20200918: MAGA Peaceful Protest, Bemidji, Minnesota

First question…how does one pronounce “Bemidji”?

Wiki says: Bemidji (/bəˈmɪdʒiː/ bə-MIJ-ee)

Works for me.

Okay, here we go:

As a central city for three Indian reservations, Bemidji is the site of many Native American services, including the Indian Health Service. Near Bemidji are the Red Lake Indian ReservationWhite Earth Indian Reservation, and the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. Bemidji lies on the southwest shore of Lake Bemidji, the northernmost lake feeding the Mississippi River; it is nicknamed “The First City on the Mississippi”. Bemidji is also the self-proclaimed “curling capital” of the U.S. and the alleged birthplace of legendary Paul Bunyan….

Its name derives from the OjibweBuh-mid-ji-ga-maug (Double-Vowel orthographybemijigamaag),[6] meaning “a lake with crossing waters”. On occasion, in Ojibwe, Bemidji is called Wabigamaang (“at the lake channel/narrows”), because part of the city is situated on the Lakes Bemidji/Irving narrows, on the south end of Lake Bemidji, and extends to the eastern shore of Lake Irving. Some sources say that Chief Bemidji, an Ojibwe leader, is the namesake.[7]

Bemidji Township was surveyed by European Americans in 1874. It was organized in 1896, 24 days after the village of Bemidji was chartered, and is the oldest township in the county. In 1897, the county attorney declared the original Bemidji township organization illegal (no reason given) and the township reorganized on June 26, 1897.[8]

About 50 Leech Lake Indians lived along the south shore of the lake prior to the 1880s. They called the lake Bemidjigumaug, meaning “river or route flowing crosswise”. Freeman and Besty Doud claimed 160 acres west of and including present-day Diamond Point; they were Bemidji’s first homesteaders. 

Art Lee created the story that the folkloric figure Paul Bunyan came from the Northwoods. Tales about Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox led to public sculptures of them in the 1930s.[citation needed] According to Discover America, the Paul and Babe statues are “the second most photographed statues in America,” surpassed only by Mount Rushmore.[9] The Rotarians of Bemidji commissioned the statue of Paul Bunyan during the Great Depression as a tourist attraction. It was unveiled on January 15, 1937, to kick off a Winter Carnival that drew more than 10,000 visitors.

Hey, every place has to have a claim to fame, right?

Today Bemidji is an important educational, governmental, trade and medical center for north central Minnesota. The wood industry is still a significant part of the local economy, with Georgia-Pacific, Potlatch, and Northwood Panelboard all having waferboard plants in the local area. They use wood species that were once classified as waste trees.[10]

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Minnesota, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

308 thoughts on “20200918: MAGA Peaceful Protest, Bemidji, Minnesota

  1. Interesting bit of history there (as are your other posts!)… I’ve been at that “roadside attraction”, it was fascinating to see it after having read all about Paul Bunyan and “Babe”…

    Somehow “Wabigamaang” sounds a bit like Garrison Keillor’s “Woebegon”; not sure if they’re related… Looking forward to another great rally.

    Interesting, too, is that VSGPDJT’S plan to return US History/civics curricula to the center (or at least where it was 50 years ago 🙂 ) has been greeted with shock and horror by the libturds, and is even making waves over here. Of course, the young’uns here are still being taught to hate Germany and history in general, despite that bad era being 70 to 100 years ago… Yet another good reason for home schooling…

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    RSBN – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFZVuzXJMzk
    CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?475726-1/president-trump-campaign-remarks-bemidji-minnesota
    OANN – will carry the rally – via subscription or cable
    GST – ? No link yet – they are streaming the news conference.
    TRUMP CAMPAIGN LIVE STREAM – sign up – https://events.donaldjtrump.com/events/livestream-president-donald-j-trumps-great-american-comeback-event-in-bemidji-mn

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  3. Just want to drop this here – pre-protest” tweeting on the part of POTUS. This is actually big news, and means POTUS’ team believe Virginia should be looked at… I’m in a heavy military area of Virginia, and there are several points to be made. Soros money aided bigly in taking state house seats, and in taking several GOP House seats in 2018. but the numerical losses were close in those House seats, and it’s possible to get them back w/ DJT on the ballot.

    Another point – Since Obama, many of us turned into “shy” voters regarding yard signs and bumper stickers. Now with Antifa and BLM roaming around our shyness is reinforced. There’s a huge absence of Biden and Trump signs in our area – unusual. IMO, minimal public support for Biden, and patriots like my family who have BLM neighbors living next door.

    Virginia could be a sleeper…

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    1. Another point I want to make, another way to look at Virginia, and many other states, POTUS only lost Virginia by 5% – around 212,000 votes – he has not lost one bit of support. He would have only gained. So now we’re talking maybe 2-3% pts down… We don’t have McMuffin on the ballot, nor Tim Kaine – Hillary’s running mate and VA senator. Plus gun owners aren’t happy with BabyKiller Northam.

      I can now see how they figure these things… 🙂

      BTW, from Larry today, who has been cautiously optimistic about the House – he’s counts the seats one by one – and that’s a different game than the presidency. Of course, GOP should be planning on ballot harvesting in California – it’s legal there.

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              1. We have had rain on and off – not really enough to soak the ground – but, enough to keep everything lush and green – not complaining at all – leaves have not turned yet – only a few on the ground – still nice!!!


  4. OUR GUY just finished the Press Conference where he talked about vaccine distribution, aid, rebuilding infrastructure, and the reestablishment of their Puerto Rico’s pharmaceutical industry, and about the election and mass mail ballots.

    The Press were insufferable.

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  5. Heh! Biden greeted by hundreds of…..
    ….Trump supporters!

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  6. More Trump flags in my neighborhood. Many without have American flags up, or sometimes both.
    Ill get to see the whole rally, yay!
    I believe POTUS will win but how I not believe ballot harvesting across the country will be used to take Congress and a militant coup result?
    Rig for red means what again?

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    1. Ballot harvesting only legal in California – GOP was caught sleeping in 2018 – they could have harvested too.

      They’re not sleeping in 2020.

      There are other potential shenanigans across the country, but most states are tightly controlled. POTUS also has a plans for monitoring and who knows what other actions he may take. IMO, not going to play his hand too soon.

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      1. This and past three or so rallies, I go to DonldJTrump.com.

        Reliable. No talking heads or interruptions, commercials, ads…

        They start when President Trump lands and promptly ends when the speech ends.

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          1. LOl. I’m sorry, that made me laugh, Sylvia!

            I see twitter is a twitter with condolences – I know her family grieves. I have legal friends who admired her tenacity to her beliefs, even if they disagreed.

            Me, I think she should have retired so that her passing would not cause more chaos near the election. But that’s just me…

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