20200929: Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, POTUS vs. Hiden’ Biden

And with this tweet, it looks like the event is on:

No lid on Biden appearances today, apparently.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of chatter, even from our favorite letter of the alphabet.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 51569f No.10835804📁
Sep 29 2020 11:38:09 (EST)NEW


After that drop appeared, this happened.

You’d expect such a request from a very pregnant woman, but a man bidding to be the most powerful person on the planet?

This is going to be the definition of a [guano] show if there ever was such a thing.

Oh, found this @Jack’s place. For those who play:

Before this is over we’ll all be either lying on the floor due to a drinking game, or just like Joey, the rescued sea otter in Vancouver.

Are we ready?

Live links to be added.

I don’t see a link for OANN.

696 thoughts on “20200929: Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, POTUS vs. Hiden’ Biden

  1. Ole Joe trying to slam POTUS for not “going in and talking to” the RIOTERS, LOOTERS, BLM, ANTIFA??
    Chis Wallace steps in to try and salvage Ole Joe from making more of a fool of himself.

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  2. I suspect he brings up the 128 judges thing because it makes the point that Hussein (and everybody else) never thought she would lose…

    And that’s because the fix was in!

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    1. …but he needed to bring up the video of Biden calling the troops idiots and REFUTE the bogus story about him calling the troops suckers….THIS WAS ANOTHER HUGE MISS….Red meat for us about Hunter, net negative to people who don’t know about shit about Hunter Biden and Burisma and the Moscow mayor

      ….I think I need a few days off

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  3. Oh, my – I cannot stand the lies that come out of Biden’s mouth!!! A booming economy they left PT?

    His son got the Bronze Star? Beau?

    Oh, dear – now Climate Change – what will you do about Climate Change? Paris Accord?

    PT wants crystal clear water and clean air!!! Forest Fires need forest management!!!

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  4. Beau Biden signed an baseless arrest warrant for Larry Sinclair when he was State Attorney General That is why Biden became VP
    Larry Sinclair arrest, Delaware warrant, Charges dismissed, Truth about warrant, Inside information, Obama camp and Bidens, Joe Biden, Fabricated warrant, Political prisoner, * Update *

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      1. one and the same….
        When Biden got the VP nod the dots totally connected.for me
        It did not make sense that a State Attorney General would sign a warrant, especially a baseless warrant,
        It was also when Biden got the VP nod that I knew for sure that Obama was gay or at least Bi-Sexual.

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  5. All week long I made myself listen to all the jokers on Fox News talk about how their colleague Chris Wallace was the greatest debate moderator of all time. What a frickin’ joke. None of these people have any credibility left whatsoever. This man is an absolute disgrace.

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  6. Biden: “He’s absolutely wrong, that’s number one.”

    Another great argument Joe!

    Do you have anything… anything at all… to back up that naked assertion?


    What an ass! 😂🤣😂

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  7. the stupid INANE topics !


    RACE …barf


    Trump’s taxes….srsly ???

    climate change…smh

    UKRAINE …hello ?

    HUNTER BIDEN …hello ?

    MASKS …geez…how many minutes were wasted on that ???

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    1. All the people that benefited from Biden spending their ill gotten gains, real estate agents, restaurants, servants, rehab centers, strippers, hookers, drug dealers, etc.


  8. Joe wants to blame President Trump for everything, Hurricanes, Fires, Floods, the Dereccho winds – all have come throughout all time as long as the earth has been created. There is NO increase of those.

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  9. POTUS nailing Biden on supporting the Green New Deal! Biden just said he DOESN’T support it!

    Now Wallace is onto “election and vote integrity”.

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