Dear KAG: 20200923 Open Thread

Anyone going to wait in line to walk past Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s casket at the Supreme Court?

Didn’t think so.

Alright, seventeen is harping on the media pushback again.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 6ef431 No.10740908 
[past 7 days]
Have you ever witnessed a full-blown international mainstream media constant [barrage][counter]attack re: a ‘conspiracy’?
Simple logic answers the question.

Don’t particularly recall one…anyone else? Well, other than the JFK public execution, uh, assassination.

And then there was this:

The next few weeks are going to be about perseverance no matter how bloody it gets.

And now for the obligatory message from our sponsors:

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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

In addition, it is requested that there be no swinging from the chandeliers, celebratory gunfire, messing around with the nuclear weapons, and, please, everyone wash your hands.

Please, do not forget to apply sunscreen after a sensible amount of time in the sun so as to beef up the level of vitamin D in the system so we can all get our immune systems in shape to stop the Wuhan Flu thing sooner rather than later.

Please remember to remain locked and loaded and ready for trouble should the insurrectionists try to invade your space.

Those who have things to say that do not fit the generally accepted limits of “civil” discussion, Wolf has provided a venue known as the UTree. You’re welcome to visit over there and say hi to anyone hanging out over there.

A few other vital notes:

Please, review these rules that our host Wolfm00n outlined toward the beginning of the growth of the tree itself. it won’t take long.

Ridiculing the other side, on the other hand…well….


Psalm 16

Hear, O Lord, my justice: attend to my supplication. Give ear unto my prayer, which proceedeth not from deceitful lips. [2] Let my judgment come forth from thy countenance: let thy eyes behold the things that are equitable. [3] Thou hast proved my heart, and visited it by night, thou hast tried me by fire: and iniquity hath not been found in me. [4] That my mouth may not speak the works of men: for the sake of the words of thy lips, I have kept hard ways. [5] Perfect thou my goings in thy paths: that my footsteps be not moved.

[6] I have cried to thee, for thou, O God, hast heard me: O incline thy ear unto me, and hear my words. [7] shew forth thy wonderful mercies; thou who savest them that trust in thee. [8] From them that resist thy right hand keep me, as the apple of thy eye. Protect me under the shadow of thy wings. [9] From the face of the wicked who have afflicted me. My enemies have surrounded my soul: [10] They have shut up their fat: their mouth hath spoken proudly.

[11] They have cast me forth and now they have surrounded me: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth. [12] They have taken me, as a lion prepared for the prey; and as a young lion dwelling in secret places. [13] Arise, O Lord, disappoint him and supplant him; deliver my soul from the wicked one: thy sword [14] From the enemies of thy hand. O Lord, divide them from the few of the earth in their life: their belly is filled from thy hidden stores. They are full of children: and they have left to their little ones the rest of their substance. [15] But as for me, I will appear before thy sight in justice: I shall be satisfied when thy glory shall appear.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, members of the Cabinet, first responders and those working behind the scenes.

Are we sure we’re ready?

752 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200923 Open Thread

    1. It’s a depleted hump. Possibly at the end of a famine-ish period or possibly a juvenile that hasn’t built up a big one, yet.

      New-world cameloids (llamas, alpacas, vicunas) don’t do humps. They tend to live up in the Andes and get chubby to help insulate their core body. Desert camels, like the dromedary pictured, would cook themselves if they kept heat inside. Instead, they have evolved to put excess food stores high up on their back, where they can be readily carried about.

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    1. HCQ is nothing like a vaccine. A vaccine preps your immune system to recognize a virus and causes your immune system to send enforcers to destroy it.

      HCQ preloads cells with zinc so the virus will be destroyed upon entering the cell. Adding selenium dorks with viral replication so the viruses can check-in, but they can’t check-out.

      Vaccines are more like spies and special forces; HCQ is more like spreading mines.

      That both end up with random blown-up virus parts decorating the landscape is not enough to say they are similar.

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          1. Vaccine will never be mandatory under President Trump.

            Another reason to have a strong Judiciary, including Supreme Court. D-rats will try to make the vaccine mandatory for many on state and local level.

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            1. What concerns me is things like not being allowed on an airplane, enrolling in a school, passports, etc. All of the fore-mentioned, of course, have some degree of federal funding involved which is leverage, but if the Dims get in control that flies out the window.
              Remember how NY had COVID police at the borders? They probably would try something similar…cannot enter the state unless proof of vaccine…Massachusetts is flexing it’s muscles towards that right now.
              Of course just like the Seattle City Council overriding the Mayor’s veto and forging ahead with the defunding of police…out of “principle”….undoubtedly to be followed by NYC….they are committing financial suicide right in front of the world to see.

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    2. So these are the lupus/RA patients that were remarked about early on (“we’re not seeing lupus patients with the virus”) and then never spoken of again. Funny how that works.

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      1. Let’s hope so. Really, nothing has happened so far to justify this “Day of The Dragon” hype. (I don’t count Ginsberg because that was unforseeable (I don’t buy the freezer speculation (I won’t dignify it with the term ‘theory’), except possibly in the very short term (less than two weeks)).


    1. The academic side of this is, indeed, frightening. People are playing with serious stuff in unserious ways — leaving everything possible, including “grey goo” scenarios — .

      The good news — if it can be said to be “good” — is that nature has been trying to kill us for aeons. Trilobites were trying to exterminate crinoids, back in the day. That life, animal life, vertebrate life, mammals, primates, and humans have survived is a continuing demonstration that every evolved attack (so far) has been thwarted or mitigated — and it’ll take a bit for engineered problems to exceed evolved ones.

      That said, I do not like the places they’re poking.

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      1. Yep. The Law of Unintended Consequences looms large…

        Couple that with the current generation’s stunning lack of grasp of cause and effect, and the possibilities for problems if not outright disaster are endless… GOD forgive and help us all…

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  1. Happy Wednesday. Mid way through week of 21-25 BOOMS.


    BREAKING: Burisma Investigation to be Released within 24 Hours — FINDS BIDEN FAMILY GUILTY LIKELY CRIMINAL ACTIONS (VIDEO)

    In March Senator Ron Johnson told reporters that Senate Republicans are entering a new phase of their investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden and their ties to a corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma.

    John Solomon discussed the expected findings in the Burisma report that is expected to be released Wednesday.

    John Solomon: Here is what the report is likely to reveal.

    First — The State Department under Joe Biden and Obama believed Joe Biden was engaging in a conflict of interest.

    Second — The State Department detected a $7 million bribe being paid by Burisma, the company that hired Hunter Biden on its board.

    Third — There was a pressure campaign inside the Obama State Department and inside the White House invoking Hunter Biden’s name in trying to pressure the US government to make the Burisma corruption allegations go away.

    Finally — It wasn’t just the State Department, the Treasury Department flagged several transactions, foreign money flowing into companies connected to Hunter Biden as suspicious transactions.


    HT BbSSSaint post on a Daughn thread.

    FB link has a video. Little over an hour. From Ukraine, in Ukrainian with English sub titles. Names names in their ongoing corruption investigation. Bidens – Joe and hunter used a number of times. Ukrainians patiently explain how the vast corruption and bilking US tax payer dollars and Ukrainian funds happened.

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    1. This well may be the “trigger” that makes Biden withdraw from the campaign and the lovely Comma La “Reluctantly” steps up to the plate. We all knew something would happen before the elections…maybe even before the first debate.

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      1. “We all knew something would happen before the election…”

        Yup. D-Rats had to get past Crazy Bernie. Bonus they set up BS funding through BLM, Act Blue…

        DOJ has its hands tide in regards to Biden election interference, which I think is total BS.

        But the Senate and any other investigations really need to go main stream.vestigators do NOT and seem to be pushing forward.


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      2. What happens to all the early voting ballots? cast for Biden/Harris

        Remember the printing “error” having Pence on the Green candidate instead of with Trump. All those Trump votes would be invalid because of the printing air without a Trump/Pence choice.


  2. #PRAY

    O Lord the hope of Israel: all that forsake thee shall be confounded: they that depart from thee, shall be written in the earth: because they have forsaken the Lord, the vein of living waters.

    Jeremiah 17:13

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        1. Always notice, and always, always say it.

          It kills political-correctness and associated fungal peer-pressure dead.

          Like pouring water on the Wicked Witch of the West. 👍

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      1. Chalka Con is a master of cancel culture – he’s a freaking Blue Cheka terror. He is the exact mentality that the communists love, and a demonstration of “maximal psychological control” of a “conflicto” for division as opposed to understanding.

        So yeah – anybody who exposes his race grift gets a “super-woke” over-response (suspended, banned, fired, etc.) that is 100% the same as stuff the Nazis would “click their heels” to, for fear of themselves being called out as unwoke in THEIR cancel culture. So if one talks about Chalka Con’s skin, it’s “automatically racist”, and the grift continues and deepens, because it’s totally Orwellian, but the “woke” have to believe.

        Stated differently, Woke Commie Minions express the idea of “skin doesn’t matter” not in a Martin Luther King way of treating people the same, but in an Orwellian denial of reality way where white is black and black is white.

        Categorization as black and white is increasingly useless in the middle, but guys like Chalka Con perpetuate the “any African blood makes you ‘black'” oppression logic. And YES – communism wants that.

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    1. Wow. If that’s CGI…then it’s really good CGI.

      People in the replies are saying that is possible because Moose have rather wide hooves.
      And she was moving at a good clip — so she had velocity going for her, too.

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        1. Exactly.

          ford fôrd►
          n. A shallow place in a body of water, such as a river, where one can cross by walking or riding on an animal or in a vehicle.
          transitive verb To cross (a body of water) at a ford.
          n. A place in a river or other body of water where it may be passed or crossed by man or beast on foot, or by wading.
          More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

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    1. “Anyone else notice a big push for flu shots this year?”


      Why would anyone need a flu shot, if they’re wearing their masks and physical distancing?

      If those measures work for a virus as insanely deadly as Covid-Stupid, they must work a hundred times more effectively against regular seasonal flu.

      No need for flu-shots this year! 😁

      Sorry flu-shot industrial complex, you really shot yourselves in the foot this year 😂

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      1. Somebody really has to point out, for those who are extra slow on the uptake, that if the flu-shots actually work for the people who take them, then the people who opt-out aren’t a threat to the vaccine-guzzlers at all.

        I mean, they chugged their annual allotment of vaccine, so they’re ‘safe’, aren’t they?

        So what’s the problem?

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        1. Exactly. I find the “herd immunity” arguments, which blame-shift vaccine shortfalls to non-recipients, highly speculative and no better than NPR mask lies, and mostly to be COVER-UP for bad vaccines – an example of “the best defense is a good offense” – sadly in this case by our own government and health bureaucracy against WE THE PEOPLE.

          One of my best demonstrations of “flu shots work”, “flu shots don’t work”, “cross-strain immunity”, and several other things, was catching the flu from a friend who’s anti-vaccine. I always get the flu shot – she never gets it. She got the flu (not necessarily a strain covered by the vaccine), struggling with it for 2 weeks, but was forced by stupid management to come to work anyway, and sat at our lunch table. A couple of us got the exact same symptoms from her, a few days later, but in my case it was super-mild and only lasted a few days – easily working from home.

          Does the shot work? Does the shot not work? Is it worth the side effects? YOU DECIDE.

          I find that getting the vaccine and taking antiinflammatories immediately to zap any side-effects is a good way to go. Have not had a serious regular influenza since childhood, knock on wood.


  3. “Anyone going to wait in line to walk past Ruth Bader-Ginsburg’s casket at the Supreme Court?”


    It depends.

    Can people bring their own music and do a Loco-motion dance?


    Or are the Lefties going to show up in bikinis and do the Merkel snake-dance?

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        1. Same as she always does, puppet of Satan Soros… Latest is “Dr. WHO” (the idiot from Charité Berlin, Christian Drosten), who has single-handedly forced Germany to shut down, killing thousands, if not millions of businesses, ruining childrens’ educations (at least this year) for no real reason, and trashing the already tottering German economy… Word is he’s been put up for the “Bundesverdienstkreuz” (basically the highest medal of honor), but that may have been a fake headline…. just like his fake “science”…


  4. From Flep’s News Roundup – I’m calling this my Dream Act!

    FL Governor DeSantis, FL Police Chiefs and Law Enforcement have sent a comprehensive Law and Order Bill to the Florida House and Senate.

    Combatting Violence, Disorder and Looting and Law Enforcement Protection Act

    As released, the basic elements of the new Florida law encompass the following:

    ♦ New Criminal Offenses to Combat Rioting, Looting and Violence:

    • Prohibition on Violent or Disorderly Assemblies: 3rd degree felony when 7 or more persons are involved in an assembly and cause damage to property or injury to other persons.
    • Prohibition on Obstructing Roadways: 3rd degree felony to obstruct traffic during an unpermitted protest, demonstration or violent or disorderly assembly; driver is NOT liable for injury or death caused if fleeing for safety from a mob.
    • Prohibition on Destroying or Toppling Monuments: 2nd degree felony to destroy public property during a violent or disorderly assembly.
    • Prohibition on Harassment in Public Accommodations: 1st degree misdemeanor for a participant in a violent or disorderly assembly to harass or intimidate a person at a public accommodation, such as a restaurant.
    • RICO Liability: RICO liability attaches to anyone who organizes or funds a violent or disorderly assembly.

    ♦ Increased Penalties

    • Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentence: Striking a law enforcement officer (including with a projectile) during a violent or disorderly assembly = 6 months mandatory minimum jail sentence.
    • Offense Enhancements: Offense and/or sentence enhancements for: (1) throwing an object during a violent or disorderly assembly that strikes a civilian or law enforcement officer; (2) assault/battery of a law enforcement officer during a violent or disorderly assembly; and (3) participation in a violent or disorderly assembly by an individual from another state.

    ♦ Citizen and Taxpayer Protection Measures

    • No “Defund the Police” Permitted: Prohibits state grants or aid to any local government that slashes the budget for law enforcement services.
    • Victim Compensation: Waives sovereign immunity to allow a victim of a crime related to a violent or disorderly assembly to sue local government for damages where the local government is grossly negligent in protecting persons and property.
    • Government Employment/Benefits: Terminates state benefits and makes anyone ineligible for employment by state/local government if convicted of participating in a violent or disorderly assembly.
    • Bail: No bond or bail until first appearance in court if charged with a crime related to participating in a violent or disorderly assembly; rebuttable presumption against bond or bail after first appearance.

    “Protesting is a basic constitutional right of free speech, which I wholeheartedly support,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “Violence, rioting, looting, and vandalism are illegal acts – not rights. Nothing else matters if you and your children aren’t safe. Crime is at a 48-year-low in the state of Florida and we intend to keep it that way. Criminals who destroy and tear down our communities and victimize others must be held accountable, through quick action and swift punishment. We are sending a message that we will not sit back and allow violence to run amuck, and we will arrest violent criminals, and those who loot, riot, and vandalize – guaranteed. I applaud Governor DeSantis’ initiative to ensure that the safety of Florida residents and visitors comes first.”“It’s my honor to stand in support with Governor DeSantis today,” said Florida Sheriffs Association President and Gilchrist County Sheriff Bobby Schultz. “I’m thankful Governor DeSantis is supplying public safety tools to help ensure that our communities and residents are protected.”

    “On behalf of the Florida Police Chiefs Association and over 900 of Florida’s top law enforcement executives from across every region of the state, we thank Governor DeSantis for his strong leadership and dedication to maintaining public order and keeping the peace,” said Florida Police Chiefs Association President and Satellite Beach Police Department Chief Jeff Pearson. “The measures he put forth today are urgently needed to protect the lives and property of every Floridian.”

    LINK –

    BRAVO – Governor DeSantis, Florida Police Chiefs and Sheriffs! Let us pray that this Bill passes unanimously and that these laws and policies will be a pattern for States throughout the country!

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    1. I love it!

      That law would probably pass easily here in OK.
      Hopefully our legislature will duplicate it.

      They passed a law a few years ago that outlaws wearing face coverings and hoodies pulled up over the head, when going into restaurants, banks, businesses and public buildings.

      They also passed a law that makes parents responsible for any crimes that their minor children commit.

      So…in light of what is going on around the country these days, I’m thinking our legislature might view this Florida law as a good thing to do as well.

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        1. HOORAH!!!


          GRAB YOUR GUNS and let’s go HUNTING!!!


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      1. Those three males on the council definitely look like they’ll hide behind the alpha females all day long! More testosterone in the others than for sure.

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    1. Something weird about this EO.

      It says “the electric cord” as if it was a quote from Lincoln. I’m pretty sure that Lincoln never saw an electric cord, let alone used one.

      Is it some sort of code hidden in plain sight? Hmmmmm …

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      1. from the speech:

        …”That is the electric cord in that Declaration that links the hearts of patriotic and liberty-loving men together, that will link those patriotic hearts as long as the love of freedom exists in the minds of men throughout the world.

        Perhaps Lincoln was speaking of the ‘electric’ cord that connects us humans (who are mostly electricity, and water).

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  5. Pompeo Warns Pope on China Concordat

    WASHINGTON ( – U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is warning Pope Francis that the Vatican risks endangering its moral authority if it renews its controversial secret deal with China.

    “No regime suppresses faith on a larger scale than the Chinese Communist Party (CCP),” Pompeo announced Sunday, after urging the Vatican to “stand with fellow Catholics and the people of Hong Kong” in a tweet Saturday.

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    1. The ChiComs are rewriting the Bible.

      They are rewriting it…to “reflect their views”.
      In other words, it will be the new Communist-Friendly Bible.

      They are just using the Pope to give credence to what they are doing.

      Xi and the CCP will use the Pope Francis’s friendliness in their propaganda for their ‘new Bible’.

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      1. It’s not the first time Scripture has been carved on to suit an agenda. The first time it was just the Old Testament and to refute that Christ is the Messiah. The second was after the Revolt in the 16th century. Not getting into why that was done.

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  6. 🇺🇸🦋🦋Butterfly🦋🦋🇺🇸 Retweeted
    Lou Dobbs@LouDobbs
    Framing Gen Flynn:
    @SidneyPowell1 believes Michael Flynn was targeted by the Obama White House for his opposition to the administration’s failed foreign policy & surveillance abuses. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs

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  7. STOP!

    Screen saver warning!

    Please put down any beverage you are holding and swallow your sip before proceeding any further.

    H/T RealSauce













    You gotta scroll the replies. I think I pee’d myself.

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  8. Remember yesterday when House DIM committee chair Jerry Nadler thought he could issue a decree for AG Barr to reappear before his Committee for a dress-down… AGAIN? Well, here is

    —Misanthropic Humanitarian @ Ace of Spades, giving us the response from Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd… in MH’s list of Quotes of the Day

    Quote IV
    “Having squandered its opportunity to conduct a meaningful oversight hearing with the attorney general, it remains unclear how further public spectacles with other department officials would now — a mere 14 legislative days since the attorney general’s hearing — advance the committee’s legitimate oversight efforts,”

    ~ Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd

    The polite way to say “Fuck off Fat man”. — Misanthropic Humanitarian

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  9. Who’s Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? – Brian Cates Retweeted
    Randy Barnett@RandyEBarnett
    Sep 22
    For the record, Republicans did not try to assassinate the characters of Ginsburg, Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor, or Garland. There’s no whataboutism possible on this issue. The #norms were broken by one side. Indeed, they’ve created their own new norm, as we will soon see again.
    Quote Tweet

    Rita Panahi@RitaPanahi

    · Sep 21
    They tried to destroy Thomas in 1991, they tried to destroy Kavanaugh in 2018. They’ll try to destroy the next nominee.
    Listen to every word of this powerful response from Thomas & watch out for shot of Biden squirming.

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    1. Who’s Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? – Brian Cates Retweeted
      The Daily Signal@DailySignal
      Conservative Republicans have yearned for a time when a Republican president and Republican majority Senate might put an end to judges making law and return to the day when Congress was the legislator.

      Supreme Court Vacancy Opportunity for Conservatives
      Conservatives know that returning the Supreme Court to its constitutional boundaries would be a win for the ages.

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      1. I yearn for Congress to return to legislating too…when do you think they might do that?
        all they do in investigate the President or investigate the investigation into the President.
        the ONLY one getting anything done is the PRESIDENT!

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        1. And that is exactly why they keep “investigating” him…because he’s the only one getting anything done.
          He’s not using the WH for his own wannabe Hollywood parties, or using Air Force One to fly to Hawaii Or Martha’s Vineyard on 17 day vacations, etc. The media are actually having to work …something they are very unaccustomed to doing after their long vacation during the Obama years..

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        2. Me thinks, a couple thoughts. Congress return to legislating…

          – First Congress needs to get rid of Administrative laws. That would force Congress to legislate. Or even better, Congress more commonly do nothing. As Reagan said, government is the problem.

          – Second, get rid of lobbyists and expensive private entities that write the laws for lazy inept Congress to consider.

          Yea, hell will freeze over before ^^^.

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    1. Slowly SMH. How could any Catholic, Christian…ever support those who support abortion, is simply unfathomable. Pedo Joe? Hoe Harris? Piglosi…

      Hypocrites, at best.

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  10. Cindy McNoName has endorsed Creepy Joe Biden.

    And so our President tweeted this:


    I hardly know Cindy McCain other than having put her on a Committee at her husband’s request. Joe Biden was John McCain’s lapdog. So many BAD decisions on Endless Wars & the V.A., which I brought from a horror show to HIGH APPROVAL. Never a fan of John. Cindy can have Sleepy Joe!

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    1. Ms Cindy is afraid she may be exposed for her involvment in drug and child trafficking…

      that’s why she is endorsing the DIM candidate…

      Megan will probably vote to protect her mom

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    2. It’s a serious of lack of knowledge that enables Mr. Martin to say “prominent Ariz Repubs.” The GOP VOTERS despise Flake, & Cindy McCain reminds us how we loath John McCain’s evil betrayal. BTW, you & they are supporting a man w/ serious dementia – what does that say about you?

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  11. Verse of the Day for Tuesday, September 23, 2020

    “Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”
    John 3:5 (KJV)

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  12. Excerpt ………. via Ace of Spades HQ

    JJ Sefton’s Morning Report

    … “Assuming that it is Barrett (and even if it is Lagoa or some other dark horse surprise), the question remains, does the GOP hold hearings or go straight to a vote? Even I didn’t know this but there is no requirement at all for the Senate to hold them. It just became kind of a pro-forma process/ritual over the years. Unfortunately, when it came to hearings, that’s how the GOP treated Democrat nominees while the Democrats used the hearings like Tomas Torquemada used the rack and boiling oil on GOP nominees and their spouses and children, all in the name of at best sabotaging the nomination or at least generating footage for campaign commercials. If the decision has not been made, then I say fuck the Democrats and go straight to the vote, especially since we have the required number to pass, even with the foul Collins and Murkowski voting “no.”

    more at link

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    1. Yesterday, in the comments HERE I put up a list of forty-six women that were nominated by POTUS and approved for the United States courts of appeals or United States district courts.


      Eleven women were approved for the courts of appeals

      Neomi Rao (Both parents are Parsi, Persians who migrated to India)

      Barbara Lagoa (Hispanic)

      From the district courts.
      Jill Aiko Otake (Hawaiian)

      Ada E. Brown (She is the first African-American woman federal judge nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate.–Wiki)

      Stephanie D. Davis (She is the SECOND African-American woman federal judge nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate.–Wiki)

      Silvia Carreño-Coll (Born Dominican Republic)

      Hala Y. Jarbou (Born Hala Yalda Jarbou, Tel Kaif, Iraq)

      Diane Gujarati (Parents from India)

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      1. I saw that Gail… outstanding compilation on your part… meant to comment on it then…

        Huge possibility for POTUS to bring forth a dark horse nominee…

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        1. All I did was go down PART of the list at WIKI and then check if they were a ‘minority’
          List of federal judges appointed by Donald Trump

          I left out:
          United States Court of Federal Claims
          Eleni M. Roumel

          United States Tax Court
          Elizabeth Ann Copeland
          Alina Ionescu Marshall

          United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
          Amanda L. Meredith

          United States Court of Military Commission Review
          Lisa M. Schenck

          So he has over 50 women judges who have been vetted to choose from.

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          1. Contrary to words of certain congress critters et al… President Donald J. Trump has more women in his administration and has appointed more women than any president.

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      1. That is why I put up that list of Forty-Six women who WENT THROUGH A SENATE HEARING in the last three years before being approved as a Federal Judge.

        If President Trump nominates one of those women, the Turtle can claim the hearing has ALREADY BEEN DONE and move directly to the vote.

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  13. Georgia posted Johnson’s tweet on Flep’s thread… I’m reposting here also

    Here’s link to the pdf

    Hunter Biden, Burisma,
    and Corruption:
    The Impact on U.S.
    Government Policy and
    Related Concerns
    U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland
    Security and Governmental Affairs
    U.S. Senate Committee on Finance
    Majority Staff Report

    Zoe, text of Johnson’s tweet:

    Senator Ron Johnson@SenRonJohnson

    OUT TODAY: Report with @chuckgrassley found millions of dollars in questionable financial transactions between Hunter Biden & his associates and foreign individuals, including the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.

    7:18 AM · Sep 23, 2020·Twitter Web App

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      1. Yes ‘m …

        Will be interesting to see how much coverage (if any) the slime media gives to this… and if it will knock off the attack on Barrett’s faith…

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    1. Ms Catherine has a THREAD on the Report… click on date stamp

      Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 Retweeted
      Catherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge

      #Burisma NOW: 87 page, joint report from
      investigates potential conflict of interests involving Hunter Biden. Central Finding: Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma “was problematic” + “did interfere” with the execution of Obama-era Ukraine policy

      Catherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge
      Replying to @CBS_Herridge

      “…this investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the VP’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch + as will be discussed in later sections, Hunter Biden was

      Catherine Herridge@CBS_Herridge
      not the only Biden who cashed in on Joe Biden’s vice presidency.”
      teams seeking comment.

      Ryan Saavedra@RealSaavedra

      · 1h
      BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Chinese Military, Senate Report Alleges

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    1. Would be great if the TelePrompTer suffered a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), and Biden started reading off the error messages and memory addresses 😆

      The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000c4 (0x0000000000002004, 0xffffdb0939ae3ab8, 0xfffff80e7c6a0218, 0xffffc60df10bc1d0). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: c54e6fc4-0e98-45b3-aa9d-23af2c3dce63.

      😀 😎 😀

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    1. IIRC, GA/FL addressed this a number of times back in ~March. Her local / regional hospital used UV to disinfect entire wings and or OR theaters. Applying it to planes, commercial offices is a natural leap. Or so I assumed at the time. Empty the plane or building. Run the UV for whatever time. “Clear” the air and move on. Yea, my mind is quite simplistic.

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      1. There was also talk of a “scope” that could be (gently) lowered into the lungs to kill off the virii.

        Considering the devices they use for micro (nano?) surgery nowadays, that sounds completely possible (think catheter ablation, CI insertion, various other delicate procedures)…

        (Also think of “Fantastic Voyage” and the Proteus II [gotta wonder what happened to the Proteus I] where they miniaturized a sub and used it for diagnostic purposes… with a time limit that was almost their undoing – Isaac Asimov wrote a great one, there)…

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  14. .
    Rudy W. Giuliani
    Senator Johnson’s report is true. It vindicates what I revealed a year and a half ago.

    But the crimes are not limited to criminal conflicts.

    For 30 years the Biden Crime Family sold public office for millions.

    As all the facts come out this is a RICO case.

    More to come soon.

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    1. This is why I believe Biden is running for president, and PRETENDING to have dementia, so that he doesn’t go to jail… there are other DIMS just as stupid who could have served as placeholders… but Biden needed protection, as well as OBAMA… which is why we have the “burn the country down” agenda…

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      1. 100%.

        Slow Joe, I suppose is protected somewhat by DOJ not interfering in elections. BUT, this will NOT save Slow Joe or Where’s Hunter. Maybe we’ll get a mittens offspring, Kerry kid…was Podesta family in on Ukraine also.

        But it is not stopping the Senate or Ukrainians. Way up thread I posted a presser by Ukraine. Quite eye opening what they have put together. Names, names, bank account records, connects the dots on money laundering, links with Russia, banks in various countries, faux business entities.

        Explains the bilking of US tax dollars shunted off as bribes and illegal payments. Ukraine taxes and tariffs being used to abuse Ukraine citizens.

        Me thinks, Ukrainians WILL be the undoing of Slow Joe, Where’s Hunter and many more criminals. Perhaps get to the idiot US Ambassador and Vindman. Have not seen much on the latter two. but, IMO, makes sense.

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    1. Good comment:

      oldmanbirdnose @oldmanbirdnose

      Replying to
      Thinking face it draws my attention back to a Radio program I heard… “How do we make men?” Anyone who thought about the subject knew that boys who are not transformed into men remain boys. And when too many boys do not grow up into men, women suffer and society suffers.” Dennis Prager.

      It takes STRESS, ADVERSITY, CHALLENGE to make adults. That is why the Commies INSIST on wrapping children in cotton batting so they never learn actions have consequences or how to strive for a goal.

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