20200918: MAGA Peaceful Protest, Bemidji, Minnesota

http://media2.trover.com/T/55c1a8898e7cb26d8d0003e3/fixedw_large_4x.jpg First question...how does one pronounce "Bemidji"? Wiki says: Bemidji (/bəˈmɪdʒiː/ bə-MIJ-ee) Works for me. Okay, here we go: As a central city for three Indian reservations, Bemidji is the site of many Native American services, including the Indian Health Service. Near Bemidji are the Red Lake Indian Reservation, White Earth Indian Reservation, and the Leech Lake Indian Reservation. Bemidji lies on … Continue reading 20200918: MAGA Peaceful Protest, Bemidji, Minnesota

Dear KMAG: 20200918 Open Topic

Free speech, yada, yada, yada. But don't give Komrade Kamala any excuses to shut us down. This has been addressed elsewhere. YOU KNOW THE DRILL. Give them nothing but one more day to rue, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Remain CIVIL and possibly even GENTEEL. Do you need lessons? Allow me to suggest … Continue reading Dear KMAG: 20200918 Open Topic