9.28.20 News Roundup! PDJT’s Interview, Lindsey Graham’s Interview, PDJT’s Press Conference, Big Win In Wisconsin Supreme Court, Governor DeSantis Continues To Show Real Leadership, Florida Is Turning RED, Democrats May Live To Regret Scaring Their Voters About Voting In Person, Larry Schweikart’s Article Is Dead On, Don’t Expect A Durham Report Before the Election, The NYTs Fails Again, Senator Ron Johnson’s Interview…..

Yesterday our President appeared on Fox News for an interview with Pete Hegseth to discuss the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Our President discussed the nomination and the potential opposition to Judge Barrett’s nomination.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham appeared on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest DC events surrounding senate investigations and the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Senate Judiciary hearings begin on October 12th, committee nomination likely October 22nd to Cocaine Mitch.

Yesterday our President held a press conference with the assembled White House press corp.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Another major win for the good guys! This is why having the 4-3 majority in Wisconsin was so critical.

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court on Sunday temporarily halted a six-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin’s presidential election, a momentary victory for Republicans and President Donald Trump in the key presidential battleground state.

As it stands, ballots will now be due by 8 p.m. on Election Day. A lower court judge had sided with Democrats and their allies to extend the deadline until Nov. 9. Democrats sought more time as a way to help deal with an expected historic high number of absentee ballots.

[…] U.S. District Judge William Conley ruled Sept. 21 that ballots that arrive up to six days after Election Day will count as long as they’re postmarked by Election Day. Sunday’s action puts Conley’s order on hold until the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals or U.S. Supreme Court issues any further action.

Governor DeSantis continues to show incredible leadership!

Speaking about the State of Florida, it is turning more RED with each passing day.

From the article linked above:

In Florida, Republicans have narrowed the Democratic voter registration edge to a historic low ahead of the 2020 U.S. presidential election. At just 183,596, the Democratic advantage is below 200,000 for the first time since partisan tracking began in 1972.

In August, Republicans added a record 58,000 new voters, which is 41% more new registrations for Democrats statewide. At 5,020,199, Republicans now represent 35.7% of the total 14,065,627 registered voters in Florida. That compares to 5,203,795 Democratic voters, representing 37.0%.

[…] As was the case at the start of the year in January, modeling indicates President Trump will be difficult to defeat in November in the Sunshine State. While it’s still early and the state is always close, the data trend indicates the president is favored to carry the state for a second time.

After reading this thread, I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off!

The Democrats and MSM may actually be destroying their chances on November 3rd by forcing their voters to believe they will die by voting in person. The VBM numbers in NC are really bad for the Democrats.

The Governor of Nevada may receive a dozen roses from me by killing his economy. Democrats are being forced out of the state to find work because of his draconian lockdown orders. They won’t be voting in person or by mail.

Democrat turnout could very easily be down this year thanks to their Governor.

No one is talking about the college vote disappearing because so many colleges are having students work from home. I think New Hampshire could easily be won by PDJT because of the lack of the college vote and the fact that the voting requirements are no longer same day registration.

Larry Schweikart wrote an excellent article about the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. mistake.

From the article linked above:

It’s hard to overemphasize this story yesterday from Axios, a reliable Democrat organ. For months, we’ve been hearing that Joe Biden has a “digital” campaign that is emphasizing vote by mail (VBM). The reason for the pivot? According to Axios, “threats of U.S. Postal Service delays, Team Trump litigation and higher ballot rejection rates become clearer, many are pivoting to promote more in-person voting as well.”

Nice reasons. All of them possibly contributory. But for the most part, this is a lie. Do you want to know what is really causing the panic? Two words: North Carolina.

As the VBM from early voting in North Carolina are coming in (according to joeisdone.githu.io), it is already clear that Democrats were “expecting” 60% VBM “turnout,” but so far are looking at a shocking 40% VBM—and this is before ballots are tossed out or disqualified. On the other hand, Republicans were expected to come in at an 18% rate—but are actually slightly over-performing at about a 20% rate. In other words, in their first test of VBM, the Democrats saw a disaster on the horizon.

It’s really worse than that. Joe Biden, by all public accounts, was way, way behind the curve in the ground game from the beginning. He didn’t have an office in Minnesota until August. Biden field workers are way understaffed and under-supplied. Then they have a candidate who has put a “lid” on his public appearances at 9:00 in the morning!

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo announced yesterday that sources have shared not to expect any interim report or outcomes from the probe by John Durham prior to the election.

The New York Times fails again in trying to get PDJT!

The MORONS at the New York Times attempt to make an issue out of our President’s real estate holdings working as a tax shelter and reducing income taxes.

In the MORONIC article the Times completely shows they don’t have a damn clue when it comes to the way income taxes are strategically offset by depreciation, mortgage interest and the entire reason why real estate ownership is viewed as a business.

From the article linked above:

[…] So imagine our guy took out an $8 million mortgage at five percent, paying $2 million cash. Now he’s got to pay $400,000 in mortgage payments. He wants to make at least that much so he charges tenants an aggregate of $425,000, which after upkeep comes out to $410,000 of net income. (Remember, if the bank didn’t think he could make more in rent than the mortgage payment, it probably wouldn’t have lent him the money.) The interest payment on the loan–let’s call it $390,000–is deductible from his income, leaving him with $20,000 in net income. He gets to keep that and pay no taxes on it, however, because he still gets to apply the $370,000 depreciation charge. He tells the IRS he lost $350,000.

Under our tax code, ordinary business expenses can be deducted in the year they are incurred. But when a business pays for a long-lasting item expected to produce income–like machinery, vehicles, or an apartment building–it is considered a capital investment. Instead of getting to write-off the cost all at once, the business is required to write it off over the course of decades. After the 1986 tax code, this was set at 27.5 years for residential real estate.

Here is another excellent thread about the NYTs article:

I can’t wait for our President to be re-elected so that he can FIRE the POS Christopher Wray!

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Senator Ron Johnson, was interviewed by Maria Bartiromo. Senator Johnson starts by outlining the documents and evidence of Hunter Biden corrupt activity that the POS MSM refuse to cover. He then goes after the POS FBI Director for concealing evidence.

98 thoughts on “9.28.20 News Roundup! PDJT’s Interview, Lindsey Graham’s Interview, PDJT’s Press Conference, Big Win In Wisconsin Supreme Court, Governor DeSantis Continues To Show Real Leadership, Florida Is Turning RED, Democrats May Live To Regret Scaring Their Voters About Voting In Person, Larry Schweikart’s Article Is Dead On, Don’t Expect A Durham Report Before the Election, The NYTs Fails Again, Senator Ron Johnson’s Interview…..

  1. For those worried that the Senate will use the entire month of October for the confirmation of ACB, don’t be! Consider it a gift to our President and our country. The Democrats have everything to lose and will be forced by their crazies to go nuts throughout the month. The crazier they go the better it will be for us not only in getting more votes for our President but for us keeping the 53-47 margin in the Senate (could increase it by 1) and us recapturing the House.

    Our President neutered their BS about Obamacare by putting an EO about protecting Americans with preexisting conditions and his healthcare plan to replace Obamacare.

    The biggest issue for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. is the fact that Coronavirus takes a backseat to the confirmation process. It also assures that their MONSTER will lash out throughout the month but especially when the final vote is taken. That will occur during the final week before the election. It will assure that the late deciders break heavily towards our President.

    We have absolutely NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.

    Make sure to stock up on your popcorn for the show 😉!

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    1. Good call – I’ve been thinking the same thing. I think our VSG has been SAVORING replacement of RBG with ACB from the beginning of his campaign. The Coronacrats are getting NUKED by RBG not making it past the election.

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      1. I think he wanted the one that would send them into convulsions
        Is in twitmo again. Fucking week this time.
        All I said was hang the skank about the skank who deliberately ran over Potus supporters and I’m abusive. Ffs

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    2. “The Democrats have everything to lose and will be forced by their crazies to go nuts throughout the month.”

      The crazies are not capable of standing by and doing nothing when it comes to social justice issues. But when it comes to doing real work…

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    3. VOTE NOW on Judge Barrett for SCOTUS
      [rinsing & repeating]

      Why the HELL wait through 2 weeks of Demo☭rat-M$M’s CHARACTER ASSASSINATION?

      … Start TODAY!

      Why the HELL allow Senators to PRIVATELY accost Judge Barrett to favor their POLITICS?

      … Make ALL questions PUBLIC from the floor of the Senate!

      What the HELL is “MARKUP” of a Confirmation Vote?

      … it’s YES or NO … with ZERO SENATE SNARK!

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      1. BKR
        One wonders why Sen. GRAHAM is scheduling the Kabuki Theater “confirmation hearings” AND the ENTIRE WEEK of “markup” in the committee for Judge Barrett’s nomination to even GET to the Senate floor.
        One wonders why THE TURTLE is going along with this.
        One wonders why BOTH Graham and McConnell are being COMPLICIT in allowing scum like Schumer to savage her life / reputation / judicial career, etc., by this SENATE FARCE.
        Especially since apparently GRAHAM is having a lot of trouble getting himself re-elected in South Carolina.

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  2. Who commandeth tile sun and it riseth not: and shutteth up the stars as it were under a seal:
    Who alone spreadeth out the heavens, and walketh upon the waves of the sea.

    Job 9:7-9, DRA

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  3. Apparently, CRYIN’ CHUCK is having a spaz that somebody [cough] named the new 1-in-9 NOTORIOUS ACB.

    Republicans condemned for promoting ‘Notorious ACB’ shirts days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death
    Democratic senator says the point of the shirt was ‘to stick a finger in the eye of Ginsburg’s grieving family and anyone mourning her loss’

    Chris Riotta
    New York
    8 hours ago


    What do I say?


    The fact is simply that Schumer is now CULTURALLY IRRELEVANT.

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        1. My only conclusion is we have been deceived by everyone in medical research and government.

          ^^^ ALL orchestrated from inception, back in Wuhan. ChiComs in concert AND the cabal.

          ChiCom marionettists, working their marionettes – WHO, CDC, FDA…
          Two days ago, poted here on QTree…

          Pfizer CEO blasted out there is NO second wave. We are witnessing massive false positives.

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              1. If only I could type what I’m meaning to say…
                Chief Science Officer

                Since the day I got this keyboard the key for the letter “i” has not worked well. The brain doing the proofreading isn’t much better.

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      1. If you don’t have time for the video – scan the article.

        Re: the virus – I think his point is valid….that the test is limited/faulty, the array of coronaviruses plentiful, the data scurrilous and intentionally manipulated, and the fear-mongering is rampant.

        Day’s final remarks are that the coronavirus pandemic is a cover-up to hide the global banking corruption and the result of corrupt politicians fiscal policies.

        As much as we all have looked into the virus business – we have seen that something ain’t right – smells like rotten fish.

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        1. …we have seen that something ain’t right…

          The REAL disease IS Federal and State bureaucracies ARE both CORRUPT and INEPT. Mesmerized by their own corruption. Drunk on power and $$$.

          Liked by 9 people

        2. It’s dirty low down tactics to continue to mess up the citizens of this country and I pray to God someone will step up and crush it like the ugly evil crap it is and arrest all the perpetrators for fraud and … and … 😫🤚‼️😣🤚‼️ ..

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  4. Speaking of the infamous ‘Coronavirus 2019’



    2:00PM – President Trump will give an update on the nation’s Coronavirus Testing Strategy

    Rose Garden

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    1. Hope Chanel asks about the Pfizer CEO statement about NO second wave. Massive false positives.

      Fully realize this puts testing in a bad light. But, any more, I, 100% testing is a huge problem, the real promlem..

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  5. “29 Supreme Court vacancies have occurred during an election year or before an inauguration.

    In every single instance, the President has performed his Constitutional duty to nominate a Justice.”


    No justifications or explanations to the enemy are necessary.

    Just do it.

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  6. “Joe Biden, by all public accounts, was way, way behind the curve in the ground game from the beginning. He didn’t have an office in Minnesota until August. Biden field workers are way understaffed and under-supplied.”


    Morale must be high though, knowing the candidate they’re working for is — mentally — completely checked out of the picture… 😂🤣😂

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      1. “They are flocking to their hatch’s in international waters.”


        That will be convenient.

        Not sure what ‘hatches’ refers to — but if it’s in international waters, it can be sunk! 👍 😁

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          1. “Yatchs.”


            I’m not sure what ‘yatchs’ refers to — but if it’s in international waters, it can STILL be sunk! 👍 😁


            (just kidding Ozzy, I know what a yatch is 😁)

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  7. Does this set a ‘precedent’ for all the other States?👇


    It happens in so many other things…a court case somewhere sets a ‘precedent’ that attorneys point to in other cases around the country.

    Even though it is in Wisconsin, this was in a Federal appeals court.

    So wouldn’t that mean that it applies to the rest of the country too?
    I hope so!

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    1. Hopefully Appeals Courts toss all of the recent BS ballot counting, validating rulings.

      My bouncing ball theory…

      IF Appeals Courts toss the rulings, Then IF the case then rises to SC, even a 4-4 ruling maintains the “toss” the lower Court ruling.

      Granted we are hoping ACB rises to Justice in time to help maintain integrity in the vote.
      We rally need minimum Federal standards for Federal elections. The States are totally running amuck, creating systems that preclude integrity and tacitly allow cheating.

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      1. Yep, agreed, Kalbo.
        We definitely need some standards for the Federal elections.

        I believe in States Rights.
        But when the marijuana laws came along, legalizing a federally ‘controlled substance’…and the Fed Govt let it slide…then that emboldened the Dem-controlled states to take it further.

        I don’t care about the marijuana laws.
        But we have to draw a line with the elections.

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  8. awesome roundup as always! thanks!!

    I’m trying to remember, and forgive me if i get it wrong, but I believe RBG once spoke about how amazed she was at the ease of her confirmation hearing. She was a board member of the ACLU (?) and that should have garnered a lot of scrutiny, but it didn’t and she passed easily.
    times have certainly changed.

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    1. The Dems controlled the Senate in 1993 when RBG was confirmed.

      That’s why it went so easy for her.
      Dem president and Dem-controlled senate.

      There had been lots of nastiness before that, with the Bork and Thomas nominations.
      But those were nominees from Republican Presidents…so the Dems spazzed out, trying to get them to withdraw.
      Which Bork did, so having been successful with him, the Dems keep trying to do that again.

      The Dems controlled the Senate in 1987 too, when Judge Bork was borked.

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      1. i finally found the decision I was looking for in Cornyn’s tweet–they confirmed Ruth 93-3…so they didn’t focus on her ACLU membership too much

        After all, the Senate’s role in the process is to “advise and consent.”

        Justice Ginsburg was confirmed by a Senate vote of 93-3

        — Senator John Cornyn (@JohnCornyn) September 27, 2020

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          1. I’d imagine the Ukraine, too, as Satan Soros tried a “color revolution” there…

            Time to take him and his spawn (all five of them) and send them to Vlad’s rock-crushing and boulder-breaking “spa”… watch out for the dust there folks, those little blue masks won’t help there, either…

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          2. “I’ve read that there are 6 countries total, including Hungary, that have warrants”

            I believe Thailand is one, for currency manipulation that tanked the Thai economy, and Great Britain has banned him for life, iirc, for currency manipulation that likewise hurt the British economy. Don’t know if the Brits also threw in an arrest warrant.

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              1. This may be a non sequitur, but Thailand and Great Britain are both long-time notorious centers of sex trafficking, including of children.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. For Thailand, the joke is even the name of the capital city is suggestive of why people go there.

                Iirc, 17 posted a picture once of a school, and anons dug out that it was a famous Catholic school in Thailand. Apparently a lot of influential Thai leaders went there. And apparently it is also some kind of sex hub. Off limits to investigate, in the pre-17-era, due to the combined power of its alumni.

                I tried to find the drop for you, but Thai, Bangkok, school, church, Catholic, Jesuit don’t return anything.

                I guess it’s one where 17 only dropped the pic, not any commentary. So it would be necessary to drill down to bread from anons, or go the other way and find prominent Catholic schools in Thailand, get the name of the school, then look for photos of it associated with (20-3)anon movement.

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              3. Cova, Thanks for all your effort and time to relocate… so sad how long this has been going on and how fast it appears to be accelerating, isn’t it? I so hope the guys at the top are taken down… only way to even begin to rid the world of this evil.

                Liked by 1 person

              4. What I believe are accelerating are i.) public knowledge of the dark deeds and hidden puppet strings of our ruling class, and ii.) the pace of its increasingly frantic countermoves and other reactions to protect itself from scrutiny and removal.

                The heightened pace is due to Trump’s election, the silent war he and the White Hats are fighting, and the rise of the Q Anon movement. The pace’s result is that many of their projects are spoiling themselves due to being pushed out too fast, or in the wrong context.

                “Operation Crossfire Boomerang”

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  9. Rudy Guiliana lays it down!

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  10. CJ Pearson Retweeted
    Ali Alexander Orange square #BallotHarvesting@ali
    Telling… Amy Coney Barrett has more black children than Kamala Harris. Face with monocle

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  11. HEY!!!

    So this is where wheatie and GA/FL and ladypenguin and the rest got off to 😀 Well I’m happy to know you guys are still around! The rally comment section at the treehouse hasn’t been as fun for me as 2016, and I’ve been missing the old days. I noticed wolfman wasn’t tweeting so much and followed the breadcrumbs here.

    Is it ok if I lurk? Maybe there’s a secret handshake? I won’t have much to say but I promise I won’t be mean or rude 😎

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    Wed, September 30
    5:00 PM – CDT
    Duluth, MN

    Fri, October 2
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Sanford, FL

    Sat, October 3
    3:30 pm CDT
    La Crosse, WI

    Sat, October 3
    6:00 pm CDT
    Green Bay, WI

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  13. On that lying NYT tax article: http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2020/09/boom-nyt-admits-trump-actually-paid.html#more

    Story contains this thread:

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