20200925: MAGA Protest Against Stupidity, Newport News, VA

President Trump in Virginia….

I mean, with the governor there counting the votes, you’d think it would be a write off.

Apparently not. Virginia might well be in play.

Hmm. Well, what the news on Newport News. Let’s see:

During the 17th century, shortly after founding of Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, English settlers explored and began settling the areas adjacent to Hampton Roads. In 1610, Sir Thomas Gates “took possession” of a nearby Native American village, which became known as Kecoughtan. At that time, settlers began clearing land along the James River (the navigable part of which was called Hampton Roads) for plantations, including the present area of Newport News.

In 1619, the area of Newport News was included in one of four huge corporations of the Virginia Company of London. It became known as Elizabeth Cittie and extended west all the way to Skiffe’s Creek (currently the border between Newport News and James City County). Elizabeth Cittie included all of present-day South Hampton Roads.[12]

By 1634, the English colony of Virginia consisted of a population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants. It was divided into eight shires of Virginia, which were renamed as counties shortly thereafter. The area of Newport News became part of Warwick River Shire, which became Warwick County in 1637. By 1810, the county seat was at Denbigh. For a short time in the mid-19th century, the county seat was moved to Newport News.[13]

Shires, huh. I’ve been in Virginia many a time and have yet to see a Hobbit there.

Newport News was a rural area of plantations and a small fishing village until after the American Civil War. Construction of the railroad and establishment of the great shipyard brought thousands of workers and associated development. It was one of only a few cities in Virginia to be newly established without earlier incorporation as a town. (Virginia has had an independent city political subdivision since 1871.) …

The area that formed the present-day southern end of Newport News had long been established as an unincorporated town. During Reconstruction, the period after the American Civil War, the new City of Newport News was essentially founded by California merchant Collis P. Huntington. Huntington, one of the Big Four associated with the Central Pacific Railroad, in California, formed the western part of the country’s First Transcontinental Railroad. He was recruited by former Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham to become a major investor and guiding light for a southern railroad. He helped complete the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway to the Ohio River in 1873.[15]

Huntington knew the railroad could transport coal eastbound from West Virginia’s untapped natural resources. His agents began acquiring land in Warwick County in 1865. In the 1880s, he oversaw extension of the C&O’s new Peninsula Subdivision, which extended from the Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond southeast down the peninsula through Williamsburg to Newport News, where the company developed coal piers on the harbor of Hampton Roads.[16]

His next project was to develop Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company, which became the world’s largest shipyard. Opened as Chesapeake Dry Dock & Construction Company, the shipbuilding was intended to build boats to transition goods from the rails to the seas. With president Theodore Roosevelt‘s declaration to create a Great White Fleet, the company entered the warship business by building seven of the first sixteen warships.

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Virginia, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

161 thoughts on “20200925: MAGA Protest Against Stupidity, Newport News, VA

  1. POTUS trashing Bob Mueller and tying it to Ole Joe.
    “How can we have someone like Joe Biden running the country?” “Sir, they put a lid on Biden, he’s not working today. I’m working my ass off.”

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  2. “We can fix Portland up like we did Minneapolis, in about half an hour.”
    POTUS describing how his rallies are now called Peaceful Protests. “There’s more enthusiasm now than we did 4 years ago.”

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  3. Ground work has been laid for sleepy Joe to bail on next week’s debate. Someone QTree posted the scenario. IMO, the scenario is playing out…
    – We know Guvner Blackface says he tested positive today, or yesterday.

    Just read…Yesterday, while Pedo Joe was hiden in his basement, his wench Jill attended a car rally, in Richmond, VA. (Pathetic looking car parade.)

    – Guessing Jill met with Guv Blackface and or his staff.

    – Magic, looks like Slow Joe will come down with a positive Covid test, just in time for the debate.

    – Pedo Joe may offer to debate from a remote location, which I hope is shut down by President Trump. Debates gotta be in person.

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    1. Rush Limbaugh predicted this scenario yesterday or the day before…that Joe would bail on the debate because someone close to him would come in contact with a person who tested positive for the CHINA virus…and Dopey Joe would have to quarantine…

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  4. “I’ve been tarred by this horrible Witch Hunt for 4 years and I didn’t do it [what the DemComs were saying POTUS did]. Now it’s done — we caught ’em. They spied on my campaign and tried for a coup.”
    OK, going after Hunter Biden for that $3.5Million from the Russian mayor’s wife.

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  5. POTUS going through the list of things he did to mitigate the China Plague.
    “We did a h3ll of a job.”
    “I want the whole world to heal [from the China Virus].”

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  6. POTUS going through list of EVIL, COMMUNIST items that Ole Joe will force on the U.S. if Joe wins in November.
    Mini Mike gets called out again. “Wants to buy his way into the Democrats.” Then going after Mini Mike for illegally buying out the fines of felons so they can vote Democrat. “Stupid to do that.”

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  7. POTUS fingers CORY BOOKER as the “put the Projects into the suburbs” czar.
    “But we ended that.”
    Kamala Harris is further Left than Crazy Bernie.
    Shivs her for that “Harris-Biden administration” comment. “And then Biden says the same thing!”

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  8. POTUS sounding the alarm on the DemCom attempts to steal / suborn / harvest the vote.
    “We’re not going to lose this except if they cheat. This is a scam; they know it; the media know it, but they won’t cover it. Report what you see.”

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  9. Every time you see an attack ad from Big Pharma, that means your drug prices are going down.
    Protest patients with pre-existing conditions.
    Taking NASA from fairways to launching pads!

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