20200929: Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, POTUS vs. Hiden’ Biden

And with this tweet, it looks like the event is on:

No lid on Biden appearances today, apparently.

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of chatter, even from our favorite letter of the alphabet.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 51569f No.10835804📁
Sep 29 2020 11:38:09 (EST)NEW


After that drop appeared, this happened.

You’d expect such a request from a very pregnant woman, but a man bidding to be the most powerful person on the planet?

This is going to be the definition of a [guano] show if there ever was such a thing.

Oh, found this @Jack’s place. For those who play:

Before this is over we’ll all be either lying on the floor due to a drinking game, or just like Joey, the rescued sea otter in Vancouver.

Are we ready?

Live links to be added.

I don’t see a link for OANN.

696 thoughts on “20200929: Debate, Cleveland, Ohio, POTUS vs. Hiden’ Biden

  1. Somebody’s running POTUS’ twitter

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  2. Notice how POTUS is NOT using notes. He doesn’t need them.
    Notice how Ole Joe KEEPS LOOKING AT HIS PODIUM. He DOES have notes.
    Notice how Ole Joe keeps up that CONDESCENDING LAUGH at POTUS. Then looks down at his podium AGAIN.

    A shot of Crown Royal! — Old Joe said, “C’mon!”

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      1. No Apple Watch. Ole Joe would have to move his arm and wrist to see a watch face. Ole Joe is looking STRAIGHT DOWN at his podium. He’s got notes — maybe even THE DEBATE QUESTIONS.


  3. Biden: “You’re the worst president America has ever had.”

    That’s a great argument Joe… do you have anything to back that up… anything at all?


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    1. Biden is wrong about the Fed government buying American. That law has been in place since about the 1960s or earlier. The GSA is to buy American made goods & services, BUT as more & more products/services were sent overseas, the Feds got GSA waivers to buy none American goods/services because not available in the USA or to costly. I remember the scandal (quickly snuffed out) about 2000 that US military uniforms were being made in China. The Dept of Defense said that was because there were no US companies or textiles to make the uniforms.

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  4. I’m a chicken, so I’m “enjoying” the debates vicariously through you all.

    Seemed like ol’ Joe actually started off somewhat solid (that booster shot must be potent) and POTUS initially came across as agitated. Had to turn it off due to nerves. So I’m guessing that Joe Is starting to falter now?

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  5. Liked by 5 people

    Ole Joe is losing it now. “George Floyd peaceful protests.” BS

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  7. I’m sorry, I know I’m the lone wolf on this but, sure this is red meat for diehards like us, and he has to debate two people, but this (so far) isn’t doing anything to sway people on the fence….

    Just my take…….

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    1. Not sure what else he’s supposed to do?

      He has two people throwing conjecture and lies and misrepresentations at him. If he doesn’t take them on head-on, he would get steamrolled.

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    1. He totally didn’t mention his Platinum Plan for Black Americans. The MSM won’t talk about and this was his chance to talk about it. He should have said, “Here’s what I am doing about racism in America, Joe. My Platinum Plan for Black American …..”


  8. I think Biden’s got the ear things in his ears, I’m not positive, but when he turns his head, it looks too smooth, and it could be why the camera is trying to keep a head on shot. Again, not sure, but am suspicious. (Listening on radio and watching off and on on comp.)

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  9. Racial insensitivity and Biden says “Joe Biden he was able to stay home during covid because black women were stocking the shelves” . https://youtu.be/8ZfbUsmeV0w

    Did Biden just say they look down on Catholics, yet the Democrats are crucifying Amy Coney Barrett due to her being a Catholic .

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  10. some people will believe the lies Joe throws out there because they think he wouldn’t lie, not on TV…

    Wallace and his wild comment about people rioting in Republican cities is too much.

    Moderators are not supposed to make any comment like that…

    yeah I know… they’ve been doing it for a while..

    can’t watch lies…

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