Dear KMAG: 20200928 Open Thread

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.



Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

Our President is fighting for us night and day…please pray for him.


Wheatie’s Rules:

              1. No food fights.
              2. No running with scissors.
              3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition by Johannes Bornlöf, titled ‘Army of Angels’:


Our President has a great sense of humor. Tomorrow we get to see him in the first Presidential Debate against Creepy Joe Biden, (loser).

Trump-L-sign (2)

That is…if Biden shows up. Will he? Or will he be no-show Joe.

Either way, I don’t think our VSGPOTUS is worried about it one bit.



Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Clapperclaw’ is a verb and is an obscure word which dates back to the 16th century. It started as a word which meant clawing and scratching…but it became a slang word for: hurling abusive language; heaping curses and obscenities on someone; verbally attacking someone; spreading negative falsehoods about them.

Used in a sentence:

The Democrats have trained mobs of rabid mutants to go out in the streets and clapperclaw law-abiding citizens into submission.



868 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200928 Open Thread

  1. Wheatie!!! We have all been attacked!! Wolfie and Sylvia got the WuFlu…Your back issues!!!–you were one OF our first casualties….We’ve lost PHC and Weeper!! I have a dislocated shoulder…and can only type with 1 hand..and i could go on and!!! on!!! But…aS i SIT IN MY SLING…WE FIGHT!!!!!!

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    1. MARICA!!!! WARRIOR PRINCESS!!!! 🦋🤸‍♀️😍🤸‍♀️🦋
      Slings are for throwing rocks at and CRUSHING THE ENEMY!!! 💫 ☄️🤯☄️
      Marica, Miss Wheatie, Wolfie, Miss Sylvia, the whole Qtree ROCKS!!! 💥⚡️💥
      We miss our beloved PHC and Weeper and BATTLE ON for them, ourselves, and our families!!! 💖💖💖
      WE FIGHT, WE WIN WIN WIN!!!!!! 🤩💥🤩😘🤗😍💞💞💞

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        1. Hey, Marica! Fell off of the pole – did you?

          you cannot do everything – you know – Marica Be Busy All the Day Long – Thought you might need some help – so I sent ‘Hundreds of Angels’ to assist – Be careful, please – but, if you need more – will be glad to send more –

          I could tell you a silly story but, it would take up too much space – suffice to say I had to make up a story to explain my injury because what I did was just dumb – cost me so much time in recovery – just hope you did not do something dumb and end up with this shoulder thing – good to remember – God allows things to happen because we are too stupid to rest when we need to rest.

          Smooches and Huggles for You!!!

          God Bless You Real Good today and always!!! You are loved – you know!!!

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          1. YEAH Sweatpea!!! it was a lot dumb…happened on Derby day-night……🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️however..just got back from Dr….I’m on the mend!!!! God is so good! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 mower weeks in a sling..No surgery in my future!!!!

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      1. WP was acting glitchy early this morning when I put the thread together.
        Kept giving me an ‘error’ page.

        But I could have sworn that I put the right time in. Arrgh.

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    1. Sure, ya screwed up……..ya trusted WP.

      Wolf mentioned that the site is on some official “advanced masochism” program where they try out code here before wider distribution. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those glitches — um, sorry, I meant “patches” — got you.

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  2. Another great Monday…powered by polar bear! 🙂

    Enjoyed Whitney posted above. Thought I’d share some more Whitney. Says Super Bowl 1991. Where were you January, 1991? Slow guy, Yokosuka, JA:-)

    Cracking up…When I went looking for Whitney, saw this one. It was posted here a few weeks back. Dunno who posted it here first. But, seriously, Thank You! 🙂

    Monday is going to be fun.

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    1. Oh, that ‘I Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore’ song is in a playlist.

      The next song after it, is called…’You Picked A Fine Time To Be A Dumbass’…and it’s good too!

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    1. Never been much a question of «if» with the news roundups, to me it is «when».

      And now that the latest round of clapperclawing is going on all around in the MSM about the President’s taxes. it is somewhere in the range of useful–vital to have another discussion for balance.

      Many thanks!

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        1. It is kind of like this synchronicity thing hits, sometimes. 🙂

          Yesterday’s lesson on not judging out of bounds and associated warnings against lying, false witness, false accusations etc., also came timely as a counter-action to all the lying, accusations, etc., that is evident in all the MSM. Not that many of them actuallty pays attention, but it emphasizes how hypocritical they are. Yes, I might be caught out judging here, but doing so to the «by the fruits shall you know them» standard, ought to be fine.

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          1. Awww…you’re such a sweetie.
            Thank you.
            Hugs. 🤗🥰

            You’re our Sunshine Warrior, Pat.
            You grace us with your wit and cheer us up with your humor.

            We missed you greatly when you were gone for awhile!

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            1. didja ever see the movie Pollyanna? a young girl who’s always looking for the bright side of things reminds a minister that there’s GLAD passages in the Bible as well as the fire and brimstone ones he seems to concentrate on.
              when I’m gone from here it’s cuz I need to reread the glad stuff–stop focusing on the dire stuff and remember we can choose to be happy in spite of it all.

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  3. Hey Wheatie, don’t know if this matters but you called this post 20200828 & it’s published on 2020/09/27

    The first time I clicked on it it wouldn’t go through. Don’t know if there might be technical probs for other people for I always have Too Many Tabs open on “my” (really my husband’s) computer so it’s often begging for mercy. FYI

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    1. Yes…it’s probably because I put the thread together on 09/27.

      I set the scheduled drop for 09/28 though.
      Or…thought I did.

      I’ve done this many, many times before, though.
      And the scheduling & date worked out just fine.

      But WP was kind of glitchy this morning when I was working on the thread.
      Kept giving me “error” messages.

      So I dunno if it was something I did wrong…or if WP was messing with me.

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      1. Hi Wheatie – I was wondering if you missed Valerie’s point? The post reads: 2020 August 28 and should have read 2020 Sept 28. Usually they correct them when they are wrong. This post still reads August.

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  4. Biden seems to spend a lot of time calling President Trump a liar.

    He, the great vanquisher of Corn Pop, has also said that he graduated from a black university, that he was at the top of his class, that he advocated any number of correct things about Covid early on, and that he and Hunter are completely innocent of any shenanigans in Ukraine (or words to that effect.

    I think an ad compiling his lies vs the truth would be enlightening for the American people.

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    1. That ad would be over an hour long, if it listed All of Biden’s lies.

      But yeah…that would be a good thing to do.

      Maybe number them and say:

      “Biden Lie No. 734”
      And go into detail.

      Then include a link to “List Of Biden Lies”.

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    2. And yet the former Rep. Gov of Pennsylvania declares for the first time in his life he’s voting for a Democrat….Biden. This was the guy who was first Homeland Security Director so you would think he’d be a little appreciative about the Wall and drug decrease. Instead he wants a man with dementia in charge! WTF! Makes you wonder about HIS mental condition.

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      1. It’s funny that we haven’t heard much from that spiteful little s**t lately….I wonder if her 15 minutes of fame are over.

        Be funny if VSGPOTUSDJT rang her up and said, “hey, how are you doing? Did you get the help you needed?

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        1. Haaaaa.😁

          That would be great, wouldn’t it!

          Greta is aging and she’s not the cute young girl anymore.
          This could be why we’re not seeing much from her lately.

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  5. Here are some of my favorite tweets in my current “timeline” regarding Trump’s tax situation 😉

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    1. Just a few more, climbing up to the one I am still looking for…

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  6. Just for fun!

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    1. The scary thing about Sleepy is that he doesn’t even realize there’s a problem with 180 years. Not an oops, I misspoke, let me correct. No, just a chuckle, and move on to 10 years in the Senate. Still no sense another correction is needed. Same thing happens when he gets on a roll about Trump’s lies, he keeps going and going with untrue things and builds up to loud anger. Has no sense of self. Scary.

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      1. Yes–Just WOW! I don’t know how any Serious voter would consider him even as a figurehead POTUS. They either are completely deluded, have incurable TDS, are exploding in rage at any Repubs in power, or are so evil that they aren’t even pretending to hide it any more!

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      2. I have been in the sunshine state for a week, the LIES in his ads, run every 15 minutes, are SICKENING. He claims to be FOR law and Order, FOR the military, and would completely fill the stockpile. LOL, oh and also he will not raise our taxes or touch SS or Medicare.

        Joe is running a bizzaro campaign, and it is FAILING badly. I have seen 8-10x more Trump signs in the “vaunted” I4 corridor than Biden signs. Also, I have had the fortune of speaking directly to NY, Penn, and Mich voters here on vacation. Lets just say Biden is in DEEP doo doo.

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            1. So I should be trying to get at least a little sleep but I got sucked into that Red Wings video. No soy boys were represented! One of the announcers was Mickey Redmond, former Red Wings great. That was Such an Epic Fight Night, payback for Draper’s broken jaw that had no penalty called the previous season. These are the Wings I remember & how bittersweet to see Konstatinov in his glory, for he was seriously & career-endingly injured in a limo accident like a week after the Wings won their first modern Stanley Cup after the longest drought in NHL history, I believe…That was some good stuff there!!!

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        1. Heys a apostate jew who collected the ASHES of cremated Jews during WW2 .. and he culled through those ashes to pick out the gold from the teeth of these poor souls .. he’s diabolical .. however God is not mocked ..

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    1. Yes…Great Idea!

      I think there should be a class action suit against All the big donors to BLM and Antifuh.
      Brought by all the people who suffered losses from their rioting, burning and looting!

      A lot of those people are probably having trouble with their Insurance Companies.

      Most are covered for ‘vandalism’…but the Ins Co could claim that it was ‘insurrection’ or ‘terrorism’…and if you don’t have additional coverage for that, then you’re screwed.

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    1. CHINA had a LOT of help from the Democrats/Globalists/WHO/medical research leeches, etc.

      Even Johns Hopkins website tracing the spread was designed to hype/dramatize the spread and increase dread/fear.

      VIDEO – HOW TO MANUFACTURE AN EPIDEMIC (using the full array of common plentiful coronaviruses and the PCR test).

      THIS IS THE ARTICLE that the video quotes – IT IS A MUST-READ.

      If you don’t have time to watch the video – just skim the article.

      Re: the virus – I think his point is valid….that the PCR test is limited/faulty, the array of coronaviruses plentiful, the data scurrilous and intentionally manipulated, and the fear-mongering is rampant.

      His final remarks are that the coronavirus pandemic is a cover-up to hide the global banking corruption and the result of corrupt politicians fiscal policies.

      As much as we all have looked into the virus business – we have seen that something ain’t right – smells like rotten fish.


      New data suggest that lockdowns didn’t help contain Covid-19 and opening up didn’t increase the spread, writes @DonLuskin

      The Creation of a False Pandemic – Jon Rappaport –

      My only conclusion is we have been and are being deceived by leaders in medical research and government.

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  7. hmmm…fyi & no opinion here…aliens??? That’s what the narrator speculates…

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  8. Twit world in attack mode here on Dr. Samadi

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  9. This is one where the “blue box” showing a tweet posted took extra time–evil algorithms applied???

    hope the claimed deleted tweet shows w/ my comment–grrr…

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    1. His tweet was from ONE HOUR ago…I showed it to my daughter in my timeline showing how a blue-checked (twitter verified identity) Candidate for Governor is having his speech directly & radically suppressed….I clicked on his tweet & the page no longer exists. My timeline showed 10 replies, 82 retweets, & 173 hearts/likes…Sometimes I can still see the original tweet & will retweet some of the comments hoping to preserve someone else’s Free Speech.

      This one should get reported to election authorities, imho!

      Just Wow!!!

      I hope Wolfie sees this for this reflects what’s seemingly happening to him but against a gubernatorial candidate!

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    1. It’s no wonder practioners and believers in the cult of abortionism are violent.

      They are practitioners of human sacrifice.

      The left are largely a cult of death and all the cultish practices that lead to death.

      And they are defending practices traditionally given to demonic gods.
      Such as:
      Moloch = worship practice = human sacrifice – usually women, children or infants.
      Baal = all kinds of sexual acts, orgy, including homo, pedo, bestiality, etc.

      The BIBLE and the One True and Holy GOD, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Three in One – forbids all of this!!!!

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    1. Nah, it has to be “sustainable” (gosh, how I HATE! that word)…

      Either stainless steel, or solar panels on your hat 🙂
      The solar panels power a little propeller, so you can be a conspiracy theorist and a propeller-head at the same time 😀 (think Beany and Cecil)…

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        1. Me, either – but, he has a global effort in competition with PT’s Vaccine Effort – but, no one appears to be interested – he has gotten some really bad press lately – not sure what it is called – maybe, Wolf knows.

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      1. Not sure about the light bringer thing. I think “luciferians” was the term in the video title, that’s all. I haven’t watched the video (yet)…I never seem to get to videos since I much prefer reading!

        I do believe scripture refers to the Devil as an “angel of light”…which brings to mind an old Petra song (Christian Rock, back in the day)…

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        1. BEFORE the fall, Luci was #1. He was perfect, beautiful, adorned w/all the stones, full of wisdom, and amazing pipes, the #1 worshipper. He got full of himself, wanted to be GOD, so he was cast down. The light reference comes from the sparkling of his gemstones. ‘The Prince of the Power of the Air’ comes from his domination of musical instruments and the voice. He ‘spoke’ lies to Eve and Jesus, he dominates music, tv, etc. He tempts w/gold and money. A nasty critter. For 1000’s of years Christians have been letting him win. In America, it’s only been the last 60ish years that they are rising up in the music, tv, movie, and digital industries fighting back in the airwaves. Folks may bash all those early American televangelists as money grubbers, but they actually helped to launch the Christian TV, movie and music industry that is so great today, both in America and other countries. TBN, Daystar, Hillsong, more…Spreading the Gospel. We are fighting back!

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  10. We could probably expand this list, like Ted Nugent & Patricia Heaton & Bo Derrik 😉

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  11. ……and, now, is flaky…..

    As tech giants intentionally destroy their own ecosystems to hurt “OrangeManBad”, the endpoint is not in sight…..

    If everything goes foom, remember to bang the rocks together, guys.

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    1. You made a great comment, Coothie, towards the end of yesterday’s open thread, about Depreciation…and the different valuations for property that are used, for different filings.
      Well said!

      I would imagine that PDJT’s accountants also availed themselves of the SALT deductions, when preparing his returns.

      Most people in Blue States have relied on those SALT deductions to greatly reduce their Fed Income Taxes.
      Mainly because people pay more taxes in the Dem-controlled states.

      Isn’t it ironic…that PDJT pushed forth a tax reform law in 2017 that severely reduces that SALT deduction, with a cap on it of $5000 per individual.

      So the thing that allowed him to pay less in Fed taxes, that he is being slammed for now…is something that he changed in his first year in office!

      The Dems and their enemedia nozzles are idiots.
      And they are counting on people being too stupid to know about the change in tax law.

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    1. It’s hard not to think that this is connected to Brad’s…episode.

      I remember thinking after the Tulsa Rally, that it was not like Brad to get blindsided like that.

      Someone didn’t do their homework on that.
      For example…it’s common knowledge here that Tulsa is infested with leftists and has been for a long time.

      And then there is the ‘Juneteenth’ thing.

      Oklahoma City would have been a better location.

      Brad could have been slowly ‘poisoned’ with something, going back for months.
      Maybe a vitamin supplement…or who knows what.

      Remember…SEIU is everywhere.
      They are nearly invisible — waiters, maids, drivers, security guards, etc.
      They literally are everywhere.

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      1. Yup. The reason the opposition didn’t go after Brad until 2020 is they were saving it for right before the election.

        I know that Brad was in a position where he needed to do some “bragging things up”, but one has to be very careful. I think he may have made himself an even BIGGER target by talking about his reach.

        I was actually surprised he was campaign manager. Digital campaign manager is simply a better fit. I was pleased that they rearranged things so promptly – THAT is very Trump.

        Note that Lewandowski was a “lightning rod campaign manager” in the same way. The left conspired to take him out and replace him with Manafort.

        Here, I think it was different in terms of replacement – it was not controlled by the media, etc. The “airport rally” response proves loyalty and effectiveness, no worries IMO about a plant, a spud or a ringer.

        The Tulsa rally really tested things. I thought that using AIRPORT RALLIES to push back was genius – whoever thought that response up was ON THE BALL.

        I know they tried digital rallies, but it simply didn’t work – it was too “under the radar” – too “corona” – too “we’re not resisting this crap” – too “giving in”.

        Airport rallies were “we’re fighting back”.

        But striking down the digital guy – that’s so freaking nasty.

        Never give them plausibility, and push back if you find them going for it. MAKE ‘EM PAY.

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        1. Yes, that’s right.

          This looks like an ‘internal’ document with the WITS, or World Integrated Trade Solution.

          See the little lock 🔒 icon at the top of the page?
          I’m thinking this was not meant for outside eyes.

          The WITS is a part of the World Bank.

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          1. It could be disinformation, fraud, etc., lazy database management, etc., as well. I won’t get into the forensics – people can use their heads to follow my logic and get some practice.

            The other side uses time-based disinformation all the time. I immediately suspected this was discrediting disinformation.

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  12. If you haven’t seen it, this video is worth your time–amazing abortion survivor with heart of a champion!!!

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  13. I first came across this image about a year ago. I get a kick out of seeing it. Love the Stars and Stripes and the friendly ship to ship rivalry.

    Maybe it was part of a Fourth of July celebration while underway at sea.

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      1. IMO, lots of photos hop going on here.

        “Coming alongside”. Two Navy ships come alongside for ONLY done for logistics reasons. Transfer fuel, ordnance, stores (food, parts…), and on an extremely rare occasion, a person.
        – Have seen the equipment for transferring a person exercised, but NEVER applied with a real person.
        – That dangling person is NOT real.

        Two Navy ships alongside requires great skill by both ships, and IS fraught with danger.

        Alongside operations are never taken lightly or


  14. Here’s my current “last” tweet reply to a supposed American living in Asia–possibly a Chi-Com shill, who knows…

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    1. Here’s my list of Doctor and Researcher links – there may be more!

      Raoult Didier – *
      Dr Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko – *
      Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD – *
      James Todaro, MD – *
      Dr. Richard Urso – *

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          1. Thank you but I really don’t deserve that exact compliment.

            I’m Very Hit or Miss in So Many arenas, & lately barely read most of what I’ve been passing along, sadly (wish I could speed read).

            Since the ridiculous George Floyd fiasco I am more regularly checking twitter & passing along Other People’s Material that Seems legit, my version of Gen Flynn digital warrior.

            YOU, on the other hand, do absolutely amazing work!!! I can’t hardly believe how much stuff you seem to have at your fingertips–so organized & impressive!!!

            I try to give attribution when I use yours, or other people’s stuff, because unlike No Go Joe I’m not fond of, nor skilled at, plagiarism! 😉

            God Bless GA/FL & thanks for your hard work & kind words, which I greatly appreciate. ❤

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      1. Add Dr. Atlas, Alex Berenson, Phil Kerpen, Ethical Skeptic, Gummibear737

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    2. I’m trying to be civil & informative, but it’s getting challenging & potentially pointless…

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      1. This person is looking more like a paid basement dweller…

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    1. Pres Trump has retweeted 4 tweets about this, so far.

      One of them is from James O’Keefe.

      So our VSGPOTUS is on this too and waiting for O’Keefe’s drop!

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    1. Erm, Rick Warren is CFR and Deep State…

      Brad doesn’t need that kind of reaching…

      Try Franklin Graham instead…

      [Have a look at what RW did to Jennifer Pekich of “Ponderings from Patmos” for her reports on the
      so-called 40-day wellness plan – see – he basically had her taken down… high-powered friends (CFR) can make that happen]

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    1. UNDENIABLE PROOF: @IlhanMN connected cash-for-ballots fraud kingpin Liban Mohamed AKA @KingLiban1 shows his car FULL of blank absentee ballots.

      “Just today we got 300…”
      “Money is the king in this world”
      “Look…My car is FULL!”#BallotHarvesting

      — James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) September 28, 2020

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  15. Verse of the Day for Monday, September 28, 2020

    “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”

    Ephesians 4:29 (KJV)

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              1. Hey, Patty! Is it Fall there, yet? Just beginning here – burning bush turning red – trees dropping leaves – vivid colors coming into view – nights getting colder – gonna be glorious – but, we need rain!!!

                God Bless Your Day, too – Hugs!!!

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              2. we just got back yesterday afternoon and it seems the forest is EXPLODING with color–the reds, the oranges, the rusts and some gold mixed in too…still a bit of green but wow!!!

                HUGS back to you dear!!

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    1. Your source is still unsynchronized? Here are a few versions from image searching. Blessings!

      Well I hope these end up showing & give a flavor of that scripture that can speak to us in different ways.

      I really Appreciate your ongoing & faithful ministry of the Word & encouragement!!! God Bless You Richly

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Thanks so much for the assist, Val! Yes, for some reason, he/she is only doing half the job – you found the one that should have been posted with the daily verse – and some other lovely thoughts, too – God will bless you for all you have done in this post to encourage others!

        God Bless You Real Good, Val!!!

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      1. At least you are working on it, Nikki! – Some people can work at it day and night – and not succeed – must be in their genes to find fault – and yet – all of us fall short of the Glory of God – so you are not alone!!!

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  16. all seats in the House are up for reelection? wow…Pelosi preparing for House deciding President–those seats are really important now!
    Speaker Nancy Pelosi has begun mobilizing Democrats for the possibility that neither Joe Biden nor President Donald Trump will win an outright Electoral College victory, a once-in-a-century phenomenon that would send the fate of the presidency to the House of Representatives to decide.

    Under that scenario, which hasn’t happened since 1876, every state’s delegation gets a single vote. Who receives that vote is determined by an internal tally of each lawmaker in the delegation. This means the presidency may not be decided by the party that controls the House itself but by the one that controls more state delegations in the chamber. And right now, Republicans control 26 delegations to Democrats’ 22, with Pennsylvania tied and Michigan a 7-6 plurality for Democrats, with a 14th seat held by independent Justin Amash.

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    1. THIS information really needs to get out… only the 2nd time I’ve seen it, however it’s not the same source, so that’s good.

      The DIMS have always depended on their partner in crime the SlimeMedia… and moreso the past four years.
      So they are telling people that a certain scenario can prevail as a result of their hoped for manipulated delay in tabulating the vote. The truth is they are intent on destroying the only part of our Republic which is democratic, and that is the vote of the people and elections. (Although some would argue that even that has not been ‘democratic’ for decades as the candidates of the two parties have been pre-selected for us.)

      Nanzi’s scenario is nothing more than ‘theatre’ … bad theatre at that… imho of course.

      But that’s all they’ve got… lies and ‘fear’ (riots)……………..

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  17. “The Ginsburg Rule” means not asking nominees for declarations of specific cases…so Corey Booker asking ACB if she will recuse in election cases would be wrong.
    The Ginsburg Rule basically holds that questioners don’t ask for declarations about specific cases.

    “A judge sworn to decide impartially can offer no forecasts, no hints, for that would show not only disregard for the specifics of a particular case, it would display disdain for the entire judicial process.”

    — Senator John Cornyn (@JohnCornyn) September 27, 2020

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    1. hil de beast could not muster a tie in the Electoral College…

      Sleepy Joe can’t fill a broom closet for a Rally, when he decides to have one which is not frequent…

      Enthusiasm for President Donald Trump is off the charts… much more than 2016 when he garnered most of the EC…

      a tie in the EC ????????????????

      not even with their attempts at voter fraud with mail-in voting, most of which will be ruled illegal before Nov 3

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      1. I’ll say again exactly what told my son in 2016, and now in 2020.

        In 2016 I told him the Republican that took a STAND of here and NO further would WIN, WIN BIG, and NO ONE would see it coming. When Trump came down that escalator, I told him THERE HE IS.

        In 2020 I told my son, that Trump is TILL the man, that he will WIN, WIN BIGGER than 2016, and STILL no one will see it coming.

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