2020·09·26 KMAG Daily Thread

Here’s a blast from the past:

Public Service Message

It has been pointed out that all of the rioting is nominally on account of criminals who resisted arrest in one form or another, and someone suggested schools ought to teach people not to resist arrest.

Chris Rock on a similar vein, in 2007

Granted an “ass kicking” isn’t the same as being shot, but both can result from the same stupid act. You may ultimately beat the rap, but you aren’t going to avoid the ride.

A Reminder Of Today’s Big Issue.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People...Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they’ve never seen before.

Then-Candidate Donald J. Trump

Needs to happen, soon.

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

Please note that our menu has changed, please listen to all of the options.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Political correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. The first rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government take your guns.
5. The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.
9. Social Justice Warriors, ANTIFA pukes, BLM hypocrites, and other assorted varieties of Marxists can go copulate with themselves, or if insufficiently limber, may substitute a rusty wire brush suitable for cleaning the bore of a twelve or ten gauge.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Coin of The Day

The Wooden Nickel.

No, there was never a wooden nickel–except possibly issued by shops as a “good for five cents in trade” token.

But we do have that old advice to not take any wooden nickels and it’s sound advice.

A lot of people, fourteen days ago, were speculating that Big Things were going to happen over the next thirteen days. I more than half expected it to be baloney, but went along with it, primarily to keep it fresh in people’s minds.

(And because Darwin is cute.)

The thirteen days have passed, and what has happened? RBG has died. And maybe someone is actually going to do something about Hunter Biden…and then again maybe not. Congressional investigations generally turn out to be kabuki theater. Even if someone gets referred to DOJ for prosecution, nothing ever seems to come of it. Look at McCabe, for crying out loud.

In other words, the heat has been turned up a little on the Deep State, but hardly a spectacular, earth-shaking thirteen days.

This all stemmed from ONE person on the internet speculating about what it meant that someone on Durham’s team had quit. And it turned out to be nothing.

I see us doing this a LOT, to be honest, and I’ve been caught myself.

We are rightly skeptical of anything the other side puts out.

But we really need to be cautious about what people who are (or at least appear to be) on our side are putting out too. They could be “controlled opposition.” They could just be self-aggrandizing assholes trying to look smarter than they are (I won’t name names here but there’s a very well known pair of initials). Or they could just have over-active imaginations.

Even people I’ve been told are “reliable” and I shouldn’t label as “just Someone On The Internet” have made statements, pronouncements and predictions that have simply come to nothing.

Look at everything you are told with a critical eye, especially the stuff you are hoping is true.

Obligatory PSA/Reminder

Just one more thing, my standard Public Service Announcement. We don’t want to forget this!!!

Remember Hong Kong!!! And remember the tens of millions who died under the “Great Helmsman” Chairman Mao.

I hope this guy isn’t rotting in the laogai somewhere!

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

For my money the Great Helmsman is Hikaru Sulu (even if the actor is a dingbat).

575 thoughts on “2020·09·26 KMAG Daily Thread

  1. Yorba Kinda, CA…. iow east orange county.
    Trump supporter hit and run over.
    Cops called an 11 11…outside agency backup.

    Tomas Morales (@TomasMorales_iv) Tweeted:
    *GRAPHIC* Trump supporter was struck by a car. Details unclear on who hit the man. His ankle is visibly broken.

    #YorbaLinda https://t.co/zhqcFcE8Gt

    Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) Tweeted:
    NEW: Police in #YorbaLinda have declared a “Code Charlie Checkmate”, requesting resources from surrounding police agencies due to a clash between a pro Trump group and a BLM group that got violent. A car ran over someone. Unlawful assembly declared by OCSD on scene.

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    1. No, Dave is telling you at the top of his RT…

      4 am talking points…

      they are repeating each other…

      what they have been doing since 1950s … reading the script they get at 4 a.m.

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      1. Now if it had been popcorn, it would’ve solved itself 🙂
        (Jiffy-Pop Acorns?)…

        Wonder if the squirrel will try to put the acorns back again? (Keep running that play again until he gets it right)…

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    1. ^^^ Good article at the link. ^^^

      Ground report Carson City / Dayton, NV

      Going through stores I always take a visual “inventory” of the stores, overall inventory posture. Generally looking at groceries, household stuff and OTC meds and vitamins. .

      – Two local Walmart’s and local Smith’s (Kroger). Few “holes” on the shelves – less “not in stock” items. But the depth of material, or quantity of stock, is NOT deep. Shelves, including chill and frozen, NOT packed as they were in January of this year.

      – Other areas of both Walmart’s is really crappy. Numerous holes – out of stock quite common. Depth or quantity of material, terrible. They ARE struggling to get stock in. IMO.

      – Local COSTCO, filled to the rafters lately. Have not looked up to see what is up there. Could be Christmas crap. I need to look at that aspect.

      Have noticed freezers and fridges in stock at Lowe’s and Home Depot. I probably need to snatch up a freezer as mine is ten years old and absolutely full. Can’t afford to lose all that food. Two fridge/freezers eight and five years old. Those should suffice.
      Have shared the following a couple times the past couple weeks. Since we realized Covid was largely a sham, have maintained aggressive level of prepping – food, household items and OTC med and vitamins.
      – We are NOT through this sh!t storm of 2020. It’ll go on at least until Electoral College vote on, 14 December, IIRC.
      – – Food shortgages could worsen through winter, based on Zero hedge article, and observations of political asshoes throttling the economy, throttling Freedom and current local store stocking woes..
      Finally. A repeat from a few days ago. Locally gas prices over past ten days have dropped six to ten cents at all gas stations. Great for us consumers. Not good for the economy, me thinks.

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      1. “I probably need to snatch up a freezer as mine is ten years old and absolutely full. Can’t afford to lose all that food.”

        Freezers are great…but they require electricity.

        Got a generator?
        With that kind of investment in frozen food, a generator might be a good idea.

        Dry goods like rice, pasta and beans, are a good idea.
        Also canned sources of protein like tuna, sardines and canned hams.

        And yeah, we’re not through this sh!t storm yet.
        We’re in uncharted territory…we don’t even know if the Electoral College vote will be on schedule.

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        1. All good points.

          Electricity is relatively cheap. Heat to 70. AC to 76.

          Yes to all. Two generators. 21 gallons of gas in gas cans. Rotate gas every six months. Truck, Jeep and two other vehicles another ~75 gallons.

          Plenty of dry and canned stuff. Some scratch baking capability.

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            1. ^^^ And that will be a huge problem. Lights are one thing.

              Two big areas are very problematic, IMO.
              – Power for fridges and freezers. In the winter, i could probably place the freezer & fridges outside and they’ll be just fine.
              – Heating in the winter. Gas, electricity… This IS my downfall. Gotta work on it some, or a lot.

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              1. Yes, and you can buy jugs of oil + wicks at hardware stores, even Walmart.

                Good source of light.
                Saves batteries for other things.

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              2. Sounds counterintuitive, but fridges and freezers also have a low-temperature design point, beneath which they won’t run (or will seize up). At least over here, there are temperature bands in their operating specs (e.g. S, T, ST, etc.) that specify in which temperature zone they can safely operate.

                Probably the compressor(s) or condensor coils might freeze up…

                Would be neat, though, to be able to pipe in cold air to chill the evaporator coils and carry the heat away…

                [So much for Gore-bull warming… heating season has started a few weeks early here…sigh… brrr…]

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              3. More (bargain)counter-intuitivity (if that’s a word:) )… There are propane refrigerators and freezers for folks who are REALLY off the grid. No idea if they are any good (or reasonably-priced) or not…

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    2. Careful… you’ll start folks hoarding the TP again 😉

      Seriously, zH is WRONG about food shortages… they aren’t any and won’t be any. Someone’s smokin’ something.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Nope. Not me. Not gonna buy a bunch of TP, paper towels… Already have six month supply. 🙂 Have done so for past few years. have the space. Had the extra dough and believe in prepping. My prepping and shopping is, maintenance if you will. Maintain current levels.

        Hope you are correct. Chill boxes at Smith’s look OK, but not full in the morning. By evening numerous holes. Lacks depth of stock. Freezers not as bad. But not full either. Cleaning supplies not full.

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        1. My parents grew up in the depression… Dad never forgot… always had reserves. I was very “impressed” with that particular trait… beginning when I was on my own and later married, always backups. I didn’t get into prepping I think because of all the teasing I got from the grandchildren… but I was well stocked when the lockdown came and we never ran out of anything. As Wolfie suggested, still making sure we have reserves… just in case. 😉

          Liked by 2 people

          1. And that is all prepping is, to me. Having reserves. Breadth and depth of reserves an individual decision based on needs, ability and comfort level.

            Do I really believe we’ll have problems, no. Not really. But I never believed we’d have an event like our faux plandemic.

            Agree with Wolf assessment somewhere tonight, President Trump won’t let it happen. President Trump has worked wonders with persuasion and Emergency Powers of the Presidency.

            As an aside, for many, many years better half and I literally planned every meal from payday to payday. Shopping on payday for exactly what we needed, which was all we could afford. A few days before payday, scraping together loose coins to buy milk, bread… Thankfully those days are well behind us. 🙂

            Liked by 2 people

            1. I agree President Trump won’t let it happen.

              Glad your lean years are behind you… I too once went through periods of having to clip coupons and carefully spend. Am blessed to be able to buy ‘reserves’ …

              Liked by 2 people

              1. Exactly. Having “too much month at the end of the money” is not a good thing, but also results in learning planning and discipline (and some very odd meals 🙂 ) which help in later life. Both my parents lived through the depression and WWII, albeit on opposite sides ot the pond, and their attitude about waste not, want not lives on through my family.

                OK, OK, I’m a packrat now, but heyyyy, someday I might need these things…. now what are they again???
                Seriously, the throw-away attitudes from the 1960s onwards deserve to be replaced by an insistence on quality, endurance, and practical design. Here’s hoping that also is a side-effect of getting away from CCC, i.e. Cheap Chinese Crap…

                [For example, has anyone here had, or remember, having an appliance motor sent out for rewinding? Times were, that was done. Now it’s just throw-away motors which are all but irreparable…]….

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              2. In our lovely small town we still have a “small engines repair” shop. Late Hubby would take whatever he himself could not repair there. We tried to repair whatever the situation… still do. I ‘hear’ ya Cuppa wrt irreparable… six y/o washing machine is one of those “less water” contraptions… clothes are always too wet to go into the dryer or on a hanger… have to run the spin cycle AGAIN. Have looked all over the area for used OLD type appliance but they have all been snapped up. I’m back to the old days of laundry really being a chore.

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      2. Agrees, however I think the intent is to gear you up for the coming civil war should the democrats continue with their farce and attempt to steal the election. All while not saying civil war.

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  2. FBI Agents So Worried About Russia Hoax They Purchased Liability Insurance

    September 26, 2020
    by R. Cort Kirkwood, The New American


    FBI agents were so worried about the legality of their activities during the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe that some purchased liability insurance to protect themselves if the pro-Clinton conspiracy were revealed, newly-released court documents show.

    Filed in the federal government’s malicious prosecution of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, the documents reveal texts between agents that show where the real “collusion” was: among top government agents who, with the Crossfire Hurricane probe, tried to interfere nullify the 2016 election because they didn’t like the winner.

    But that’s not all we learn from the texts, disclosed yesterday at The Federalist. Top FBI officials hoped Crossfire Hurricane would help elect Hillary Clinton.

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    1. One more thing about Gab.

      I personally block every single account that harps on certain stupid issues AND those accounts that post “shock” imagery. There is some overlap. But anytime I find myself squinting at an image, check the account and usually block it. Even if they have some good posts.

      Life is too short to have my mind flooded with garbage.

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      1. Yeah, it’s definitely rough to follow some of the really nasty accounts. There are some that are just SO TOXIC that I will block, but there are others – only occasionally toxic, or always just lightly so, that I feel a duty to follow so I can keep that sector on my radar.

        There is one Jewish guy who continuously engages the Nazis, and I need to follow him just because he’s “on point”, but I can’t read his stuff most of the time because it’s almost as psychologically damaging to just read his counters, which have to “logically restate what he’s countering, as it is to read the things he’s quoting or replying to. This is what the Nazis did in Germany – they just beat down ALL opposition until the opposition has that “battered” complex SD talks about – it’s VERY real. And THAT is why the Dems and their media are so much like them, as were the Soviets.

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        1. That’s interesting, for it’s what Merde-Kuh is doing right now here in Germany – beating down any opposing politician or point of view. Prime example, of course, is the FauxCoronaChiComVirus. She’s declared that there is no cure at present, and probably will declare that everything will be shut down until there’s a vaccine…. which she will TRY to force upon us. Perhaps, finally then, the long-asleep German citizenry will awake and find their future slipping away from them, but at least in time to halt the slide, and claw back all the losses (and THAT will take some time, too)…

          [Still think she might be Hitler’s daughter, which would explain the lack of progeny and the apparent age beyond her years…though evil can do that too…]…..

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  3. Kelly Loeffler’s Bill To Protect Female Athletes Is A Sign The GOP Finally Figured Out The Culture War

    This is exactly the kind of culture war battle Republicans long avoided, terrified of inciting controversy with the media and cultural left.

    By Emily Jashinsky
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2020


    Sen. Kelly Loeffler, in the midst of a heated campaign, introduced legislation this week to protect female athletes under Title IX. The Georgia senator is picking exactly the kind of culture war battle Republicans long avoided, terrified of inciting controversy with the media and left. Loeffler’s decision to introduce the bill now, as she fights to retain her seat, is deeply telling. Social conservatives should take heart.

    The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act of 2020, co-sponsored by Sens. Mike Lee, (R-Utah), Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), James Lankford (R-Okla.), and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), stipulates schools that receive federal funds would be in violation of Title IX should they “permit a person whose sex is male to participate in an athletic program or activity that is designated for women or girls.”

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              1. Now if they could let me see more posts on my feed. Current number of posts on my feed … ZERO. I get around t by clicking on groups or my “Wolfmoon” list.

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  4. Is this what President Trump calls a LIBERAL HACK? Who died and left this guy in charge?

    Sitting Federal Prosecutor Says Bill Barr’s ‘Unprecedented Politicization’ of AG’s Office Has ‘Brought Shame’ on the DOJ

    JERRY LAMBE | Sep 26th, 2020, 10:13 am


    While Bill Barr was rebuked in June by more than 1,250 former employees of the Department of Justice, this week marked the first time a sitting federal prosecutor directly and explicitly called out U.S. Attorney General for having intentionally turned the department into a political tool of the Trump administration.

    In a letter published in the Boston Globe on Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts James D. Herbert derided Barr’s second tenure as head of the DOJ, saying that his conduct in office “should concern all citizens.”

    “While I am a federal prosecutor, I am writing to express my own views, clearly not those of the department, on a matter that should concern all citizens: the unprecedented politicization of the office of the attorney general,” Herbert wrote. “The attorney general acts as though his job is to serve only the political interests of Donald J. Trump. This is a dangerous abuse of power.”

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    1. What a crock!

      This guy Herbert is the one who is politicizing things.

      But then, the Dems always accuse others of what they themselves have been doing.

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      1. And it’s not like CLINTON, RENO and HOLDER didn’t do a VERY FINE JOB of *** STEALTHY *** politicization of DOJ, because that’s exactly what Bill Barr is trying to REMOVE.

        I would tell this guy Herbert in no uncertain terms – YOU and the HOLDERIZATION of DOJ are the REAL politicization.

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  5. I got tied up with “stuff” and was not able to hear the “Live” announcement of ACB’s nomination and introduction but I was able a bit ago to listen to all of it, thanks to prayingmedic’s periscope. I have to say my take on Judge Amy is she has courage. How do I know, you may ask. She said so… yeah, She SAID so. In my book that takes self awareness and confidence. I think It was a direct message to the Commies. I sure hope they get it, cuz this gal who grew up in New Orleans, was No. 1 in her class at Notre Dame, clerked for Justice Scalia, was appointed by President Donald Trump as Judge for Chicago’s 7th Circuit WILL be the 9th Justice for SCOTUS. Judge Amy has a SPINE.

    Then I spent about 30 mins surfing the net only to discover that all my favs are talking about is… what the Commies are saying about Amy.

    I’m callin’ a lid on it… just going to scroll on past it. Not just tonight but in the weeks to come. I mean, if the Judge is
    going to ignore them and move through the confirmation process with her head held high, then the least I can do is
    ignore the screaming children and their lies and scroll past the peeps bringing it. I can put the time to better use, by praying for the Lord to hold her steady as she walks this path.

    oh, don’t forget… Monday is Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement (or At onement, depending on your emphasis… ) so it
    will be Tuesday before the Senate takes up the hassle over the Continuing Resolution and funds the government beyond Sept. 30, when the present one expires, until December 21 iirc. Judge Amy will no doubt be making the rounds of meet and greet with the Senators (mostly Republicans, as a few of the DIMS have already forgotten their manners and stated they will not meet… ). My senator, Ms Lindsey, has announced that his Committee will hold a Hearing on Oct. 12th which I find confusing as Congress will recess (actually many will leave on the 9th) on the 12th so that those running for reelection can go home and reintroduce themselves to voters who haven’t seen them in ages. Wonder if Ms. Lindsey checked in with Potus or maybe Mitch didn’t send him a memo indicating they may not even hold a “Hearing”… ? (I made that part up… it’s a fantasy I share with some here… one which will cause many DIM heads to explode I’m sure)

    Got to run… binge watching an ACORN original. Remember, I won’t be “liking” your reports about what the DIMS
    are saying about Judge Amy, just scrollin’ by… no offence, just that I haven’t the time for their tantrums. Anyway, I’ve
    already seen the movie.. I think it was called Kavanaugh…

    Oh, and since I don’t watch TV, will someone let please let me know when they’ve completed canonizing (or whatever the Commies are calling it) RBG?

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    1. There is zero reason to read or click on Amy bashing.

      The same can be said for reading or clicking on Kavanaugh bashing.

      It IS ALL manufactured crap – a distraction to DELAY the vote OR DERAIL the nomination.

      IGNORE the BS and move forward to the confirmation vote.

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    2. Have not and will not click on RBG crap.

      Just as I did not read or click on McStain, Eligah or his twin that passed a could weeks ago…Nothing to gain, nothing to learn, would be a waste of time.

      Nor did I lower Old Glory at my home for any of these asshoes. Yea, I am like that.

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      1. Vulnerable? Or just plain insane – when he was in the driver’s seat – he had plenty to say – now that he is stuck in the trunk – he cannot speak lucidly? When have we ever had a candidate who does not campaign?

        Even if they slip in a ‘replacement’ – how would that translate into votes? The only reason Biden is ‘running’ is because he is a familiar name – but, why would anyone in his/her right mind vote against his/her own best interests?

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        1. Dem party DEPENDS on trans insanity. They cannot abandon it. But people don’t want the crazy crap forced on families and especially kids at school. Biden has already pushed trans craziness bigly. He couches it as discrimination against trans, but there are so many amazingly good counters to this, that Trump can pick and choose the best weapon every time.

          Women’s sports are being DESTROYED by BIOLOGICAL MEN taking over. Just add the words COMMON SENSE and Biden is COOKED.

          Liked by 4 people

          1. Isn’t it odd we never had to deal with this before there was a ‘trans’ in the WH? This does not mean a thing to Biden – he is just supporting the radical left of the party – the minute he crossed the line – there is no going back – this could be one of the reasons for the #walkaway movement among many others – discrimination? Isn’t there discrimination against women in women’s sports by allowing ‘pretend’ women to compete?

            There is an effort to fight this ‘trans’ invasion of women’s sports – they have a good argument – and there is bill that is addressing this problem – this is another reason many are joining the #walkaway movement.

            Didn’t PT address the ‘trans’ problem in the military?

            Liked by 4 people

            1. Yes he did! And what’s shocking to me is how few in the military saw how problematic trans in the military are. Although, I tend to think that they view it as a “political” problem, and thus a “civilian hat” problem, and thus only the CIC is really able to deal with it.

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              1. satan has been a busy boy – however – considering the effort to diminish the military – by the previous administration – it is one way the military is weakened – I thank God PT would have none of this!!!

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  6. Archbishop Viganò: Trump is ‘preparing to fight against the demonic forces of the deep state’

    ‘The presidential elections in November represent an epochal challenge, a biblical challenge, the outcome of which will be decisive not only for the United States of America but for the whole world.’

    Wed Sep 23, 2020 – 12:52 pm EST


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    1. Gotta confirm Amy and ignore D-Rat demands for her to recuse on anything.

      OK. Some may feel this is not nice, but, I do believe it. RBG passing, creating an open seat for America, was good timing.

      Liked by 11 people

        1. On the trees and the banks it’s restful…

          The dims, on the other hand, are going to attempt to run the rapids and founder on the rocks…

          Then again, the thought of that is restful, too, in a way…

          (and yes, the green is quite restful.. I’m trying to swap out all of the blue LEDs on my equipment to “traffic-light-green” ones, at a much better wavelength, 502a or so)…

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