20200929: Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, POTUS vs. Hiden’ Biden

And with this tweet, it looks like the event is on:

No lid on Biden appearances today, apparently.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of chatter, even from our favorite letter of the alphabet.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 51569f No.10835804📁
Sep 29 2020 11:38:09 (EST)NEW


After that drop appeared, this happened.

You’d expect such a request from a very pregnant woman, but a man bidding to be the most powerful person on the planet?

This is going to be the definition of a [guano] show if there ever was such a thing.

Oh, found this @Jack’s place. For those who play:

Before this is over we’ll all be either lying on the floor due to a drinking game, or just like Joey, the rescued sea otter in Vancouver.

Are we ready?

Live links to be added.

I don’t see a link for OANN.

696 thoughts on “20200929: Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, POTUS vs. Hiden’ Biden

  1. POTUS smacking Biden down on unsolicited mail in ballots.

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              1. Thanks for pointing me to the right place on the video to hear it again! I did notice it during the debate but didn’t assign it the importance you did (& should have–I live in Michigan after all)–there was A Lot going on as we were watching so I for sure missed some stuff. At least my daughter watched the whole thing w/ me & my special needs son wandered through periodically. My husband couldn’t be bothered, but he would think it a complete waste of time, & is an extremely firm Trump vote, but doesn’t like wading into the weeds like we do 😉

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  3. Here’s the Deal, Biden – you have no idea about what you are talking!!!

    Why is Chris talking about mail-in voting – no problem in 2018 – we have evidence there was!

    He is pontificating from the Moderator’s Desk!!!

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      1. I thought it was mostly hilarious 😁

        No stress, DJT didn’t even need to break a sweat, and he will only get better from here on.

        The rest of the debates should be pure comedy gold 👍

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    1. Take HEART, even the pundits and left know Joe lost, and lost BAD. How do I know? Because they are urging him to NOT debate Trump again, stating Trump was mean LOL. They are all stating it was “non enlightening” …Oh it was VERY enlightening…It showed Wallace’s bias, and Biden’s LIES

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      1. Heheh…yeah, it’s always infuriating to watch the way the liberal ‘moderators’ fk over our guys.

        It was outrageous what Chrissy Wallace did tonight.
        Made me want to smack him.

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  4. Man !

    could Wallace have wrapped this thing up any faster ???

    he just speeded thru this charade faster than the speed of light !

    and, welp ! that’s about it guys ! (knee slap !)

    yeppr ! get ‘er done and get Joe outa there !

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  5. And it’s over.
    Chris Wallace will get his Bonus $$$ check from Paul Ryan for being a sh!t to POTUS.
    Ole Joe will spend the next day or so sleeping off the effects of the drugs given to him over the past SEVERAL DAYS to keep him awake and coherent tonight.
    Lying MSM will scream that Ole Joe “won” the debate tonight (“He was so Presidential, while Trump was a bully.”)
    Donna Brazile is already busy arranging for getting Biden the questions to the next debate.

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    1. Lots of careful coaching.
      Having the questions ahead of time.
      Last TWO WEEKS minimum of his handlers changing his circadian clock schedule to avoid Sundowner Syndrome tonight.
      Very likely was taking a “cocktail” of medications to keep him focused and able to memorize his lines — along the lines of an EUGEROIC drug like MODAVIGIL. These drugs are also called “COGNITIVE ENHANDERS.”

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    2. The President should have let Biden talk without interruption so Biden would start going word salad. Biden did it a few time and kept correcting himself, when he kept “equity” and correct himself “equality”.

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      1. Those few times Beden got into his memorized stuff he looked like a zombie, but thanks to what Trump revealed by the interruptions, the CHEAT also showed up during the non-interruptions.

        I’ll explain in a bit.

        Yes – word salad.

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            1. but what’s the END GAME? showcasing an obviously incapacitated man as a candidate for the leader of the free world? how dumb are democrats? they can’t believe these performances will draw voters to him? why not remove him now and try to revive the enthusiasm? can they be THAT confident that cheating will assure their victory?

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              1. I think Biden was supposed to do better in the debate by Trump letting him speak. Then the NLP Obama-style hypno-fakery would have worked. They had a LOT riding on it. Burned up. Chips swept off the table. I can see what they WANTED to do, and it failed.

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    3. Imho I think he’s been playing as you said a “head fake” hoping it’ll keep him out of jail and gain the sympathy from the people. I’m so sick of these and their games!!!

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    4. “How in the heck did Biden pull off 90 minutes of debate without a major mental glitch? Has he been playing possum on us? A head fake?”


      He was terrible.

      He had no coherent argument, just a string of naked assertions, or negations.

      He has no accomplishments in 47 years of being in government, and he has no plan.

      He’s just a goof.

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  6. OAN slams Chrissy Wallass !!! Calls him a disgrace, needs to wipe the brown off his nose 😳😳
    Someone needs to get that clip of their response after the debate

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    1. Wallace just DESTROYED any semblance of credibility or “impartiality ” he may have had. He will go the way of Candi Crowley. The LEFT will love him, but his career is OVER. Was it WORTH it Chris, your dad would be so “proud” You sold your soul, and you got NOTHING, Trump STILL won. America wants a FIGHTER. You just PROVED that that is EXACTLY what Trump is, he took on TWO opponents, and STILL won.

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  7. Do we have a list of states, maybe a color coded map of states, that are allowing extened vote counting?

    If we have enough red states on election night, the states allowing extended mail in voting counting won’t matter.

    Do we have list of all states suddenly doing universal mail out/in voting?

    Again, if we have enough that are “normal” and timely that are red election night, that declare quickly, the rest won’t matter.

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  8. TRUMP WAR ROOM has lots of good material to retweet!

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              1. Yes, he did – one had to deaf, dumb, and blind not to see what he was doing – Biden not only had help at the podium – but, he also had help from the moderator – and you could tell when he was reading, too.

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  9. i did not watch tonight because I had the feeling that it was a sham with Wallace on the helm. I know who I am voting for and not changing my mind because Biden is a scam artist and allowed to be one.

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  10. There’s something so filthy and tainted, so corrupted about Joe Biden that I would not want to even be in the same space with him. Something horrible radiates from that man. Projectile vomiting of lies.

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          1. “Uncle Joe” lost his cool.”


            This is schtick, his go-to fall-back plan.

            Whenever he’s dead in the water, he comes roaring out with bluster. It’s the same thing his spokespeople do when asked about Pedo Joe’s mental condition.

            They never address the issue, they just get indignant and belligerent.

            Because what else can they do?

            Pedo Joe was doing the exact same thing tonight.

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            1. Yeah and NOW they caught him wearing a wire to boot! NOW I understand why Trtump was ALL attack. He kept Joe from focusing on the spew being FED to him from someone. WATCH these videos, YOU tell me.

              Looks like a wire to an earpiece in his shoulder, and the mic for him is in his sleeve, that is NO cuff link.

              I als re watched, and you can CLEARLY see Joe looking down, CONCENTRATING by closing his eyes, he was not concentrating on Trump, he got no rebuts in, he was NOT concentrating on Wallace, he was LISTENING to the NEXT scripted answer while WALLACE was attacking and debating Trump.

              NOW I also know why WALLACE got flustered, not because Trump was rude, but because he KEPT going off their pre planned script, forcing Joe and HIM to scramble. Trump KNEW.

              Then we have the near END where even WALLACE became so confused and flustererd that he VALIDATED Trump on Biden’s green new deal, FORCING Biden to disavow it. OOPS. I said it before the best laid plans of mice (RATS in this case) and men (CORRUPT MEN in this case) oft go astray! Link


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  11. Ok…now let’s see if ANY Fox peep’s…starting with Hannity…will point out how horrible Chrissy Wallace was…not holding my breath…be a good company man…stay in line…puke.

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  12. The first debate on Fox last time was 3 against one with Megan trying to deal the death blow to the President,

    If there is anything you saw tonight that would help the President in the next debate I think he needs to hear it. He needs feedback from the people who love him and he needs to hear how he can improve and what is important to us.

    I think it would be good email him and let him know. There is a place for that on the official White House site, and I have to believe that someone looks at those and hopefully compiles them and brings that feedback to the attention of someone higher up.

    If the President gets enough feedback to (i.e.) prepare better (based on a couple of comments OT) or list more of his accomplishments for Obamacare or Black Americans then the hope is that they would be compiled and passed on and given attention.

    I didn’t watch, just read both threads here and there. It didn’t save me. I am still upset and angry……but I realize that whatever went wrong gives us 2 more chances to fix it.

    Romney won the first debate and lost the Presidency on the 3rd.

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    1. Please don’t be upset! President Trump was great tonight, he had an excellent strategy!

      He knew it would be two against one, and he knew they were all hoping to get joe through it in one piece, and PT cut through all their carefully laid plans in the first few minutes. Joe clearly had answers memorized but when he spoke extemporaneously he sounded like a moron. He was rude and crude, I’m sure he shocked a lot people who think of him as grandpa joe, they got the cold, hard truth tonight.

      And Chris Wallace knew right away it was a lost cause, there was no way he could save joe. And bingo, that’s all over the web tonight, the story of the debate is Chris Wallace, don’t be surprised to see him go the way of Megan Kelly. His voice was shaking and he giggled at the end from his nerves.

      PT knocked heads together tonight, as my dad would say, and it was glorious. Next debate he can be smooth as butter and joe still won’t know what hit him.

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    2. Remember “The Art of War”. Appear weak, then act decisively and strong..

      VSGPDJT was gathering info, holding back a lot of things that will come out in the next debates, should they even happen.

      Just remember the debates four years ago.

      VSGPDJT was debating at least three, if not four other parties: Bi-DONE, whoever was feeding his earpiece, whoever was feeding his tablet (or whatever), Wall-Ass, and the YSM/MCM. Add to that the fact that Bi-DONE had the questions beforehand and was coached on them, probably in cahoots with Wall-Ass, and this was anything but a fair debate with an even playing field…



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    1. “Why is Biden allowed to repeat that the facts about Hunter–as put out by a Senate Committee, with data from Treasury Department–are discredited? ”


      Because Chris Wallace is in the tank for the dems, that’s why.

      Everybody knows.

      Reminds me of the scene in Tremors (1990), where Earl says about the giant subterranean Worm creatures:

      “Hey, Rhonda you ever seen anything like this before?”

      And Kevin Bacon’s character replies “Oh, sure Earl. Everyone knows about them. We just didn’t tell you.”


      Begin at the 0:53 second mark:

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    1. The truth is that those programs are very intentionally racist against white people, and the Leftists in government tried to INSTITUTIONALIZE RACISM against white people.

      DJT needs to work on his answer to that attack, because they’re going to come back to it again and again until he “seizes the day”, so to speak.

      All he needs to do is pick THREE examples of the kind of bullshit Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ teaches, and the American People will be REPULSED by it and support his decision 1,000%.

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