9.20.20. News Roundup! PDJT’s Supreme Court Nominee Will Be A Woman, Susan Collins Shows Her True Colors, Senator Graham Is All In, Majority Of Americans Want the Senate To Hold A Confirmation Hearing, Their Monster Can’t Wait To Run Wild, So Called Experts Were Wrong Again, PDJT Impromptu Remarks While Leaving the White House, Video Recap Of Last Night’s Rally…..

I actually love the fact that our President is going to nominate a woman for the Supreme Court.

It will make it very difficult for the Democrats and MSM to do a Kavanaugh witch-hunt to a woman. PDJT would also get women to vote for him because of his selection. Democrats know that they can’t afford to upset Karens by going after a female if they hope to win the women’s vote.

The pick in my opinion will be between Amy Corey Barrett and Barbara Laguna.

From the article linked above:

 “It will be a woman. A very talented, very brilliant woman.” Trump said. “I think it should be a woman. I actually like women much more than I like men.”

The commander-in-chief opened his rally in Fayetteville, N.C., by paying tribute to the late justice, saying “you may disagree with her, but she was a tremendous inspiration to a number of people, I say all Americans.”

Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One to North Carolina that his pick would likely be announced next week.

Trump said the current situation is different than in February 2016 when a seat was vacated by late Justice Antonin Scalia. “That’s called the consequences of losing an election,” the president said.

He noted her close relationship with late Justice Antonin Scalia, which he called a “powerful reminder we can disagree on fundamental issues while treating each other with decency and respect.”

Trump also asserted his right to nominate a new justice before the election. “Article II of the Constitution says the president shall nominate justices of the Supreme Court. I don’t think it can be any more clear, can it?”

A chant broke out among the crowd multiple times throughout the night: “Fill that seat, fill that seat.”

“It says the president, we’re supposed to fill the seat. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Trump also told the crowd he would now consider his rallies protests. “This isn’t a rally. From now on it’s called a protest,” he said. “Protest against stupidity.”

Trump said that a Supreme Court seat was vacated during an election year or prior to inauguration 29 times throughout history. “Every sitting president made a nomination,” he said.

Our President decided to troll Harry Reid:

Our President is absolutely right!

The POS Susan Collins decided to show her true colors. We now are down to 51 Republicans since Murkowski has also bowed out.

The POS Senator from Utah is in a different predicament. The Morons in the State of Utah will absolutely demand that he vote Yes on a Supreme Court nominee. He has yet to make a public announcement. His communication director made it a point to tweet the following about some Fake News:

Many other Republicans are saying we must move forward including Lindsey Graham who Chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Another issue for Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. is that a majority of Americans are in favor of the Senate holding a confirmation hearing if a SCOTUS vacancy opened in 2020.

From the article linked above:

A new poll conducted shortly before the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed that an overwhelming majority of U.S. adults of all political stripes supported holding hearings for a nominee if a vacancy opened on the nation’s highest bench. 

Marquette University released the survey results on Saturday that showed 67% of adults believed the Senate should hold a hearing if a vacancy occurred during 2020’s race, with only 32% opposition — and similar strong numbers across Republicans, Democrats, and independents, who supported holding confirmation hearings at 68-31%, 63-37%, and 71-28% respectively. The poll was completed three days before the death of Ginsburg, the 87-year-old liberal icon who was nominated by President Bill Clinton and confirmed in 1993. Ginsburg earned praise from Democrats and Republicans upon news of her death.


Large majorities of supporters of Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told Marquette University’s pollsters the next Supreme Court appointment was somewhat or very important, with 85% of Trump supporters and 89% of Biden supporters saying so. Only 41% of adults said senators would be justified in voting against a qualified nominee “simply because of how they believe the Justice would decide cases on issues such as abortion, gun control or affirmative action,” while 58% said it wasn’t justified. A smaller number (21%) said a senator would be justified in voting against a nominee solely because of the president’s political party, while 78% said it wouldn’t be. 

Their Monster is absolutely killing them. Their Monster will be foaming at the mouth when our President announces his pick and the Senate begins the process of confirming the choice. They will be looting, rioting, setting fires etc. happening in Democrat run cities throughout our country.

This will scare even more Karens to our President!

From the article linked above:

Blue check leftists on Twitter vowed violence in America if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempts to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday night at age 87.

Leftist writer Reza Aslan tweeted: “If they even TRY to replace RBG we burn the entire fucking thing down.”

He later tweeted: “Over our dead bodies. Literally.”

Writer Beau Willimon tweeted: “We’re shutting this country down if Trump and McConnell try to ram through an appointment before the election.”

Writer Laura Bassett threatened riots: “If McConnell jams someone through, which he will, there will be riots.”

Podcaster Katie Herzog said she hoped McConnell suffered a stroke and became “brain dead” before that happened.

Once again the so called experts were proven wrong!

From the article linked above:

The Survey of Consumers preliminary reading on consumer sentiment for September ticked higher from 74.1 in August to 78.9 in September, beating the consensus forecast. Forecasts for the headline index ranged from a low of 71.5 to a high of 77.0, and the consensus forecast was 75.0.

The Current Economic Conditions Index rose from 82.9 in August to 87.5 in the preliminary for September. The Expectations Index rose to 73.3 from 68.5.

As our President departed the White House for a trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina, he delivered impromptu remarks and took questions from the media.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President had another fantastic rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Here are some video clips from it:

116 thoughts on “9.20.20. News Roundup! PDJT’s Supreme Court Nominee Will Be A Woman, Susan Collins Shows Her True Colors, Senator Graham Is All In, Majority Of Americans Want the Senate To Hold A Confirmation Hearing, Their Monster Can’t Wait To Run Wild, So Called Experts Were Wrong Again, PDJT Impromptu Remarks While Leaving the White House, Video Recap Of Last Night’s Rally…..

  1. Great post! Very excited about either of these two ladies.

    Trump is smart – he knows that making SCOTUS an MF enterprise was a big deal for Americans, apart from the loading of it with political hacks, bound by IDENTITY POLITICS, by the Democrats. Replacing a key woman with another woman is not consequential, but replacing a key HACK with a CONSTITUTIONALIST is a great thing.

    Yup, the MONSTER is killing them. RAGING BULL to a RED CAPE.

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        1. looked it up, kinda curious, now that you mention it…without wasting too much time on Bobby, found this…


          sounds like he’s going “broke”…domestic ex-wife property squabbles and other boo hoo pitiful stuff are making Bobby “broke” , fast ! might only make around $7 million this year….wah !
          he is really turning into an old putz.

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    1. I am worried about Lagoa.

      Democrat connection number one:

      Her husband is Paul Huck, Jr.

      “Paul Huck is a partner at Jones Day. His practice focuses on business litigation, regulatory advice, and government investigations. He has an extensive legal career in both the private and public sectors, including serving as the General Counsel to Florida Governor Charlie Crist and as the Deputy Attorney General for the State of Florida.”


      Democrat connection number two:

      Her father-in-law, Paul Huck.

      “He was nominated by President Bill Clinton on May 9, 2000, to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, the seat having been vacated by Kenneth Ryskamp. Huck was confirmed by the Senate on June 30, 2000, and received commission on July 11.”


      Can’t afford the risk. She’s a flat NO for me.

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      1. Thanks for that input, Aubergine. Wouldn’t have known, and yes, it would be a red flag for me as well. Lagoa has had only one year on the bench, so that count against her compared to Amy.

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      2. Yup. Agreed. That is TOO RISKY right there – at least for me. Demmunists WILL work in through the family. They will DESTROY THE FAMILY if they have to.

        ACB will have the most researched baggage and the most bloody fight, but if she stays strong and “stiff upper lip patriot to save her country” and refuses to withdraw, she can get in and make the Dems alienate the non-Molotov-throwing majority of Americans.

        This is the key – REFUSE TO WITHDRAW, or give oneself a “90 day rule” – wait for 90 days – and within that time, the truth will come out.

        Sometimes longer for Chem/Nuc/Bio attacks like COVID-19.

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        1. Bingo. Political self interest say Collins comes along.

          The KEY is Turtle and Ms Lindsey getting the process moving along nicely, for a vote before 3 November.

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    1. BINGO! WITHOUT Trump’s support she LOSES. Trump knows it, Collins knows it, we know it, and Trump KNOWS Collins knows it. IMHO this is Collins “posturing” to keep the leftist goons at bay for now. Flep is the first I had heard that even Romney is gonna cave. The silent majority is SILENT no more!

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    2. Collins is in a very tight reelection, IIRC.

      IF Collins does NOT support the SC nominee, 100% Collins will lose her seat.

      Gotta believe Turtle and Ms Lindsey will try to get a vote before November 3. D-Rats will surely try to stall, blaming Covid as they delay “meetings” with the nominee.

      Rs BEST hold the line and skip the nice guy, play nice BS. RAM the nomination through. It IS both the right thing to do and also exactly what the D-rats would do if the had the WH and Senate.

      There will be Court cases that require decisions before 3 Nov and assuredly after 3 November.

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    3. I’m not at all sure about Susan Collins. My opinion: she’s a hidden NeverTrumper. If she loses her Senate seat, betcha that won’t really bother her. She’ll have her gubmint pension and you can just about bet the farm that she’ll have any number of ** lucrative ** offers to be on “boards of directors” and to “teach” as a “visiting professor”.
      Murkowski, on the other hand, is an overt NeverTrumper. One can bet that she’s working on Mittens and maybe a couple other Senate RINO’s to vote NO on ANY person POTUS nominates to take RBG’s place.

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    4. I think she will to. She did say the committee should take up a nominee, and by the time they get to that floor vote, gonna be awfully close to election day. I believe POTUS is polling well in Maine, and he could help get her over the fence.

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      1. Collins – who has tried to define herself as “independent” and “sensible” – has few ways to indicate her “independence” in a world where TRUMP IS SENSIBLE all the time, and only appears “not sensible” when he’s foiling the enemies of independence and sensibility by being independent and sensible!

        Trump is – in Yankee style – more Collins than Collins – she just doesn’t always see it because he’s got a New York lip on him!!! 😀

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  2. Louisiana…Texas…and the Mid-South… TS Beta ….another slow-motion storm, dumping long-duration rainfall and storm surge …. again

    at least it won’t be an H…


    Days 1-5 Rainfall Forecast..


    Peak Surge Forecast…

    Flash Flood Risks

    track model..

    be safe everybody.

    this, too, will pass.

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  3. I’m liking Barbara Lagoa mainly b/c she, no doubt, has an inside track on communism and the evils thereof…

    …and my Gov DeSantis likes her, too…

    works for me !

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        1. actually I want to take that back…she has at least 12 yrs experience at the District Court Appellate level (Florida)….and a good reputation for not legislating from the bench.

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  4. and there’s this…

    REPORT : Package Sent To Trump Contained Deadly Ricin Poison

    article link….


    Sept 19, 2020

    other reports saying it came from Canada (very lax immigration policies there, BTW)…

    it was intercepted by LE this past week before reaching POTUS.

    under investigation.

    awaiting further updates on this.

    can’t imagine anyone would think a package of ricin would ever reach POTUS and he would actually sit there and open it.


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  5. Hey, Flep – please correct your headlines regarding Romney here in Utah. I am pretty sure you meant to say “Mormons” in Utah will insist he votes yes on the new supreme court nominee. It came out MORONS. I am from Utah and the only MORON here is Mittens, himself….Other than that, thanks for the roundup, as usual.

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  6. The Marshall University ‘professor’ who said she hopes all Trump supporters contract coronavirus and die – has been SUSPENDED!


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    1. Yikes…she’s dreadful.

      It’s great that someone recorded her little screed!

      This is another way that the Fake Polls are doing harm.
      Leftists think that there are way more of them than there are of us Trump supporters.

      I noticed she said…”You can’t argue with them. You can’t talk sense into them.”

      In other words, she loses arguments with Trump supporters — and they poke holes in her bullsh!t.

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    2. And to think that Marshall University was named after the longest-serving and arguably the greated Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

      Apparently she’s a Biology Professor, maybe worried about her “choice” going away. Her tepid justification is typical DEMONicRAT projection and misdirection: accusing MAGA folks of doing the very things that typify and describe the DEMONicRAT left…….

      Another proponent of the seefood diet: she sees food, she eats it. Though I’ve know “big” people who were really good folks, this misanthrope is an execrable gelatinous “Jabba” at best…

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      1. Cuppa, the real “systemic” racism actually is to be found in white, liberal women. It’s these women who worship the abortion god – because they want no inconveniences, no consequences to risky behavior. A plus for these kinds of elitists is that they’ve actually been successful carrying Margaret Sanger’s goal of stopping the proliferation of minorities…

        Someday, the Blacks are going to realize that they’ve abortion millions of their babies because white people wanted them to. Now that’s real racism.

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  7. There are twelve distinguished conservative female law scholars and judges on President Trump’s two lists:

    Kathryn Comerford Todd – https://fedsoc.org/contributors/kate-todd

    Amy Coney Barrett – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amy_Coney_Barrett

    Allison Jones Rushing – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allison_Jones_Rushing

    Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Pitlyk

    Barbara Lagoa – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Lagoa

    Bridget Shelton Bade – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridget_Shelton_Bade

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      1. These are kinda in order of my own guess as to likelihood of nomination.

        These women are very bright legal minds. I just hope one he nominates has a spine of steel and won’t be the disappointment every other female justice has been.

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      2. Todd is connected to the Chamber of Commerce:

        “Kate Comerford Todd is the former senior vice president and chief counsel for the U.S. Chamber Litigation Center, the litigation arm of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”


        No for me.

        Rushing clerked for Gorsuch:

        “After graduation, Rushing clerked for then-Judge Neil Gorsuch, of the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, from 2007 to 2008”


        Another no, as far as I’m concerned.

        So far, no dings on Barrett.

        Sarah Elizabeth Pitlyk worked for Covington & Burling. Red flag for me:

        “After graduating, Pitlyk worked at Covington & Burling LLP in Washington D.C.”


        I can’t find anything about Bridget Shelton Bade’s husband, yet. Still looking. Nothing else on her sets off alarms that I’ve found.

        That’s what I’ve had time to do so far. More later, I’ve got somewhere I have to be.

        I know it might seem like some of this is petty stuff, but this one is too important. I’m looking for PERFECT.

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      3. I’m not sure if Martha M. Pacold is married or not. I can’t find any reference to a spouse. I don’t see any major red flags on her, but she is something of an unknown quantity.

        Allison Eid is married to Troy Eid. This is his Wiki page. Read into it what you will, but I am uncomfortable with it. She’s a no for me.

        Britt Cagle Grant’s husband is “former” CIA:

        “She is married to Justin G. Grant, who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. They have three children.”


        He now works for IBM. This is the bio at LinkedIn:

        8 yrs

        Title Global Platform Director
        Dates Employed Aug 2018 – Present
        Employment Duration 2 yrs 2 mos
        Title Strategy Director, Managed Security Services
        Dates Employed Jan 2016 – Aug 2018
        Employment Duration 2 yrs 8 mos
        Title Senior Executive, Global Security Operations
        Dates Employed Oct 2012 – Dec 2016
        Employment Duration 4 yrs 3 mos
        Location Greater Atlanta Area

        Central Intelligence Agency
        Branch Chief

        Company Name

        Central Intelligence Agency
        Dates Employed Aug 2003 – Oct 2012
        Employment Duration 9 yrs 3 mos
        IT Professional

        Company Name

        Dates Employed Sep 2000 – Aug 2003
        Employment Duration 3 yrs
        Location Bethesda, MD

        I don’t like it. This makes her a no for me.

        Joan Larsen doesn’t present any immediate red flags to me. Her husband is Adam C. Pritchard, a highly educated attorney and professor. Joan clerked for Scalia.

        Holding fire on her. She seems pretty good so far.

        Margaret Ryan was a JAG Officer in the Marines. She looks good.

        “Following graduation from Knox College, Ryan served on active duty for the United States Marine Corps from 1988–1992, and again following Law School graduation as a judge advocate from 1995–1999. Ryan served in units within the II & III Marine Expeditionary Forces as a Staff Officer, Company Commander, Platoon Commander, and Operations Officer. Judge Ryan’s tours included deployments to the Philippines, during a coup attempt, and to Saudi Arabia during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.[1] As a Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer, Ryan served as a Trial Counsel and Chief Trial Counsel in Okinawa, Japan and Quantico, Virginia. Ryan was then selected by General Charles C. Krulak, Commandant of the Marine Corps, to serve as his Aide de Camp.”

        I’m pretty sure this is her husband, and he seems fairly innocuous:


        Holding fire on her. She could be a good one.

        Diane Sykes used to be married to Charlie Sykes:

        “Charles Jay Sykes (born November 11, 1954) is an American political commentator who is currently editor-in-chief of the website The Bulwark.[1] From 1993 to 2016, Sykes hosted a conservative talk show on WTMJ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was also the editor of Right Wisconsin which was co-owned with WTMJ’s then-parent company E. W. Scripps.”

        They divorced in 1999, one can hope over philosophical differences. And Louis Gohmert likes
        her, which is a plus:

        “On June 7, 2017, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas’s 1st congressional district commented on her conservative judicial philosophy: “There are only two reliable originalists on the [Seventh Circuit], Michael Kanne and Diane Sykes.””

        She might be an ok choice, too. Her record looks good.

        That’s what I found, just looking for any weirdo family connections or bad indicators.

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  8. PRESIDENT TRUMP has no public events scheduled today, but has a full week ahead with deliberations and last minute interviews for what he considers one of his most important responsibilities – nominating a Justice for the United States Supreme Court.

    President Trump also has four Peaceful Protests scheduled this week:

    Mon, September 21
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Swanton, OH

    Tue, September 22
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Moon Township, PA

    Thu, September 24
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Jacksonville, FL

    Sat, September 26
    7:00 pm – EDT
    Middletown, PA

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      1. People having their cars stopped and surrounded. Not allowed to continue unless they say black lives matter and do the fist thing.
        I said tell them to fuck off and die and I’m the one threatening other people!

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    1. The Russian “Far East” is what they call, what we here think of as eastern Siberia.

      To the Russians, Siberia starts at the Urals and ends about at Lake Baikal. Further than that and they call it the “Far East.”

      This probably goes back to the days when Russia bordered, on its east, the “Khanate of Siberia” which was a holdover from the Mongol Empire. Once it was conquered (by a band of Russian adventurers during the time of Ivan the Terrible) the door was pretty much open, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. There were all sorts of native peoples who could occasionally cause difficulty (some even had guns), but nothing that could be a match for the Russian Empire, particularly not since it was actually the Russians who had figured out how to fight steppe nomads that had been the scourge of Eurasia for two thousand years.

      Before the Trans Siberian railroad, it could take two years to get across Siberia, going down a river, then up a different tributary, then going overland into the next river valley and repeating the process.

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    1. “officials” are getting Americans gradually used to MANDATES in our lives….so that we become accustomed and accepting of living under “official MANDATES” without uttering a peep of resistance against same….

      under the guise of “public health nuisance ” and other newspeak…just like RACIST ! and MISOGYNIST ! , PUBLIC HEALTH NUISANCE will intimidate the take-a-knee crowd into easy and swift compliance.

      SHAME and CANCELLING on you , if you resist !

      and a whopping fine, to boot !

      next up : no buying or selling without the MANDATED VACCINE !

      first, it was the masks ….

      Liked by 10 people

    1. I think it will be Amy…

      she was vetted for the position of Circuit Judge she now holds…

      she could be nominated and confirmed, without a hearing…

      Liked by 7 people

      1. she could be nominated and confirmed, without a hearing…

        ^^^ A major plus, supporting the confirmation timeline.

        One Justice, IIRC, Stevens, was confirmed in nineteen days. IN any case, three fit the timeline for confirmation before 3 November. Confirmation this term is easily doable.

        By passing without a hearing, great for the timeline.

        BONUS, splody D-Ray and YSM heads would be, well, we’ll run out of popcorn. 🙂

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    2. ACB has it all.

      The main thing is she’s a deeply committed born-again Christian as well as Catholic – fluent in both civil and spiritual law – unlike Gorsuch – who is blinded by the LBGTXYZ agenda heresy/apostasy of his Episcopal lesbian priestess.

      I bet ACB is also conversant in church canon law.

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    1. Obviously the crooked seditious gov’t of Portland expect the rest of America to pay the bill for allowing this destruction. Laughing at the thought!

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  9. HOW LONG will the Democrats and media be able to pretend Biden is a competent viable candidate?

    Until some little kid gets in front of a camera, tells the truth and exposes them all?

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    1. Yep, and I heard the radio ad this afternoon on 680WPTF from Ole Joe reading one of the scripts his handlers wrote for him — the one about the “dying wish of Justice Ginsburg was that the next Supreme Court justice be seated after THE NEW PRESIDENT IS INSTALLED.”
      Again, his voice sounded tired.
      But I was hearing something else in it that I hadn’t heard before. Having spent many an hour in professional recording sessions, my suspicions were aroused.
      Sounded to me like his voice was being sent through some sort of equalizer to make the delivery sound smooth and with each word having about the same clarity — think “auto-tune” for the spoken word.
      One now wonders if his handlers are demanding the same type of tech being used for Ole Joe during
      ** whatever ** debate POTUS has with him.

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    1. You can bet that some of those ‘police’ guarding Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s house are Tier One Special Ops trained personnel dressed in police uniforms, but with a few powerful extras.

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  10. Foot locker collecting votes for “rock the vote.”
    Future Los Angeles ballot harvesting.

    KTLA (@KTLA) Tweeted:
    Starting Tuesday, kiosks at Foot Locker’s more than 2,000 U.S. locations will let visitors check their voter status, register to vote or sign up for election reminders

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    1. And there’s that d@mned Johns Hopkins “COVID dashboard” along with other entities, shouting that as of today, there are “JUST UNDER 200,000 DEATHS” from the CCP Virus.
      So what happened to the CDC being exposed as HIDING the REAL number of CCP Virus deaths, which is around 10,000 total (COVID-19 being the ONLY cause of death)? And ALL the REST of the “COVID-19 DEATHS” are actually the CCP Virus as a SECONDARY / ANCILLARY cause of death, but were listed as “PRINCIPAL CAUSE”?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. The JHU web page was designed to HYPE the virus from the beginning.

        So much dishonesty in visual imaging, testing, manipulation of data and intentionally spreading it in vulnerable populations and more.

        Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Spit!!!!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. This 200,000 number is what Johns Hopkins et al claim are in the U.S.
        And what about the “huge rise” in CCP Virus “positive cases”? Isn’t there evidence that the test will pick up and ID as “COVID-19” really ANY coronavirus present in the person’s body — like the common cold virus?
        And what about the reports of TONS of false positives — like the dozens of NFL players who “tested positive” but were all false positives?
        The whole thing smells to me like the DeepState / Obama “Resistance” operatives, ginning the situation up to try and convince the “ObamaPhone / Low or No Info Voters” to put placeholder Ole Joe into the Oval Office.

        Liked by 2 people

  11. The Democrats have really gotten bad when Chad Pergram goes ‘whoa!’

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