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This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.



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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition by Johannes Bornlöf, titled ‘Army of Angels’:


Our President has a great sense of humor. Tomorrow we get to see him in the first Presidential Debate against Creepy Joe Biden, (loser).

Trump-L-sign (2)

That is…if Biden shows up. Will he? Or will he be no-show Joe.

Either way, I don’t think our VSGPOTUS is worried about it one bit.



Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Clapperclaw’ is a verb and is an obscure word which dates back to the 16th century. It started as a word which meant clawing and scratching…but it became a slang word for: hurling abusive language; heaping curses and obscenities on someone; verbally attacking someone; spreading negative falsehoods about them.

Used in a sentence:

The Democrats have trained mobs of rabid mutants to go out in the streets and clapperclaw law-abiding citizens into submission.



868 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200928 Open Thread

    1. Dopey manager like guy in Costco today.

      Me walking an aisle, not breaking stride.

      Dope approaches, shows his impressive Costco badge, standing just ahead and to the side, says emphatically, “Costco requires ALL customers to wear a mask”!

      Never breaking stride, I say, “Yea. Thank you. I have a medical”. Dunno what if anything he said in reply.

      Not gonna wear a damn mask.

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            1. Yup. And some are simply doing their job, and will back down quickly, In NV, businesses can be fined if they don’t try asking customers to wear a mask. Sadly, nearly all the sheep wear masks.

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              1. Sheep report….Last night I chatted with a very long-time friend, who lives in NJ. She mentioned she has long hair now because she hadn’t had a cut since March 1. So, I said…send me a photo! This am I got her self-photo, taken in her house. She had a mask on! I immediately texted back and asked what was with the mask?? She replied…it’s the law here in NJ!
                I just about fell off my chair. This is a very independent, no nonsense woman and yet she’s become a mask zombie. They’ve spent at least the past 20 winters in a Florida condo rental because 3 of their adult children living there, but may not go this year because of COVID.
                Fear porn is definitely working!

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    2. I was confronted at a prayer meeting on Saturday (outdoors, too) by the M.C. who asked me, “No mask?” I was not as quick as Pat would have been–just told her I had asthmaand couldn’t wear one, to which she responded “Makes sense.” It irritated me that I thought I had to explain my conduct. Whole thing really put me off.

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      1. I can understand, Zoe – who died and make them hall monitors? I wear it for as long as I can manage – then – I take it off – all you have to say is you have a medical condition – you do not have to say what it is – protected by medical privacy – but, yes – they have some nerve questioning anyone!

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        1. It was first time I had been confronted by a stranger. Wish I had said, “Oh, I don’t believe we have been introduced.” I have an idea. When they confront us, we could hand them a sheep mask. If we knew where to get them. That might be fun.

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      2. You should have told ’em, in an irritated voice, “I’m blind. I can’t find my way if I can’t sniff the air.” And then walk off in a huff.

        I bet you a jelly donut that they believe you.

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        1. Dunno the status. But I do expect Antifa and its hierarchy are in for some bad times. President Trump and AG Barr are mum and there are no leaks. ALL good news by me.

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              1. Same old troublemakers, I think, Tea. Remember Acorn well – Just renamed but, not remade – same old problem – interesting how all of these troublemakers are funded and supported by the radical left – or the Democrat Party.

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    1. ***That’s really interesting. Now read on …***

      Also today, the UK’s Channel 4 came out with a documentary saying that candidate Trump’s team tried to prevent certain blacks from voting in 2016. I haven’t watched C4 in years (too much like MSNBC):

      Hmm. The thread Duchess posted above, C4’s documentary (why not leak to a US news outlet?) — all strange.

      CBS picked it up:

      And now the Parscale incident?

      There was never a time in 2016 when candidate Trump sidelined blacks.

      Something is going on.

      There might also be a data story tie-in with Brexit here, too:

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      1. From what I understand of how our President works, he treats everyone of every ethnic group with respect – he was determined to lift up the ‘forgotten man’ – his whole campaign was to reverse the destruction of previous administrations – and to restore America to its former greatness

        There is some discrepancy about what happened to Parscale – there was no gun – there was a domestic dispute – it was reported – so we do not really know.

        There have been numerous stories about Trump – none of which have panned out – none of this makes any sense to me – so I am not buying any of it.

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  1. There will be names we’ve never heard of.

    Rose McGowan
    Google these names James Packer, Kevin Tsujihara, Brett Ratner, Ron Meyer, Jeff Bewkes, John Stankey. These are the Scumbags of the highest order. They make what you consume. Danger

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    1. James Packer —-is an Australian billionaire businessman and investor. Packer is the son of Kerry Packer AC, a media mogul, and his wife, Roslyn Packer AC. He is the grandson of Sir Frank Packer. He inherited control of the family company, Consolidated Press Holdings Limited, as well as investments in Crown Resorts and other companies.

      Kevin Tsujihara—-is an American businessman, and former chairman and CEO of Warner Bros Entertainment. He succeeded Barry Meyer as CEO in March 2013, and as chairman in December 2013, having previously served as president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

      Brett Ratner——is an American director and producer. He directed the Rush Hour film series, The Family Man, Red Dragon, X-Men: The Last Stand, and Tower Heist. He was also a producer of several films, including the Horrible Bosses series, The Revenant and War Dogs.

      Ron Meyer——Ronald Meyer or Ron Meyer (born September 25, 1944) is an American entertainment executive and former talent agent. He co-founded Creative Artists Agency in 1975 and later worked at Universal Pictures from 1995 until his resignation in 2020.

      Jeff Bewkes—–is an American media executive. He was CEO of Time Warner from January 1, 2008 to June 14, 2018, President from December 2005 to June 2018, and Chairman of the Board from January 1, 2009 to 2018.

      John Stankey—–is an American businessman who is the former CEO of WarnerMedia (then Time Warner); currently served as the CEO of the former’s parent company, AT&T after previously serving as the president and COO. Stankey led AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV and Time Warner in 2015 and 2018, respectively. He assumed the CEO role of AT&T effective July 1, 2020

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    1. ^^^ Navarro gave a great line, concept to use on trade during debate.

      Essentially hussein was new at the trade agreement arena. Then directly at Slow Joe, you worked trade deals for 47 years. Either you were totally naive, over your head, incompetent OR COMPLICIT in destroying American jobs, the American economy. Which is it Joe?

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  2. Really? Oh, that would be great.

    Biden’s Director gets busted for #BallotHarvesting at Nursing Homes, and Pedo Sheila Jackson Lee, is involved? You got your popcorn?

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  3. Yep. (And Sts. Gabriel and Raphael as well.)

    Barbara(Flynn)Medium starMedium starMedium starRedgate #WhoLeakedGenFlynn
    Wow! I just realized tomorrow September 29th Is The Feast Day Of Saint Michael The Archangel and also the Government hearing to dismiss this horrible targeting of General Mike…There are no coincidences

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  4. Charlie Kirk
    Let me get this straight:

    Unnamed sources can falsely claim Trump disparaged service members and it’s the biggest story of the election cycle

    …But Joe Biden can call the troops “stupid bastards” ON TAPE and the media is completely silent?

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  5. What I want to know is with all of the moving that’s been going on this year, how off is it going to be. I mean, I did our household in April, I think.

    See new Tweets
    The Associated Press
    Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the 2020 census will end Oct. 5, regardless of a judge’s order saying the head count can continue through the end of October.

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    Wed, September 30
    5:00 PM – CDT
    Duluth, MN

    Fri, October 2
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Sanford, FL

    Sat, October 3
    3:30 pm CDT
    La Crosse, WI

    Sat, October 3
    6:00 pm CDT
    Green Bay, WI

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    1. And, yeah, they’re sitting on a mountain of cash.

      BTW, that building was built as part of the executive offices of the Louisiana Purchase Expedition aka The 1904 World’s Fair. The fairgrounds, now known as Forest Park, at the time were a swamp on the other side of Skinker.

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  7. The Disturbing Intersection Between Antifa, BLM, & Public-School Teachers Tyler Durden Mon, 09/28/2020 – 20:20 Authored by Col. (Ret.) John Mills via The Epoch Times, As […]

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    1. I would love to know what Jlll is thinking. She knows better than anyone what’s going on with Joe, and she can see the lack of enthusiasm. I would think it would be embarrassing for her to speak to so few people, when Joe himself should be there instead. I’ve never seen anything like it. If he got elected, everyone thinks he wouldn’t last long, so she wouldn’t be First Lady for long.

      I tend to think it’s more about protecting themselves from investigations and things to be revealed. If he were elected, they could try to return everything to the corruption of the O administration. They seem desperate.

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      1. It’s hard for sane people to accurately speculate on the mindset of the insane 😉 As a wife, what she’s allowing to happen to her seemingly vulnerable/incapacitated husband is really sick…


        1. Yes, unless she thinks she is protecting him in some way. There would have to be something really bad — like colluding with a foreign government to enrich himself and his family, for example — to make them/her do this. Or maybe they’re being blackmailed.

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    Manufacturing activity is now improving in many states and across the country. Trump economics does it again, keeps the automobile manufacturing in Ohio and now the first truck is produced. The [CB] admit they have now wait out of this problem. The [DS]/MSM are preparing to throw everything they have at Trump and the people before the election and after the election, but the playbook is known. Flynn ready to go free in 30. Boom, justice prevails, it’s time for the truth. The events are now quickly falling apart, Trump is producing an enormous amount of tests, he is doing exactly what he did with ventilators, this is part of the trap. The [CF] is now on deck, everything is coming into focus.

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  9. NYT tax article EXPOSED as a lie:

    Story contains this thread:

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    1. Thinking about this has been running in the back of my mind all day — especially when I went to gas-up and NPR was spouting utter nonsense about it.

      The average rich person is not treated as a single entity for tax purposes. She has individual businesses; individual partnerships; individual rental properties…..and, believe me, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, “EVERYBODY must get taxed…” But not necessarily in the places you’d expect. VSGPOTUS may very well have paid $2M in taxes against his personal wealth in a certain year, but only showed $750 in tax on his 1040. This is not unusual, and can be part of a deliberate housekeeping strategy to focus compliance and efforts and costs in efficient places.

      It doesn’t help that the average journalist doesn’t know the difference between total tax levied and tax due with return.

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  10. I’m sorry but the words ‘shut up chelsea’ don’t even cover it.

    Poor kids….

    Chelsea Clinton feels ‘very protective’ of Barron Trump: ‘Don’t objectify this kid’

    Pop pop bill….Ummmm I will not make a joke I will not make a joke

    Ahhh but Trump is a bully. Of course.

    Maybe she should worry about Law and Order?

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  11. Love Sidney’s new hair-do…

    Sidney Powell Flag of United States⭐⭐⭐ Retweeted
    NLYKFLN Medium starMedium starMedium star@DenverFlynn
    Judge Sullivan MUST Grant Motion To Dismiss With Prejudice. EVERY Case In Country Requires Dismissal Of GOVERNMENT Motion 2 Dismiss. EVERY Single Precedent. More Than Ample Reason To Dismiss Gov Clear NO CASE SHLD EVER BEEN BROUGHT. More Evidence Than Ever Seen Mandates Dismissal

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      1. not a huge change Zoe, length is about the same, maybe an inch shorter so that it is about chin length

        whereas it was all one length and ends turned under

        the side part is more prominent and no longer all one length, but both sides have been shortened and flip up a bit…

        I think it gives her a much softer look… still chic but more youthful appearance.

        [Zoe, I am terrible at describing images… i’m sure some of the women here are laughing at my description.]

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          1. You’re very welcome Zoe… thank you… Wheatie is really great at describing images… when she was doing double duty and had treehouses as the theme of her openings, I would read and reread her descriptions of the trees… absolutely lovely, make you want to curl up in the treehouse and just relax…

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  12. Where’s Wolfie. Video of cops taking down Parscale. Something is definitely NOT RIGHT. Definitely not locked in a room suicidal. Domestic argument w/vindictive wife? Are they maybe near divorce and she’s trying to gin up evidence?

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    1. Highlights from the DM article sure don’t match the video above.

      Brad Parscale was hospitalized after he reportedly threatened to harm himself at his Fort Lauderdale, Florida home on Sunday afternoon can reveal his wife Candice fled screaming into the street in just her bikini – before telling a passerby: ‘I think my husband just killed himself’
      She buried her head in the stranger’s lap and sobbed uncontrollably until officers revealed he was still alive
      A video obtained by reveals Candice, by now wrapped in a white towel, peering over a line of police cars as officers negotiate Brad’s surrender
      Candice told cops she heard a revolver being cocked and a ‘loud boom’ after her 44-year-old husband began ‘ranting and raving’
      The witness, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals, told she also noticed evidence of bruising on Candice’s upper arms
      She said: ‘She was hysterical, she was hyperventilating, she nearly collapsed but I caught her and pulled her into the vehicle’
      The chaotic scene ended without tragedy about an hour and a half later when he agreed to surrender and was involuntarily committed to a hospital
      A police report reveals Parscale had ten weapons inside the home, including two rifles, two shotguns, five handguns and a small revolver
      Further reports confirmed Candice had revealed injuries to officers and told them she suffered them in an ‘altercation’ with her husband, claiming he hits her

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              1. She could be a sleeper.

                Four years…that’s nothing for a sleeper.
                They can be dormant for decades before they get the word to do what they’re there for.

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          1. I don’t think there’s confirmation of a shot fired. Just innuendo from the wife. Scratches and bruises on her? She told DM they were from earlier, not today.
            Did anyone check her alcohol level??
            Reeks to me of a domestic argument. Yeah, he was drinking. Things get heated, people go to their corners. He pulled out a gun and loaded it while drunk. Not smart, but again, she’s the one introducing ‘suicide’. Any proof of his mental state prior? He could of just been playing with his gun while drunk, again not smart. But drunk people do not smart things.
            Just seems to me she would get relatives or friends over to help first. Maybe none were available so she has to call the cops. BUT a loving wife COVERS her husband. If this was something that got out of hand, tell the police a story to get help. BUT DO NOT TALK ABOUT PAST SLIGHTS OR INDISCRETIONS. Use help to diffuse situation at hand, but deal with it behind closed doors once both are sober. DO NOT CRY TO THE NEIGHBORS AND POLICE!!! Something with this woman STINKS!!!

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            1. I think they were both drunk. Drunk and fighting, and she blabbed the truth, which I would not blame her for, since I’m a believer in the idea that lies start small, so JUST DON’T. Don’t call the cops is right, but she tried to call a relative and he knocked the phone – stupid.

              If the gun was fired, she did the right thing, IMO.


              1. Mmm…I’m going back to what I was thinking last night.

                It would’ve been easy for wifey to start slipping a drug of some sort into Brad’s intake.
                It could’ve even been through the skin!

                I started wondering what was up with Parscale after the botched Tulsa Rally.

                Since when do we take things at face value?
                Hasn’t Q trained us better than that?

                Think of all that we’ve learned about:
                Plants, sleepers, moles.
                Vax delivery methods (drug delivery).
                No coincidences.

                [They] are in such a Panic right now…I’m thinking that they pulled the trigger on a long-time sleeper.
                Namely, Candy the Parscale plant.

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              2. Yeah, I have to admit she really seems like she could be one. Eight years is one heck of a long sleep, but we’re talking big stuff here – TRUMP – China – enormous amounts of money and power – insane amounts – so yeah, maybe so.

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              3. Using sleepers is what commies have done…for a long long time.

                Sometimes they lie dormant for decades.
                Don’t they?

                Haven’t we learned this?

                I haven’t seen a photo of Candy yet.
                But I’m thinking she’s probably honey-trap material.

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              4. Just picking Tulsa as a place for a rally…in June…was an epic mistake.

                I mean, with all that was going on?
                On Juneteenth?
                Tulsa race massacre.

                What were they thinking!

                And yeah, the Dems seemed to know everything about where the guards would be located, etc.

                Even the way they set up the Trump Supporters to be funneled through a gauntlet, was a big fail.

                The owner of that venue is a Dem, too.
                Another big fail.

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              5. He could’ve been drunk enough to not think he was too drunk to mess with his guns. NOT SMART, I know, but drunk people do stuff.
                She’s a piece of work. If she was truly worried, wait outside for police to arrive. Going and crying to the neighbors??? Did you hear a shot, Is he dead?? That’s over the top to me.
                If DM story is accurate, the cops talked to him through window and got him to put up gun and come out of room. Then why didn’t they take custody of him in the house. He was walking around, grabbed a beer, came out to talk to officers in the street to explain. Not the actions of a suicidal man to me. She was saying ‘shit’, he was going to tell them about the fight. Officers come screaming at him, he was drunk and was slow to process the situation, then BOOM. He acted like he didn’t know why they tackled him.

                We need to know if a shot was fired.
                They were drunk and fighting and she called the police on him. Once she did that, she had to come up with a good story, for everyone.

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      1. These are snippets from the article:

        Well-placed sources told Parscale is under investigation for the theft of campaign funds.

        The couple have at least $300,000 worth of cars – including a 2017 Ferrari, a Range Rover and a BMW X6 – while public records suggest Parscale has owned as many as eight boats.

        Their spending spree represents a remarkable turnaround for the college basketball standout who lost his family’s company to bankruptcy in the mid-2000s but rebuilt his finances after working for Trump in various digital guises since 2011.

        ‘The thing about what Parscale did with the finances of the campaign could actually be totally legal,’ the source added.

        ‘But Brad has tons of bills since his lifestyle picked up, and he sees the gravy train coming to an end.’

        A Trump insider told that Parscale went into a tailspin after he was demoted in July and replaced by his former number two, Bill Stepien

        ‘Bradley`s speech was slurred as though he was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and he seemed to be crying,’ Skaggs went on.

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        1. Thanks! Yup. Now – when did he meet this broad? That will be key. Old sweethearts is good. Campaign trail is iffy. If she attached after the win, SKETCHY. The spending sounds like her influence.


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            1. Wait – so that is EIGHT years. Much less likely she’s a ringer. Her value is going up fast in my estimation. She may be a bit of a gold-digger and likes the fast and famous lifestyle, and brushes with fame, but IMO her call for help is likely legit.

              Drinking and guns don’t mix, and in many cases are ILLEGAL.


              1. Brad started working for Trump in 2011 as his IT guy.

                What else was happening then?

                Oh yeah.
                That’s when DJT was questioning Hussein’s fake birth certificate.

                That’s also when I think that Hussein started spying on Trump.

                What better way to spy on someone, than to insert an operative into their workforce.

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              2. Would not surprise me. And if she’s addicted to money, which I suspect, she could have taken payoffs for information, planting, etc.

                That stuff is actually *quite* real.

                Trump team may have had suspicions. Might have been leaks that traced back to them as a couple. Very smart to swap him out until it resolved.

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            1. Interesting points:

              (1) A piece of news leaked out by CNN in the year 2019 regarding Trump’s monetary support to Candice Blount unnamed company. It caused a huge controversy for all of them.

              (2) The New York Times reported in March 2020 that Parscale paid around $15K US Dollars to Lara Trump (Eric Trump’s Wife) and Kimberly Guilfoyle (Donald Trump Jr. Girlfriend) in March 2020.

              She may have been looking like a liability to the campaign.

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              1. I have found no mention of any children.

                You’d think they would’ve had one at some point.

                I’m still thinking that she was an asset.
                Placed with Parscale when he started working for Trump.

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              1. “This picture SCREAMS trouble to me.”


                I would bet that Melania was giving this woman the side-eye…from way back.

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          1. I’m only reporting what was in the article and hadn’t been mentioned here — not saying it’s reliable. But it seems that people are jumping to conclusions in Parscale’s favor, which might or might not be correct. Maybe he does get drunk and hits her (and vice versa). Maybe he did do something shady with campaign funds. I hope not, but we don’t know what we don’t know. And I fully understand that the Left will do anything to attack those close to Pres. Trump.

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        2. How long was Daily Mail working on this article?

          They mention “well-placed sources” and “a Trump insider” as their sources for this piece.

          Interviews take time.
          They did all that work in less than 24 hours?

          This gets the full side-eye from me.

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    2. Yeah, this totally stinks!

      I’m thinking it’s the wife who is the head case.
      She SWAT’d her husband out of spite.

      She’s the one who should be arrested…for making a false statement to police!

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      1. There is way more to this.

        It will depend on whether he fired the gun. If he didn’t fire the gun, she’s lying. But if he DID, then she was rightly worried that he might put the next round in his head, if he was saying a bunch of mopey junk.

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          1. This is true, but my practiced suspicion goes to (1) drunk person fired the gun, and (2) wife was scared by him “acting out” weirdly while drunk, and escalated to the cops.

            Now I *AM* suspicious that her bruises are from HITTING HIM (which he blocked) and/or from him RESTRAINING HER when she was hitting him.

            Women are actually MORE LIKELY TO HIT because they can get away with it – especially with a big guy.

            If so, he needs to file charges and/or negotiate mutual dropping of any charges, or induce a confession by her, to help clear his own name from any accusation of domestic violence.

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            1. According to the article, she claims the bruises were from him, just not that day.
              ‘While speaking with Candace Parscale (sic) I noticed several large sized contusions on both of her arms, her cheek and forehead,’ wrote Officer S. Smith.

              ‘When I asked how she received the bruising, Candace Parscale stated Brad Parscale hits her. When asked if he made these markings today, she claimed he did not.

              ‘I continued to ask if Brad Parscale physically assaulted her in any way today and she said no, but he did forcibly smack her phone out of her hand when she was attempting to call Brad Parscale`s father.’
              ‘While speaking with Candace I observed several bruises on both which she advised occurred a few days ago, during a physical altercation with Bradley, which she did not report.’

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              1. Yup. Very interesting. He’s definitely hitting HER if she has face and forehead. The question is now whether he’s HITTING FIRST or HITTING BACK. It’s a problem for him either way, but if she is baiting him into domestic violence, he needs to dump her FAST.


              2. ” He’s definitely hitting HER if she has face and forehead.”

                Not necessarily.

                I’ve seen ISIS training films that instruct how to create bruises on your head…to blame on captors.

                And also bruises to ribs, arms…all over.

                She could have created those bruises, boss.
                No matter where they are located.

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              3. If they were married 4 years, I would put more suspicion on that kind of stuff, but married 8 years is just getting way too long for an op of some kind with that level of hijinks. 2012 she knew he was with Trump, so that was part of the incentive to marry, and makes me think gold-digger, but she’s been along for a long ride. Yeah, could be some kind of beta kitten who got tagged onto him back in those Holder days, but I’m thinking unless he denies like crazy, he’s hitting her.

                I suspect she’s a hitter, and he hits back. Drinking, fighting – just makes sense. Now that IS a way to discredit him, but likely not planned. She could have lied about her bruises being fresh, and she didn’t.

                He’s too big of a lug – too many women feel like they’ve got a license to hit big guys. I’ve seen it all my life and it just baffles me.

                Gun owners have to be hard-core about non-violence. Carriers even more so. This is why I’m an asshole about training. Even where there IS constitutional carry, I would always personally want to see incentives for licensed carry which promotes training.

                He should not even THINK about touching his guns drunk. Just mark that stuff as verboten – as dangerous as walking a ledge drunk.

                I’ll bet POTUS had intel on this stuff, too.

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              4. Are they both drinking and scrapping with each other???? Could explain her bruises.
                Did he have bruises? Was her alcohol level checked?
                Y’all when I was younger……..stuff happens when couples drink and fight……it escalates.
                I was drunk one night and grabbed a shotgun and went into backyard screaming and yelling
                and firing it into the air a couple times. Yeah, I know, young, dumb, and drunk….NOT SMART!
                If my partner had called cops on me and said I was suicidal and, and, and……. See how easy that is??
                A loving wife COVERS her husband, to keep from embarrasing him, Especially when she knows things can be worked out.
                An abused wife stays silent because she knows she’ll get a beating if she talks.
                A scheming wife blabs their business to neighbors, police, the Daily Mail, and anyone else who will listen.😉

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        1. From (We) Are The News:

          There is a screenshot of her arrest record, with her pic.
          Post 10816899 1 day ago • View on 8kun

          It looks like Brad Parscale’s wife Candace Rene Blount likes to get her drink on. She was arrested in 2006 for public intoxication. Her mother and father are involved with a water testing company in Texas. Isn’t that where the just found a brain eating amoeba in the water? They are also connected to a company called Pure & Gentle Manufacturing.

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        2. Wolf, this video has more of the footage from the cop’s bodycam.

          It has some footage I had not seen before…of the wife standing out in front of the house, in a towel & bikini, talking to the officers.

          Listen to her voice!

          At about the 0:25 mark:

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              1. She doesn’t sound as drunk as him. Very calm.

                Did she corner him? May very well be. But it takes two – he let it into his life.

                Brad did very well not to move much, and to come out in just shorts. It was pretty clear he didn’t have a weapon. No sudden moves. But the whiney stuff does NOT look good.

                If he DID fire a shot, then UNFORTUNATELY FOR HIM she got him. If he did NOT fire a shot, then he needs to start looking for the exits, IMO. That means sober up, lawyer up, logical thinking.

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              2. Wolf, she had her weapons-grade tah-tahs deployed and had those cops eating out of her hand.

                She had plenty of time to put clothes on before the officers got there…or at least a shirt…but she didn’t.

                Why didn’t she?

                Her voice didn’t sound the slightest bit ‘distressed’ to me.
                She was staging it for maximum effect.

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Yeah, I think you’re right on that. I noticed that, too. Put it all together and it’s trouble.

                I think the campaign spotted it a while back and did a deep dive on her after the first problems. That explains a LOT.

                Liked by 1 person

              4. Yup. She was likely strutting around like that, messing with Parscale’s head – which is why the first thing he said to the cops was to the effect that she was messing with him. I would have loved to have heard his side of the story.

                Liked by 1 person

      1. Getting shot by a suspect with a hidden gun can cause fatal injuries! 😀

        Even a nice guy like Parscale!

        When he did not comply immediately, and he was obviously drunk, and it was believed that he has already fired his gun, they had no choice – they had to do a professional takedown.

        Note that Parscale was not TRAINED by BLaMers to defy the cops once they got rough. But he did not comply immediately – probably due to drunkenness, because I presume he’s had at least SOME handgun training, and knows to comply with police orders, particularly if he is a licensed carrier.

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        1. The tackle was a demonstration of Parscale being in “let’s talk this out” mode while the police — Broward County Police, mind you — being in “comply” mode. Words have different meanings depending on what mode you’re in — when citizens and police are in different modes, problems may arise. One lesson I take from this is that “let’s talk this out” is much better over a video link.

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    3. Just got back online and saw this.

      I saw the video. I’m still thinking it all fits together. Suspects will try to “present well” when they know the cops are coming. If he actually fired the gun indoors, NOT GOOD.

      Still catching up – more thoughts soon.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Well, I hope you’re right. I just keep pointing it out when I run across it. & I’ve gotten messages saying “owner limits who can see” this etc but these messages claim something is deleted w/ no other explanation…

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