Dear KMAG: 20200928 Open Thread

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.



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Our President is fighting for us night and day…please pray for him.


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              2. No running with scissors.
              3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition by Johannes Bornlöf, titled ‘Army of Angels’:


Our President has a great sense of humor. Tomorrow we get to see him in the first Presidential Debate against Creepy Joe Biden, (loser).

Trump-L-sign (2)

That is…if Biden shows up. Will he? Or will he be no-show Joe.

Either way, I don’t think our VSGPOTUS is worried about it one bit.



Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Clapperclaw’ is a verb and is an obscure word which dates back to the 16th century. It started as a word which meant clawing and scratching…but it became a slang word for: hurling abusive language; heaping curses and obscenities on someone; verbally attacking someone; spreading negative falsehoods about them.

Used in a sentence:

The Democrats have trained mobs of rabid mutants to go out in the streets and clapperclaw law-abiding citizens into submission.



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  1. I’ve been discovered by some twit world lefties–Fun!

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    1. funny that they bought an island rather than using that money to revitalize black communities here…so much for their generous nature…

      so how does it work when you buy an island? are you your own country? can you fight your own extradition??

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      1. “so how does it work when you buy an island? are you your own country? can you fight your own extradition??”

        Does he have his own Navy?

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      1. Good for you Wolf! I’ve had problems getting on Gab & someone, possibly Flynn, said to stay in the arena, so as long as I’m still standing I’m still there, fwiw.

        I’m still suspended on Pinterest but haven’t tried to figure that one out yet…

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          1. Why give Twitter to monetize conservatives? I am glad I never did join. I think Twitter is an addiction and can hold people in bandage.
            I need to go to Gab sometime. I have a account I cannot access and I started a new one . Need to focus to find my way around.

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    A little straight ahead blues like this is the perfect close for a well-spent day. You don’t have to be sad to enjoy blues; you just have to be ready to listen. And when I finish this last glass of Ezra Brooks (I’m exploring inexpensive sour-mash bourbons), I’ll sleep like a baby tonight. Enjoy.

    Snowy White & The White Flames – Midnight Blues (Official Audio)

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  3. H/T DORA

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    1. Yeah, that’s a good question.

      Is Joe going to do a drug test?
      But I don’t think that Pres Trump will make that a no-go thing.

      It’s a big question mark whether Biden will show up.

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        1. Heheh…it would be just like our President, to look over at Joe and say:
          “Hey, what’s that in your ear, Joe?”
          “Have you got an earpiece in there?”

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          1. Arent there super hidden tiny ones? The nody language vids always show when someone is listening via an earpiece or taking audience cues. Joe is not able to do anything without both, imo.

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              1. Better yet, override the signal with a calm, clear voice speaking utter gibberish.

                If Joe is “off”, he might repeat it. If Joe is “on”, he’ll want it to stop.

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        2. Seems to me there are ways to “interrupt” any attempted communications….a little static, perhaps?
          Cannot understand why the “Debate Commission” doesn’t have clear guidelines about outside “Assistance,” including the hand signals Hilliary had for the debate moderators to cut the discussion.
          Which begs the question…why would anyone vote for someone that finds it necessary to cheat in something as simple as a debate!

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          1. Don’t know, Teagan. I’m still shocked that they’re willing to vote for a dementia impaired person. It’s like sanity has left a good portion of the country.

            We’re witnessing the perfect example of the “end justifies the means” – there is no legitimate reason to scam the People except to seize power. Communist power.

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          2. In his latest thread Wictor says that Biden has implanted hearing devices that serve as receivers. He has observed Joe putting his hand into his pocket with regularity, and believes that his watch vibrates to direct him to turn on these devices – with the switch in his pocket. He’s talked about this in more than one thread.

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          1. I think they’re training him to avoid certain things like Corn Pop, and he has a hard time, but in the debate he’ll drop all that stuff, shot full of stims, and using whatever cheats they have going. Questions ahead of time for sure.

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            1. See, as I am SURE you know, Stimulants like Adderall, are UNPREDICTABLE in their side effects, and how long they last. MANY have adverse side effects like untapped ANGER, and emotional outbursts. They give this stuff to kids with ADD, with varying widely degrees of “success”.

              I bet THAT is why all the EARLY and OFTEN “LIDS” . To load Biden’s system to SEE what the effects are. Funny thing though, STRESS makes everything a crapshoot. Biden may START lucid, and even composed, but in a 90 minute commercial free environment, he will IMHO not be able to maintain that, especially against Trump. Wallace will do ALL he can to help Biden, but in the end, he can’t. Biden not only has to appear lucid for 90 minutes, he must stay both focused and COMPOSED. A MAJOR crap shoot for his campaign.

              If they UNDER medicate him, he will appear confused or crazy, but calm. If they OVER medicate him, he will be lucid, and hyped up, MUCH harder to keep on script. It should be VERY enlightening. IF Biden is either too hyped up and angry, or too laid back and confused, look for THIS to be the ONE and only debate, stating that Biden cannot debate Trump because he is such a “liar”

              Should Biden do “well” they still will punt the rest, choosing to live on the one lucky strike. WATCH.

              So see, This will be spun to Biden, no matter what. WHEN Bidens meds wear off or kick in, it will be because Trump “lies” IF Biden is too laid back, it will be because Trump took too much time for Biden to rebut his “lies”

              Their PROBLEM is that the American people have eyes, and ears of their OWN on this. Wallace and Biden will try to paint Trump as illegit and a liar, ignoring Biden’s own problems. The problem with that is that Biden has a RECORD, and so does TRUMP. Trump’s aside from the false Covid scam is STELLAR, Biden’s is PUTRID. See TRUMP gets to debate too, and HE will highlight his record, while contrasting Biden’s, NOTHING Wallace can do to stop that unless HE reveals in total his swampiness and goes full Candi Crawley, thus allowing Trump the WIN and Wallace will be eviscerated forever.

              They HAVE to do at least this one. these debates are ALL risk for the dems and Biden, and NO reward. But they are SO full of themselves they have to do it, delusional, there will be ONLY one when they see the TRUTH laid bare.

              IF Wallace is “fair” and Trump cleans Biden’s clock, the dems will blame it on Fox bias, and use THAT excuse, like Anderson Cooper is NOT biased at all. LOL

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              1. Possible, it is literally 10 to midnight for him now…to cancel later would be devastating. So I take it you think all the “LIDS” are to be used as Joe was feeling ill, and finally got Covid tested eh? Perhaps, but that too is exceptionally RISKY…people would not want a guy who has been in his basement for months, has no rallies, and has NOT been exposed to more than 50 people in MONTHS…TOTAL, and yet he STILL “got” Covid. That would open him up to the TOO old and weak to be President narrative.

                Now IF that is their plan, at the LAST possible second to foist Kamala on us, NO ONE else can be ADDED this late to the ballot, that will fail HISTORICALLY, like a probable 48 state LANDSLIDE for Trump.

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              2. Dems just want to create confusion. They are going for MAXIMUM CONFUSION, while holding out the “Pelosi House Will Decide Things” offer.

                It’s a coup. Trust me, it’s a coup to a fight. And the coupists are VERY nervous. They’re committed. It’s going down. Nothing can stop what’s coming.

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              3. Yes, they ALL are going down, RICO, conspiracy against the US, and likely ALL at the same time. There are things behind the scenes that we do not SEE but FEEL. There are things the Cabal does not see but IS feeling, and they are SCARED, likely for the first time EVER.

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          2. Rush theory was today that Biden will not address issues in the debate but instead will answer everything with an attack on POTUS. The CCP virus, economics, taxes and other issues. Interesting NYT created an issue for Biden with the Tax issue. They want to trip him up and goat him to loosing his composure.

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    2. Here’s a thought…

      Since it’s basically going to be ‘Debate Day’ tomorrow…and a topic of conversation all day…why not combine it with your daily Open Thread post?

      With all the uncertainty, why not make it easier on yourself?

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  4. If you haven’t seen it yet…this is a taste of what James O’Keefe will be releasing today:


    BREAKING: @IlhanOmar connected cash-for-ballots harvesting scheme EXPOSED

    “Money is the king in everything”; harvester boasts harvesting HUNDREDS of 2020 absentee ballots ILLEGALLY! “Numbers do not lie…these here are all absentee ballots…my car is full…”


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    1. With a dimm governor, ag, Minneapolis city council i dont expect justice will be served.
      These Somalis have zero reason to be in our Country. Most antiAmerican immigrants should have to leave, period. Now, we have millions of potential jihadis but definitely insurrectionists here.

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      1. Minnesota is THIS years Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump will WIN Minnesota, NH, and MAYBE Nevada. I also think there will be ONE more surprise state in Trump’s column…Oregon. The rest of the state is SICK of the Portland black eyes. I think even WASHINGTON will be “in play”…MAYBE New Mexico too. Trump got 306 in 2016, I bet he gets 320 PLUS.

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  5. Related to the conversation above:

    Cam Edwards

    I’m half-convinced that Biden’s handlers have been switching his sleep schedule around so he’s waking up the afternoon and will be fresher during the evening debate.

    Quote Tweet

    Alex Thompson
    · 40m

    Per pooler @laurenegambino, the Biden campaign called a lid for in-person events at 9:51a.m.

    10:40 AM · Sep 28, 2020

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  6. POTUS tweets:


    The Fake News Media, just like Election time 2016, is bringing up my Taxes & all sorts of other nonsense with illegally obtained information & only bad intent. I paid many millions of dollars in taxes but was entitled, like everyone else, to depreciation & tax credits…..

    …..Also, if you look at the extraordinary assets owned by me, which the Fake News hasn’t, I am extremely under leveraged – I have very little debt compared to the value of assets. Much of this information is already on file, but I have long said that I may release….

    …..Financial Statements, from the time I announced I was going to run for President, showing all properties, assets and debts. It is a very IMPRESSIVE Statement, and also shows that I am the only President on record to give up my yearly $400,000 plus Presidential Salary!

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  7. The Library

    #antifa #BLM #terrorism


    Andy Ngô

    A driver accused of attempted murder for driving a car into a crowd of Trump supporters in southern California and severely injuring two people has been revealed to be Tatiana Rita Turner, a major Black Lives Matter organizer.

    Harold Wren

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    1. I saw some video footage of that poor guy who is lying down…that was a really bad break in his leg.
      Gruesome…bone exposed.
      Looked like he was in shock.

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      1. Another primed with hate, without humanity. Just guessing she has been roughly reared, abused, has anger/rage and identity issues, multiple bitter experiences with males, multiple abortions….

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  8. THREAD … click timestamp

    Undercover Huber@JohnWHuber
    VERY important point. At the time of the drafting of the ICA, the only sources of Steele the FBI “identified” were apparently Igor Danchenko (identified Dec 2016) and Sergei Millian (identified Oct 2016). Except the FBI also claims they suspected *both* of being Russian spies…!
    Quote Tweet

    Hans Mahncke@HansMahncke

    · 23h
    The Obama people who put together the ICA have a huge problem. The ICA, which is dated Jan 6 2017, concedes that some Steele sources were identified. We recently found out that Danchenko was identified in Dec 2016. Yet no word in the ICA about his status as suspected Russian spy.
    Show this thread

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    1. Hans Mahncke@HansMahncke
      Obama is far too smooth of an operator to discuss these things in the open. The key is Obama’s alleged instruction to “include everything” in ICA. Was that his way of saying to include Steele fabrications or did Comey twist words so that Comey could include Steele fabrications?
      Quote Tweet

      Euphonius Bugnuts@EuphoniusNuts

      · 11h
      Replying to @ClimateAudit
      I agree 100% that this a huge deal. No way FBI didn’t know of prior suspicions of ID when by hook and by crook the ICA was cobbled together. FBI knowingly used complete garbage to try and take out the President. Was this & leak strategy discussed in 1/5/17 White House meeting?

      The Library

      In other words, Comey isn’t smart enough; it was included on Obama’s orders which makes him directly involved in attempting a #coup against his lawfully elected successor. There was no peaceful transition of power. Obama led a #coup – #sedition & #seditiousconspiracy

      Harold Wren

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    2. More damning evidence that FIB was absolutely complicit in the HOAX Special Counsel over 3 yr investigation of President Trump…

      It’s a thread, no reader, so click either tweet timestamp …

      Replying to @ClimateAudit

      6/ the intel community redactors of the Horowitz Report (and other documents) exacerbated the original fraud by blacking out Horowitz’ explosive disclosure, both in the original report and even in the less redacted footnotes in the spring.
      10:55 PM · Sep 27, 2020·Twitter Web App

      Stephen McIntyre@ClimateAudit
      Replying to @ClimateAudit

      7/ Horowitz’ record on this is not ideal either. This fraud ought to have been one of the top two items in the Horowitz list of errors and frauds. Yet Horowitz didn’t include it in his summary, only in a doubly redacted footnote.

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    3. I still say these are “shiny objects” from the TRUE source, because they are dead ends, despite the obvious Russian connections. It is like LOOK HERE, not HERE. Too EASY, setting up a “scapegoat” and an “we were deceived” narrative by the FBI/DOJ.

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      1. I need to spend more time reflecting on what I am reading… then again, there’s the “trust” I place in some of these accounts that tells me, cut and paste it, look where it’s coming from…


        1. It is information. Steve is a very reliable source. We can then take that information and figure out what it means.

          One thing is for sure, there are WAY TOO MANY RUSSIANS INVOLVED and they have nothing to do with POTUS.

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  9. FTA

    “Louisville needs healing and safety for its citizens, not armed felons seeking bids to shoot police,” said U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman. “Federal law enforcement here will continue to respond as one to swiftly mitigate threats to our city.”

    “Threats against law enforcement are unacceptable”, stated Special Agent in Charge R. Shawn Morrow of the Louisville Field Division of ATF. “When you threaten police and brandish firearms, you can expect the attention of ATF. This morning ATF agents, with the immediate assistance of LMPD, HSI, U.S. Marshal’s, and the FBI, executed a warrant and arrested an armed felon ensuring he wouldn’t carry out those threats.”

    Justice Department Retweeted
    U.S. Attorney WDKY@WDKYnews
    Feds Charge Armed Felon Threatening Louisville Police




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    1. We certainly don’t need the Marxist Harrison who is running on the DEM ticket…

      I will vote for Graham… he should have been primaried, but the GOPe still runs the show here. Six years ago they flooded the primary with TOO MANY candidates… one good one might have worked. At the same time, huge amounts of ‘outside’ money came pouring in for Graham

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      1. Thank you PR ❤️

        If we don’t somehow hold the house we definitely need a Republican Senate majority.

        We would then probably face impeachment several times over.😡

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    From the Press Release

    Local residents and anyone traveling to Portland with the intent to commit violence are on notice. There will be consequences for acts of violence. The U.S. Attorney’s Office is committed to prosecuting people who impede or assault law enforcement officers, damage federal property, and set fire to buildings. Make no mistake: those who commit violence in the name of protest, will be investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and face prison time. Already more than 100 people have been arrested and more than 80 people are facing federal charges related to protest violence.

    Our office will work closely with our law enforcement partners, including the FBI, to monitor criminal activity, and will bring federal charges where appropriate. We are committed to supporting our community and will help our law enforcement partners perform their essential public safety duties.”

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  11. Stu is now retweeting thread I posted above by Hans

    Who’s Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? – Brian Cates Retweeted
    Cancel All Dementiacrats – Stu Cvrk@STUinSD
    Precisely! This is early evidence of the Obama Deep State and legacy media circular reporting and complicity in the coup.
    Quote Tweet

    Hans Mahncke@HansMahncke

    · 39m
    Important point discussed in @FOOL_NELSON podcast is that while SSCI says Steele’s fabrications were put in the ICA Annex because they were totally uncorroborated, whoever leaked it to Tapper turned that on its head, saying that it was in the Annex because it was super sensitive.

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  12. JOE BIDEN campaign put “The Lid” on it today at 9:32AM.
    That makes AT LEAST 23 times “The Lid” was put on his “campaign” since AUGUST, when Ole Joe’s handlers picked KAMAHARR as his running mate.
    That makes AT LEAST 11 times “The Lid” was put on his “campaign” in September alone.

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  13. Wouldn’t it be lovely if Epoch Times replaced the propaganda of the NYSlimes?
    It would be possible if more people stopped quoting and posting links to the Slimes…
    Used to be only a few outside NY read it even when it was considered the “paper of record”
    Hardly anyone outside NYC reads the piece of trash now… *

    Who’s Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? – Brian Cates Retweeted
    Epoch Times Opinion@EpochOpinion
    Opinion💭by @RogerKimball

    In our relativistic age, we often witness the transformation of #Facts into opinions.

    This process is not only destructive of facts, but, curiously, it is also destructive of #Opinion.
    Reality vs. The Narrative
    Commentary I think it was Pat Moynihan who said that while you are entitled to your own opinions, …

    *In 2019, the average weekday circulation of The New York Times was 443 thousand copies. This marks a significant drop from over 959 thousand a decade earlier and continues the downward trend which has been evident for the last few years. In 2014, the company ceased publishing its figures based on weekday circulation for print, online, and other digital platforms, and published only its print circulation.

    Shares of The New York Times are trading near all-time highs despite a business that has been fractured by declines in advertising.

    While the company has hunkered down on growth in digital subscriptions, revenue turned negative in Q2 as the company suffered from both lower ads and print sales.

    The company’s decision to bump up its monthly subscription cost by 13% may spur more subscriber exodus than incremental revenue.

    CEO Mark Thompson’s exit as well as a share sale may also indicate that the stock has reached its peaks.

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    1. The circulation figures for daily newspapers in the United States reveal that USA Today distributed the most papers as of January 2019, with a daily circulation of over 1.62 million. Back in September 2017, The Wall Street Journal ranked first, with circulation figures far outperforming The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and New York Post. Although the 2019 data shows that all daily newspapers in the top ten ranking saw a decrease in circulation since 2017, the Chicago Tribune was hit the hardest. Despite making the top ten list in both years, the paper’s daily circulation decreased by almost 200 thousand.

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  14. seeing some articles that dems are saying Justice Thomas should recuse from any election lawsuits since Biden treated him so badly during Thomas’s confirmation hearing…and they want ACB to recuse if she makes it because President Trump nominated her…so they’re already trying to silence 2 Supreme Court Justices.

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  15. Unbelievable !

    Tax Ninja Poso Retweeted
    Kalen From Scriberr@FromKalen
    While waiting for a drive-thru order at a North East Portland Taco Bell, I noticed a naked man running through the street; a woman tries to break into a van and a child tries to fight her. #portland

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  16. Oh my gosh… JackBoot is now adding contrary opinion to POTUS’ tweets…

    Bullshit Twitter, Trump is the one right here.
    Quote Tweet

    Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

    · 2h

    The Ballots being returned to States cannot be accurately counted. Many things are already going very wrong!


    Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure

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    1. Read an amusing article calling Harry Meghan’s “man on a string” …very apt description. Commented at how he wanted to leave the spotlight because of how it destroyed his dear momma…LOL
      Since original,article came out…they’ve retracted the story.

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  17. Julian’s Rum Tumbler glass Retweeted
    Sean Davis@seanmdav
    Gee, I wonder who might have illegally leaked Trump’s tax information to the New York Times. Could it possibly be the left-wing NYC district attorney who happens to run the only entity that just got access to Trump’s tax returns? It’s a real mystery.

    Prosecutors can see Trump taxes – Supreme Court
    However, the court rules that this information does not have to be shared with Congress.

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    1. This is NOT civil war… Chyna owns most of our social media…

      This Chyna pulling the strings on its puppets… in the Corporate/Slime Media as well as Social Media…

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        1. YES! plus, we have been too materialistic… focusing on work and more $$ and self-improvement… gym and etc and less attention to our children and what goes on in school… few families even sit together for a meal, it’s pick up what’s in the kitchen and then off to ck out the laptown or phone to… no conversation… even if at the table…

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  18. David Shafer@DavidShafer
    Except when Woodrow Wilson replaced the Chief Justice who resigned to run against him in 1916 or when Dwight Eisenhower appointed William Brennan three weeks before the 1956 election or when it happened a half dozen other times during a Presidential election year.
    Quote Tweet

    Alyssa Milano@Alyssa_Milano

    · Sep 27
    Never before in our nation’s history has a Supreme Court Justice been nominated and installed while a presidential election is already underway.

    It defies every precedent and every expectation of a nation where the people are sovereign and the rule of law reigns.

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    1. Alyssa,

      It’s understandable if one doesn’t KNOW history… I mean all those dates one has to learn!

      But… we’ve moved from those dark, dull textbooks… just a click of the keyboard and one can discover info instantly…

      That’s a huge problem with you folks on the Left… you’re simply too lazy to look things up…

      (or ya know better and just prefer to quote opinions rather than FACTS)

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  19. The weaponization of government by DC bureaucrats will continue until people are prosecuted for breaking the law.

    I found someone leaking and lying about classified information while at DNI. He was turned over to FBI. But I don’t see that charges have been filed against him.

    — Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) September 28, 2020

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  20. Don’t have any info, just a hunch, I THINK something big will break late today or tomorrow on spygate, to totally blow up the narratives. The phrase PUBLIC and UN deniable keeps repeating in my head. It does not get much more public than the first debate.

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  21. Blue Moons coming up in October…


    from the article:

    A buck carrying the Moon in his antlers. Credit: Gallinago/Shutterstock.


    Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 0537d5 No.1794770 📁
    Jun 18 2018 01:43:38 (EST)
    Morning sun brings heat.
    Full moon coming.
    Undiscovered stars learned.
    Missions forward.

    Something to chew on…

    phoenix: moon child here…
    always more chatty than usual about 3 days before and 3 days after full moon… brace yourselves. 😉 tell me when!
    hopefully it will stop raining and I’ll be able to dig in the dirt, and you all will get some relief!

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    1. whoa !!! I didn’t insert “bold” ties… I see it came from almanac article 😉

      wheatie, can you fix this for me? didn’t mean to be aggressive… !

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  22. If anyone wants links for Saturday’s prayer march, solemn assembly and evening worship celebration, I’ve updated the original post, “America return to me and I will return to you”


    Please do go to their site and take in the many moving photos, videos and stories:

    Main article:



    The Return is a movement, an appointed time, and a specific day set apart for one purpose – the return to God by coming before His presence in humility, in sincerity in prayer, and repentance.

    The movement begins now and will continue through the entire year of 2020 leading up to 10 Days of Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance – Starting with the Biblical Feast of Trumpets and ending with the Day of Atonement (September 18-September 28). The central day of The Return will be Saturday, September 26, 2020 on the National Mall and throughout the nation and world.


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    1. ‘It’s Not in My Head’: They Survived the Coronavirus, but They Never Got Well

      It looks like coronavirus is going to bring on a slew of chronic sufferers and #BIGMEDICINE has absolutely nothing to offer them.


      Perhaps #OLDMEDCINE has some answers…

      July 2020

      SUMMARY INTRODUCTION: It is estimated that between 10 to 45% of people who get sick of COVID-19 will have persistent or long-lasting symptoms for weeks, developing what we call Subacute or Chronic COVID-19. No effective treatment has been published for these cases, which indicates that a diagnosis and treatment based on the originating etiology, would not be being carried out.

      MATERIAL AND METHODS: In the present study, 33 patients with persistent symptoms of COVID-19 and who were between weeks 3 and 12 from the onset of symptoms were included. Patients whose main symptoms corresponded to the muscular system, such as fatigue due to muscle weakness, decreased muscle strength and myalgia (muscle pain) were excluded. The following protocol was followed: Ivermectin at a dose of 0.2 mg. per kilo of weight per day for 2 days. In the cases that still present symptoms after the 2 doses, 2 more days of treatment with Ivermectin was indicated. When there are cases with moderate symptoms, a dose of 0.4 mg will be prescribed. per kilo of weight for the first day, and then continue with 0.2 mg per kilo of weight for 2 more days. In the event that, after the 3rd day of treatment, the patient continues to have symptoms, Nitaxozanide will be additionally prescribed at a dose of 500 mg. every 12 hours for 6 days, in addition to continuing with more days of Ivermectin until the clinical improvement is complete or there is no longer a response of clinical improvement with the treatment.

      RESULTS: 33 adult patients with persistent symptoms of COVID-19 were treated with Ivermectin. In 94% of the 33 patients treated with Ivermect¬in clinical improvement was found to some degree after the 2 doses of Ivermectin. Y clinical improvement was total (no symptoms) in 87.9% of patients after the 2 doses of Ivermectin. In the 12.1% of the patients in which no resolution of the symptoms with the first 2 doses, it was continued with more days of treatment with Ivermectin, and with this finally a clinical resolution of symptoms in 94% of cases.

      CONCLUSION: The result of the present study finds clinical improvement with treatment with Ivermectin in a high percentage of patients with persistent symptoms of COVID-19. Given the high number of patients with persistent symptoms of COVID-19 and who have not been receiving effective treatment, we consider it necessary to conduct clinical studies of the use of Ivermectin and other drugs to reduce viral load in these cases.

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  23. Gab Trends is pointing to a Natural News article saying ANTIFA is going to be rolled up.

    BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests –

    Sunday, September 27th 2020, 6:28:57 pm
    views: 2k

    As you might recall, we’ve been reporting on Trump’s plans to invoke the Insurrection Act after the election, deploying military troops on the streets to halt the extremist left-wing political coup attempt that’s expect to be activated shortly after the election. Now, fascinating news

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    1. There has been a LOT of covert intel work on this. I think this has been going on for YEARS. I think the same tactics used on the deep state were used on MS 13 FIRST, and now will be used on BLM, Antifa, and whatever comes NEXT. Remember, before BLM, there was ACORN. I think BLM is the militant recreation of ACORN. I think Antifa is the reboot of MS 13. Much like I think Trump has the intel on the Cabal (FISA’S go BOTH ways), the 2018 ballot harvesting scheme, AND now Antifa and BLM.

      Much like it took TIME to ferret out the MS 13 leadership, and FUNDING, and then the roundup via deportation, it took time to ferret out ALL the Cabal. It took time and letting them steal the 2018 midterms in AZ, CA, and elsewhere to be able to STOP it this time, and they ARE. It also took TIME to ferret out all the leadership and funding of BLM and Antifa.

      I think ALL MAGA business is coming due BEFORE the election. Amy Coney Barret (told ya it would be her) is part of that plan. That cements the SCOTUS, neutering Roberts. I think the Cabal is about to be EXPOSED, and I think that Biden is a big part of that. I think all the ballot harvesting schemes are being systematically dismantled, both overtly, covertly, and legally. They will NOT be able to cheat despite their best laid plans.

      Then I think Antifa and BLM are about to have their funding and leadership RIPPED up. What this will do is LEAD right to the real heads of the anarchists, the Cabal and the dem party, including Biden. I suspect there are now OBVIOUS money trails leading right to the dems and Cabal.

      Trump will APPEAR “neutral” but in reality he knows it all. I think Covid will ALSO be exposed in the same timeframe, all tied and hung around the Cabal’s neck, to win an election at ALL costs, and WHO was the benefactor of that? Biden. Biden is the step to the Cabal, and Obama.

      Think of this AS a movie. Right now, the suspense is built, all plot lines are converging, building to a crescendo, waiting for the huge plot reveal. The NY times articles, Covid, fake polls, riots, phony outrage protests, fake news, are ALL shiny objects to distract from what has REALLY been going on behind the scenes.

      Look at the Senate Hunter Biden report, the financial disclosures, the ties to human trafficking, the ties to Russia, the released texts, coupled with the Barnett reveal, now we have “rumors” of Durham not coming until AFTER the election, while at the SAME time there are stories that Barr is building a RICO case on the Rioters and their funding. Then we have ALL the vote fraud reveals, arrests, and prosecutions. Does it FEEL like nothing is imminent? NO, because it IS imminent.

      Q has been telling us, and if you paid attention (I knw you did ) you would see that all the things Q has been telling us are NOW ALL coming to pass. Well, he TOLD us this was coming, and it was very soon. I believe it, because I look beyond the forrest, and I see the TREE. The MSM and dems are blowing smoke, hoping to confuse, but it is NOT going to work, it is too big.

      RICO will reveal and tie in ALL. From Russia gate, spy gate, Flynn, Papadopolous, Mueller, Weiner, Anwan, Assange, Rich, Ukraine, Schiff, Biden, Obama. CF, Clinton, Epstein, Antifa, BLM, Soros and other funding mechanisms, the Cabal, and yes Fauci, Covid, Gates, and more. RICO has ALWAYS been the play, conspiracy against the US. Gee, whose specialty is RICO? Gee, that would be Durham and a very high up advisor named Giuliani. Remember, Giuliani took on the mob and won. Durham took on the GOVT and won.

      It appears Huber was the FEINT, and Durham was the REAL investigator, and he has been on it for nearly 3 years now. There must be MOUNTAINS of evidence, and we NOW are getting to see some of it, there is ONLY one reason for that, and it is NOT a delay, it is a WARNING of incoming imminently.

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    1. Josh Caplan@joshdcaplan
      THE HILL: Republicans ask Supreme Court to halt mail voting extension in Pennsylvania

      🇺🇸 LD 🇺🇸@SightseerNW
      Replying to @joshdcaplan and @Barnes_Law

      Minnesota just stopped it too

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  24. 4777
    Sep 28, 2020 2:24:32 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 No. 10823243

    Click to access CREC-2016-09-12-pt1-PgH5326.pdf

    Peter Comey [brother _James Comey]
    Clinton Foundation
    Dla Piper
    Conflict of interest?
    Follow the family.
    Think McCabe’s wife.
    Focus here [East Africa Operations]:
    The money never flows directly.
    22m ago
    8kun qresearch

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