Dear KAG: 20200923 Open Thread

Anyone going to wait in line to walk past Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s casket at the Supreme Court?

Didn’t think so.

Alright, seventeen is harping on the media pushback again.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6ef431 No.10740908 
[past 7 days]
Have you ever witnessed a full-blown international mainstream media constant [barrage][counter]attack re: a ‘conspiracy’?
Simple logic answers the question.

Don’t particularly recall one…anyone else? Well, other than the JFK public execution, uh, assassination.

And then there was this:

The next few weeks are going to be about perseverance no matter how bloody it gets.

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Ridiculing the other side, on the other hand…well….


Psalm 16

Hear, O Lord, my justice: attend to my supplication. Give ear unto my prayer, which proceedeth not from deceitful lips. [2] Let my judgment come forth from thy countenance: let thy eyes behold the things that are equitable. [3] Thou hast proved my heart, and visited it by night, thou hast tried me by fire: and iniquity hath not been found in me. [4] That my mouth may not speak the works of men: for the sake of the words of thy lips, I have kept hard ways. [5] Perfect thou my goings in thy paths: that my footsteps be not moved.

[6] I have cried to thee, for thou, O God, hast heard me: O incline thy ear unto me, and hear my words. [7] shew forth thy wonderful mercies; thou who savest them that trust in thee. [8] From them that resist thy right hand keep me, as the apple of thy eye. Protect me under the shadow of thy wings. [9] From the face of the wicked who have afflicted me. My enemies have surrounded my soul: [10] They have shut up their fat: their mouth hath spoken proudly.

[11] They have cast me forth and now they have surrounded me: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth. [12] They have taken me, as a lion prepared for the prey; and as a young lion dwelling in secret places. [13] Arise, O Lord, disappoint him and supplant him; deliver my soul from the wicked one: thy sword [14] From the enemies of thy hand. O Lord, divide them from the few of the earth in their life: their belly is filled from thy hidden stores. They are full of children: and they have left to their little ones the rest of their substance. [15] But as for me, I will appear before thy sight in justice: I shall be satisfied when thy glory shall appear.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, members of the Cabinet, first responders and those working behind the scenes.

Are we sure we’re ready?

752 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200923 Open Thread

  1. This scandal may need its own category.

    Tom Fitton
    Secret Service tells @JudicialWatch that there are no records about Hunter Biden travel after July, 2014. Did Hunter Biden give up Secret Service protection? Why?

    Quote Tweet

    Tom Fitton
    · Jun 26

    BIG: Docs Hunter Biden took 5 trips to China while Joe Biden was VP. New emails show intel manipulated by Obama WH on #Benghazi-prelude to #Obamagate abuse of @realDonaldTrump! PLUS Deep State sedition against @GenFlynn-Obama Did It. @JudicialWatch Update:

    8:24 AM · Sep 23, 2020

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  2. Wolf, PA governor loses again…Stickman will not issue a stay while the appeal makes it way thru the system. Judge reasons that the rules were inconsistent, and Wolf didn’t show irreparable harm would be caused if they saty was not granted. he also faults Wolf for participating in a FLyod protest where social distancing was not follwoed…
    U.S. Judge William S. Stickman IV echoed some of those same arguments Tuesday when he denied a request from Gov. Wolf’s administration that, if granted, would have allowed his team to continue enforcing coronavirus restrictions such as placing caps on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

    Those limits on gatherings are now unenforceable unless an appeals court reinstates them later. Other mandates like wearing a mask in public are still in effect.

    Judge Stickman had already found many of the restrictions used by the Wolf administration as unconstitutional in a ruling last week celebrated by Republicans. The suit was filed by several counties, lawmakers and businesses mainly in the southwest portion of Pennsylvania.

    However, Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed a request for a stay from the judge while the state appealed the ruling, meaning the state would still be able to impose most of its restrictions while the appeal worked its way through the higher courts for a more final decision.

    But Stickman said the state had not met the burden of showing “irreparable harm” was likely if the stay was not granted.


    “For example, to avoid litigation the in Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, [the administration] entered a Confidential Settlement Agreement permitting a large event to take place in Carlisle, Cumberland County,” the judge wrote, referring to an auto show.

    The administration “imposed an outdoor limitation on the event of ‘no more than 20,000 individuals, which is 50% of its capacity,” Stickman pointed out. “This is nearly 100 times the permissible outdoor gathering limit of 250.”


    Judge Stickman also faulted the governor for attending one of the protests in June over the killing of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    “The photo of that protest does not indicate that social distancing requirements were honored or enforced,” which “undermine[s] their current argument that imminent and irreparable harm will occur absent their ability to impose numeric occupancy caps.”

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    1. “Other mandates like wearing a mask in public are still in effect.”


      No MAN-DATES.

      We are not a government or a people of MAN-DATES, our system doesn’t function that way.

      If the government wants to hatch some scheme, they have to PASS A LAW and sign their names to it, they don’t get to play Caesar and make decrees.

      It’s ridiculous.

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  3. New footage has leaked out showing conditions at Three Gorges Dam.

    Notice the cracks in the concrete, shown at the beginning of the video.

    And there is a massive buildup of floating garbage that has backed up at the Dam.

    The torrential rains have continued upriver from the Dam…so they are getting another wave of floodwaters reaching the Dam.

    This video was posted 09/22/20:

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    1. wheatie, I watched a Chinese propaganda film last night ab the incredible strength of the Dam…v extensive…and the conclusion was that even it is is bombed, and partially compromised the entire structure would not fail. Lotsa animation-speculation ab bombing.

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      1. “wheatie, I watched a Chinese propaganda film last night ab the incredible strength of the Dam…v extensive…and the conclusion was that even it is is bombed, and partially compromised the entire structure would not fail. Lotsa animation-speculation ab bombing.


        Did they get the water’s opinion of that theory?

        What size bomb were they talking about?

        A cherry bomb?

        Or something larger?


        1. scott, the implication of this propaganda was this: if this Dam fails, it will not be the result of the failure of this magnificent structure, but rather of foreign attack. This is an unmistakable goal of this particular piece.

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  4. Only members of The Tribe need apply? Have you noticed that most of the opposition to POTUS comes from The Tribe? And before you start attacking me, facts are facts… some needed to be stated… I’m tired of the elephant in the room.

    Brun0Barking Retweeted
    Sean Hannity@seanhannity
    Feinstein, Schumer: Catholics Need Not Apply
    Feinstein, Schumer: Catholics Need Not Apply | The Jeffrey Lord
    Catholics Need Not Apply. Anti-Catholic bigotry in the Democratic Party is back in vogue.

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    1. from the comments to Hannity’s tweet:

      BS !!! Schumer, Feinstein, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and on and on…

      If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

      That anti-semitic card is worn to a frazzle…

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      1. It’s not Anti-Catholic: it’s ANTI-CHRISTIAN, and, at the Satanic root, ANTI-GOD. For their “god”, in the end, is the Anti-Christ…

        The DEMONicRATS threw GOD off of their party platform, they worship and sacrifice to Moloch, be it explicitly or implicitly, they have no regard for human life, born, pre-born, elderly, or “main-sequence”, and foment and spread violence, ill-will, strife, and murder everywhere they go.

        The “Anti-Semitic” card is an old trick, and a false one. The so-called Jews of the DEMONicRAT party worship at the Synagogue of Satan; not a true Synagogue. Satan Soros is but one example. And the so-called Catholics of the DEMONicRATS, Piglosi, Biden, and others, have probably not been to confession in 70+ years…..

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      2. Now that Ginsburg is gone, the (not)Supreme Court is 25% Jewish and 75% Roman Catholic.

        Pretty sure it wasn’t that way when the country was founded.

        Breyer – Jewish

        Kagan – Jewish

        Roberts – Roman Catholic

        Thomas – Roman Catholic

        Alito – Roman Catholic

        Sotomayor – Roman Catholic

        Gorsuch – Roman Catholic

        Kavenaugh – Roman Catholic


        Recently deceased judges

        Antonin Scalia – Roman Catholic

        RBG – Jewish


        Why are people who are neither Jewish nor Roman Catholic so obviously being shut out of the process and denied opportunity?

        It can’t be qualifications.

        You don’t even need to be a lawyer to be a (not)Supreme Court judge.

        And a strong argument could be made that the next 100 justices on the (not)Supreme Court shouldn’t be lawyers.

        In the same way that you don’t need to be a politician to be president — and shouldn’t be.

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        1. from wiki:

          The demographics of the Supreme Court of the United States encompass the gender, ethnicity, and religious, geographic, and economic backgrounds of the 114 people who have been appointed and confirmed as justices to the Supreme Court. Some of these characteristics have been raised as an issue since the Court was established in 1789. For its first 180 years, justices were almost always white male Protestants of Anglo or Northwestern European descent.[1]

          Prior to the 20th century, a few Roman Catholics were appointed, but concerns about diversity of the Court were mainly in terms of geographic diversity, to represent all geographic regions of the country, as opposed to ethnic, religious, or gender diversity.[2] The 20th century saw the first appointment of justices who were Jewish (Louis Brandeis, 1916), African-American (Thurgood Marshall, 1967), female (Sandra Day O’Connor, 1981), and Italian-American (Antonin Scalia, 1986). The first appointment of a Hispanic justice was in the 21st century with Sonia Sotomayor in 2009, with the possible exception of justice Benjamin Cardozo, a Sephardi Jew of Portuguese descent, who was appointed in 1932.

          In spite of the interest in the Court’s demographics and the symbolism accompanying the inevitably political appointment process,[3] and the views of some commentators that no demographic considerations should arise in the selection process,[4][5] the gender, race, educational background or religious views of the justices has played little documented role in their jurisprudence. For example, the opinions of the two African-American justices have reflected radically different judicial philosophies; William Brennan and Antonin Scalia shared Catholic faith and a Harvard Law School education, but shared little in the way of jurisprudential philosophies. The court’s first two female justices voted together no more often than with their male colleagues, and historian Thomas R. Marshall writes that no particular “female perspective” can be discerned from their opinions.[6]

          When the Supreme Court was established in 1789, the first members came from among the ranks of the Founding Fathers and were almost uniformly Protestant. Of the 114 justices who have been appointed to the court, 91 have been from various Protestant denominations, 13 have been Catholics (one other justice, Sherman Minton, converted to Catholicism after leaving the Court). Another, Neil Gorsuch, was raised in the Catholic Church but later attended an Episcopal church, though without specifying the denomination to which he felt he belonged.[79] Eight have been Jewish and one, David Davis, had no known religious affiliation. Three of the 17 chief justices have been Catholics, and one Jewish justice, Abe Fortas, was unsuccessfully nominated to be chief justice.

          here’s link if you would like to read more…

          As for not having to be a lawyer:

          FAQs – General Information – Supreme Court of the United …
          Search domain
          A Justice does not have to be a lawyer or a law school graduate, but all Justices have been trained in the law. Many of the 18th and 19th century Justices studied law under a mentor because there were few law schools in the country. The last Justice to be appointed who did not attend any law school was James F. Byrnes (1941-1942).”

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        2. The people selected for the bench at any level are known entities largely from having clerked for judges.

          If that’s the case, perhaps the question should be what is the religious breakdown of those lawyers who clerk early in their careers as opposed to those who practice in a firm or are corporate suits.

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              1. “Well, if people of other persuasions want to be judges, it would be a good idea to volunteer to work in a place where their jurisprudence will come to be known.”


                Right, of course, one person, on the outside, changing the institution and the entire system of cronyism, from law school to internships to being seated on the bench — one day at at time.

                Why didn’t I think of that?



              2. “Well, if people of other persuasions want to be judges, it would be a good idea to volunteer to work in a place where their jurisprudence will come to be known.”


                It’s easy to say when your people occupy every seat in the Ivory Tower.

                The problem, invariably, is that eventually the peasants get around to figuring out that burning down the tower is the only legitimate solution.


    2. Its a quandary that I just dont understand. Not all of course, but tech, hollywood, boards, ceos, billionaires, are significant members. Why would a group historically so oppressed take on a leadership role in oppression?

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        1. How about a short recap for those not able to take a look at them?
          We have several “cultural Jews” as well as devote Jews among our friends…just like Catholics, Amish, Evangelicals, Muslims, etc….it’s the religion buffet…take what you want from it.

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      1. Because most are secular Jews, or that is what we were told by Jimmy De Young of Prophecy Today who has lived in Israel and knows the P.M. in other words, very familiar with the issues.

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    3. And as I do not think there has ever been an evangelical Christian on the Supreme Court, I would say it is the same for them. I do believe the majority of the Court is Roman Catholic, incld. some of my favorite justices.

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      1. The trick to being on the Supreme Court, as I understand it, is to clerk for judges. So, the people you see actually being seated on the bench did not go into a law practice, usually, and volunteered to be public servants at the beginning of their careers.

        I don’t know that religion has anything to do with it.

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        1. I would hope the person chosen would be a Christian in my mind includes Catholic.
          I do not mind Jewish person to be chosen but would have a little concern if it was a Muslim.
          Might be bigot and wrong of me but we need an ethical person with character. Yes some Muslims could have character and ethics I would need to be convinced.

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          1. “I do not mind Jewish person to be chosen but would have a little concern if it was a Muslim.”


            I would have a lot more than a little concern if a Muzzie was on the (not)Supreme Court.

            islam is a murder-cult, characterized by taking whatever it wants by violence, or by subversion and infiltration of that which it cannot conquer openly.

            And all the political-correctness in the whole world can’t even begin to cover that truth.

            islam is the mortal enemy of everything that is not islam.

            From its foundation and creation, by a mass-murderer.

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            1. You realize if democrats back into power a Muslim Supreme Judge is a possibility if not now but in the future?
              I know it is scary but most people do not contemplate that. Same with President. I never thought we have an immigrant Muslim as Congressperson who hates the US and might be a communist?

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      2. Present make-up, with 8 Justices

        Protestant (Episcopal) Neil Goruch

        Jewish Stephen Breyer, Elana Kagan

        Catholic Chief justice John Roberts, and justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor,
        and Brett Kavanaugh

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            1. My point was that being raised as a Roman Catholic still has a profound influence on the mind and the worldview, on the observance of human traditions and doctrines and commandments of men over the Word of God, on the belief that man requires a human intercessor between himself and God with an imaginary line of succession back to Peter, the entire hierarchy of human control that exists nowhere in Scripture or the 1st century church.

              All of that baggage they bring to their ‘interpretation’ of the Constitution for the United States of America.

              Not to mention that our country was founded by people who were trying to escape from the oppression and corruption of the RCC in the first place.

              How this is lost on people is truly a mystery.

              I regularly use the example of Founding Father Samuel Adams’ “The Rights of the Colonists” to show that he would never approve of islam, for the very specific reason that their doctrines would be subversive to society. That was the litmus test.

              What I don’t often mention (because it’s usually not the subject of discussion, it’s usually islam that causes me to refer to it), is that Adams’ concerns weren’t about islam.

              His concerns were about Roman Catholicism.

              Here are his own words, with a preface by Breitbart author AWR Hawkins:

              Would Founding Father Samuel Adams Agree with Ben Carson on a Muslim President?
              AWR Hawkins


              “It is interesting to note that in 1772 Sam Adams wrote “The Rights of the Colonists,” through which he set forth a litmus test for religions that could be tolerated under the new government colonists would form. Adams’ litmus test rules out theocracies like Islam.

              Hanover College published “The Rights of the Colonists,” in which Adams wrote:

              “In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and, both by precept and example, inculcated on mankind.

              And it is now generally agreed among Christians that this spirit of toleration, in the fullest extent consistent with the being of civil society, is the chief characteristical mark of the Church. Insomuch that Mr. Locke has asserted and proved, beyond the possibility of contradiction on any solid ground, that such toleration ought to be extended to all whose doctrines are not subversive of society.

              The only sects which he thinks ought to be, and which by all wise laws are excluded from such toleration, are those who teach doctrines subversive of the civil government under which they live.”

              Hawkins: “So Adams sets forth a test for ascertaining which religions should be tolerated and that test is whether the “doctrines” – or teachings – of a given religion are “subversive of society.” Adams contended that religions “are excluded from… toleration” when they “teach doctrines subversive of the civil government.”

              One would think of the Muslim tendency to seek sharia law and sharia-compliant courts instead of laws and courts affiliated with constitutionally recognized jurisprudence. It would follow that one would presume the theocratic nature of Islam, whereby every facet of life – including matters of civil governance – are co-opted as part of the religion.

              Theocracies can tend toward fascism, and although Adams did not employ such a term in opposing toleration for religions “subversive of the civil government,” he certainly made the same point.

              At the time of Adams’ writing, he called the Roman Catholic religion by name, suggesting practitioners of that faith forfeited toleration due to “such doctrines as these, that princes excommunicated may be deposed, and those that they call heretics may be destroyed without mercy; besides their recognizing the Pope in so absolute a manner, in subversion of government.”

              We do not see the Roman Catholic church destroying those “they call heretics… without mercy” in our day. But it is common to find examples of Muslims demanding that infidels convert to Islam or face death.

              And they do so with an allegiance to Muhammad that both supersedes and defines their allegiance to civil government.

              While Ben Carson opposes the idea of having a Muslim for president, Samuel Adams would have opposed toleration for the Muslim faith in general.”


              “We do not see the Roman Catholic church destroying those “they call heretics… without mercy” in our day.”


              Does anyone truly doubt that we would absolutely see the RCC doing the exact same things that led to the (non)Reformation, if the RCC had the POWER to do today what they were doing then?

              What has changed?

              Certainly not the nature and character of Man…

              That is not a reflection on the adherents of Roman Catholicism, it is an acknowledgement that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


              1. Just FYI: The Catholic Church is the most hated institution on the planet. The sad thing is that most people haven’t taken the time to truly study what they have been taught and gaslighted to hate.

                Funny that so many converts come from those who read the founders in the first four centuries to prove the Church is wrong. Maybe She’s not.

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            2. “Just FYI: The Catholic Church is the most hated institution on the planet.”


              The victim card never gets old, but isn’t it somewhat obscene to play it, when you’re over a billion strong?

              The Lord’s church (not the RCC) is the most hated ‘institution’ on the planet, and the Lord is the most hated individual on the planet, because the world hates Truth.

              The RCC, the ‘institution’, hates truth too. Objectively so, everyone can see it, including nearly everyone here who is Roman Catholic, and comments about it regularly.

              The ‘institution’ of the RCC is the biggest bully on the block. It’s unseemly to portray it as a victim or a martyr.


              “The sad thing is that most people haven’t taken the time to truly study what they have been taught and gaslighted to hate.”


              I have not been taught to hate anything, I see with my own eyes.

              And (most) people who are indoctrinated into the religion don’t even try to see it from any perspective but their own (biased) insider perspective, they just play the victim, which is a tactic, a strategy to silence opposition no different than peer-pressure or any other deceit the Left uses.

              And those who are not indoctrinated are then put in the position of believing the naked assertions of the indoctrinated, or believing their own lying eyes.

              I could not present the reality any more clearly, I couldn’t lay it out any better so that my points could be successfully addressed and explained, if anyone could do so.

              With a billion Roman Catholics on the planet, surely someone would, if anyone could.

              Nobody ever does.

              Not in all the years I’ve been pointing out the logical inconsistencies, the historical realities or the Scriptural contradictions.

              It is a “religion”, seemingly based almost exclusively (and ultimately) on dogma, and in my experience, the control over the minds of adherents in Roman Catholicism is stronger than most others.


            3. “Funny that so many converts come from those who read the founders in the first four centuries to prove the Church is wrong. Maybe She’s not.”


              Statements like that sound insane.

              There is NO communication possible with someone who thinks and expresses themselves the way you do.


              And I know it’s the ‘language’ of your church, and clearly it was developed to frustrate inquiry and understanding.

              A) the “founder” was Jesus Christ

              B) the ‘church’ is not a ‘sentient’ individual being, so it cannot be ‘right’ OR ‘wrong’, in the same way a TREE cannot be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. It is an institution consisting of MEN. And when people argue otherwise, it makes them appear INSANE, as though the ‘church’ has a mind of its own in the attic, and a mouth in the wall of the basement.

              I know you’re not insane, but statements where people assign human attributes to inanimate objects make the speaker appear to be insane.

              C) the ‘church’ (any church, false or true) consists of MEN, and those men are fallible and mortal and subject to all the temptations that come with power, especially power granted to themselves which God’s Word never once granted to anyone (e.g., the position of anyone such a ‘Pope’ or a ‘Cardinal’ or other individual having oversight of any congregation besides the one of which he was a member).

              When you add these things up, and throw in the victim card and associated dogma, it becomes an impenetrable WALL of assertion and certitude.

              It’s not an appeal to the mind, or the intellect, or the heart. It is an appeal to simply SUBMIT to things that don’t make any *&^% sense, and most especially, contradict the very Word of God which must be (but obviously isn’t) the highest Authority in matters having to do with God.

              The RCC is always and continually putting people (members and non-members) in the position of believing God’s Word, or believing Men who contradict God’s Word.

              It really is that simple, and that honest.

              Members of the RCC can come up with excuses and explanations and justifications and rationalizations until the cows come home, but it’s all BS. If it was honest, nobody would need all the rationalizations and justifications and insinuations. God didn’t make it complicated, MEN did (and do).

              The RCC has been at war with the plain language of God’s Word for as far back as I have looked.

              So when men say one thing and God’s Word says another, the question is really very simple.

              Who are we supposed to believe and obey, Man or God?

              Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29, KJV)


              1. And if there is any possible context wherein that verse is not true and applicable, I would like to know what that context might be.


  5. Ive been seeing this frustration for at least a year.
    Mr GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy isnt supporting MAGA in his own state. He has been supporting establishiment and antiTrump rino types bc they are the political class he is familiar with. GOP and RNC need to make a real effort here.

    Buzz Patterson for Congress (CA-7) (@BuzzPatterson) Tweeted:
    Dear @GOPLeader, I’m busting my ass to swing another seat in California for you and @potus. We’ve been running for 15 months now and are within striking distance in a very winnable district. Where are you? Sincerely, where are you?


    The future representative for CA-7

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        1. If you look at it ‘cup half full’…the Democrat House has exposed itself along with the rest of the rats. I can see this as an ‘Art of War’ type of tactic to show the people as part of the Great Awakening.

          As always…time will tell.

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  6. FOOL NELSON Retweeted
    Why was Liz Zentos so uncooperative?
    Quote Tweet

    Senator Ron Johnson@SenRonJohnson

    · 2h
    The report draws almost exclusively on records from the U.S. gov and U.S. entities, and from the testimony of U.S. persons. The only exception is a handful of documents that have been authenticated by the U.S. persons who should have provided them in the first instance.…

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  7. Justice Department Retweeted
    Suburban Pittsburgh man pleads guilty to destroying @PghPolice vehicle during May 30th protest: Self-identified left-wing anarchist Brian Bartels began by spray painting “A” on the marked SUV.

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      1. Could be Tea… your memory is better than mind, which these days last about 24 hrs 😉 I do remember a case where parents turned youngster in, and the photo does look like that of a young person…

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  8. Chad Pergram@ChadPergram
    House approves stopgap spending bill to keep government open through December 11

    The vote was 359-57 with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) voting present.

    56 Republicans and Rep. Justin Amash (L-MI) voting nay.

    The Senate must now take up the bill to align with the House

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  9. Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping
    September 22, 2020

    Everyone needs to read this to understand the existential threat to America.

    Wait for it …
    • Directives to REMOVE from every Educational Institution
    • Directives to REVERSE the damage done
    … to both CURRENT and FORMER employees/students.

    IMO this is President Trump’s most powerful Executive Order for neutering Demo☭rats’ Anti-American Assaults on our values, our institutional integrity and our national unity.

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    1. Reading section 2A, in the first link, where he defines divisive language. Just about every one of those things he is prohibiting actually are racist by any realistic use of the term; it’s just that the Left has turned “racism” as a concept on its head, allowing it to be used against whites.

      Oh, yes, this is going to make a lot of people *scream*. GOOD.

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  10. Rudy W. Giuliani @ RudyGiuliani
    Senator Johnson’s report is true. It vindicates what I revealed a year and a half ago.

    But the crimes are not limited to criminal conflicts.
    For 30 years the Biden Crime Family sold public office for millions.

    As all the facts come out this is a RICO case.
    More to come soon.


    Sleepy Joe, Hunter and friends, they just all big liars;
    They’ll get justice and they’ll pay; from the pan into the fire.

    Talkin’ ’bout, hey now, hey now, RICO, RICO, they pay.
    All them cops gonna take ‘em away, they be locked away.

    They smug now but watch out ahead, RICO, RICO, they pay.
    The times they comin’ they betta dread, man they betta pray.

    Talkin’ ’bout, hey now, hey now, RICO, RICO, they pay.
    All them cops gonna take ‘em away, they be locked away.

    They not gonna skate through this, they be stuck in mire.
    They think they so smart now, then they plans backfire.

    Talkin’ ’bout, hey now, hey now, RICO, RICO, they pay.
    All them cops gonna take ‘em away, they be locked away.

    Things they not what they seem, RICO, RICO, they pay.
    They be gone, just a bad dream, in that jail they stay.

    Talkin’ ’bout, hey now, hey now, RICO, RICO, they pay.
    All them cops gonna take ‘em away, they be locked away.

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  11. Indo-Pacific News
    #Cisco may be first target for #China’s retaliation against #US sanctions on Chinese companies, WSJ reports

    Amid speculation that major American IT firms such as #Apple, #Qualcomm, and #Cisco could face retaliation.

    Indo-Pacific News

    A new report says that telecommunications equipment firm Cisco appears to be included on China’s list. China is expected to release its blacklist of companies facing retaliation after the US presidential election on Nov. 3 in consideration of political repercussions.

    …………..End text.

    So the ChiComs have made a “blacklist” of US companies that they are going to ‘retaliate’ against.
    But they aren’t going to release it until after the Nov. 3rd election?

    They aren’t even trying to be subtle about it.

    Their message is clear: “Get rid of Trump or we will hurt you.”

    This is election tampering.

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    1. From within the comments to that tweet (that Wolfie linked to previously) some intriguing info…

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Here’s more from those comments…fyi 😉

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    1. Good. Another week or two, and the delicate ears of the sleeping masses will be suitably prepared for Tucker to begin saying the whole world, Pedophile island.

      Soon after that, he can start talking about how these self-styled ‘elitie’ pedophile monsters were raping and murdering children on Pedophile Island.

      Let America hear about THAT while they’re eating dinner.

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  12. gotta catch up…just got back from my weekly banana run–wanted to drop this first…

    there are no more “counters” outside walmart; there are no more restrictions on which way to shop down an aisle; you can now enter any entrance and leave any exit –no more cattle chutes.

    and even though it still says masks required, no one asked me if i wanted one outside (or inside) the store.

    if only masks were included in the lawsuit in which Judge Stickman declared some restrictions unconstitutional! lol

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    1. Good on you!

      We still have the chutes.

      We still have the shop this way signs, though most of them have just disappeared from natural attrition. No one pays the slightest attention to them anyway.

      And of course the state order for masks still stands.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Speaking of masks! (Notice the clever segue into the point I really wanted to bring up….😉)….
        At last night’s rally, I saw a small child a few rows up over POTUS’ right shoulder who was wearing a clear face shield. Think he may have been wearing glasses and we know that causes problems for masks-wearers.
        He stood out because I could see his face, his expressions…and it was so refreshing! It dawned on me, that is what is missing in the rallies…not the enthusiasm, for sure, but for those of us out in TV Land not seeing the faces of the people standing behind POTUS is something lacking.
        I’ve emailed both the WH and the Trump Campaign, hoping someone will see the message and consider handing out clear face shields to those behind him plus any other public events where face masks are required.
        Our enemies are attempting to make us faceless, expressionless zombies …neutered by our invisibly…and this might be a simple way to thwart that.

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        1. “Our enemies are attempting to make us faceless, expressionless zombies …neutered by our invisibly…and this might be a simple way to thwart that.”

          So our enemies want us to resemble their souls – empty neutered zombies.

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      1. Two words: Logan Act.

        If indeed Øblowhole did that, and pretended or claimed to be acting on behalf of the USA, he deserves to swing in the wind with HELL-the-BEAST and all the other traitors…..

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    1. This is almost incredulous…where did this meeting take place?
      I cannot fathom Obama thinking he can get away with such blatant actions….which makes me wonder if this is on the up and up. Even Obama , knowing he’s under investigation and close scrutiny, could be that arrogant and stupid….could he?

      Liked by 3 people

    2. How exactly does Obama “call” a U.N. security meeting?

      What is his current status, either as a member of the U.S. government, or as a member of the United Nations?

      By what authority does Hussein the Traitor ‘call’ a U.N. ‘security’ meeting?


    1. How does anyone declare the death penalty as ‘wrong’ or ‘immoral’, without condemning God as ‘wrong’ and ‘immoral’ in the same breath?

      Are the people who argue against the death penalty more ‘moral’ than God?

      The hubris, the arrogance, the defiance, the intransigence, it’s breath-taking.


  13. Records Show John Kerry Lied About Ignorance Of Hunter Biden’s Lucrative Position In Ukraine

    — The Federalist (@FDRLST) September 23, 2020

    In a gaggle with reporters after @JoeBiden’s town hall in Nashua, NH, I asked @JohnKerry, who was Sec of State at the time, if he knew and was comfortable when Hunter Biden joined the board of Burisma:

    “I had no knowledge about any of that. None. No.”

    — Amanda Golden (@amandawgolden) December 8, 2019

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    1. “Records Show John Kerry Lied About Ignorance Of Hunter Biden’s Lucrative Position In Ukraine”


      Records similarly show that Kerry has been lying since at least Vietnam.

      And there’s absolutely no reason to think he only suddenly began lying then.

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  14. The Library

    Big Tech is a danger to our constitution, our rights & our National Security.


    House Judiciary GOP
    .@Facebook just slapped a warning label on our mail-in voting report! Will Twitter be next? Fight back against #BigTech and read our report here:

    Harold Wren

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  15. Sean Davis@seanmdav
    Biden campaign spokesman doesn’t deny a single allegation in the Senate report on the Biden family’s corrupt foreign business dealings, including the allegation that Hunter used proceeds from a shady Moscow business deal to buy trafficked prostitutes.
    Quote Tweet

    Catherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge
    · 5h
    #Burisma Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates addresses 87 page report @SenRonJohnson @ChuckGrassley “As the coronavirus death toll climbs + Wisconsinites struggle with joblessness, Ron Johnson has wasted months diverting the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs
    Show this thread

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  16. Margot Cleveland@ProfMJCleveland
    Just remember: The same people who are going to say this is unbelievable about Biden, “believed” the Golden Showers crap.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Margot Cleveland
      Hunter Biden is the one who got the stripper pregnant, right? So paying for prostitutes wouldn’t be that big of a stretch.

      Liked by 6 people

  17. Margot Cleveland@ProfMJCleveland
    I’m only on page 7 and Holy SH!T.

    Margot Cleveland@ProfMJCleveland

    THREADETTE: Only on page 7, of, but an initial thought (that I’m not saving for a piece). If this focused investigation revealed the profiteering in the millions by two political families (Biden and Kerry), imagine how much profiteering throughout D.C. 1/
    8:21 AM · Sep 23, 2020·Twitter Web App

    Margot Cleveland@ProfMJCleveland
    Replying to @ProfMJCleveland

    2/ And who doesn’t need political profiteering for him or his family?
    @realDonaldTrump Hell, even Biden is telling us that: He’s from Wall Street, I’m from* Scranton. Now consider the hatred of Trump: It is a literally on a crazy level. Disagreeing w/ his policies,

    Margot Cleveland@ProfMJCleveland
    3/3 or his personality is not enough to explain all-out take-down efforts for Trump. But what is, is career politicians wanting to control their dominion. And not just politicians, but the military industrial complex. We don’t need to MAGA: We need to Take America Back Again.

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  18. One Officer Indicted in Breonna Taylor Shooting for ‘Wanton Endangerment’

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  19. 4742

    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2ef5e9 No.10756500 📁
    Sep 23 2020 12:25:35 (EST) NEW

    Political leader(s) [+family (follow)] w: possible ties to sex trafficking?
    Attacks [barrage] by media signify what?
    ‘Sex trafficking’ [safeguarding women & children] topic(s) that unite all political factions against a common enemy [faith in Humanity]?
    Those you are taught to trust the most.

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    1. The Justice Department Unveils Proposed Section 230 Legislation on Behalf of the Administration

      Today, on behalf of the Trump Administration, the Department of Justice sent draft legislation to Congress to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The draft legislative text implements reforms that the Department of Justice deemed necessary in its June Recommendations and follows a yearlong review of the outdated statute. The legislation also executes President Trump’s directive from the Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship.

      “For too long Section 230 has provided a shield for online platforms to operate with impunity,” said Attorney General William P. Barr. “Ensuring that the internet is a safe, but also vibrant, open and competitive environment is vitally important to America. We therefore urge Congress to make these necessary reforms to Section 230 and begin to hold online platforms accountable both when they unlawfully censor speech and when they knowingly facilitate criminal activity online.”

      “The Department’s proposal is an important step in reforming Section 230 to further its original goal: providing liability protection to encourage good behavior online,” said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen. “The proposal makes clear that, when interactive computer services willfully distribute illegal material or moderate content in bad faith, Section 230 should not shield them from the consequences of their actions.”

      The Department of Justice is grateful to all the experts, victims’ groups, academics, businesses, and other stakeholders that have and continue to engage closely with the department during this process. The draft legislation reflects important and helpful feedback received thus far. The department is also grateful to our colleagues in Congress for their support on Section 230 reform and looks forward to continued engagement moving forward.

      Liked by 10 people

    2. This is HUGE, and actually DIRECTLY addresses an issue raised in article I had on my old blog! I cannot believe it!

      Why did I choose that graphic?

      Trump – The Information Trust-Buster

      All confusion about Donald J. Trump – businessman, candidate, and president – can be removed by understanding a single point.…

      anti-trust, Bannon, Cernovich, Donald Trump, Dune, entropy, Fake News, Fake Social Media, Google, Hillary Clinton, Hillary Health, Hugh Everett, information, information anti-trust, information trust-buster, many-worlds, media, Parkinson’s disease, shadowbanning, spice, Steve Bannon, Trump, trust-buster, Twitter, uncertainty principle, Very Fake News, Wikipedia

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  20. from the Report dropped this a.m., here is the “Conclusion” (p.64)

    I hope the format from pdf transfers to WordPress… I cleaned it up… but… we all knowWordPress

    Click to access Ukraine%20Report_FINAL.pdf

    f. Conclusion

    Many of the allegations Democrats have made against Republicans — that they are relying on foreign disinformation, that they are carrying out a politicized investigation in an effort to bring down their political opponents, and that they are working covertly with the executive branch to quickly release sensitive information for political reasons — reflect the very patterns of behavior that Democrats themselves have engaged in, and continue to engage in, on a regular basis.

    Let us not forget how the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for the Steele dossier, which was created by a foreign national, a former MI6 employee, and is based on Russian government sources.263

    Some of those Russian government sources were part of the Russian presidential administration and supported Hillary Clinton.264

    Moreover, in January 2017 and February 2017, the FBI received reporting, some from the IC, that assessed portions of the Steele dossier were the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.265

    That’s no surprise, since the Russian Intelligence Services were also aware of the dossier in early 2016 before the FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane. Thus, the Steele dossier was the perfect vehicle for disinformation to affect multiple elections and to sow discord and chaos.

    Yet Democrats had no qualms about disseminating information from the dossier far and wide, reading parts of the dossier into the congressional record, and using its allegations as the basis for years of investigations and false claims against the Trump administration. Moreover, since the Chairmen made public in April 2020 the fact that the Steele dossier contained Russian disinformation, it does not appear that any Democrats have commented upon this revelation or expressed concern about their previous reliance on Russian disinformation. Here, the Democrats
    are again relying on unverified foreign disinformation to falsely accuse their political rivals of doing the same.

    Congressional oversight can and should be nonpartisan. It should be focused on exposing wrongdoing regardless of who is involved and on ensuring transparency and accountability in government on behalf of the American people. Efforts to discredit legitimate oversight, especially using foreign disinformation to sow discord, only serves to benefit our foreign adversaries at the expense of our own democratic institutions.”


    262 See Email from Julia Frifield, U.S. Dep’t of St., to Hera Abbasi, Anthony Wier, Rori Kramer, Lauren Gillis, Zachary Schram, et al., U.S. Dep’t of St. (Jan. 5, 2017 9:52 a.m. EST) (on file with Comms.).
    263 See Press Release, Chairman Charles Grassley, S. Comm. on Fin., IG Footnotes: Serious Problems with Dossier Sources Didn’t Stop FBI’s Page Surveillance (Apr. 15, 2020),
    264 See id.
    265 See id.

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  21. 4748

    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2481e5 No.10757382 📁
    Sep 23 2020 13:10:36 (EST) NEW
    No media coverage?
    The same people who control the media are the same people who are part of the evil and corrupt system?
    Crimes against Humanity.
    You are not meant to think for yourself.
    You are not meant to challenge their power [control].
    Obey and accept.
    Illusion of Democracy.
    Illusion of Freedom.
    Why does the media push division?
    Why does the media incite violence?
    Why does the media pit race v race?
    Why does the media pit religion v religion?
    Why does the media pit sex v sex?
    Why does the media pit class v class?
    Divided you are weak.
    Divided you fight each other.
    Divided you pose no threat to their system of control.
    Controlled media plays a major role in shaping the narrative(s) to keep you powerless [helpless] and asleep [unaware of truth].

    Liked by 10 people

  22. 4749

    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 2481e5 No.10757537 📁
    Sep 23 2020 13:17:36 (EST) NEW

    Everyone has a choice to make.

    Liked by 9 people

      1. His twitter acct is suspended.

        Liked by 1 person

  23. Anybody here watch tennis?

    You know how your head goes rapidly from side to side, trying to follow the ball?

    Well, POTUS is throwing so much out there today, the commies are gonna have whiplash 😉

    And Saturday and his announcement are not even here yet… days and MORE to come…

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