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698 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200921 Open Topic

  1. PA preparing to fight the new PA SCOTUS rulings at the federal level…
    Benninghoff then revealed the state House of Representatives plans to petition the Supreme Court to issue a stay of the state Supreme Court’s rulings and sue in federal court against the rulings. Benninghoff contended the state legislature should have jurisdiction over election law, not Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf and the state Supreme Court. He said:

    Well, first of all, we are going to seek every option possible, that’s legislative or appealing to the higher courts. As you know very well, anything that we pass through legislation has to get the endorsement of the governor, and he’s throwing a lot of vetoes, and I suspect he would veto anything that he put out to changes this. This is what he wanted, and he’s wanted to count ballots for weeks or two after the election. We think that is wrong, and we are in the process currently as I speak, preparing as I say, a motion for stay of that directive by a citizen to the Supreme Court. In addition, we will be during our very best to file in the federal courts; election law is a universal right of Pennsylvanians and Americans, and they should secure it to the best of their ability and not go along with this 5-2 Democrat mandated majority of the courts said in their ruling.

    Boyle noted the petition to the Supreme Court would go to Justice Samuel Alito.

    “We believe that you people elect your representatives, you elect your Senate, and by our own statute and law of the Constitution, it is the legislature that deals with election law, not the governor’s office or the courts as we’ve seen too often. These courts want to legislate and interpret the law. That’s right; it’s the separation of powers, and I think the federal courts need to step up and take this case and speak loudly all across America that separation of powers are there for a reason and if they want to be legislators, they ought to run for the legislature and not the judge positions and I” m hoping that the federal courts will rule in our favor,” he explained.

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    1. Wait…what?

      He says, “These courts want to legislate and interpret the law.”

      And then he says he is “hoping that the federal courts will rule in our favor”…?


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      1. …To knock down the PA Supreme courts over reach on setting election law. Also I believe (at least from what Levin said last week) that he is mistaken as far as the Governor having and say (right to veto)…they do not. Election laws in PA are the sole jurisdiction of the legislature.

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        1. I would think that some DIM congresscritters are hearing from their bases that they’re NOT pleased about the rioting. AND if POTUS moves with Cuban-American nomination DIM senators are going to look pretty stupid opposing 1) a female and 2) a Latina nominee… they’ll have some ‘splaining to do!!!

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          1. You think it might be the Latina woman? I hope not – that would look like pandering – and I do not think PT has to worry about the Latina vote – since Socialism is on the Dim Plate – I hope it is Amy!!!

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            1. The path of least resistance is the Latina … would diminish imho, somewhat (only somewhat 😉 ) the attacks from Commies… POTUS will have at least 2 more opportunities in his 2nd term to nominate a Justice… Amy could go then… or not… just my thoughts

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              1. True – I was just hoping for Amy – she is a proven constitutionalist – the other lady – dunno much about her – guess I stopped at Amy – and did not consider the others – or the political ramifications thereof, either.

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              2. Actually, POTUS may have a dark horse… the LEFT will be attacking the two they are talking about now, and BOOM, he will name someone else.

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              3. Oh, you are no fun, PR – still rooting for Amy – just heard a ‘Conversation with Amy Coney Barrett’ – and I really like her – she’s smart and personable – and her ‘faith’ plays well into her family and professional life – if God has brought her to this position – I am very grateful – video posted on RoundUp News if you are interested.

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              4. No, she’s not for getting rid of Wroe V. Wade, at least if she is who I think she is–also too liberal on homosexuality. Correct me if I’m wrong as I could have info on a different judge, but don’t think so.

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              5. I’m w/you PR. I think Amy should get submitted after we have a Conservative lead, would be easier for her IMO. The Godless devils are already attacking her. On the other hand, a full blown attack on faith might just help motivate ALL Christians to action. IIRC, lots of Catholics do not vote. Her nom might spur them to action. I’m gonna leave it to POTUS and support his pick no matter what.

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              6. Yes Butterfly… gonna leave it to our VSG POTUS…

                So, a lo of Catholics and I hear also a lot of fundamentalists, don’t vote and then wonder how we got to aborting, killing rather, a full term baby. How do they sleep?

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              7. Agree, PR….there will be future opportunities for Barrett and she’s undoubtedly savvy enough to know that (although I think it would be made quite clear by the Administration …the future paths.)

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              8. Let’s make the nomination about competence and jurisprudence, NOT ABOUT “COMMUNITY OF ORIGIN”.

                If VSGPDJT has to pick a Justice in order to win an election, that doesn’t look good for him on a number of counts.


                Sounds like “controlled opposition”, ChiComs, and Eeyorism are rearing their ugly heads…

                Instead of yapping about “oh no, we’re all gonna die, VSGPDJT’s GOTTA PICK YET ANOTHER hispanic female justice, HOW ABOUT GETTING OUT AND GETTING THE VOTE???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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              9. I totally disagree… the candidates on his short list ALREADY have the characteristics of COMPETENCE and JURISPRUDENCE…

                I would suggest that ALL former appointments have been POLITICAL and in the last several decades have been about being about whether one was Jewish or Catholic…

                Peeps are doing what they ALWAYS do when a shiny ball appears… clicking buttons and talking about it. And, many remember the Kavanaugh Hearings… AND we hope and pray that POTUS is able to “FILL THIS SEAT” BEFORE the election… which the DIMs have acknowledged they don’t expect to win, they expect to burn the Country down and drag POTUS out of the WH if he wins. We remember all too well the ‘hanging chads’ and the delayed decision on the 2000 election, and the necessity to have the SCOTUS ELECT our President. We cannot go into Nov. 3rd with only 8 on the Court… we MUST have 9… This is what is driving the frustration and concern and anxiety of Americans. Get out the VOTE? Heck that’s NO PROBLEM. Trump will win in a landslide. BUT how does all this vote by mail play into that? Will we have chaos and not only NOT KNOW for weeks, maybe months… but will the Domestic Terrorists be burning down houses, even killing people.

                And, as politics is all about compromise (which the DIMS appear to have forgotten) then the easiest and most logical pieces on the board to give up IS appointment of a female (qualifications go without saying, POTUS has a list… one that I am sure has been scrutinized for a couple of years…) and a Cuban-American from Florida would also be easy enough to “compromise” on…

                Cuppa. we truly have not all gone hysterical… actually, it gives us an opportunity to talk about something we can actually see HAPPENING!

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    1. Blumenthal says “nothing is off the table.” I’d like to know what was “off the table” before. There’s nothing the Dems won’t do. Tantrums, threats, riots, withholding funding, plandemics, colluding with foreign governments, impeachment, voter fraud, and probably blackmail and payoffs. So what will it be, more intense rioting? impeachment on false charges of Pres. Trump’s fulfilling his constitutional duty? a more potent bioweapon? He has “quivers in his arsenal” too.

      They’d better not try to harm Pres. Trump, his family, or Repubs. Their statements sound more and more like threats.

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      1. Blumenthal is a thug – just like the rest of them – Pelosi is looking to impeach PT again – for what this time? Virus response – who knows – anything she can muster – these people are evil – they will stop at nothing to protect their corruption – and – how does FISA bring down the House?

        These people are complicit in every underhanded, corrupt action that has been taken against America – we need to CLEAN HOUSE!

        PT and his family are well-protected – God protects them – and us – we are fighting an evil we never knew existed – at least – not to this level.

        God Will Help Us!!!

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  2. Still not much news coming out about the status of the Three Gorges Dam.

    This made it through the censors, though…probably because they didn’t mention the Dam:


    Qianjiang tide today. How scary it looks. Face screaming in fear

    It’s really scary. Should it be like this?
    There is not much tide. Face with cold sweat


    This showed up on the hashtag #ThreeGorgesDam because someone tagged it:

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    1. Surf’s up!!!

      Pity (and pray for) the poor people downstream of the dam.

      The ChiComs don’t care one fig for the “proles”. Exactly the same as the DEMONicRATS…

      Two SATANIC groups from the same, SATANIC father…

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    1. I hope James is right about that.
      😌🤞 *fingers crossed*

      Collins is facing a tough race for reelection.
      Hopefully the Trump supporters in Maine will encourage her to do the right thing!

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      1. She wants the camera attention….basically the only time she gets any notice. Lots of free PR for her election. But, I think many are getting tired of her antics, mainly because it’s so predictable.
        As another write this morning, Lisa M, from Alaska is totally useless to the Party she supposedly represents. She represents herself and those that fill her campaign chest.

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  3. Indo-Pacific News
    This makes it clear that the #Chinese merchant navy is a dual use civilian / military asset of the #PLA

    This also makes them a target…..Down pointing backhand index


    Giovanni de Briganti
    China has for 2nd time launched a 58 t rocket from a civilian naval vessel, demonstrating a new capability and raising specter that similar launchers could be covertly fitted to “merchant” ships.

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    1. What I love about these various types of Trump parades is how much fun they are having…it’s a “happening”! It’s kind of like political campaigns used to be grass root, good-natured enthusiasm…long before big business, unions, high tech manipulation, media deception took over.
      The Liberals are so angry, so foul-mouthed, so destructive…it’s eating at their very souls. They are NOT having fun! It’s no longer …may the best person win…it’s never, ever going to accept it if it’s not my candidate. (Did you see the story of the man who tells his parents you will never see your grandchildren again if you don’t remove your Trump yard sign? Talk about a very sick person!)
      I can feel sorry for them…up to a point…because they are victims of brainwashing and are no longer capable of logical reasoning. But, you could probably say that about many aspects in our daily lives…it’s not just politics…case in point, the whole mask/vaccine/shutdown issue.

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      1. If we think it has been a stressful year – can you imagine what PT has experienced – and – he is like a duck – lets it all roll off of his back – like it is expected – one consolation is that new chant – ‘We Love You’ – ‘We Love Trump’!

        As far as the brainwashed are concerned – it is going to take a lot of work to reform the Education System – hopefully – in his 2nd Term – we need to drain the swamp there, too –

        I am concerned about these kids – after all – they will be in charge some day – and it worries me how much they DON’T know – American History will help – for sure – but, there is so much indoctrination – I wonder if it is possible to rectify that – I know God can – but, I cannot fathom our country when these kids are in charge, Tea!

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  4. Some may already know about this…

    Department of Justice
    Office of Public Affairs
    Monday, September 21, 2020

    Department Of Justice Identifies New York City, Portland And Seattle As Jurisdictions Permitting Violence And Destruction Of Property

    Identification is Response to Presidential Memorandum Reviewing Federal Funding to State and Local Governments that are Permitting Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities

    The U.S. Department of Justice today identified the following three jurisdictions that have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities: New York City; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. The Department of Justice is continuing to work to identify jurisdictions that meet the criteria set out in the President’s Memorandum and will periodically update the list of selected jurisdictions as required therein.

    con’t reading

    Also, here’s link to President Trump’s memorandum of September 2, 2020

    I commented on the 2nd after reading this Memo that I think they’re going to charge some of these mayors and Govs. What do y’all think…? They certainly have ALLOWED this destruction, seems flagrant dereliction of duty.

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  5. Justice Department@TheJusticeDept
    Indictment Charges Alaska Man for Threatening a California Synagogue

    Indictment Charges Alaska Man for Threatening a California Synagogue
    A federal grand jury in Alaska, returned an indictment charging William Alexander, 49, for threatening to kill the congregants of a California synagogue, the Justice Department announced today.

    If convicted, Alexander faces a maximum of five years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

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  6. Senate Cloakroom@SenateCloakroom
    Sep 17
    Vote Scheduled: At 5:30 pm on Monday, September 21st, the Senate will proceed to a vote on the motion to invoke cloture on Executive Calendar #603 Edward Hulvey Meyers to be a Judge of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims for a term of fifteen years.

    Senate Cloakroom@SenateCloakroom
    Sep 17
    Leader McConnell has filed cloture on Executive Calendar #815 Roderick C. Young to be U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Virginia.

    Senate Cloakroom@SenateCloakroom
    Sep 17
    Leader McConnell has filed cloture on Executive Calendar #588 John Charles Hinderaker to be U.S. District Judge for the District of Arizona.

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  7. Do you remember a couple of months ago when I posted there was a mini-ragtag BLM demonstration in my community by middle school age kids riding bikes, carrying signs and spewing BLM crap? Well last Friday, September 18 … in the afternoon a old big silver Chevrolet parked in front of my neighbors house and the damn thing had BLM painted on the rear window. A bunch of young guys went into the house across the street that was just sold, maybe they’re renovating this house .. I did not see any older guys with them.
    Sooooooooo … I sent a little message to the White House, that’s my SEE something SAY something.
    I have a creepy felling about this … 🥺🤚‼️‼️‼️

    … 😳😑😳😐😑😣🤚 …

    … BLM .. is not a joke

    I don’t be this BLM meant Bring Lottsa Milk .. 🤨

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        1. … well … 😳 … I received a response from the White House ..

          “We are carefully reviewing your message”

          … now I’m worried 😧 that I’m being a busybody … 🤭


          September 21, 2020

          “Dear …,

          Thank you for contacting the White House. We are carefully reviewing your message.

          President Donald J. Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved. President Trump appreciates your taking the time to reach out.

          For more information about the steps President Trump is taking to keep the American people safe, strengthen our Nation, and preserve liberty and prosperity click here/link”


          The Office of Presidential Correspondence

          I responded with my thanks, we’re all in this together … ❤️🇺🇸❤️ … and God bless you all

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        2. Remember – they try to BAIT OUT THE GUN. Don’t fall for it. Never “show a gun at the window” unless you are TAKING FIRE and FIRING BACK.

          Also – and I dealt with this during the 2016 election – they will LIE and say that they saw you with a gun. Total lies. We had a Trump mini-rally near a polling place – beyond the legal limits – and they SWATTED us, saying we had guns! The cops knew it was BS, but we had to show them anyway. Harassment by the left. Be ready for it. NEVER give them ANYTHING. Don’t over-react – be ready to CALL THEM OUT with a clear conscience – to have YOUR WORD TO THE POLICE BELIEVED – and THEIRS NOT.

          It is very likely that they will try to target people on this site that they’ve identified. YOU may be one of them. But the targeting is not to hurt you – it’s to create an incident. PLAN how to make it BACKFIRE on them. BE PREPARED. NEVER give them cause or justification. BLM are Marxist provocateurs, trying to get people to overreact.

          Let THEM make the mistakes. GET PICTURES AND AUDIO.

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          1. I’m going to be calm and feign I’m nutty .. 🤨

            I will not engage, you learn stuff when growing up with five brothers. If the opportunity presents itself I will take pictures, however using a phone to take pictures is clumsy ..

            There may be nothing to this but a group of men fixing up this house that was bought. It was vacant for awhile so I should be content that it will/should have a regular everyday type family in it.
            There’s a Dodge Ram heavy duty truck there now, only one man looks like he’s doing fix up work.

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            1. Your new analysis makes sense. Probably not the occupants – probably just workers.

              Nevertheless, keep on your guard with BLM types at all times – which means DON’T react – unless of course they actually become violent.

              My “BLM” neighbors are all nice people, although some of them show inevitable signs of Marxist psychosis in software.

              Never let the guiltware poison in. It’s irrational and leads only to greater irrationality. Likewise, never feel guilty about RESISTING BLM mind-games. They’re TOXIC.

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              1. I attended a mixed race junior high school in the early sixties, I got into a spot with a boy who told me to “meet me after school” I responded with, “make sure you’re there”. I told my two older brothers about It and they were horrified, looked 👀 around furiously and asked if I saw that boy, I said no and we took off like a bat out of hell ..
                I’m not 100% dumb .. 😉, I just lippy 🤨

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              2. Heh heh … 😉👍 … growing up in a family of six rowdy kids you learn the hard way to stay out of any mess that’s taking place, it has a way of dragging you into it. I’m not a fan of bumps and bruises 🤕🤚. If something started you got out of the way fast 💨

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            2. Not sure how it works out your way, but you could check to see if any building permits were issued to cover additions/repairs/etc. to that house.

              If not, and they are required in your area, you probably are watching a problem of some sort take place… but then, that’s between the new owners and the city/licensing authority(ies)…

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      1. I grew up in a city where there were real life tough guys not white, college indoctrinated shit head privileged butt wipes that are are too stupid and drugged up and down right vicious to know what a evil bastard is ..

        They’re vicious seditious traitors.

        … I stepped off the curb .. 🤨🇺🇸‼️

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            1. when we moved up here, my dad, jokester that he was, made me 2 rubber band guns—and gave me a humungous box of rubber bands so hubby and i could have rubber band wars if we ever got bored.
              they are a good weapon—sting like the dickens if you do it right…lol…want me to come and rescue you with those guns ablazing?

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  8. Pete King is my congressman – for another few months.

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  9. Robert Barnes@Barnes_Law
    My take on #SCOTUS nominees.
    SCOTUS; Carpe Donktum; Dershowitz; Suspended for Flag & MORE! Viva &…
    What does the passing of RBG mean for SCOTUS? Carpe Donktum lawsuit: Civil rights, or disguised copyright claim? Dershowitz sues CNN for defamation? Suspende…

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    1. Like the Clintons, the Obamas have amassed a considerable fortune from politics. Also like the Clintons, they’re not going away. They continue to have an influence over politics and American culture. By becoming Netflix producers, the Obamas made sure their leftist propaganda gets attention.

      Neither Michelle nor Barack have said anything about the Netflix program titled “Cuties,” in which young girls are shown in sexually charged poses on a glitzy stage. Susan Rice, a former Obama advisor, is on the Netflix board. She has also been reticent about what many are calling ‘pedophilia.’ Some say their silence is complicity. I agree.

      The fact that the Obamas did not exert influence to stop a show containing obvious pedophilia can only mean they are complicit. Perhaps they want pedophilia to be normalized just as they wanted sexual dysphoria normalized. Meanwhile, they and their colleagues are doing their best to shut down Christians who object.

      —Ben Garrison

      Read the Rest of the post at GrrrGraphics

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  10. Biden has been nailed on NEW EARPIECES.

    Here is the “flesh tone”:

    Now in the comments – Political Moonshine realizes THEY WEREN’T BUGS!!!

    So – what about cheating during the debates???

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    1. Yeah. And I would doubt the Lefties have got people working on an even better fitting earpiece, totally hidden with just a da of makeup, designed with an apparent earhole.

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      1. Yep. Rather than scrambling the signal (no challenge there), how about REPLACING the signal, so he goes even further off the rails (if such a thing were possible)? 😆

        (Something about pancakes and doghouses full of them…)….

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    2. One now wonders if, at the “debate” on September 29 — POTUS, seeing that Ole Joe has earpieces, and/or Ole Joe is getting “softball” questions while POTUS gets the “hardball” questions — POTUS can call everybody’s bluff and walk out of the “debate”, citing gross unfairness toward him?

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    1. It has been reported (but, correctly???) that Barbara Lagoa will not vote against Roe vs Wade. Naturally, that would need a strict verification before we run with it.

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        1. That rumor (report?) also lacked details where she might be very willing to vote for a presence of heartbeat bill, or absolutely only in the first trimester bill.

          That may help with a number of people.

          But personally, I’m firmly in the life begins at conception camp.

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      1. Whatever her stance, it’s important to understand the new landscape of the battlefield. Roe-v-Wade is now the framework under which NATIONAL protection exists for state laws enforcing late-term protection of life. The pro-life side has INVESTED in the precedent.

        IMO the adoption of any new “grand strategy” should be based on the soundness of “what comes after”, not merely in the joyous abandonment of RvW. In other words, don’t abandon RvW until we’re sure what comes after it is better – possibly stronger on late-term, but potentially weaker on very-short-term (contraception). We need strong pro-life minds working on that. A sound legal philosophy will protect people at all stages of life.

        Bear in mind also that (in my opinion, based on years of careful analysis) Trump himself is not a supporter of anything which will threaten all current modes of contraception or “day after” anti-implantation treatments used by rape victims. He MAY even be marginally “choice” on first trimester as a whole.

        Here is something which seems important.

        Trump very carefully distinguished himself from Jeb Bush in an early confrontation. Jeb rightly jumped on the left’s euphemism of “women’s health” for abortion, but Trump jumped in and “reclaimed the non-euphemism” – meaning contraception and what amounts to super-early abortion – by saying HE, unlike Jeb, was FOR “women’s health”.

        “Against abortion but FOR women’s health”. That pins down where Trump is at – somewhere between ACB and Lagoa, and based on other things Trump has said, IMO his strategy is *probably* NOT to crash RvW yet, but to build both the court AND social consensus toward that.

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        1. so Chicago mail carriers may stop delivering mail in Chicago due to the violence…how will THAT affect mail in voting?
          With the number of shootings commonly reaching 40 and 50 incidents each weekend, and another 40 or 50 during the week, mail carriers are saying that they are taking their lives into their hands just to deliver the mail. And they are about sick and tired of it all.

          “The 24-year-old woman, who works as a United States Postal Service mail carrier, was shot at 91st Street and Ellis Avenue just after 11:35 a.m. while on the job,” Chicago’s ABC affiliate reported. “Chicago Fire Department officials said she was critically hurt after being shot multiple times.”

          In another incident, a postal worker was attacked by someone shooting a paintball gun at him.

          “The United States Postal Service is offering a $50,000 reward for information on the shooting that leads to an arrest and reminded Chicago residents, in the same notice, that any attack on a mail carrier is a federal offense. The mail carrier, at least report, was still in serious condition at a local hospital,” Daily Wire reported.

          Now the city’s postal workers are organizing to make a statement.

          Chicago’s CBS affiliate reported last week that mail carriers are mulling over a boycott of certain areas of Chicago.

          “Chicago postal workers, saying it is too dangerous to deliver the mail, are threatening to stop delivering in some neighborhoods one week after a mail carrier was shot on her route,” CBS said. “Postal workers and community organizers joined together for a prayer vigil Thursday near the scene of last week’s shooting.”

          “Mack Julion with National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 11 said letter carriers should not walk their route if they feel unsafe,” the CBS affiliate added.

          “Any letter carrier who does not feel safe in any one of these communities then they are not to deliver mail and customers have to pick up their mail,” Julion concluded. “We are not going to have another situation where the letter carrier is shot down.”

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              1. Mail-in, erm, male-in is most of the problem, as it were…

                I think we need a strong pro-life justice at this juncture. It’s not terribly difficult to negotiate downward, so to speak, but to negotiate upward (in a more conservative direction) with someone who’s not that conservative is pretty much a no-go…

                Something about Lagoa just doesn’t seem right. And I, like GA/FL, worry about a potential sub-group forming on the court, despite the differences in party affiliation… Birds of a feather and all that…….

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          1. VERY IMPORTANT

            This helps set up the mail fraud! Outrageous!

            Does anybody else see how the scam works?

            They can’t deliver the mail-out ballots. They have an EXCUSE for mail-out ballots to “disappear” into the system. People won’t GET them, so they’re easier to round up and forge.

            ELECTION FRAUD

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            1. It could also be used as an excuse to delay vote counting until long after the election. Mail carriers couldn’t deliver the ballots on time, so people couldn’t get them in on time, etc.

              I have a solution: Vote as we always have. Trudge through snow, tornadoes, blazing sun, wind, and broken glass, and go to the polls. Take off from work if you have to. Get a ride if you have to. People have plenty of time to arrange all that. It’s called personal responsibility.

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      1. I get it! Because of this paragraph. It’s the speed with which Lagoa would go through. He can afford to wait with her.

        The fact that 85 Senators voted for Judge Lagoa’s current judicial appointment provides another political club that Trump can and will use to bludgeon Senators who try to walk back their previous endorsement. You can bet that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski endorsed her and will find it difficult to avoid taking a stand on behalf of the female nominee.

        She’s been recently endorsed by the holdouts, and with a big number overall. I’m not sure if bigger than ACB, but I’ll go check…..

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        1. If that (numerical superiority) is the new DJT standard for judges, then he has abandoned his promises to select constitutionalists for judicial positions. And it means Kavanaugh was not qualified since he squeaked through.

          This female is squishy on abortion if she’s squishy on Roe v Wade. She’s also for politicizing queer sexual practices so they can have special superior rights.

          Plus she has very few writings from which her “legal personality” can be discerned. IOW she’s a bit too shiny. And if membership in a good org (such as Federalist Society) was a guarantee, there would be no such thing as a RINO.

          Pass. She’ll prove herself one way or another.

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            1. I accept who ever POTUS chooses he will have his reasons to who.
              Woman is great and there are many qualified women. I do not care what Christian denomination she belongs too as long as she is a woman of faith.
              I trust POTUS and up to now things are working out.

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          1. Agreed. Well said. I don’t see Lagoa as a strong enough defender of life and family. And I don’t think pandering for votes is needed. If it is, then there are other problems which need to be solved…..

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        2. I don’t like Lagoa. Her husband worked as General Counsel to Florida Governor Charlie Crist. And her father-in-law was a judge appointed by Bill Clinton.

          I look at it this way; would a REALLY seriously conservative person with the qualities we are looking for be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with those people?

          I don’t want her.

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      2. Wait until Friday night to minimize disruption to society. If there are riots, they’ve got a weekend to tire themselves out instead of during school or business days. The stock market has a weekend to absorb the news. I also think this is the same reason why RBG’s death announcement was made on a Friday night.

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  11. The Hill has a story–don’t really want to link to it…that says Ginsburg will lie in state at the Capitol on Friday? I thought Jewish people didn’t do that kind of thing–or at least they go into the ground as soon as possible…maybe I misunderstood…???

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      1. GOT IT. First this…..

        Although the Ginsburgs were secular Jews, after Martin’s death in 2010, Ruth began accepting more invitations to speak to Jewish groups. In 2018, she received the $1 million Genesis Prize, awarded annually to a Jewish person for talent and achievement. (She donated the proceeds to various Jewish charities.) In 2019, Philadelphia’s National Museum of American Jewish History mounted a traveling exhibit of her life.

        Ginsburg attended Washington, D.C.’s Adas Israel Congregation once a year for the Kol Nidre service on the eve of Yom Kippur, but she was never a dues-paying member.

        Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt of Adas Israel said the Conservative synagogue extends free membership to all the Jewish justices on the court. (Justice Elena Kagan attends on the High Holidays as well.)

        But THIS is key. This is where she “went commie”……

        Ruth’s mother, Celia, encouraged her independence and pushed her to excel. She had a list of “women of valor” — a biblical term referring to women who were wise and successful. Ginsburg imbibed those stories and memorized them, De Hart said.

        Just as Ruth was entering high school, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She died in 1950, two days before Ruth’s graduation from James Madison High School in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.

        In keeping with Jewish custom of the time, Ruth was not allowed to say the mourner’s prayer for her mother as part of a minyan or quorum required for public prayer. Only men could be counted for a minyan, a tradition that has since changed in Reform and Conservative Jewish traditions.

        The exclusion forever marked her relationship with religious Judaism.

        “She was extremely indignant about it,” De Hart said. “She felt it was an affront to her mother, and there was nothing she could do about it. That was the end of her affiliation with the religious dimension of Judaism.”


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    1. The Daily Beast article states that RBG will lie in repose at the Supreme Court on Wednesday and Thursday; then lie in repose at the National Sanctuary Hall at the Capitol on Friday. The Supreme Court lying in repose will begin with a small service for her family and friends; then the coffin will be moved to a portico at the top of the front steps (presumably for the public to view). The National Sanctuary Hall lying in repose will be for a group of invited people only. article states that RBG will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery NEXT WEEK, to rest beside her deceased husband, Martin.

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    2. Maybe there is an exception for someone of her stature. Usually, no. The person goes in the ground, and the people in attendance go back to the family house and wash their hands.

      This is very different, and probably just because of her position. At least, that’s what I would imagine.

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    1. Yes! I met one of the FOUNDERS of this site in line at Mount Rushmore! Adorable pregnant wife, and two cute and very well-behaved little kids. He gave us stickers for the site with Donald Trump as Pepe the Frog. It was cool!

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  12. IF Barbara Lagoa is nominated – there will be THREE Hispanic females on the Supreme court with Sotomayor and Kagan. That is two too many!

    We have had too much of identity politics in every part of our government.

    Barrett has impeccable qualifications – both academic and legal – but I don’t have any information about her record on the bench.

    Amy Coney Barrett –
    Barbara Lagoa –

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        1. I’ve been running errands all morning and tired… I should have stated “have had” … as far as have representation “proportionate” to religions or otherwise, I think Hispanics (most of whom are Catholic) far outnumber blacks and Jews. I am going with POTUS’s nomination, and I feel sure most here will also.

          We have learned from experience that we cannot predict how an individual will judge… so it’s really an exercise in futility to ‘analyze’ present candidates… and we seem focused on those rumored to be candidates… POTUS himself is ‘unpredictable’ … he may have a dark horse and by that I don’t necessarily mean a person of color 😉 … just saying we are making assumptions, which may turn out to be… assumptions.

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            1. Life is grand… our days in Carolina are getting cooler… I saw an older woman at Home Depot wearing a TRUMP mask… bought some asters for my deck… saw my favorite “Sista” at Subway… we have a list of events (Other than SCOTUS) that are going to drop this week… Gov of FL just knocked one out of the park (see Molly’s tweets on legislation)… the sun is shining and I don’t have Cancer!

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  13. Cocaine Mitch is an apex predator sitting on a Throne of Skulls. The media can’t stop themselves from making Mitch McConnell more and more of a badass.


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    1. Howard Fineman ? Laughing my ______ off… who gives a hoot what he thinks?

      And Morning Joe ??????????????????????????????????

      Thank goodness I don’t watch TV… my brain would be mush.

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  14. NBC News: The FBI has arrested a NYPD officer and has charged him with acting as an illegal agent of the Chinese government, according to court documents.

    Baimadajie Angwang is the officer arrested who had been assigned to the 111 Precinct in Queens.

    Reported w/ @jonathan4ny

    — Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) September 21, 2020

    According to the charging documents Angwang allegedly reported on the activities of ethnic Tibetans, assessed potential Tibetan intelligence sources, and used his position in the NYPD to pass along non-public information about the internal workings of the NYPD to the Chinese.

    — Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) September 21, 2020

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    Leftist cognitive dissonance…..

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