20200922: MAGA Protest Against Stupidity, Moon Township, PA

Let’s see…Moon Township outside of Pittsburgh. Steel, coal and all that jazz.

The initial settlement of Moon Township was a direct result of the westward expansion of English settlers and traders who arrived in the Ohio Valley in the early to mid-18th century. During the French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War), the Iroquois, who controlled the land for hunting grounds through right of conquest, ceded large parcels of southwestern Pennsylvania lands through treaty or abandonment to settlers. In some cases, the land was already occupied by squatters who were to be forced off the land.

In the face of this turmoil, Native American settlements of the south bank of the Ohio River typically relocated to more populous areas of the north bank in the current locales of Sewickley and Ambridge….

As the 18th century drew to a close, abandoned lands were taken up by new settlers who were drawn to the region by the fertility of the soil. This round of pioneers were, by and large, wealthier than their predecessors and had the means to develop the broken and hilly areas into plots suitable for farming.

Moon Township was created in 1788 as one of the original townships of the newly created Allegheny County.[4] In 1789 by an act of the legislature a portion of Washington County south of the Ohio River was transferred to Allegheny County.[5] The transferred area became part of Moon Township.[6]

At this time Moon Township occupied an enormous tract of land – possibly 145 square miles (380 km2). Some reports and, more often, legends of the time indicate that it would take one man on horseback two days to travel between the boundaries of the township. The sheer difficulty of settlers performing their civic duties (e.g., reporting to assigned polling places or attending jury trials) made it necessary for local governing authorities to parcel out the land into smaller municipalities. So, in 1790, the current Fayette Township was portioned off from Moon Township, to be followed by Findlay and Crescent townships, respectively.

In 1800 when Beaver County was created from Allegheny and Washington Counties that portion of Beaver County south of the Ohio River that it received from Allegheny County was in Moon Township. Upon the creation of Beaver County that portion of Moon Township that Allegheny County lost to Beaver County was divided into two new townships: First Moon and Second Moon Townships, Beaver County.[7]

In 1943, the federal government designed and built a housing plan known as Mooncrest for defense workers. Mooncrest residents produced armor platesmunitions and ships at the nearby Dravo Corp. during World War II.

More at wiki.

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Pennsylvania, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

132 thoughts on “20200922: MAGA Protest Against Stupidity, Moon Township, PA


    DISASTROUS TRADE DEALS – For 16 years under Bush/Obama – your household income rose $1K – in 4 years your household income has increased ~ $7K

    Lifted 6.6M people out of poverty – Greatest Economy – Make America Great – Great Again

    We defeated the China Virus – China has been a problem for a long time – we launched the largest mobilization in history to fight this virus – we shut down Chinese entry into our country – in January – Europeans – closed

    Pioneered life saving therapies – reducing the mortality rate 85% – we have the lowest case rate – hospitalizations down 47% – our early and aggressive intervention saved thousands of lives – vaccine in record time.

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  2. On Ole Joe: “He doesn’t know he’s alive.”
    “They give him a shot of something. What the h3ll is he taking? I want a drug test.” (referring to the Bernie – Biden debate]
    “Mini Mike — one question and he’s gone. 1.5 Billion gone. So now he’s trying to buy into the party [DemCom]. You would think he would’ve joined our party. He wants to try and buy their friendship. It’s not about money. There’s other things involved. My father used to tell me, If you can spend less money and win, that’s a good thing.”

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  3. Fingering CORY BOOKER as the driving force behind the destroy the suburbs by adding “low income housing” in.
    “There’s lots of hard working minorities who want to live in the suburbs — they don’t want to live next to the ‘projects’.”

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  4. These people are excited about the 1776 Commission – to education children on American exceptionalism – love of country – respect for the flag – American History – no 1619 Project lies – I know I am happy about this!

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  5. “If they win, your cities will be like that {Minneapolis]. I’m not even sure the country will recover. It should be closed up before it even gets started.”
    Talks about the Lancaster PA riots over a legal LE shooting.
    “Ole Joe never talks about it [Law and Order].”

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  6. POTUS gives a shout out to 2 DemCom Sheriffs who just changed their registration to Republican!

    POTUS on the DemCom new attempt to impeach him again — “These people are stone cold crazy.”

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  7. Trump people Labor Day – boat parades, car parades, mow their grass, clean out garage, cook BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers.

    Leftist Labor Day – burn cities, autos, forests, businesses, shoot each other, even children, block traffic, grab people out of their cars and beat them up..

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  8. POTUS tying Ole Joe betraying Pennsylvania for decades. “He shouldn’t be asking for your vote. He should be begging for your FORGIVENESS.” OMG OMG

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    The RNC has SO MANY great POTUS quotes tonight that NEED to be turned into POTUS campaign ads everywhere — social media, radio, YouTube, TV, everywhere!

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  10. I do not think PT likes KA-MAH-LAH – more left than Bernie – I am sure there is more he can say about her – but will not – the leeway she took as a prosecutor – how she destroyed the lives of many black Americans.

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  11. “He’s controlled by the Radical Left [Ole Joe]. And what about this Kamala?”
    POTUS going down the list of the disasters that Ole Joe / KamaHarr would force onto the United States.
    Now POTUS going down the list of what HE will do to help create a LIMITLESS FUTURE for all Americans in his second term.
    End dependence on China ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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    End surprise medical billing!
    Lower price of medicine.
    Protect Medicare and Social Security
    First woman on Moon, Astronaut on Mars
    Stop radical indoctrination, teach them to love our country.


    Now you have a President who takes up for America!


    We are taking back our country!


    Together, with the incredible people of Pennsylvania,
    we will make America wealthy again,
    We will make America strong again
    We will make America proud again
    We will make America safe again
    And we will make America great again!!!!

    Thank you, Pennsylvania!!!

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