9.22.20 News Roundup! Great Show By Richard Baris and Robert Barnes, SleepyCreepy Joe Has A Pennsylvania Problem, Arizona Is Looking Good For PDJT, Thank You Cory Gardner, Cocaine Mitch Is Killing Them, I LOVE Their MONSTER, Iran Is Getting Destroyed, Big Fundraising Numbers For the RNC, Their Monster Will Cost Them Federal Funding, PDJT’s Interview On Fox and Friends, PDJT’s Impromptu Remarks, Rally Recap Videos, 6th Consecutive Day PDJT’s Approval Rating Is Above 50%…..

If you aren’t watching Inside The Numbers, you are missing out on so much information about the November 3rd Election. The show airs Monday through Friday starting at 10:00 AM. On Mondays Richard and Robert cohost What Are the Odds starting at 2:00 PM.

You can find the show at the YouTube link below:

Here is a recap of yesterday’s show:

They discussed the SCOTUS candidates. Robert Barnes did a fantastic job explaining the difference between Amy Corey Barrett (ACB) and Barbara Lagoa. He thinks Barbara Lagoa would be easily confirmed given the fact that 32 Democrats recently voted for her to be confirmed in the 11th Circuit. He described a lot of baggage that ACB carries from her upbringing in the Deep South to some of her most recent rulings. 

Democrats would love ACB to be chosen because of her religious beliefs. It would put Roe v. Wade at the forefront possibly alienating Karens that want abortion to be tamed but not overturned.

Lagoa is the American dream. Comes from a middle class family and has 7 children. Democrats will have a really difficult time going after her because of the recent votes (see above) and the fact that she is a Cuban Latina. Florida would be done! It will also play well in states like AZ, TX and NV that have a high number of Hispanic voters. The press would also have a difficult time going after her given her life story of the family escaping Cuba. 

Lagoa is a Catholic as well. Lagoa would allow the President to win Florida by 3 to 5 points. 

The Biden +6 in the Epoch Poll is with Registered Voters. That is if all of them voted. When Likely Voters was used, it was a dead heat. Robert shared that he looks closely at counties like MaCombs and Monroe in Michigan. He was surprised that PDJT has increased his margins by a few points in each county compared to his 2016 vote share.

He also looks at Erie and Bucks in Pennsylvania. The President won Erie by 2 in 2016. He is currently up +13 in the latest poll. He lost Bucks by 2 but is currently up +2 in Bucks.

Richard said that Robert is going to be right about St. Louis county in 
Minnesota. HRC won it by 12 but PDJT could win it by double digits (Duluth is located in this county). 

Robert spoke about the Protestant Norwegians that are found in Wisconsin & Minnesota as well as other Battleground States in the Midwest. Other than 1960, they always vote Democrat. That is not going to be the case this time around. They are very anti war. 

Robert shared that the President won the 6 Battleground States by 2 – 2.5 in 2016. He sees that number doubling in 2020. He sees PDJT winning it by 5. This is all based on the voter enthusiasm gap between our President and SleepyCreepy Joe. More than half of SleepyCreepy Joe’s voters are voting for him because they hate our President. Over 80%+ of the President’s voters are voting for him because they want to. 

The extremely enthusiastic gap is +8 for PDJT.

Many of those anti Trump voters will not vote. Larry Schweikart is going to be proven right about the youth vote. They bought only see it being 14% of the electorate not the 30%+ that the BS polls are saying. 

Both don’t see more than 137 to 145 million people voting which would increase from 2016 based on normal expansion due to more people reaching 18 and fewer people dying over those 4 years. That is not good for SleepyCreepy Joe.

Coronavirus as a top issue is continuing to go down with each passing day. That is terrible for SleepyCreepy Joe because they will all vote for him. 

The death of RBG will damage Coronavirus because it will consume the news and people’s attention.

Robert believes a lot of people are banking their vote with someone else fearing telling the pollster their true intentions. They will break heavily to the President. Richard confirmed that the share was BIG for the President. Six out of eight undecided will break for PDJT.

Richard believes the men vote share could equal the vote share of women this time around. Working class men are the most enthusiastic voter. 

Robert Barnes says he would bet PDJT in MI, IA, WI, PA, OH, MN, AZ & FL and if they could change the election rules from counting for 2 weeks in NV, he would bet Trump especially if it is at 3:1 odds.

He also thinks Collins wins in Maine and the Republicans hold the Senate. Richard Baris says Tillis is a little vulnerable because of the Mueller fiasco. Robert is betting on Tillis in North Carolina and Ernst in Iowa. He likes the odds and will bet James in Michigan. He will not be betting Gardner in Colorado or McSally in Arizona.

He likes the House flipping at 3:1 odds. He will be doing more research on the House before betting. They both talked about removing of the Green candidate in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that will actually hurt down ballot Democrats because the Green voter will not show up to vote. 


They discussed the mail in ballots and their concerns about ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing. 

The problem for the Democrats is the fact that all 4 states MN, MI, PA and WI will NOT mail ballots to all registered voters. You have to apply either online or by mail to get a ballot. Big difference compared to NV, VT, NJ, CA and the 5 states that vote by mail. Here is the process in all 4 states:

Since writing this their have been court decisions in PA, MI and WI extending the counting of votes. However the procedures throughout the thread remain the same.

SleepyCreepy Joe has a Pennsylvania problem that is only getting worse with each passing day!

Things are also looking good in Arizona! Republicans are extending their registration marigin in the the county that will decide the state. We now have ~+5 lead on registered voters.

We ABSOLUTELY will have the votes to confirm our President’s Supreme Court nominee! Corey Gardner from Colorado dropped a MOAB on the head of Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. with the following tweet:

From the article linked above:

Sen. Cory Gardner, Colorado Republican, said Monday he would vote to confirm a “qualified nominee” for the Supreme Court who upholds the Constitution, giving Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell another vote in favor of filling the vacancy.

[…] Mr. Gardner, locked in a tight reelection bid against former Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, represents a critical vote in the GOP push to approve a nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday at 87 of pancreatic cancer.

[…] Mr. McConnell would need 50 of the Senate’s 53 Republicans, with Vice President Mike Pence as a tie-breaker, to vote for President Trump’s nominee to the high court. Mr. Trump is expected to name his pick by the end of the week.

So far only two Republican senators, Connecticut’s Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, have said they will not vote to confirm a nominee before the Nov. 3 election.

Cocaine Mitch is absolutely loving life!

I absolutely LOVE their MONSTER! Not only are they scaring the Karens to death, they are allowing Republicans in the Senate to grow a spin.

Iran is getting pounded by our President and his administration on a daily basis!

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration on Monday announced an unprecedented set of new sanctions on Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile sectors.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was joined at the State Department by top Trump administration officials as they announced the new measures, which target Iran’s proliferation of nuclear materials used to feed its atomic weapons program. The sanctions also seek to restrain Iran’s contested ballistic missile program, which has progressed in tandem with its nuclear program as the country seeks to construct a weapon capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

The most far-reaching sanctions will target Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics agency, as well as its leaders, for exporting arms to Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, who also was targeted by the new sanctions. The measures are aimed at stopping Iran from exporting arms across the globe, including to regional hotspots such as Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

[…] Additionally, the Department of Commerce on Monday added five Iranian nationals to its “entity list for nuclear-related activities,” which prevents them from importing materials that could aid the country’s nuclear program.

Enthusiasm can also be measured by the small donors that give their hard earned money to our President’s reelection campaign.

From the article linked above:

The Republican Party shattered its previous fundraising record by hauling in $67.6 million in August 2020.

The Washington Examiner reported that the $67.6 million represents “nearly four times what the party did in the previous four Augusts combined.”

Moreover, it puts the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) total for the current campaign cycle at $1.3 billion.

[…] She then spoke to how the money will be used for Trump and other Republicans. “From now until Election Day, our unparalleled infrastructure, battle-tested Get Out The Vote operation, and historic grassroots army will work each and every day to reelect President Trump and Republicans up and down the ballot,” she said

The grassroots aspects of RNC campaign are already in full swing:

The following three cities are about to realize that by allowing their MONSTER to roam free will have severe consequences:

Yesterday our President started his day by phoning into Fox & Friends for an interview.

Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday as our President departed the White House for dual campaign stops in Ohio, he stopped to make remarks and take questions from the press pool.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Another two great rallies in Ohio yesterday. Here is a video recap from both:

Rally Number 2:

For the 6th consecutive day, our President’s approval rating is above 50% according to the Rasmussen Poll.

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  1. Interesting about Lagoa family coming out of Cuba. Normally, I’d be thrilled. But commie rat ACOSTA has me wary that Castro loaded that bunch up with SNEAKERS. Her hubby is a DEM who helped that Crist guy – an obnoxious loser.

    Talk me off that ledge, Flep! Convince me she’s a REAL patriot – zero chance that she’s a commie, Roberts in a skirt, or hubby is going to work the DNC voodoo on her! 😀

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      1. ..IOW….Lagoa is not a judicial/political ACTIVIST on the bench…unlike the Left’s activist hero RBG who screamed it and was canonized by the Left for same.

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    1. Aubergine – September 21, 2020 at 23:07
      “I don’t like Lagoa. Her husband worked as General Counsel to Florida Governor Charlie Crist. And her father-in-law was a judge appointed by Bill Clinton.

      I look at it this way; would a REALLY seriously conservative person with the qualities we are looking for be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with those people?

      I don’t want her.”

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      1. Looks Lagoa has some strikes against of not her making?
        My husband’s parents voted all their lives democrat and my husband’s father was a union organizer.
        My husband became a moderate and always was independent voter.
        He only really turned since Trump after he saw my unwavering support for Trump. I am conservative and he liked that about me but I am no closed minded. Some people are really stuck and cannot speak with people who have other ideas. Right now people who are democrat are really closed and set crazy and we do not put up with it.
        People change there is no guarantee no matter how a person is vetted that they will not change. I have seen people change through live circumstances that I would never had believed before. Who Trump appoints no matter who it is can change over time on the Supreme court for better or worse.
        May the best woman be chosen and may God be with her and Bless her.

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    2. Hannity on his radio show covered Barrett’s judicial history, I was not impressed. I am worried that both Barrett & Lagoa will respect precendents (even if wrong) and don’t want to over rule Roe v Wade. I am not comfortable with these 2 women. There is a lot of disinformation out on the MSM and alternate media. I have read comments at other sites vaguely hinting without giving the details of Lagoa ruling for LGBQTxyz issues and liberal issues.

      I am sure VSGPDJT has the right candidate to announce and would not be hoodwinked by Gorsuch or Kavanaugh types again. Being a member of the Federalist Society doesn’t mean much to me or being an editor of a prestigious law school law review. I don’t want to offend the dear readers on this blog, but should the SCOTUS be 78% Roman Catholic & 22% Jewish? How about protestants on the SCOTUS bench?

      I don’t support Hollyweird’s diversity quotas but:

      In 2019, Christians represent 65% of the total adult population, 43% identifying as Protestants, 20% as Catholics, and 2% as Mormons, people with no formal religious identity at 26% of the total population, Judaism is the second-largest religion in the U.S., practiced by 2% of the population, followed by Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism with 1% each one.

      Something to think about. The squishy justices are catholic (I know Gorsuch is Episcopalian, but raised Roman Catholic).

      Here’s an interesting demographic from Wikipedia:

      Despite the efforts to achieve geographic balance, only seven justices have ever hailed from states admitted after or during the Civil War. Nineteen states have never produced a Supreme Court Justice; in chronological order of admission to the Union these are:

      Delaware (original state) From the BABYLON BEE https://babylonbee.com/news/genius-trump-nominates-joe-biden-to-supreme-court

      Rhode Island (original state)
      Vermont (admitted in 1791)
      Arkansas (admitted in 1836)
      Florida (admitted in 1845) Lagoa would fill this slot
      Wisconsin (admitted in 1848)
      Oregon (admitted in 1859)
      West Virginia (admitted in 1863)[b]
      Nevada (admitted in 1864)
      Nebraska (admitted in 1867)
      North Dakota (admitted in 1889)
      South Dakota (admitted in 1889)
      Montana (admitted in 1889)
      Washington (admitted in 1889)
      Idaho (admitted in 1890)
      Oklahoma (admitted in 1907)
      New Mexico (admitted in 1912)
      Alaska (admitted in 1959) and
      Hawaii (admitted in 1959)
      States with SCOTUS justices:

      New York: 15
      Virginia: 10
      Massachusetts: 9
      Kentucky: 8
      CT/GA/MD/NH/NJ/OH/PA: 5 each
      1973 Roe v Wade justices

      For– Potter Stewart –Episcopalian, William O Douglas- Presbyterian, Warren Burger–Presbyterian, Harry Blackman- Methodist, Brennan Roman Catholic, Marshall-Episcopalian, Powell-Episcopalian

      Dissenting: William Rehnquist — Lutheran, Byron White– Episcopalian


      Many ethnic groups have never been represented on the Court. There has never been a Justice with any Asian, Native American, or Pacific Islander heritage, and no person having such a heritage was publicly considered for an appointment until the 21st century.
      The President meeting with Barrett might just to let her know she’s not a nominee at this time or Barrett saying privately she doesn’t want to be the nominee based on the circus travesty with Kavanaugh hearings.

      I think the President is waiting to announce because of back channel meetings with potential female nominees or maybe it’s already been decided months ago with the RBG death watch.

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      1. Congress needs to pack the court to 17 (that number) justices. Don’t skimp if the court will be packed. Maybe then a diversity of candidates can be seated, not all Ivy League law school types & from red states.

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      1. not sure what yr reference is…vaguely recall a lawsuit ? over the media + protecting privacy ? the sandmann case ?

        Lin Wood “attacked” atty Barnes, IIRC…for using his client’s name, or something…?

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          1. I think wictor/Carlos is right. Catholic guilt. Every catholic, except for Scalia, goes sjw.
            Ps idk if it’s true that RBGs dying wish was not to have trump appoint her successor but I’m pretty sure Scalia was wishing not to be suffocated by his pillow.
            On rgb this thread is interesting. And in character for the haughty old c…

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    1. Robert Barnes tweet:

      In #Barrett tenure on the bench, she hasn’t found a prosecutor she doesn’t side with, a corporation she doesn’t prefer, or a government action she doesn’t approve of. Bad rulings on takings, free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, discrimination, and misconduct.


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  2. Beta’s dumping RAIN over Texas…Louisiana…

    …meanwhile….. yellow X disturbance showing up, south Florida…remnants starting to fire up….

    something to keep an eye on….

    sposed to dip down over Cuba…but then…swirl back up, into GoM…??

    hotspots Beta and Yellow X ….

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  3. Bwahahahah

    Rasmussen Reports
    ICYMI: They Remembered in November

    Every Democratic senator in a competitive 2018 midterm race who voted against Brett Kavanaugh lost.

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  4. TODAY – MAGA Rally – Peaceful Protest – Pittsburgh, PA!


    12:30PM – THE PRESIDENT receives his intelligence briefing
    5:35PM THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews – South Lawn
    5:55PM THE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route to Pittsburgh, PA
    6:50PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Pittsburgh International Airport
    7:00PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a Great American Comeback Event
    8:30PM THE PRESIDENT departs Pittsburgh, PA, en route to Washington, D.C.
    9:25PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Joint Base Andrews
    9:35PM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews en route to the White House
    9:45PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House – South Lawn

    Tue, September 22
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Moon Township, PA

    Thu, September 24
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Jacksonville, FL

    Sat, September 26
    7:00 pm – EDT
    Middletown, PA

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  5. thanks for the wonderful election breakdown news!
    I’m tired of seeing the bogus Biteme leads POTUS by a gazillion points…I know the difference between rain and someone peeing on my leg…

    I ADORE peaceful protests against STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    marketing genius!!!

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    1. Absolutely refreshing to see real data, voter registration, accurate polls,, registered voters V likely voters…

      I am simply in disbelief Slow Joe could be doing so well in legitimate polls.
      – D-Rats have accomplished nothing in nearly four years. D-Rat platform is horrible, Dementia Joe is the definition of not all there.
      – Most importantly, President Trump has delivered for ALL Americans across the spectrum of issues.

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  6. GOOD NEWS – 1 million acres of farms in CALIFORNIA now have water – thanks to PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

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    1. That’s actually big news, but didn’t see anything in the media. Obama deliberately tried to destroy the Central Valley – those folks are Republican voters.

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      1. Yep – from day one – Øbastard used every agency as a partisan political weapon against conservative and opponents.

        Likely – Øbastard’s drone attacks in the Middle East targeted moderates and good guys to assist radicals and ISIS.

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  7. Good information, flep, thanks.

    Not buying some of the Baris/Barnes, but am adding to the memory. IMO – FL is solid red, AZ will elect McSally, PDT will increase his electoral college wins by at least 10% over 2016, PDT will likely get 54-55% of the total vote and maybe more if certain revelations from the Soetoro years are made with criminal charges. JMO, Lagoa is not who we need on the SC without full support of pro-life. She has family and past association stains. If PDT thinks he needs her to win FL, that’s his choice to make. I believe he wins significantly regardless, yet, acknowledge I am a nobody in the grand scheme of things. If being squishy on one of a clear life or death issue is what is required to win Senate approval, glad I do not have to answer to my Creator on why I would not go there.

    Don’t know if ACB is the right answer or not. If government overreach is her problem, the biggest power grab of personal liberty in decades has occurred in PDT’s tenure and was approved by him regarding COVID. So even though I back our VSGPOTUS – there’s that. We can say it was to expose the DS, but in reality we all lost what was ours and a legal precedent has been set that would require action through the SC to overturn. Sweden had it right, we had it wrong. Amazing to me that so many cannot connect the dots.

    The SC justice is locked up or Turtle would not be open and direct on the vote happening. He’s a political animal before all things. Elections are at stake. By leaving the position open the results in battleground races would be left to lower courts with Lawfare entanglement.

    Cuomo needs taken out to the woodshed. What a slug.

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    1. I’d rather have him chose someone not being in the limelight. I don’t think his choice of a Judge from any state affects the vote outcome – either they’re going for POTUS or not.

      Cuomo, Newsome, deBlasio, and the witch from Michigan all need to be arrested. Surely there are some federal charges to be made.

      COVID: IMO, POTUS didn’t have a lot of choice. Federalism grants the states the power – meaning the governors run their states. Now I do believe the virus has been used as a weapon – unleashed by the Chinese, and falsely made into the Black Death – which it’s not. More than half of the deaths occurred in long-term CARE facilities – and it was their older population as well, with comorbidities.

      Just the way the Dems and MSM went after HCQ indicates that they wanted nothing to interfere w/ freeing the people from the lockdown. Fear was intentionally instilled. Schools are open in Europe, and France just went with full back to normal, none of this garbage to destroy children’s psyche.

      I’m looking forward to POTUS being able to expose the overreaction to the virus – Dems using it as a means to an end – to destroy the economy, and steal the election.

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      1. I would have started by now, playing on the theme of small government: the only government Americans need.

        Next Tuesday — when Sleepy Joe poles up to the debate with a mask for the first minute or so — could be too late.

        PDJT should use these rallies to push for small-l libertarian government, in line with that of the Founding Fathers.

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  8. Oh boy – I’m in a quandary about the SCOTUS pick.

    ACB has been squishy on shutdowns.
    Lagoa’s close family has associations with Crist and Clinton.
    All Catholics except Scalia have been SJW activists.
    All females have been swayed left and disastrous on the SC.
    Trump is 1/1 on justices – Kavanaugh Social Conservative – Gorsuch Liberal LBGT activist.

    Man O Man!

    Please LORD – guide President Trump to the right person who will do YOUR WILL and respect YOUR Law and Commandments – not Grenell’s. LBGT activist Grenell has a strong influence on our President for some reason.

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    1. NOTE – The whole ‘sexual orientation’ ‘gender identity’ crap is invented specifically for LBGT agenda propaganda purposes. It is all lies.

      In human life there is only conditioning from birth or pre-birth – conditioned responses, conditioned sense of self, and conditioned proclivities.

      Brain science shows our brains change throughout life by relationships, events, experiences, medications, drugs, and other factors.

      For example, Scientists can identify persons who read brail, are depressed, are addicted to substances by their brain scans.

      Scientists can also see improvements in human brains with psychotherapy, improved relationships and improved diets.

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      1. I have a question, why are so many Catholics on the Supreme Court and why do Catholics want Catholics as Supreme judges?
        I know more Catholics who were raised in strict Catholic homes attendet Catholic schools and Universities and some go every Sunday to church but are democrats and are for abortion?
        I know Evangelicals who came later in life to Christ who are against abortion and are now Conservative?
        Why do we think a Catholic Judge will be conservative when more people I know who are Catholic are liberals? Religious affiliation should have nothing to do with who POTUS chooses only if the person he chooses is good for the country.

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    2. ACB worked for/with Scalia – friendship and respect for Scalia – ACB is pro-life – ACB is a faith-filled Catholic – ACB is beloved by former students – ACB is a Constitutionalist – do not understand this ‘squishy’ on shutdowns – will have to look into it.

      She has my vote – because I heard her speak – she talked about her life struggles – her family/husband – her ability to deal with a special needs child – her pre-cana counseling – her ability to work out family/job decisions with her husband – her respect for the law – her education – her tenure as a teacher – her ability to work with the law clerks who assist her – she has a wide range of personal experiences – her faith is solid – her love of country – family/husband – and the law.

      In every situation in life – there is good and bad aspects – we work through them – rise above them – and come out winning – I think that is what ACB did – through all of her life challenges – she came out a winner!

      Oh, yes – almost forgot – as a teacher and mentor for law clerks – she allowed them to seek their own conclusions – she did not insist they adhere to her values – just the law – she guided and inspired them.

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        1. Hope it quells any problems and/or indecision on your part, Georgia – ACB is not only an experienced Jurist – but, she is also experienced in life lessons – for what more could we ask? A mother, a teacher, a mentor, and a supporting wife – I am in awe of this woman and what she has to offer as a member of the Supreme Court.

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            1. Yes – she is, Georgia – Please post her ‘Conversation with Amy Coney Barrett’, too – it tells you everything you need to know about her – how she handles and juggles family/job dilemmas – what she learned from her mentors – and how that affected how she mentors others – what she learned as a teacher – the whole nine yards!!!

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        1. There was a really good movie about him that was in the theaters back around February.

          Even though he was attracted to the Left of the time in his youth, as far as I know he did a complete 180, and has always been a constitutionalist on the Court,

          Has he ever gone squishy in his written opinions, or in voting?

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  9. There is no perfect candidate for the SC, IMO. Every candidate will have flaws from various conservative perspectives. Then add on, we really have no way of “knowing” how they’ll vote in the future.

    100%, I’ll back President Trump’s SC nominee. President Trump has insights, we simply don’t know, and too commonly, have no access to some of the information. Barrett, Lagoa or another, President Trump will make the correct nomination.

    Promises made. Promises kept. Including great successes never promised. President Trump is the common sense Presiden. We are very fortunate, President Trump purely supports America First and The Constitution. This fool can NOT ask any more.
    Just saw, Pierre DeLecto is onboard with confirming SC nominee that is qualified.

    Next, Collins comes back to, yes. TwitSki Murky Lisa is a lost cause.

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  10. So on 710WOR, “The Mark Simone Show” this morning:
    It appears that Ole Joe is LITERALLY practicing standing up and being able to talk for 2 hours, and ALSO staying up till Midnight, in order to get through the debate with POTUS on the 29th.
    Yesterday, Ole Joe made a “speech” and then spent time greeting the (likely paid-for — my opinion — remember the Craigslist ads for his Cincinnati “rally” where “actors” were to be paid $12 an hour to show up and wave Biden-Harris signs?) attendees.
    And now, Simone just said that the Biden campaign has put the “total lid” on Ole Joe today — NO appearances of any kind.
    Looks like yesterday was ** quite tiring ** for Ole Joe.

    AND — FLASH!
    Just heard also on 710WOR the announcement from MITTENS ROMNEY that he’ll vote YES to confirm POTUS’ pick for the Supreme Court “if that person is qualified”.

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  11. GOP Ready To Release Report That Could Sink Joe Biden: “It’s time for the American people to see what we’ve got”

    Senate Republicans are ready to make their big move to sink Joe Biden’s campaign and will release their report on Biden and Burisma in the next few days.

    The report is expected to be a thorn in the side of Biden’s campaign and will bring the many scandals surrounding Hunter Biden back into the media spotlight.


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    1. Just wondering if we have an extradition treaty with Ukraine…

      That could get really interesting, as they are VERY interested in pursuing action against Sleepy Creepy Touchy Feely and “from Hunter to Hunted”…

      Maybe make a package deal: send them to Ukraine, and the Satan Soros and Spawn to Vlad…

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      1. “send them to Ukraine, and the Satan Soros and Spawn to Vlad…”

        At the end of WWII, the young Georgie somehow got permission to leave Hungary (in the Russian Zone of Occupation) and come to the West. And, if rumor is true, he brought with him a fortune he had helped extract from murdered Jews during his time in the SS.

        No one could leave like that, especially with a fortune, without the blessing of Moscow.

        So, either he was a Communist then, and his whole adult life story has been a Communist op, or the banksters put the word out to their charge Stalin to let him go.

        Either is plausible, but, ask yourself, who was young Georgie to the banksters? (This question brings to the fore Q’s theory of bloodlines.)

        At any rate, I am sceptical that we could ensure justice for Georgie by sending him Putin’s way. What would Putin have against him?


    1. That was more fun than an episode of Law and Order or Blue Bloods!

      Jim Acosta went first and KMac riddled him full of holes with her piercing AR15 notebook high caliber facts and data.

      At the end, General Kellogg dumped the truth about the disgruntled fired task force clerk Ms. Troye and Kayleigh dealt similarly with the male who was fired from the administration and went to Google!

      Kayleigh is a Press Secretary Stealth Bomber.

      Boom, boom, boom!!!!

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  12. You all will find this interesting. I am friends with the tweet folks involved. We’re all refugees from the RedState of 10 yrs ago. Streiff, is a fine person, veteran. Apparently he’s been outed as working in the agency that Fauci is the head of, and had written anonymous articles at RS about Fauci. Of course, none of us have to work in Fauci’s agency to have drawn many of the same conclusions.

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  13. I shared in Flep’s thread.

    You all will find this interesting. I am friends with the tweet folks involved. We’re all refugees from the RedState of 10 yrs ago. Streiff, is a fine person, veteran. Apparently he’s been outed as working in the agency that Fauci is the head of, and had written anonymous articles at RS about Fauci. Of course, none of us have to work in Fauci’s agency to have drawn many of the same conclusions.

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  14. I would just like to pose a question. How many times have we been sure that we knew what Trump was going to do like selecting either ACB or Lagoa and then he does something that no one thought of? Could it be the discussion of these two is a distraction?

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    1. The Babylon Bee suggests this genius move. Nominate Joe Biden!! LOL!! That would be truly diabolical to the Demoncrats. If he accepts, lots of questions from the Judiciary committee. Vote to seat Biden on SCOTUS then retire from the court in a year. Removes Biden as candidate, all those early votes wasted.

      The Babylon Bee is a parody site like The Onion, but much more canny at predicting politics.

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