20200917: MAGA Rally, Mosinee, Wisconsin

So, let’s see, where is Mosinee, Wisconsin.

Essentially, out in the middle. From wiki:

The traditional inhabitants of the area were the Ojibwe, the Potawatomi and the Menominee.[5] However, the name is the Hochunk Mōsį́nį, the “Cold Country,” from , an old form of , meaning “earth, ground, land, country”; and sį́nį, “cold.”[6] The Ojibwe ceded the territory to the United States in 1837 when they sold most of their land in what would become Wisconsin, though they were guaranteed the right to continue hunting, fishing, and gathering wild rice on the ceded lands.[7] Similarly, the Potawatomi gave up their land claims in Wisconsin in 1833, and the Menominee ceded territory in this area in the 1836 Treaty of the Cedars.[8][9] These treaties coincided with the establishment of the first sawmill in the area by a white settler, John L. Moore, in 1836, and enabled white settlement to begin in the area. Lumber quickly became the most important industry and drew other businesses and settlers to the town, which at the time was known as Little Bull Falls. After the closing of Fort Winnebago in 1845, a number of Métis families moved to Little Bull Falls, and in 1857 the town was renamed in honor of an Ojibwe chief from the Wisconsin River Band. Deforestation led to the collapse of the lumber industry in the early 20th century, but it was quickly replaced by the paper industry.[10] In the neighboring Menominee language the town is called Mōsāpnīw, “he dwells alone there”, which is likely a close approximation of the eponymous chief’s name.[11]

There’s some interesting trivia about the place.

On May 1, 1950, local residents acting as Communist invaders seized control of Mosinee.[12][13]

The action was a part of an elaborate pageant organized by the Wisconsin Department of the American Legion. The “Communists” dragged Mayor Ralph E. Kronenwetter and Police Chief Carl Gewiss out of their beds. Mayor Kronenwetter surrendered at 10:15 AM in the town’s new “Red Square” with a pistol to his back. The police chief was reported to have resisted and was “liquidated”.

Roadblocks were set up around Mosinee, the library was “purged”, prices of goods were inflated for the duration of the coup, and local restaurants served Russian black bread and potato soup for lunch.[14]

As he arrived at a rally to restore democracy to the community the night of May 1 Mayor Kronenwetter suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and never regained consciousness. He died five days later on May 6, 1950 at age 49. The mayor’s doctor said the excitement and exertion probably contributed to his collapse.

Franklin Baker, commander of the local American Legion post, said, “It was a terrible coincidence.”[15]

Local minister Will La Brew Bennett, 72, who, during the Communist invasion, demonstrated to the media how he would hide his Bible in the church organ if the Communists really invaded and was herded with other residents into a barbed-wire ringed “concentration camp” near “Red Square”, was found dead in his bed hours after the mayor’s death on May 7, 1950.[16]

Well, alrighty then.

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in Wisconsin, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

238 thoughts on “20200917: MAGA Rally, Mosinee, Wisconsin

    RSBN – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NYbW9b3HCY
    CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?475727-1/president-trump-speaks-mosinee-wi
    OANN – will carry the rally – via subscription or cable
    GST – ? – could not carry last rally due to family needs.
    FOX BUSINESS – ? – carried last week, but no link yet.
    TRUMP CAMPAIGN LIVE STREAM – sign up – https://events.donaldjtrump.com/events/livestream-president-donald-j-trumps-great-american-comeback-event-in-mosinee-wi

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  2. Advantage of airport and hangar rallies:
    – Cost – renting those arenas is not cheap!
    – Logistics – President Trump doesn’t have to ride to arena from AF1.
    – Security – Protestors can’t harass Trump supporters as easily as at a downtown big city arena.
    – Legal repurcussions of ‘civil unrest’ at an airport and ‘interfering with President’s ride – AF1’ would be so steep – their leftist nasty asses would be serving major time.

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    1. These camp outs are starting to remind me of the 80s when the Cards would make the playoffs or the WS, and the lines would form complete with tents and sleeping bags 3-4 days before ticket went on sale. People used to have pizza delivered. I mean, this is just the same sort of thing.

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    1. Among the WH Press Corps, Mark is probably one of the least biased…

      however, I wish he would remember that journalists DON’T editorialize, they report.

      His TL today is filled with news about FLOTUS being in NH, visiting hospital… but each tweet has his own little comment about her actions being ‘political’ ……………….

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  3. Liked by 7 people

        I DO NOT fear the rumors and threats of armed insurrection should Trump win. Stay armed folks, yes. But REMEMBER – after the election,
        does not have to run for another election. From that point on, THE GLOVES ARE OFF and the Insurrection Act can be invoked.

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    Julian’s Rum 🥃 Retweeted
    Oh. My. Goooooodness.

    Quote Tweet

    The Bias News@thebias_news
    · 25m
    NEW: Palestinian Authority Social Affairs Minister Ahmed Majdalani says Oman, Sudan, Comoros, Djibouti and Mauritania are engaged in normalization discussions with Israel.

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  5. President Trump serves notice to Wray and the DOJ regarding the anarchist thugs of Antifa/BLM/Occupy.

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      1. I have NEVER liked/trusted WRAY or COATS…

        Remember when they had to drag Wray out of his office to go confront McCabe, fire him? He was resisting when the evidence was staring him in the face.

        And I’m very curious about the year he recently spent visiting all the State FIB hdgtrs…what was that about?

        We need to disband the FIB… as well as the C_A

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    1. I was incensed by Wray’s remarks. He essentially was pushing the whites are racists narrative with his garbage about “racially motivated violent extremists.”

      Twitter was alight with the backlash – telling POTUS to FIRE WRAY.

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  6. THE PRESIDENT HAS MORE to say to Wray:

    PRESIDENT Trump continues addressing Wray:

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    1. The sleaze of Wray was obvious yesterday. I really don’t understand why he has been kept in the job. Should have been fired when he whitewashed the malfeasance of the FIB after the IG Report.

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  7. Just FYI, As I’ve been listening, the founder of Right Side Broadcasting felt the need to take the mic and defend his staff from commentors. Apparently, they’ve been abused by the audience and he defended them vigorously as they are doing what they do on a serious shoestring.

    Just something to think about.

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  8. Update!

    RALLY SCHEDULE -https://www.donaldjtrump.com/events/

    Fri – September 18
    6:00 PM – CDT
    Bemidji, MN

    Sat – September 19
    6:00 PM – EDT
    Fayetteville, NC

    Mon, September 21
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Swanton, OH

    Tue, September 22
    7:00 PM – EDT
    Moon Township, PA

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    1. Maybe it was Carnation Milk?

      “Carnation Milk: from contented cows…

      Buttermilk: from cows that don’t care…”

      (I saw this on a billboard for “The Ground Cow” Restaurant/Truck Stop in Northern CA in the 1960s…) 🙂

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