20200930: James Comey Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Guess who is going to be on Capitol Hill today to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That’s him. One of the favorite punching bags for the tar and feather brigade looking for a scalp in the plot to prevent his election and then overthrow President Donald Trump.

What he’ll be able to talk about since it is reported that former FBI Director James Comey gave up his security clearance a while back is anyone’s guess…although…come to think of it…Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe DID declassify all those documents related to the Crossfire Hurricane plot and swift boating yesterday….


You decide.

At any rate, here are the links that should be going live.

Have fun.

192 thoughts on “20200930: James Comey Before Senate Judiciary Committee

  1. Well it’s either going to be a waste of time, or a possibility that something new comes out?
    Going with the political theatre waste of time distraction.

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    1. Not a waste of time. Everything he says in this hearing is cast in concrete, waiting to be used against him in criminal proceedings. But it has to be recorded in order to be useful.

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        1. Why else not give a bloviating holier than thou opening statement from Mr Law enforcement Super guy? IF he puts stuff on the record that are LIES, and then gets asked about it, he has to plead the 5th, IE game over. Therefore he said NOTHING because he MUST be under oath, and is for the first time SCARED. His NON answers to everything and playing STUPID is PROOF.

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    1. In my opinion, the only reason Ms Lindsey called this hearing is so he can be seen on TV by the folks back home… he has competition for the first time in his life… and the $$ flow has slowed

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            1. I have several that would do the trick on my property. Unfortunately, would probably have to get permission from the Homeowners Association for the event! LOL 😂🤣 Okay, I’ll be good now.

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            2. I’ve read a lot of folks commit suicide by hanging from a door knob. Epstein hung himself from his bunk or some such nonsense. Comey simply needs some assistance.

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      1. BUT he has MAJOR problems. ONE those were HIS “copious notes” HE wrote them, HE gave them, and HE is on the record stating he did so to GET a Special Counsel. HE was also at the Jan 5th 2017 meeting. HE also signed off on the FISAS’s. HE is the one that would NOT publicly clear Trump. HE is the one that testified with Clapper and Brennan that he had high certainty of Russian interference. HE is the one who rewrote the Clinton case. HE is the one who went on TV and played super integrity guy. HE is the one who has stated NUMEROUS times he thought Trump was guilty enough to PROCEED in the LIE. It was HE that ADMITTED on tape that he SENT Strzok to get Flynn, and that it was somewhat sneaky. It was HE that McCabe, Strzok, Preiestap, Baker, and more reported to. HE was the head of the FBI. Playing STUPID now will NOT save him.

        Comey is HANGING himself here, IF the RIGHT questions…like those above…are ASKED.

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            1. These criminals are too young to remember Truman, and they didn’t study history… mostly business and ‘how to add to your income’ by spying on other people’…

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    1. Has ANYONE actually SEEN those returns? Answer NO. Do NOT buy into that premise. It is ALL innuendo (trying to FORCE Trump to release to refute, he does not have to. Lets not forget Trump was vetted by nearly EVERYONE including DHS, Treasury, FBI, CIA, DIA, IRS, NSC, etc. They found NOTHING. They HAVE NOTHING. This is a FISHING expedition…they will catch yet another boot.

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    1. Sure looks like Brennan and Comey “went along” with Hillary’s hoax. They READ Putin’s intelligence on Hillary’s plot and PLAYED ALONG. Hillary, whose campaign manager worked with a PRO-RUSSIAN UKRAINIAN FIRM.

      Wake up – these SOVIET SPUDS are horrifying.

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  2. EconChick/IntelChick@MikayesFiona
    Senator Grassley to Comey:

    “It’s obvious you weren’t on top of things as FBI Director.”

    Even Democrats have to pick one: Was Comey corrupt or was he just totally fvcking incompetent.

    They’re both a kiss of death.

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  3. Catherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge
    · 18h

    NOW: @LindseyGrahamSC tells @CBSNews that he is working to declassify notes cited in @DNI_Ratcliffe letter to the fullest extent possible + he questions whether the Sept 2016 “investigative referral” to FBI about an alleged effort by the Clinton campaign to distract from
    Show this thread

    Catherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge
    NOW: Senate Judiciary hearing. On @DNI_Ratcliffe letter + whether he received an “investigative referral” Sept 2016 about an alleged effort by Clinton campaign to distract from the email probe. @Comey said under oath, “It doesn’t ring a bell.” @LindseyGrahamSC “It went to you.”
    Quote Tweet

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  4. EconChick/IntelChick@MikayesFiona
    Mike Lee and other Republicans starting to really lay into Comey.

    Even if it’s for just being an absolutely incompetent lawyer and Director of FBI.

    He can’t squirm out of some form of black mark on his name.

    Yes I said this last night when I tweeted the bombshell within minutes of Ratcliffe releasing it. 🙂

    I said I loved Ratcliffe’s timing.
    Quote Tweet

    My Info@Hoffman11My

    · 25m
    Replying to @MikayesFiona

    Interesting timing by Radcliffe, releasing the letter yesterday just prior to Comey testimony. Certainly upped the ante for any perjury he planned to engage in.

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  5. SOME Democrap incompetence is totally intentional!!!!!

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    1. The FBI did not FALL for it, they were IN on it. I heard Rush just say, Hillary paid for the dossier, and was NOT upset because she got a pack of lies. WRONG. She did NOT pay for the dossier ALONE, she paid for the intel agencies and investigations that came WITH the dossier. THAT is what cost 12 million.

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  6. The comments OT concerning this hearing and Senator Graham in particular are so negative I am afraid that they will negatively affect his chances of re-election in November.

    Surely they can voice their dissatisfaction without taking out our own leadership?

    Unfortunately, we really need to hold the Senate.

    Keeping the President in office after he wins is a priority.

    That means that we need Senator Graham since he survived the primaries.

    Example of what I am talking about:

    Tess from Philly says:
    September 30, 2020 at 12:32 pm
    My takeaway from this disaster is Lindsey is going to lose his race. He’s awful. He is a swamp rat and cannot be trusted. I’m worried about the senate, but I’m pretty sure I’d go third party if he were in my state.

    Watching this hearing brings up the same feelings I had watching Lois Lerner. I feel sad for the loss of the America I once believed we had.

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    1. Where, pray tell, did this concern BS come from, excuse my French?


      Those Eeyores never got into here. They are OUT and they STAY OUT. I keep them out.

      Lindsey is going to win big because of what is happening RIGHT NOW, and what is going to happen during October.

      Just stand back. Don’t let THEIR bullshit affect YOU. You’re falling for it.

      This hearing is destroying Comey. It’s beautiful! ❤

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            1. You do recall that Graham served with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in USAF… and that he is well versed with Law on Enemy Combatants and GITMO in general, I am sure PRex…

              For others, via wiki:

              Most of his active duty within his span of military service happened from 1982 to 1988 when he served with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in the United States Air Force, as a defense attorney and then with the Air Force’s chief prosecutor in Europe based in West Germany. Later his entire service in the U.S. Air Force Reserve ran concurrently with his congressional career. He was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in 2014.

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      1. Even though they are not here most of us know people like this and can work to counter their negativity.

        Yesterday someone I know to be very influential and part of the Democrat machine informed me of their very tireless efforts to flip the Senate.

        I’m sorry Wolf, but it has appalled me.

        Over many years I have watched as people on our side have given power to our enemies because we are not perfect!

        My appeal was not aimed at people here except in the sense that as we have opportunities to express ourselves to others this can be a focus as well.

        I admit I don’t love Lindsey but am so comforted that you are sure of his win.

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        1. MS Lindsey will be attend a handful of rallies with President Trump.

          100% President knows he needs the Senate to confirm Judges / Justices. It is a must win goal – maintain the Senate.


    2. LM,

      I fear folks OT read too much of some dude’s negativity…

      and fortunately, I don’t think any South Carolina voters post over there anymore, altho I could be wrong.

      At any rate, South Carolina is very RED, as are most of her counties. Dems are majority in the poorer, mostly farming counties, and up near Myrtle Beach where so many of the Dem Tar Heels (North Carolina) have transplanted.

      Donald Trump garnered 54.9% of the State’s vote; Clirnton only 40.8%

      Additionally, historically SC voters like having their senators in office a long time so that they get to chair committees and pimp for bringing the rest of the country’s nuclear waste here. Sen Graham is feeling competition for the FIRST time ever, and even a little bit is a heavy dose for him… and he has always enjoyed a fully-funded treasure chest, mostly outside $$… I honestly don’t know if he’s running low (for him) on funds, or just trying to put off the competition (Soros-funded)…

      LM, you are in my opinion correct about needing to elect down ticket… and I am hoping and praying the RNC is sharing MORE of their funds with these candidates than they did in 2016.

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      1. Thank you Phoenix ❤️❤️❤️

        This is comforting and informative.

        I don’t know about the funds, but I do know that he is running against a BLM supporting leftist, and I know that my “friend” has moved into areas which leaned red and they somehow turned blue. I also know of at least one person who voted for the President last time (and still supports him) who donated to Jaime this time around because BLM.

        I already knew that we should work to retake the House and keep the Senate, but yesterday raised my alarms about it.

        I will take your words to heart and am grateful for them.

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        1. LM,

          Don’t you think a lot of people are fooled by the title of the group BLM? They don’t realize that BLM is Marxist, not at all concerned with justice for black people?

          Remember in the 70s when NOW (Nat’l Organization for Women) appeared? I got sucked into following them for a nano-second because of the word “Women” … same ruse…
          I see Candace Owens as a wonderful spokesperson for justice for black (and white and brown!) human beings. Here’s one of her comments on BLM:

          Candace Owens Retweeted
          Candace Owens@RealCandaceO
          Sep 23
          Black Lives Matter is an organization of white men, using the faces of dead black people, to raise millions of dollars toward electing white Democrats into positions of power.

          It is the most flagrantly racist organization in America.

          You might consider sharing some of her tweets on BLM with friends … they don’t have to tweet to read what she has to say.

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      1. it’s an EASY choice for Comey, Brennan, Mueller, and so on to make. being stupid is not or maybe less criminal than admitting you committed sedition or treason or whatever it is…
        it might make them look like jackasses, but they will be free jackasses…

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    1. Comey, has NO WHERE to go. Mueller, let WEISMANN be the face. Mueller did NOT make any statements till the END. THEN it enabled him to be labeled as senile and not in control of his OWN investigation. Comey does NOT have that luxury….LOL his OWN words started Mueller, and they are an ANCHOR.

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          1. Snort! He is one ugly guy… my sweet mama always told me that as we age, one’s face will reflect the life we have led. If she could speak now she would say he was one evil person. (I can hear her wings flappin’ now)

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  7. Sean Davis @seanmdav
    Complete lie.
    Quote Tweet

    Hans Mahncke@HansMahncke

    · 7m
    Comey just doubled down on his claim that Mifsud was a Russian agent.

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  8. Enjoyin’ the show?

    There’s an awful lot of vitriol and emotional investment in a hearing that’s benefiting the Republicans asking the questions more than anything else.

    I’m still not convinced this is anything more than a laser pointer.

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        1. Back before 17 appeared on 4chan, on the various chat boards, there were posts claiming Comey and Mueller were working for the president. In fact, FBI Anon said Comey wanted Hillary Clinton’s blood he hates her so.

          And then he was labeled a black hat and very few people are looking past that to the reality that Jim Comey went to disinformation school in the 1980s.

          If this is a movie we are watching, a show, are the people who DON’T work at CNN and who have played less than wholesome parts REALLY all black hats, or were they part of the plan and are double agents?

          I’m sitting back and watching ’cause at this point, beyond the War Industries Board and guest lists to the Bildeburg Conferences, nothing is really certain. We don’t know who knows what, who is playing a part, who is in a sham marriage…I could go on.

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  9. not that it matters, but Herridge says UNDER OATH…

    NOW: Under oath Senate Judiciary @Comey “I don’t remember any information reaching me about the source for Steele.” WHY IT MATTERS: Newly declassified records show FBI Russia team knew as early as Dec 2016 the primary source for the Steele dossier was the subject of 2009 FBI

    — Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) September 30, 2020

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