Dear KMAG: 20200918 Open Topic

Free speech, yada, yada, yada. But don’t give Komrade Kamala any excuses to shut us down. This has been addressed elsewhere.


Give them nothing but one more day to rue, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Remain CIVIL and possibly even GENTEEL.

Do you need lessons? Allow me to suggest READINGS.

Heck, let’s make it even easier!

OK – that’s enough. BTW, this story is disturbingly analogous to certain events in my life. Wolf thus highly approves. Interesting universe. And that’s all I’m sayin’.

We’re keeping it short because I don’t want to be messed with.

The Big Deal for this Daily Open Topic is Li-Meng Yan’s paper published on 9/14/20, as seen on ZeroHedge.

Here is how most people saw it – on ZeroHedge…..

I got in a few comments about this stuff before she was kicked off Twitter by Chinazi minion Jackboot.


I first saw Peter Navarro’s tweet about it…..

Then I went bragging it up…..

Then a longer series of posts, in which a friend reminds me of Montagnier’s work…..



Even CTH got in on it…..

Wow Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Blows Whistle on China “Manufacturing” COVID-19…

Now watch where THAT goes. YES – General Flynn retweeted CTH!

Saved for posterity…..

And Twitter gets savaged for taking down the account by Gateway Pundit…..

Here is Yan’s Twitter account BEFORE…..

And AFTER…..

Now – Gateway Pundit has ANOTHER article which does a very good job of explaining more simply the arguments made by Li-Meng-Yan…..

Dr. Lawrence Sellin: The Unequivocal Evidence Chinese Scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Provides Proof COVID-19 was Created by China’s Military

But things get worse, because it’s clear now that the ChiNazis used every effort to make us lock down and damage the economy as badly as possible using their China Virus.


And who jumps in later, saying that the social media giants need to shut down this kind of truth-telling?

MA CANKLES, Social Media Sociopath!

Here is the IMAGE of her full tweet, saved…..

And the “card image” of her tweet…..

Well, I jumped her Orwellian garbage BUT GOOD.

Things are very clear to me now.

Twitter is already GUILTY of suppressing the truth about COVID-19. If they persist, then I say they need to answer CRIMINALLY.

I will therefore shed NO TEARS if they follow through on CANKLES’ CRIMINAL OFFERING.

JUSTICE will in that case be served.


820 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200918 Open Topic

  1. I just figured out what SD’s ploy with the whole “publishing documents” and “going on the road” scheme was.

    It’s actually pretty smart. And simple.

    SD goes around and makes a big show of things, announcing he’s discovered and met with Durham’s #1 investigator. Says he won’t stop until Barr and Durham act.

    And then…..nothing.


    Because his real goal was to coerce future and important inside information from the Trump admin. Which he got.

    Hey presto.

    After posting virtually nothing about the ME for years, now SD is an expert in ME affairs and is crowing that he correctly predicted that Kuwait would be the next nation to normalize relations with Israel.

    This was based upon a tweet he made on the 15th. Here it is…


    And now he is out with a post like he was a fly on the wall inside the Oval Office, including a .jpg of his “prediction”. Oh yeah, and SD just *happens* to know that the honor PDJT awarded Sheikh Blahblahblah was last awarded by a POTUS in 1991 and how “ Protocols and pageantry are culturally very important to the Arab nations and they have a long history of using pageantry as part of political celebration.”

    Yeah, right.

    SD’s ego is as big as anyone’s in DC. He’s taking credit for information that is being fed to him.

    Question is….how long has this been going on??

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    1. Btw….

      If Sundance is nothing more than a Trump insider highlighting information the Trump admin. wants repeated, it makes sense that he would get rid of the Q folks inside CTH.

      Q believers have already been red pilled. Their (our) presence would potentially be a big problem for CTH’s purpose and messaging with those who still needed waking up or convincing…potentially causing them to label CTH as a tin foil website because of the Q Anon presence instead of seriously considering the information SD was tasked to present.

      Needless to say, CTH would fit right in with Q’s plan in waging and winning the information war.

      Funny how Sidney Powell and Gen. Flynn are directly connected with CTH.


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        1. The Q purge might not have been what it appeared to be, but it was completely consistent with what I had witnesssed there for several years. I was banned before Q came on the scene, and I was never told why (though I suspect I know). I saw others get banned and posts being removed, mostly for the “sin” of disagreeing with SD or merely expressing a scientific point of view. It’s not as if it had been a site that was open to discussion. I’m just stating my opinion that we don’t need to assign some kind of mysterious insider persona to SD. My observations from Day One of reading there, before I ever posted, are consistent with his banning Q followers. For anyone besides SD to have inside knowledge is verboten.

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      1. Well, I don’t know how the completely insane will go now completely insane, but it sure is going to be fun to watch! 😎

        Unhinged rants about how Trump nominating (and the GOP Senate confirming) a successor before the election will prove (insert the accusation) in ….4…..3….2….

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      2. Arguably, this will make the job of turning out our vote among college-educated suburban women tougher.

        Those recently red-pilled by the Portland monster and other aspects of the anti-First Amendment movement (anti-FA, BurnLootMurder, etc.) may suddenly, rather like zombies, snap back into a blue-pilled status, beguiled by the immediate prospect of their decades-long dream coming to fruition of Ruth Bader Ginsberg being replaced on the bench by a like-minded pro-infanticide, anti-family, dogmatic Leftist.

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        1. I am amused that anyone who closely follows politics that thinks this election will be close, even with this news.

          FACT: the leftist media already seeding the narrative that the election will appear to be a landslide for PDJT on election night but only because the mail-in vote hasn’t been counted.

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          1. As far as voting goes by properly registered, living American citizens, non-felons, voting one time each, I am sure the President will score a resounding victory.

            It is the counterfeit ballots, the harvesting of ballots, the destruction of ballots from Republican zip codes, the illegal aliens and Green Card holders, the Chinese cyber war on our personal information, the made-in-China counterfeit drivers licenses, the armed attempts at voter suppression, the lawfare, and, most importantly, the coverage by the Mockingbird press that I fear.

            There are other bad outcomes possible here besides “Trump didn’t get his Trumpslide.”

            Dannielle Blumenthal is a thoughtful Trump supporter who works in DC, in the Civil Service. She said recently that her coworkers are happy and walking around with smug smirks on their faces, convinced the Dems will defeat Trump. Are they all brainwashed by the push polls and the Mockingbird coverage? Or do they know something we don’t?

            If enough of the country is convinced in Nov., Dec., Jan. that Trump lost, or somehow stole the election, it is going to be a bad scene, even if he remains in power, and is inaugurated on Jan. 20.

            Our education system has been heavily penetrated by Communist radicals for about 100 years. There is karma coming against our society for allowing that state of affairs to come about, and to last so long. It is not clear how to end it.

            I don’t wish to see “Civil War 2.0” play out, nor “Reconstruction, Part Deux.”

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    1. Joy! Joy to the world!!

      We get the 5th conservative justice, cancelling turncoats Roberts.

      And democrats had been hoping the virus and their riots would keep the elders away from the polls.

      Not now!!

      This is GREAT, GREAT NEWS!!

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            1. Yep.

              Pure election politics.

              If PDJT and the GOP senate majority confirm a justice, then it isn’t an election issue.

              It’s only an election issue if they fail to do so.

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        1. Welll, she served the baby-killers and the perverts and the pedos. As far as I’m concerned, she didn’t serve the American people, nor did she serve our Creator.

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    1. Don’t have to dance on her grave to dance with joy over the implications and meanings her death represents and will have to our Republic and the war the left is and long has been perpetrating upon us…

      …including and perhaps especially “lawfare”.

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        1. Cool. You do you.

          I’ll pretend you aren’t overjoyed by the news if you pretend I’m not, ok?


          I’m going to remember she treated her chair as her personal property rather than the People’s and, additionally, was openly, politically biased both from the bench and in public which directly contravened the traditions and customs of the SCOTUS.

          This isn’t about dancing on someone’s grave, per se, it’s celebrating the coming change on the SCOTUS that will go a long way towards re-establishing our Republic as it was meant to be.

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          1. I know darn well and good that seat flipping is a boon to the right to life, if nothing else. And I knew sooner or later this was coming. However, I sing entirely too many funerals where the family is in need of solace to rush to celebration before the formalities are complete. Even for people I don’t know or particularly like. My second grade teacher, for example. Not one of my favorite people, but I still was there for her son, and still cantored.

            It’s very much part of who I am. Next month, my disposition will be very different.

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              1. It was always going to be a rough ride and this doesn’t change anything, nor does it alter the election’s outcome.

                All it does is drive the insane even more insane, if that’s even possible.

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          2. I’m over joyed RBG is no longer on the SC.

            She should have checked out from SC years ago. Zero chance RBG was a full up Justice these past years. Unfair to be on the SC under those circumstances.

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            1. Ginsberg was very selfish (as was John McCain) …physically unable to perform her duties yet not retiring/resigning.. I have very little respect for anyone that is so self-centered and puts politics or personal ego ahead of serving the nation in such important roles.
              She knew she was terminal undoubtedly months ago and the decent thing would have gone out graciously and with the recognition she deserved for her decades of dedication and passion for her belief (even though I disagree with many,) But instead she chose to be political with her supposedly deathbed wish…an agitator until the end.
              BTW, unless her “wishes” were videoed…I Reserve the right to be skeptical.

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              1. Amen.

                If that really was her last wish, it’s a selfish and dangerous devil’s wish that should not be granted.

                To wish for a hung jury on the election? Really?


                SATANIC CHINA created a hung SCOTUS for the last election.

                SATANIC CHINA tries to create a hung SCOTUS for this election – AGAIN.

                NOPE. We know how the EVIL LEFT plays devil games with SCOTUS and ELECTIONS.

                They LEARNED after Bush vs. Gore in 2000 to game SCOTUS for critical presidential elections.

                They’re EVIL and EVIL must be confronted fearlessly.

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            2. I’ll be quiet about her being gone, except to note that now millions of the unborn have a chance for life –

              Her support of the genocide of the unborn will be an embarrassment for women for decades to come – once women realize they’ve been scammed on many so-called feminist issues.

              I will say that she was selfish in her final months/years. she thought herself bigger than the country, and would not step aside so her replacement could be in place. That’s called hubris, and in her culture, hutzpah.

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    2. Exactly.

      The saddest part of all is that she might not have made peace with GOD. I think she should have retired some time ago, probably a couple of years ago, to spend time with her family and loved ones.

      The only question is, did she have a family and loved ones? Or did she outlive them? Or was SCOTUS her “family”???

      Only RBG and GOD know the answer to those questions…

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            1. Like I said, I’ll pretend you aren’t overjoyed with the news and you pretend I’m not.

              Put another way, you can overlook my “crude” (to pick an adjective) joy over the implications this death portends and I’ll overlook the hypocrisy hiding in your heart until enough time passes that you feel you can openly express it.

              Btw….you DO realize YOUR position means you cannot celebrate the death of, say, Hitler…or anyone else like a Hitler, ftm….until enough respectable time passes, of course. Me?

              I hate hypocrisy. I give thanks to God he took RBG today…his timing being perfect in ALL things…and in service to his perfect will and plan.

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          1. I agree our leaders should be distantly respectful regarding announcement of her passing, but to wish God’s blessings is something I could not do, having know evidence she was a saved believer. Still, they should express condolences to her loved ones, Etc.


      1. I considered her a menace to our country. It’s always sad if someone dies without having received salvation, and maybe she did in the end. The Lord only knows. She should have resigned her position long ago.

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      1. Her staying on was 100% political spite and had nothing whatsoever to do with the law.

        She was a bitter, partisan hack who lacked the grace to step down from the court in ‘10. She did that because she believed the seat belonged to her and that the GOP was dead so she didn’t have to step down and could do so whenever she pleased.

        She was wrong, on both counts.

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    1. Tell SomeDunce to cut the Eeyore crap and get a life…

      The subject of replacing RBG (or anyone, for that matter) during the “sacred period” leading up to the election has already been discussed, and decided. There WILL be a nomination and a replacement.

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      1. And if not, the decepticon caucus will only further be exposed.

        Plus, Mitch is up for re-election. His base is going to want a replacement. This puts the chief decepticon in a turrable bind.

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          1. The left was already 100% maxed out desperate.

            This changes nothing save for adding add’l anxiety to their side…

            ….and fearful conservatives who think the polls today are somehow different from ‘16 and this will be a close race.

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      2. McConnell did not hold a vote for Merrick simply because GOP had the Senate, and too bad Dems. Dems would have done the same thing. On another note, Obama was a lame duck dude so there was the consideration that a GOP POTUS should choose the Justice.

        Dems play dirty, and they’ll never stop. We have to get this lesson through our thick heads.

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    2. Collins is up for reelection. She’ll support SC nomination.

      Pierre Delecto and Ski, dunno. Guessing they will. Rs have been quite good about confirmations. Yea, the Kavanaugh crap was a fiasco.

      That fourth guy? Alexander TN? He’ll also support it.

      And we have VP to break any ties, me thinks.

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      1. In reality, this gives POTUS tremendous leverage over specific Congressional members. Obviously Mitt and Lisa aren’t up for re-election so they can continue to be obnoxious obstructionists and be used by the Democrats. But, they also might have pet projects in the pipeline that could be delayed quite some length of time, depending on their vote, POTUS is finally learning to play the Congressional games. Of course, they and others might be so anti-Trump, like the Liberals, that supersedes helping the citizens of their states and the nation in general.
        The good part, POTUS, unlike previous GOP presidents isn’t afraid to call them out so the voters back home will know what they are doing.

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    3. LOL WANNA bet. Collins is in the FIGHT of her political LIFE, she NEEDS Trump to pull her over the top. She WILL NOT get it if she delays or votes no, and THEN she will no longer be relevant. As for Murkowski, psst, hey, Lisa, Feinstein is not the ONLOY one that can have “info” on you…food for thought. Romney will, he does not care, he is rich. He will NEVER win another election, EVER, not even treasurer at his homeowner association. Question, is Joe Manchin up this year?

      Trump KNEW this folks, despite ALL denials. You do not REALLY think RBG JUST died do you? She has been deceased for WEEKS, if not a month or more. They HELD this, thinking Trump and McConnell would not DARE put forth a nominee or a vote before the election. Trump TIPPED his hand a couple weeks ago, when he challenged Biden to NAME a SCOTUS list, and then NAMED his. He KNEW then.

      NOW, Biden HAS to name a list, if he DOESN’T Trump moves forward with Aimee Coney Barret, OR Tom Cotton. Remember, ONE begets the OTHER. IF he runs Barret before the election and the RINOS betray him, THEN after he is reelected, and THIS event, ironically ENSURES that, Trump RUNS cotton, and kiss Roe VS Wade GOODBYE. See, NOW the Court is 5-3 Conservative, which for ALL the legal challenges on ballot harvesting coming up, as well as Flynn, and other election issues and challenges, that is BIG.

      Now before you say.., but John Roberts, I say, Trump HAD to have that end “tied up” BEFORE this hit. Remember, no matter WHAT he says NOW, he KNEW weeks if not MONTHS ago RBG was dead or dying, and he would have planned this ALL out. The PUBLIC evidence of that was his List post and challenge to Biden.

      I predicted this in May, and If I could see it, I KNOW Trump and his team did. This is ALL “gamed out” by Trump, right down to PURPOSEFULLY listing Cotton and Cruz, and THEN Cotton’s statement the VERY NEXT DAY. They ALL knew folks.

      ALL MAGA business is coming “due” from Flynn, to Durham, to THIS. RINOS will NOW be weighed, measured, and JUDGED. Their actions WILL have consequences for THEM. The dems THOUGHT they could “apply” political pressure on the RINOS , McConnel, and Trump to “wait” Trump is applying that SAME political pressure to ACT now. HE is the big dog, they NEED him to get re elected, INCLUDING Ms. Lindsey BTW.

      MORE proof this is ALL gamed out, on BOTH sides. Biden JUST gave up the “ghost” when he READ from his “prepared remarks” I bet most MISSED IT. He said, and I quote ” the election is now only 46 days away, and the FASTEST ever SCOTUS confirmation was 47 days. AND there it is. RBG died WEEKS ago, if not months, and they HELD it to get past some bogus “deadline” of the fastest ever (until Trump LOL)

      They THINK they are smart and slick folks, but I and you should see right through them. SO transparent, right down to ALL the dem “prepared remarks” These were NOT off the cuff, they were PREPARED. They KNEW.

      It is NOW game time, and the dems THINK they are ahead, but they are WAY behind. Trump WILL nominate Aimee Coney Barret, and it WILL be in the next 7 days. There WILL be a vote, and then it is SHOWTIME. RINOS either step up and do the right thing, or they get ELIMINATED, and THEN in 2021, when Trump despite those “loses” GAINS Senate seats, and he ONLY needs 51 REAL Conservative votes, and it would then be Tom Cotton. TIC TOC. Q told us. 10/8 Confirmation day. Remember the Mickey clock pick. He was TEELLING us. “Rig for RED” Meant here it COMES. NOW, LOL, GUESS what ELSE hits RIGHT during the Barret “contested” and “contentious” hearings?

      Ready, Durham drops the BOMB. CLASIC Trump, stick and “shiny object” Gee, HOW MANY dem Senator’s could be REMOVED or INDICTED in Durham’s “report” LOL Wanna BET there are MORE than FOUR. JUST enough to make Collins, Romney, Murkowski, and Lemar Alexander, IRRELAVANT. See, you need a MAJORITY of Seantors, that does NOT mean 51 when the DEMS LOSE 4 to indictment. BOOM.

      WATCH what Q says in the next few days/hours. HE TOLD US this was coming, he GAVE us a timeline, and even a countdown and a DATE. WE just missed it..till NOW, THIS event is THE trigger.

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          1. I like reading your post too. BTW, I believe it was Ginsburg who held that 47 day record to confirmation.

            A little irony. She was a selfish woman, and thought herself more important than the country. Hitler thought he was more important than Germany – which is why he sacrificed his army to a lost cause.

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    4. Don’t know about Collins…she appears to be losing in Maine so she will support whatever helps her attempt to get re-elected.
      Romney and Liz are owned…they will always vote however their puppet masters tell them.

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  2. Here we go…

    Collins and Murkowski already saying they won’t vote on a replacement until after the election…and then there’s Mittens…and probably a few others…

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      1. Well, the Senate and all can learn to multi task. Should not be a big deal. IMO.

        Perfectly happy with this being a BIG campaign issue. We need peoples attention. This sh!t matters. As does all the rioting, attempted coup, four years of total resist by D-Rats, deep state, YSM…


        ^^^ We should act accordingly!

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        1. Agree, Kal…now this becomes a huge campaign issue…changes the focus, in many ways. Many people voted for a Trump the first time exactly because of the Supreme Court vacancies.
          However, this may also light a fire under the female Liberals, as well…wanting someone just like Ginsberg and knowing that will only happen with a Harris Administration. So, a little danger there, IMO.

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      2. There is PLEANTY of time when you realize this has been gamed and planned for WEEKS, NONE of these “statements” on EITHER side was off the cuff. They ALL knew WEEKS ago RBG was deceased. The dems just waited for some 47 day “fastest ever” confirmation” date. Biden in his read remarks gave that UP. Dems are like comic supervillains, they ALWAYS tell you their plans, you just have to LISTEN, they WI”LL “monologue”, because they think WE are stupid.

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    1. Good.

      People are more awake than ever. And are less forgiving of such crap than in times past. They will remember, and other will challenge these incumbents for their seats.

      Mittens, in particular, is going to be primaried. So will others in this group. Watch and see.

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      1. Have they ever confirmed a SC in less than 45 days?

        Would be great if they can do so. Surely President Trump will push very hard for it, if it is doable.

        Need the CS to counter all the looming court cases with the election. IMO.

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        1. I’m sure they have a nominee already vetted etc. After all, she was ill POTUS’ entire time in the Oval Office… so they have been ready for this…

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      1. No, she was deceased WEEKS if not MONTHS ago, they ALL knew it. Listen to Biden’s prepared remarks. it is 46 days till election, the “fastest” ever confirmation of a SCOTUS justice is 47 days. There are NO coincidences. They THINK an artificial “deadline” like that will stop Trump, they are WRONG

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  3. FTA – may all ready be posted.

    McConnell: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee ‘will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate’


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      1. ALL gamed out WEEKS ago Wolf. They ALL knew RBG passed sometime shortly after May, the dems held it to get past some artificial “fastest ever” confirmation date, Biden gave it up in his read remarks. They /THINK that will stop Trump, they don’t know Trump, he has had this all gamed out and in the bullpen warming up for WEEKS, His CHALLENGE to Biden was a hint, as was the INTENTIONAL adding of Cotton and Cruz. Recall ONE day later Cotton dropped his BOMB on the dems, Roe vs Wade is GONE if he gets in. ALL played out already. Trump is 4 moves ahead, and the dems think they are. Q TOLD us, we just missed it.

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        1. She could not have died before the last SC opinion of the 2019 term. The jurisprudence is that it doesn’t matter if a judge has indicated his/her views on a case, if the judge dies before the case is signed & filed then that judge’s signature is void.

          There is no indication that she did not vote on every case that came before the court last term. The last case she voted on was McGirt v Oklahoma on 7/9/20. So that is the key date, after which she could have passed any time.

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          1. Thit is still TWO months plus. They held the death info (Trump KNEW) until they THOUGHT some artificial deadline of the “quickest ever confirmation” had passed. Biden;s prepared remarks REVEALED the scheme. He said ” We are now just 46 days from an election” and in the NEXT sentence ” the fastest ever confirmation was 47 days” TOO much “coincidence”

            Plus, Biden is so WOODEN in his lame reading of his scripts, that it is EASY to pick out lines that required tact and subtly, he has the capacity for NEITHER anymore.

            That my friend, is why you do NOT run and try to foist an OBVIOUSLY mentally declined person for President.


        1. Notice the hands 10:08. or 10/08. Notice as well the RED countdown to MIDNIGHT…7…6….5…4…3…2…1 MIDNIGHT. DOOMSDAY..for the dems. by my count 10/15 or 10/16., a FRIDAY.

          Also a DIG at the pedos, using a Disney figure, MULTIPLE meanings, and using “symbolism”

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  4. While watching the rally, I noticed that the major news channels are all livestreaming about RBG. I clicked on the ABC News livestream out of morbid curiosity, and they’re already melting down about “Republicans having the votes for a Supreme Court confirmation.” They’re wasting no time on this.

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  5. Incoming theory…

    Remember the headlines this week that some states had their mail-in ballots delayed because of Green Party lawsuits? Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, right? What if this was a deliberate delay tactic? Maybe they knew RBG wasn’t going to make it through September, so they delayed the ballots until the big announcement was made. Now people who were planning to vote third party might feel more compelled to vote D or R because of the Supreme Court.

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  6. THIS is what some of us wish we had thought to say.

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        1. And he has KNOWN for WEEKS, they ALL have. This was HELD to beat some artificial deadline of 46 days as the fastest ever confirmation. Biden READ his remarks and said ” the election is 46 days away, the FASTEST ever confirmation is 47 days” Now YOU tell me. Was THAT remark, written FOR him, a “coincidence” NO, there are NO coincidences. They THOUGHT this artificial deadline would STOP Trump and McConnell, but they were and ARE ready for this.

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      1. I remember DJT telling somebody in an interview that he did the Apprentice because there were a lot of things he needed to learn before he came down the escalator.

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    1. Want the truth?

      He’s MORE than a good enough actor to pretend he didn’t if he did, and more than classy enough to react with good grace if he didn’t.

      And if you can’t tell, that’s just the way he wants it.

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  7. The Left is threatening riots. On twitter, we’ll all telling them you mean, MORE riots? Beanz says, Bring it.

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    1. DIMs, esp Progressives, are the ones who can’t accept election results, esp when it’s the other side that wins!

      They EXPECT… they KNOW… that they will lose on Nov. 3rd.

      So, what are they going to do? RIOT… attempt to burn the country down.

      Now, that’s just so RATIONAL not!

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      1. She was an evil woman – of that I am certain – if one reads her papers – one cannot help but, see into her soul – the words of the ungodly are a testament to their beliefs. But, God had the last word!

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    1. I’m a little put off by that statement (if it is real). I’m sorry, but it’s not about her wishes. This is not about who’s going to get her set of pearls or her gavel or something. This is about the country, and it’s bigger than she is, and it’s not about her desires. It affects all of us, not just her. And there are millions of us who do not agree with her ideology. The timing has been up to Providence, as the founders of this country would say, and she no longer has any say.

      Also, she seems to have assumed that Pres. Trump would lose the election. The more I think about it, the more I think the statement sounds like it was made up by someone in order to manipulate public opinion.

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      1. There is no way we could know for sure whether or not these are her words – however – she was a vindictive, mean-spirited woman – and whether she likes it – those words will be hers – for all eternity. She made no bones about her distaste for PT – and tho she tried to take them back – they, too, will stick.

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    2. Piss on Kel Hull, and RBG, IF that wwas her wish.

      100% Rs should confirm a SC nominee soonest.

      100% Ds would do so IF they could. Never, evr forget Ds ARE evil. Just look at what they have done the past four years. Yes, the evil goes further back, decades. But the past four years have been purely coordinated evil to destroy America. No apologies from this fool. No letting up. GLOVES ARE OFF.

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        1. Guessing within three days we’ll know if confirmation before 3 November is going to happen.

          We actually need it sooner, as there are election cases on going.

          Wish we could rely on John Roberts.

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      1. Was it “possible” for Trump to eliminate ISIS in months? Was it possible to get the wall half built in a little over a YEAR, despite dem stalling. Was it possible to turn around the economy not once but TWICE in record time.? The answer is YES, we are in the era of Trump now, ALL things are possible, including this AND Mideast peace at the SAME time.

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      1. IF SC hears a case that lower court decided lefty, SC needs a majority to overturn lower court decision, IIRC.

        Can’t rely on John Roberts. A 4-4 decision upholds lower court decision.

        Need a full Nine SC Justices!

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            1. Question. Do you think Obama had compromising info on Roberts? (Yes) Do you think Trump KNOWS this? (Yes) Do you think Trump now KNOWS what the info is? (yes)

              WHAT is the best way to set someone under blackmail FREE? (To remove the threat) What happens when the TREAT is removed? ( the blackmailed person is free) What happens to the blackmailer? (prison) WHAT sets people FREE? (Truth)

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  8. Robert Barnes Retweeted
    Sebastian Ellis@WorldGoneCraZ
    Replying to@JackPosobiec and @Barnes_Law

    “Twenty-nine times in American history there has been an open Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential election year, or in a lame-duck session before the next presidential inauguration…. The president made a nomination in all twenty-nine cases.”

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    1. Sadie,

      I believe some elected officials are going to be charged with sedition, esp if they move forward with MORE riots. Americans are being hurt, their businesses ruined… this cannot continue. Nor can good law abiding citizens feel unsafe… nor can LE be told to stand day, allow themselves to be harmed, even killed.

      Those people who have not seen that DIMs care nothing about our Country, will never see it.

      The time has come…

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  9. Robert Barnes Retweeted
    Larry Schweikart@LarrySchweikart
    Politically @CottoGottfried this has the following ramifications:

    *It somewhat improves McSally’s position in AZ. Unenthusiastic Rs will come out in droves now.
    *Probably guarantees Gardner loses in CO.
    *Improves John James’s hopes in MI
    *For Collins, depends on how she plays it.


    Collins is up for re-election:

    Susan Collins’ 2020 Re-Election Chances Take Significant Blow
    Search domain
    Maine’s Republican Senator Susan Collins, whose re-election race is currently rated as a toss-up by the Cook Political Report, now faces a new allegation of serious corruption. The American Democracy Legal Fund (ADLF) alleges that Collins used her position as Senator to advance policies that would financially benefit her now-husband, Thomas Daffron, and herself. The […]

    Gardner ? should have been primaried… he’ll lose re-election bid if he goes against POTUS wrt to the Court

    and he’ll lose if the DIMs are fired up to vote against him… Right?

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  10. Robert Barnes Retweeted
    Sean Davis@seanmdav
    The McConnell rule applies when the Senate and White House are controlled by *different* parties, which is obviously not the case in 2020. Journos understand this, but many will deliberately mislead their readers and viewers who do not.
    Quote Tweet

    Josh Kraushaar@HotlineJosh
    · 2h
    Trump gets to fill a liberal SCOTUS vacancy less than two months before the election. Does the McConnell rule apply?…

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    1. I’m not dancing on this woman’s grave. I will not defy my Christianity and stoop to the level of the other side.

      But I will ask myself why those who claim to be Christian do so. It’s perplexing when Christ himself did not condemn based on earthly considerations.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. That’s a moving target, actually. In a lot of societies, a woman was considered one when she got her period, didn’t matter what age she was.

        In this culture, that is not the case, but consider that the Blessed Mother was probably 16-17 when the Savior was conceived, and it changes your perspective.

        Liked by 2 people

          1. Agree, and 16 in a godly marriage arrangement is very different from what we are talking about with RBG. Let’s not rationalize what is evil by drawing parallels in a way that is frankly, unfounded and inappropriate.

            Liked by 6 people

            1. Exactly. Her positions, including on abortion post birth, “transgender rights” and “gay marriage” speak VOLUMES. Her decisions, which btw affected MILLIONS were an AFFRONT to both Biblical law AND humanity in general.

              I respect the dead, but I did NOT respect her in ANY way. Ruth will be getting her INFERNAL “reward” about now, I think she deserves every bit of it. My judgment does not matter, it is GODS that counted. I believe he gave her a good weighing, a good measuring, and gave her a definite thumb’s DOWN…WAY down.

              Liked by 2 people

        1. We also have studied biology, chemistry, physiology, and psychology over this time. I dont care about some tribe in the Amazon’s traditions, children shouldnt be made sex objects. Theres a tribe in new guinea where the tradition of becoming a man is to be made to have sex with the male elders, by force. Ill never be on board with this behavior.

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  11. Ted Cruz said this nomination is why we elected Pres. Trump and held the Senate. He also says we can’t go into election day with a 4-4 Court. He litigated Bush v. Gore and said it could have dragged on for months if there had been a 4-4 Court then.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Except…no one remembers that there were two decisions that night. One was NOT 5-4, but more like 6-3, or, as I remember it 7-2 to stop the counting.

      The constitution is clear. I don’t think there would be any dragging on like described,

      As for a SC justice…not making any guesses.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. If THAT is their plan, they are going to be SEVERELY disappointed.

          IF that were to happen, DAY ONE the SS would come in and say “Madame Speaker, there are approximately 10,000,000 armed persons approaching the WH perimeter” ” Are they BLM or Antifa?” “NO, Madame speaker, they appear to be wearing Trump and MAGA hats, while carrying US flags” “Shit, can we call out an airstrike or the army?” “We TRIED Madame Speaker, they did not answer, and all we heard was Lee Greenwood music in the background” ” Can you get me outta here or in the PEOC? NO, Madame Speaker, the PEOC seems to be locked down somehow, and we cannot gain entry, we also will be over ran shortly as all the heavy artillery, dogs, and machine guns have somehow gone missing.” ” What do you think I should do? “PRAY Madame Speaker” “SHIT, that won’t work for me.”

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      1. I feel as though they are vultures and that they will feast on her dead body for political gain as much as circumstances will allow,

        I hope I am wrong.

        She was not able to have a retirement while suffering through the end stages of what I have only known as an agonizing illness.

        Perhaps it will stop with her death……

        Liked by 1 person

          1. They need no excuse.

            If allowed, they will create hell on earth.

            It is people like you who hold up the heavenly standard that makes the world a better place.

            Thank you so much for all you do.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Awww…how sweet, LM!!! In all of this craziness – we need to keep our eyes on what is really important – God is in charge – nothing happens without His approval – and for that I am thankful!

              God Bless You Today and Always!!!

              Please do not worry about the children – they belong to God – and He will lead them to the truth through your prayers – so keep praying – please – then, let go and let God take care of it!!! Nothing is impossible for God!!!

              Liked by 1 person

      1. To be completely fair, they have obituaries already prepared for everyone famous. Elizabeth Taylor famously outlived the man who prepared her obituary in advance.

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