on American presidential debates and their effects.

    The Democrats’ convention this year was a flat tire.

    The Republicans’ convention was exciting and DIFFERENT.

    And Trump knocked Biden flat tonight.


    Good for him.

    Biden barely looked at Trump.

    Trump STUDIED Biden.
    Like the killer he is.

    But Delta Force operators are killers.

    Are you afraid of them?

    I’m not.

    Are they immoral?

    Just the opposite.


    Because everything hangs in the balance.
    Everything Biden said tonight was a lie or STUPID.

    Trump does care about the working class.

    Trump doesn’t care about black Americans.

    Trump doesn’t care about human life.

    Trump has no plans for anything.

    Trump does nothing but golf and hide in a bunker.
    The script called for Trump to say, “I do so care!”

    Instead, Trump did with Biden’s script what James Caan in the movie Misery did with his manuscript.

    It’s a bit too graphic to post here, but you’ll find it on YouTube.
    I told you before that I can never PREDICT Trump, which is interesting.

    Last night I had a zany dream about the debate.

    Unroll available on Thread Reader

    Predators ended my life before it began.

    So I enjoyed tonight thoroughly.

    Biden is a predator.

    I didn’t want to watch the debate because I had no idea what would happen.

    Trump was NOT CRUEL.

    He was…justice.

    For everyone like me.
    He had the guts to do what was needed.

    It’s so funny that the press still thinks they can shame or humiliate or intimidate Trump and his family into giving up on us.


    Trump didn’t massacre Biden and Wallace for HIMSELF.
    He did it for US and for FUTURE Trumps.

    There were far too many genius comebacks to count.

    And now Hillary is realizing the bullet she dodged. Trump could’ve did to her what he did to Biden.

    Trump unleashed isn’t pretty, but it’s beautiful.

    All is well.

    • • •

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  8. Out of the mouths of babes!!!

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  9. I’m nobody on twitter w/ less than 1300 followers last time I checked. However, usually when I’m busy re-tweeting a bunch of stuff for a while I can tell there is some minimal response as notification numbers climb. Tonight they are barely moving & I expect there is still a lot of twit world activity following the debate. This makes me think that even I am having my miniscule voice muted…hmmm…

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    1. more on the Cambridge Analytica topic…fyi, I haven’t reviewed all this stuff yet…

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    2. That BBC video is from August 2017.

      The BBC is uber liberal and is trying to make out like using Cambridge Analytica and Facebook/Social Media, is something ‘sinister’.

      The Dems do the same thing, only moreso!

      Bannon and Kellyanne were using Cambridge Analytica when they were trying to get Ted Cruz elected.

      When Cruz lost in the primaries to DJT…they joined the Trump campaign and brought Cambridge Analytica with them.

      The Dems have the leftist Enemedia, Hollywood and the Big Tech social media owners helping them.
      They are covering for pedos and criminals.
      They spy on us and collect our data, as much as they can.

      And yet the Leftists behind this BBC hit piece, are trying to make Trump’s use of data collection and social media seem like something ‘sinister’.
      What a crock!

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      1. Thanks, Wheatie. I didn’t watch the whole thing & was reading the captions. I was actually getting CA mixed up w/ Cambridge & the Stefan Halper part of Spygate on the brain. I thought we were possibly seeing video evidence of CA spying On Team Trump &/or Team Trump using proximity to CA to get data from them. My bad! I probably should get some sleep as I’m fighting something but am still on a bit of an adrenaline high w/ events & “afterglow” tonight!

        Sorry if all that info was out of line. I do, however, think it can be a good idea, at least on occasion, to see what the other side is saying but it’s hard to take their crap for more than a few minutes at best, or is it worst?

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        1. You are very welcome, Valerie.

          And yeah…it’s good to know what you’re talking about.
          Especially if you are crossing swords with leftists on twitter.

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          1. I think that CA stuff was just passed along fyi–whew!

            I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about most of the time but then I might speak even less than I currently do, which isn’t much out here in the “real” world LOL 😉

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        2. If you’re going to talk about Cambridge Analytica, it’s best to know the whole story.

          Yes…Cambridge Analytica was a British company.
          But it is now defunct.

          The common thread to the Trump campaign was Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer & his daughter Rebecca.
          The Mercers were big investors in Cambridge Analytica.
          Bannon even served as a VP in CA.

          The Mercers were also donors to the Breitbart site, when Bannon was a part of it.

          The Left targeted Cambridge Analytica and basically ran it out of business.

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          1. Thanks Wheatie. I’ve had to resign myself to Never knowing the Whole story about anything, which is Really Hard for me because I really like closure, like in an OCD kind of way.

            I used to think that I could never talk about history because I hadn’t studied it enough & wanted to go back to the “beginning” of world history. Like I wanted a Neo level of uploaded material or to possess the Star Trek computer database in my head, which is Never going to happen.

            So now I muddle along, speak in my own voice, don’t claim more knowledge than I possess, & daily marvel that Wolfmoon allowed me into the Wolf Pack for I am Never the smartest kid in the room here–just very thankful to be along for the ride!!!

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        1. Since Cambridge Analytica got bad press for using some phrases that were deemed “racist”…and that was used to run them out of business…

          Then that’s why the Left is bringing it up now.

          It’s a stretch.
          But they are desperate.

          I figure that is where they’re going with the ‘white supremist’ thing…and they’re going to try to use the Cambridge Analytica connection as some sort of ‘proof’

          And yeah, it is all b-s.

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    3. My ‘puter won’t play the vid so all I see is a pic. Her right hand is missing a thumb, plus the tattoo on her shoulder is partially on her right hand. Looks like a lousy photoshop to me.

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  10. DEBATE RECAP: Beijing Joe Biden’s an EMPTY SUIT.
    [repost from debate thread]
    • ChYna Joe cannot make tough DECISIONS.
    • ChYna Joe cannot cite personal ACCOMPLISHMENTS.
    • ChYna Joe cannot come up with constructive PLANS.

    But women voters will LOVE his PC TONE and STYLE.
    • “Shut Up”
    • “You’re a Clown”
    • “Stupid Bastards”

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  11. More debate highlights:

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    1. “Media urge Biden: Just say no to more debates!”

      Heheh…Dems were relieved that Biden didn’t fall apart during that debate.

      I’m sure it was a nail-biting, white-knuckle experience for them, watching in fear that Joe would either wet himself or have a blank-stare episode.
      They do not want to go through that again!

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      1. You bet they don’t.

        Jake Tapper said that the debate went wrong and it was PDJT’s fault: ‘He didn’t even abide by his own rules’ —

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  12. Love the Camel backs picture in the header, DePat.

    Thank you for all the heavy lifting you do for us, creating so many rockin threads!
    The Boss needs to give you a raise!

    That Camel back pic reminded me of Camelback Mountain in AZ.

    And for some reason, that Sir Mix-A-Lot song, “Baby’s Got Back”, is stuck in my head.

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  13. ReOpen Bucks County PA

    @RepUllman and @GovernorTomWolf caught on a hot mic referring to masks as “political theatre” that they want to get “on camera”.

    We already knew that, but thank you for the confirmation!

    A Democrat governor and a Democrat congresswoman, both laughing about having to wear a mask on camera…for “political theatre”.

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  14. Flooding and heavy rains continue in China.

    The Three Gorges Dam is still holding, but the CCP is continuing their false narrative about how “the Dam is so strong that if it goes it will be because it was attacked.”

    There are 33 rivers that are overflowing right now.
    [Hmm…there’s that number 33 again.]

    Text of tweet:

    Major #flooding in China. 33 rivers at highest levels in history. Average rainfall at highest since records began in 1961. Video has more info… #chinaflooding #ThreeGorgesDam

    ……………End text.

    Here’s that video in case it doesn’t play for you in the tweet:

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  15. trying to catch up–can’t wait to read the debate thread–but I spent yesterday at the ER. I had severe chest/back pain (but on the right side) but when hubby touched my back I vomited from the pain. but all my blood work and xrays and ekgs were good…so they discharged me with tylenol and ice or heat…lol…came home with the same pain level…sigh

    but taking it easy and catching up—I can’t wait to read the debate thread!

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    1. Hope you feel better today. Get some rest and don’t work your back muscles too much. My Wife just got over a sore back/shoulder. Icy Hot is what finally let her sleep through the night and was mostly better the following morning. Think the weather changing and just stress from a busy weekend caused it.

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    2. Oh no, Pat…I’m so sorry to hear that you’re in pain!

      The doctors didn’t know what was causing it?
      Well that’s no help.

      I hope it goes away real soon!

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      1. thanks. I guess it’s good they ruled the important stuff–heart and lungs– are good to go…???
        the intensity of the pain and the fact that it went away for the most part for 2 days and then returned with a vengeance puzzled me. and we have a history of heart disease in our family so I thought it best to be prudent…stunned hubby when i asked him to call an ambulance.

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        1. Oh yeah, definitely good to know that it’s not your heart.

          Maybe it’s muscle spasms..?
          I get them in my back sometimes and the pain is so bad I can feel it around the side to my chest.

          Are you getting enough Potassium?
          We need a lot of the stuff.

          When I don’t get enough of it…I get cramps and muscle spasms.

          It’s tricky to take it as a pill because it doesn’t absorb well, or something.
          So it’s best to get it from foods:
          ^^These^^ are high in Potassium.

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        2. ohh Pat…

          so sorry for the pain and the trip to ER…

          you were right to go to hospital… schedule a visit with a cardiologist though… might be other than heart itself… praying for you Sweet Lady…

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    3. God be with you Pat & bring you peace, protection, & pain relief. Laughter is very good medicine (which you liberally dispense around here) but can be hard to take when it hurts. Sometimes knowing it will hurt actually Causes me to laugh more & then if the pain is really bad there is this schizophrenic alternation between laughter & tears. This happened w/ pain from removing 4 wisdom teeth at once & also after my first childbirth where the Doc sewed me up (it was Not a C) w/ about 10 feet of suturing thread–that was rough for weeks!

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      1. yikes! that does sound painful!!

        thank you. I really shocked the EMTs in the ambulance–they asked me why I didn’t go the doctor on Friday and I said because I really hate doctors–there was a unified gasp…lol…and them I said, ‘cept you guys–I LOVE you guys…LOL

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          1. my future daughter-in-law invited me to go wedding dress shopping with her mom and sisters last weekend (say yes to the dress type of thing? which i never heard of btw) so we did stay overnight with them. a strange, uncomfortable mattress probably didn’t help the situation, but…

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        1. Getting an evaluation from a chiropractor (they are trained like MDs but also know more about how the body moves/works might be a good idea. Another line of thought is to check with neurologist re: migraines. There are all kinds including “stomach migraines.” Acupuncturists can sometimes stop intense pain in minutes, so if you find one locally that others recommend, that can help. Pain is the body’s message that it’s run out of ways to compensate for something that’s wrong.

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      1. it’s very localized–just intense. I completed a wide range of motions with my arms and the pain remained intense but didn’t increase with the movement…
        the back pain I could deal with, but shooting thru my breast concerned me.

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            1. Hi Pat..I know it’s bad pain when you’d agree to an ambulance! So very glad you’re doing okay now.
              I know this will sound too coincidental to be true but back in Feb I had almost the same identical thing. Intense pain, right side, rib cage/breast area…nausea from the pain..scared it might be heart you, they did every test in book . It actually was good to know what I didn’t have!

              Never heard of anyone else with such a thing until you. Very strange.

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              1. i do believe it was being overzealous with a resistance training band. it’s too coincidental that the pain occurred after that.
                how did you get over your pain, if i may ask?


              2. LOL, it was embarrassing…after all of that , the ER, all the tests and scans, morphine they gave me, my daughter freaking out…in a day or just went away. Gone. The only thing that maybe caused it was twisting around at the optometry office to look out the window with my new glasses. Duh?!

                Yours went away ?

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              3. no, unfortunately. before I called the ambulance, I had taken 4 ibuprofen…the 9-1-1 caller instructed me to chew 4 baby aspirin and none of that influenced my pain levels. and they did nothing for pain in the hospital. so when i got home i used the tylenol (useless for me) and ice…then shifted to more ibuprofen and heat which seemed to help somewhat.
                I am still in pain this morning, but it is more manageable today…heat really helping most of all I think…thank goodness the power came back on!

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        1. Pat,
          I agree with giloo, you should get an MRI of your back. Back in 2003 I was having severe pain in my back that radiated to my chest. Every Doctor I went to kept telling me that the pain was a result of bulging disc’s in my lumbar area which I did have. They just kept prescribing pain pills and I am not one who likes to take pills. I had already had MRI’s on my lower back and was frustrated and wanted something done to rid me of the pain I was enduring. It seemed like no one was listening to me and made me feel like a hypochondriac. I finally asked my Doctor to do an MRI on my whole back and thats when they found that I had a herniated disc in my thoracic area at the T7&T8. I endured severe pain for almost 2 years before they found the herniated disc and that is no way to have to live. My herniated disc was a result of bending and twisting on my job as a welder.
          I would recommend that you have an MRI on your whole back. Please take care of yourself and God Bless.

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          1. thank you! May He bless you as well!
            I will definitely keep it in mind if the heat and ibuprofen doesn’t work. the pain is certainly more manageable today…but I’m not doing anything to really judge.


    4. Sever Pain……. They prescribe TYLENOL?

      I had a similar situation (Infection from a bite)
      Swelling, Redness and PAIN!
      Prescibed a shot in my ass and TYLENOL!

      Doctors have been cowed into MALPRACTICE by fear of LAWSUITS and will NOT prescribe medications that actually WORK! (Like Hydracodone).

      Pisses me off!

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      1. i was surprised when I was discharged…they did nothing for my pain. my pain level when the ambulance got here was a 10. when I left the hospital it was an 8 but only because my right side was immobilized with that dang blood pressure cuff…lol…

        Liked by 1 person

          1. actually, the heating pad and the ibuprofen are helping a lot plus I’m really taking it easy today…
            hubby has chronic pain from back surgery years ago coupled with a family history of spinal stenosis. I couldn’t endure all the pain he went thru.

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              1. Hey, Patty – Poor Baby – told you to be careful lifting weights – and bear bashing – sorry to hear you are hurting – here are some suggestions that might help –

                10 Best Home Remedies To Treat Chest Pain

                Aloe Vera Juice
                Apple Cider Vinegar
                Hot Drinks
                Turmeric With Milk
                Cayenne Pepper
                Fenugreek Seeds


                Vitamin Supplements:

                Magnesium + B6
                Calcium Zinc
                Vitamin C
                Vitamin D

                I will be praying for you – and sending ‘Hundreds of Angels’ to assist – especially, ‘Healing Angels’ who will pour healing oil on you!!! – soon you will be back fighting!!!

                God Bless Your Day – Big Hugs!!!

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  16. Article:

    Calls For Joe Rogan to Moderate Next Debate Intensify After Chris Wallace’s Disastrous Performance

    Published 4 mins ago on 30 September, 2020
    Paul Joseph Watson


    …………..From the article:

    But Biden can only perform when the moderator is on his side.

    Calls for podcaster Joe Rogan to host the next presidential debate are intensifying after the disastrous performance of moderator Chris Wallace.

    Wallace was unable to control either candidate in Cleveland as Biden and Trump constantly interrupted each other throughout the night.

    The Fox News host also displayed flagrant bias by abandoning his supposedly neutral role and becoming a third participant in the debate, interrupting Trump 5 times more than Biden.

    Earlier this month, Rogan extended an invitation to both Trump and Biden for a 4 hour unedited debate. Trump almost immediately accepted, but the Biden campaign refused to even consider the offer.

    Now we know why. Biden can only survive in a debate when the biased moderator is firmly on his side.

    Twitter was flooded with calls for Rogan to step in and moderate the next debate.

    [….stream of tweets calling for a debate with Rogan moderating…]

    Enthusiasm for a Trump-Biden showdown moderated by Rogan is also reflected in a petition which is well on its way to receiving 300,000 signatures.

    A poll by Hill-HarrisX also found that 69% of respondents wanted to see Rogan moderate a presidential debate, with 31% opposing the idea.

    …………….End quote, more at link.

    I would love it if Joe Rogan were the moderator on the next debate!

    Liked by 9 people

  17. I woke up this morning thinking about this song, and the science that was used by Joe Biden to help pull off his debate performance. I was definitely blindsided in my expectations of how things would go down.

    Liked by 4 people

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