Dear KAG: 20200916 Open Thread

Boom boom boom.

President Donald Trump is delivering what the professional political class has promised for years.

Appeal to the wallets and treasuries, and VIOLA! The Art of the Deal strikes again.

Take that professional political class.

ARGH! I almost forgot the most important video of the day!

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Ridiculing the other side, on the other hand…well….


LUKE 7:31-35

31“To what then shall I compare the men of this generation, and what are they like? 32They are like children sitting in the market place and calling to one another, `We piped to you, and you did not dance; we wailed, and you did not weep.’ 33For John the Baptist has come eating no bread and drinking no wine; and you say, `He has a demon.’ 34The Son of man has come eating and drinking; and you say, `Behold, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ 35Yet wisdom is justified by all her children.”

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, members of the Cabinet, first responders and those working behind the scenes.

Are we sure we’re ready?

625 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200916 Open Thread

  1. FOOL NELSON Retweeted
    Adam Housley@adamhousley
    laid off a bunch of behind the scenes people today. Some damn good people who worked insane hours to put out good work, many times without notice. I noticed it and thanked them all the time for making my life easier. Tech folks. What a bunch of bull.

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    1. See? It pays to pull the cable… Fox is hurting or they wouldn’t be laying peeps off… the anchors will be next

      You can stream movies through ACORN or BRITBOX or HULU …

      I pay less than $7/mo for ACORN… and it’s not the trash you find on netflix



    The MSM/[CB] have now lost the narrative of why the economy has not crashed. The states and cities where they are keeping everything locked down are now hurting economically. Retail spending it up but Aug slowed a bit, but the holiday season is coming and we know what happens. The real estate market is in a strong V recovery. The patriots are dismantling the globalists system and they are feeling pain. The [DS]/MSM are now pushing everything to the next level, they are preparing for the elections. The playbook is known, the architect has been exposed and the people can see exactly what the [DS]/MSM are preparing to do. This has always been about the election and the [DS] 16 year plan.

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    1. The Architect is Zero’s friend from Harvard, and his ‘ETHICS’ guy, … Norm Eisman, who wrote the specs for the Color Revolutions, compiled in a book, ironically enough called “The Playbook” (yes, the ONE Cue refers to all the time… which is exactly what Cue means when says “We know the Playbook”). If you don’t know about this guy, you might consider digging a little…

      Dave at X22 talks about him… start 44:28

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    2. Wanted to add that Dave lists a litany of happenings atm… that are affirmation for him anyway, that IT is happening…

      among those ‘happenings’ – Kanye West is exposing the music world

      Flag of United StatesButterflyButterflyButterflyButterflyButterflyFlag of United States Retweeted
      Sep 15
      Isn’t This The Got Damned Truth Down-pointing triangle

      Kanye West: ‘The Music Industry and the NBA Are Modern Day Slave Ships’
      Kanye West: ‘The Music Industry and the NBA Are Modern Day Slave Ships’
      Kanye West has compared the music industry and the NBA to a “modern day slave ship,” saying that he won’t release any more new music under his current contract. The rapper, billionaire fashion mogul,…

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      1. UPDATE:

        Brun0Barking Retweeted
        Karli 🇺🇸@KarluskaP
        Quote Tweet

        Candace Owens@RealCandaceO
        · 49m
        Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods.


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      1. The replies to that tweet are horrifying (i.e. pro-mask under all circumstances).

        In England, no one is allowed to question self-imposed mask exemptions. Doctors will not issue exemptions (too much paperwork). All one has to do is say, ‘I’m exempt’.

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        1. My little corner of the world here in South Carolina is mask crazy… I see them every time I run errands. Like lemmings…

          I’ve been thinking about getting an old pickup I live in the woods and often need to take dead trees/limbs etc to the landfill so I stopped at dealership this a.m. and inquired about what they might have. The salesman stepped outside when he saw me on the lot, and he was wearing a mask. First thing I said was “why are you wearing a mask, outside in the fresh air?” and he looked kind of shy and replied “well, if I don’t some people will cut the conversation short and later call and complain to management, so we all wear them.” I laughed and said “Oh, the Karens” and he joined in with laughter, and replied “I just learned that term from my 10-year old!”

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          1. Great anecdote, sad though it is. Thank you, Phoenix.

            I am disappointed to read that some of the people of South Carolina are buying into the mask regime.

            Have too many Northerners moved down there? One wonders.

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            1. I think that may be a factor! The Savannah River Plant is here and we already have an aura of ‘fear’ that peeps have never fully put behind them… some folks have told me that “statistics” say this area has more Ph.D.s than … well, more than our share for sure. So, I don’t think the attitude about the masks extends throughout the state as strongly as here. Niece in Charleston says it’s not so strong there.

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            2. raising hand on that one. A lot of new people bringing their blue baggage with them to the SC coastal area. The locals are almost always rolling eyes BUT…it is an issue.
              The mayor of this small town wrote a FB post comparing the heinous murder of a dad and daughter by a black man saying that if the roles were reversed BLM would lay siege to the town.
              An immediate backlash by a few and the poor guy had to grovel.

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  3. It appears that POTUS scotched yet ANOTHER DeepState / Resistance obstruction of what he wants to do to WE, THE PEOPLE — and this time, it was none other than DR. REDFIELD.
    After Redfield makes his statement that a CCP VIrus vaccine won’t be ready “for wide distribution” until SUMMER 2021, PLUS makes a fool of himself with his “keep wearing the mask” pitch, he gets a call from POTUS. POTUS asks him, “What gives here?” And Redfield apparently wilts like a bouquet on day 10.
    So at his news conference today, the yapping “reporters” try to hammer / embarrass / do the “Gotcha” on POTUS about this issue — and POTUS schools them all.
    And, he made quite sure to provide some “face-saving” for Redfield: “I think he didn’t understand the question”; “I think he didn’t all have the facts yet”.
    Meanwhile, one may also assume POTUS will make quite sure that Redfield doesn’t try any shenanigans in the future.

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    1. Should read:
      “…obstruction of what he wants to do to help WE, THE PEOPLE —”

      Anybody else having issues with the latest Windows 10 update? I know that I typed the above correctly but it “disappeared” after I hit Post Comment. Websites are slow to load, too. All my “Quick Links” were erased and had to retype them all back in. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.

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    2. I heard on the radio today:
      After Trump’s presser, Redfield amended his SINate testimony…..then retracted the retraction back to the original statement(s) to the SINate.

      Someone somewhere has him by the Gates.

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  4. I will add a reader and copy it for zoe.

    Here it is:

    3) Q began the day with a collage of images related to the Instagram account

    The user has since locked their account.

    FBI Portland was tagged in Q’s post.

    4) Q posted a screencap of messages sent by the above person, who goes by the name Banks.

    I scanned their Instagram account before they locked it, and did not see this image.
    I’m not sure how Q obtained it.

    5) More from their Instagram account.

    6) Q posted a screencap of a deleted tweet by @DAsupportPDX (an anarchist account).

    Q highlighted the phrase “Be Water. Spread fire.”

    8) “Be water. Spread fire” is a meme used by anarchists.

    9) The phrase was spraypainted on a courthouse building in Kenosha after Jacob Blake was shot.

    .[photo “Be Water Spread Fire” on building]

    10) Sauce.


    Ⓐ kayla ☭
    🔥🔥🔥 be water spread fire #Kenosha #KenoshaProtests #KenoshaRiots #KenoshaUprising
    11:48 PM · Aug 24, 2020
    [photo burning building]

    12) Banks posted photos on Instagram of his truck loaded with water and gas cans.
    .[photo already shown here ]

    15) While the media pretend that acts of violence are random and not organized, an objective observer can see they’re an organized effort to destroy our country.

    Dems, anarchists and the media (but I repeat myself) are not going to stop after the election.

    .[ Q drop already posted here]

    16) Anarchy-99 design?

    99 Designs is a website where you can purchase logos and art from freelance graphic designers.

    I don’t think Q is suggesting 99 Designs is involved in the plot.

    It may be a reference to Anarchists who serve as freelance terrorists-for-hire.

    17) Q wrote: “Playbook known.”

    There is a battle-tested playbook used to remove elected leaders through violent protests and election fraud.

    Darren Beattie explains.
    .[video already posted here ]

    18) Right on cue… Hillary is demanding social media censorship while stoking fear about election integrity.

    Hillary Clinton
    We can have democracy—or we can have social networks that allow the spread of weaponized disinformation about our elections.

    But we can’t have both.

    Facebook, Twitter, and Google can and must act before the damage is done.
    Demand Social Media Platforms Protect Democracy
    Social media companies must act now to prevent the spread of dangerous election-related lies.
    1:43 PM · Sep 16, 2020

    19) Julian’s take.

    Julian’s Rum 🥃
    Y’ALL….she literally just gave us a timeline of [their] planned censorship rollout:

    20) AG Barr asked prosecutors to consider bringing federal charges against violent protesters including, if appropriate, sedition.
    .[info here already ]

    21) Sauce.

    Barr told federal prosecutors to aggressively charge protesters with crimes: report
    Attorney General William Barr reportedly told federal prosecutors recently to be aggressive when charging protesters with crimes, saying demonstrations marked by violence could increase closer to the …

    23) If it can be proven that the press and social media platforms knowingly participated in an attempt to overthrow the government, they can be prosecuted under 18 U.S. Code § 2385.

    .[photo of law ]

    24) It took an outsider to start the peace process in the middle east because politicians make money from war.

    Why isn’t the press hailing the President’s accomplishments?
    .[photo of Q drop ]

    25) Q wrote: “Missile strike(s) attempt to terminate.”

    That may be a reference to this.

    After peace deals, Gazans fire 13-rocket salvo at Israel; IDF hits Hamas targets
    Iron Dome intercepts 8 missiles in predawn assault; IDF responds with 2 waves of airstrikes; in earlier attack, 2 hurt from Gaza rocket fire as Israel signed historic accords in DC

    Bodhi Crane
    🚨 BREAKING 🚨
    DOD states that Russia and China have weaponized their satellites with directed energy weapons!!
    [video we have above]

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      1. I have to be careful not to have too many links or WordPiss will boot the comment.

        I also try to do a bit of a discription for Zoe if I have the time. (Fixing dinner)

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    1. I would settle for ‘The White House Seige’ getting rolled up and ALL the backers getting indicted along with the planners and professional agitators.

      ALSO the links to Communist China and Germany EXPOSED.

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          1. Well Georgia just brought news that POTUS has a rally tomorrow night… another birthday present for you Zoe! (Happy Birthday!! early!!!) if he’s having a Rally, going to be out of town, then I KNOW he has left instructions to protect the White House and those bad dudes will get arrested…

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  5. From Praying Medic’s thread, Here is the TIMELINE of Hillary’s censorship of the internet:

    Julian’s Rum 🥃
    Y’ALL….she literally just gave us a timeline of [their] planned censorship rollout:

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    1. THESE are the people who have decided to be arbitrators of our ‘Freedom to speak’


      SEPTEMBER 1, 2020
      Statement on Chan and Zuckerberg Election Investment

      Accountable Tech Executive Director Nicole Gill released the following statement Tuesday in response to the announcement that Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg are investing $300 million in election infrastructure:

      “Needless to say, this is a significant financial commitment to help state and local officials administer safe and secure elections amid unprecedented challenges, and we applaud that investment. But let’s be clear: There’s not enough money in the world to paper over the damage Facebook has done to democracy.

      We’ve seen this ploy time and time again. Facebook donates to Black-owned businesses instead of addressing rampant racism on the platform. They give grants to support local journalism while destroying the industry. They tout investments in their fact-checking program – but give politicians free rein to spew dangerous lies – and in their Oversight Board, which remains inoperative as the platform is weaponized by militias, extremists, and authoritarians.

      Mark Zuckerberg needs to stop treating every Facebook crisis as a PR problem to throw money at, and start treating the systemic ailments that fuel them.”

      WHO the F..K do these Arses think they are that THEY can decide WHAT I CAN READ and WHAT I CAN SAY!


      This applies not only to the internet but also to the ‘Siege of the White House’
      It is quite long but here are a few paragraphs of interest given the current situation.


      ….The Public Forum.
      In 1895, while on the highest court of Mas-sachusetts, future Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes rejected a contention that public property was by right open to the public as a place where the right of speech could be recognized,1444 and on review the United States Supreme Court endorsed Holmes’ view.1445 Years later, beginning with Hague v. CIO,1446 the Court reconsidered the issue. Justice Roberts wrote in Hague: “Wherever the title of streets and parks may rest, they have immemorially been held in trust for the use of the public and, time out of mind, have been used for purposes of assembly, communicating thoughts between citizens, and discussing public questions. Such use of the streets and public places has from ancient times, been a part of the privileges, immunities, rights, and liberties of citizens.” Although this opinion was not itself joined by a majority of the Justices, the Court subsequently endorsed the view in several opinions.1447

      The Roberts view was called into question in the 1960s, however, when the Court seemed to leave the issue open,1448 and when a majority endorsed an opinion by Justice Black asserting his own narrower view of speech rights in public places.1449 Later decisions restated and quoted the Roberts language from Hague, and that is now the position of the Court.1450 Public streets and parks,1451 including those adjacent to courthouses1452 and foreign embassies,1453 as well as public libraries1454 and the grounds of legislative bodies,1455 are open to public demonstrations, although the uses to which public areas are dedicated may shape the range of permissible expression and conduct that may occur there.1456 Moreover, not all public properties are public forums. “[T]he First Amendment does not guarantee access to property simply because it is owned or controlled by the government.”1457 “The crucial question is whether the manner of expression is basically compatible with the normal activity of a particular place at a particular time.”1458 Thus, by the nature of the use to which the property is put or by tradition, some sites are simply not as open for expression as streets and parks are.

      ➡️ 1459 But if government does open non-traditional forums for expressive activities, it may not discriminate on the basis of content or viewpoint in according access.1460 The Court, however, remains divided with respect to the reach of the public forum doctrine.1461

      Speech in public forums is subject to time, place, and manner regulations that take into account such matters as control of traffic in the streets, the scheduling of two meetings or demonstrations at the same time and place, the preventing of blockages of building entrances, and the like.1462 Such regulations are closely scrutinized in order to protect free expression, and, to be valid, must be justified without reference to the content or subject matter of speech,1463 must serve a significant governmental interest,1464 and must leave open ample alternative channels for communication of the information.1465 The Court has written that a time, place, or manner regulation “must be narrowly tailored to serve the government’s legitimate, content-neutral interests but that it need not be the least restrictive or least intrusive means of doing so. Rather, the requirement of narrow tailoring is satisfied . . . [s]o long as the means chosen are not substantially broader than necessary to achieve the government’s interest . . . .”1466 A content-neutral time, place, and manner regulation of the use of a public forum must also “contain adequate standards to guide the official’s decision and render it subject to effective judicial review.”1467 Unlike a content-based licensing scheme, however, it need not “adhere to the procedural requirements set forth in Freedman.”1468 These requirements include that the “burden of proving that the film [or other speech] is unprotected expression must rest on the censor,” and that the censor must, “within a specified brief period, either issue a license or go to court to restrain showing the film. Any restraint imposed in advance of a final judicial determination on the merits must similarly be limited to preservation of the status quo for the shortest fixed period compatible with sound judicial resolution.”1469

      ➡️ A corollary to the rule forbidding regulation based on content is the principle—a merging of free expression and equal protection standards—that government may not discriminate between different kinds of messages in affording access.1470 In order to ensure against covert forms of discrimination against expression and between different kinds of content, the Court has insisted that licensing systems be constructed as free as possible of the opportunity for arbitrary administration.1471 The Court has also applied its general strictures against prior restraints in the contexts of permit systems and judicial restraint of expression.1472….

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        1. They truly do believe that FG&C…

          at least those with sociopathic tendencies do… those who clearly lack empathy…

          To help you quickly identify a lack of empathy, keep an eye out for (and stay away from!) people with these 5 personality traits, because they have no idea what it means to be empathetic.

          1. Unemotional
          2. Self-absorbed
          3. Judgmental
          4. Insecure
          5. Selfish

          In watching clips of the domestic terrorists, I find myself noting these traits…

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    2. And just WHO are these people who would control our speech???

      Jesse Lehrich
      Jesse is a co-founder of Accountable Tech. He has a decade of experience in political communications and issue advocacy, including serving as the foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, where he was part of the team managing the response to Russia’s information warfare operation.

      Nicole Gill
      Nicole is an experienced campaigner, having led efforts around tax policy, marriage equality, and health care. She founded Tax March in 2017 and led the coalition opposing the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and most recently led strategic communications and external affairs for an international NGO focused on reproductive health care worldwide.


      Seems there is a Nicole Gill, SKDKnickerbocker, who led New York & California marriage equality act and Planned Parenthood Crisis Response team.



      Nicole Gill FORMER VICE PRESIDENT SKDKnickerbocker



      Nicole Gill is a senior advisor to the CEO of Pathfinder International, an NGO that champions abortion rights worldwide. She previously was the executive director of Tax March and the campaign director at The Hub Project. [17]

      So yuppers, that’s her. A useless commie who bounces around from NGO to NGO meddling in other peoples lives and does ZERO for civilization.

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  6. Julian’s Rum Tumbler glass Retweeted
    FJ News Reporter@FJNewsReporter
    BREAKING – Representative Andy Biggs expected to hold special Order on the House floor to find out who is funding riots

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        1. I find it easiest to read if I post it here. Often if I copy the image to another tab it is way too big!

          I also figure if I can not read it easily others will have problems too.

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    1. Dave at X22 Report referenced her tweet in tonight’s episode I posted upthread…

      IT’S Happening People!!! (Candace just tweeted that JackBoot has locked Kenye out of his twitter account: see #16 in Inevitable’s tweet above

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        1. Yes – a GREAT article from Sundance. Really explains what is going on. I’ve heard one person say they think OBAMA will get back in the White House this way, as VP. But Hillary is in charge of DNC, so who knows.

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      1. Nobody. They have already given up the presidency. Focus on the congress critter races; that’s what the donkeys are doing while they use Slow Joe to distract (a shiny object).

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    1. More…

      The annual Annenberg Constitution Day Civics Survey finds that:

      – More than a third of those surveyed (37 percent) can’t name any of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment;
      – Only a quarter of Americans (26 percent) can name all three branches of government.

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    1. Correct reply,
      OH, so you are going to vote for people who want to take a newborn infant, cut it up and sell the parts for thousands of dollars.


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      1. See my comment on that upthread.

        The people running Accountable Tech are:

        Jesse Lehrich
        Jesse is a co-founder of Accountable Tech. He has a decade of experience in political communications and issue advocacy, including serving as the foreign policy spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, where he was part of the team managing the response to Russia’s information warfare operation.


        Nicole Gill
        Nicole is an experienced campaigner, having led efforts around tax policy, marriage equality, and health care. She founded Tax March in 2017 and led the coalition opposing the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and most recently led strategic communications and external affairs for an international NGO focused on reproductive health care worldwide.

        Nicole Gill is connected to planned parenthood and abortions worldwide as well as a group advocating RAISING taxes.

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  7. #SOULWAR ✝ (Brent Cates) has a GLORIOUS NEW THREAD!!!

    (bedtime so just the words)

    Thread: IT’S TIME! Today General Flynn **Opened a Door**
    that allows me to talk about something that’s been OBVIOUS to any real Researcher since April.
    I had suspicions on 30, Jan. & did threads & videos.
    Then watched ALL Media memory hole or ignore it.

    General Flynn
    When something is so vital to America’s survival…”Everyone needs to know the truth”⁩

    China has no other intention than to be THE single global super power

    Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Blows Whistle on China “Manufacturing”
    Wow Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Blows Whistle on China “Manufacturing” COVID-19…
    In a stunning segment on Tucker Carlson tonight, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan explains how China actually manufactured the COVID-19 virus by weaponizing and modifying the genetic sequence wit…
    5:43 AM · Sep 16, 2020

    When I say ALL media that includes New Media & MAGA.
    About 5 I follow & 3 Outlets posted on it & got ZERO traction.
    I determined President Trump & his People were handling it.
    The #TIMING wasn’t right or their inquiries weren’t complete so the DOTS would lie fallow for now.


    This is my first Thread & Video on the subject dated JANUARY 30TH, 2020.

    I’m not an actual Journalist, I just pulled this off the internet.
    People in APRIL were offering compelling evidence #COVID19 was a DESIGNED Virus

    Here is @JoshJPhilipp’s [Epic Times] ground breaking Documentary that was COMPLETELY ignored after it was rolled out on April 7th.

    I suspect much of what will now be **slowly** rolled out will already have been covered by Joshua, Epoch, & several in New Media.
    Well, not *completely* ignored. About 20 YouTube Channels & News Outlets IMMEDIATELY dropped attack & stink pieces on it.
    This was just ONE of the MOABS I said President Trump has to drop on the VILE DNC’s heads.
    I have said repeatedly=I DO NOT BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES.


    President Trump, using his Allies & America’s JUGGERNAUT ECONOMY had placed the CCP in an untenable position that WAS about to END their GLOBAL CRIME SPREE.
    The CCP went along with it with their RIGHT Hand as their LEFT Hand prepped & then unleashed a PANDEMIC on us.


    WHEN it’s revealed that *someone* FOLDED aspects of the SARS Virus & HIV into this Bat Virus to MAKE IT a NOVEL Strain we’d have to Bunker down over…
    Expect to see some SIGNIFICANT Fireworks.
    (Mostly Political & Economic, but only mostly)
    They HAD to make it Novel, you see.


    That aspect meant we HAD to shut down & scramble to determine what the Virus’s “footprint” would be on Nation as it’s Novel aspect made it an UNKNOWN.
    President Trump was given DELIBERATELY MISLEADING data from the WHO & “wrong” intel from the CDC.
    We were WIDE OPEN to it.

    We WERE supposed to get that”two MILLION dead.”
    Our Healthcare System WAS supposed to crater under the strain.
    We would take at least a decade to recover.
    By then the monstrous CCP would be cemented as the World’s top Superpower.
    Trump averted ALL OF IT by trusting his instincts


    He banned flights from China as the Democrats SNEERED at him, ignoring the declared NATIONAL HEALTH EMERGENCY to call those STUPID ENOUGH to listen to them to “come to Chinatown/Mardi Gras & have fun!”
    As they did this they told every camera within reach about Trump’s racism


    They called on President Trump to nationalize Industries (which would ensure delays & pushback on cooperation) as he created a NEW MODEL for Government/Corporate cooperation that SMOKED everyone’s expectations.
    So the Left characterized it as “Crony Capitalism” & howled.


    You think the NBA & their PLAYERS can get Talking Points but the DNC wouldn’t over a LAUNCHED Pandemic?
    Ah, such INNOCENCE!

    This is just one more Chapter in a long ongoing


    THEY get to blame Trump & regain POWAH!
    They then “FIX” the Election process to make sure no OUTSIDER can ever get into the Presidency again.
    If Hillary had won this Pandemic would never have occurred.


    Oh it gets WORSE.
    Their Pandemic ATTACK failed.
    They move right to the Insurrection.
    To keep that Juggernaut Economy SANDBAGGED as much as possible.
    This Virus was a POLITICAL/ECONOMIC WEAPON from the beginning.
    Now they’re using Riots.
    Do you SEE it yet?


    Do you **SEE** it yet?

    Dr. Simone Gold
    You mean the only continent where hydroxychloroquine is widely available and can be purchased over-the-counter?
    Scientists can’t explain puzzling lack of coronavirus outbreaks in Africa
    The novel coronavirus has infected more than 26.35 million people, with just four countries accounting for over 15 million cases. They are the United States, Brazil, India and Russia — the same four….
    4:42 PM · Sep 8, 2020

    DO YOU ***SEE** IT YET?

    [photo woman holding arsonist at gun point]

    OK, I’m going to do it.
    Let me peel ONE MORE Level off of this Devil’s Onion.
    Cuomo & other Governor’s ordered Covid Patients into Nursing Homes even after the DANGER was clear.
    Think like a (VOMIT!) Social Engineer.
    This thing takes out Old people.



    They didn’t get the BROAD PATTERN of infection their CCP MASTERS wanted which would have ensured a MASSIVE drop off of Pension liabilities as those LIABILITIES dropped dead.
    So they packed nursing homes to simulate that effect.
    What’s that HORRIBLE FEELING you have?


    You realizing I’m right.
    Call it the worst kind of INSIDER TRADING in human history.
    1. They knew it was coming.
    2. They did everything possible to ensure a broad pattern of infection.
    3. When Trump FOILED that the boldest of them packed Nursing Homes to KILL THE ELDERLY.

    [photos Nasty Piglosi]

    The evidence was clear what this does to the elderly’s chances of surviving exposure BEFORE those patients were sent.
    Trump sent USN Hospital Ships & Cuomo sent Covid Patients to Nursing Homes.
    Connect THOSE Dots.
    Do THAT Math.

    When I say a #RECKONING is coming I’m telling you some of this stuff won’t go to Trial.
    Too messy, embarrassing & problematic.
    It would tear the Nation apart.
    Look at the Marxist Drones they’ve raised up in the last 40 years.
    Nah, Trump & ESPER have got this.
    Good Riddance.

    I sure hope he is calling it correctly.

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  8. Ace has a terrific piece, long but worth the read…

    US CENTCOM Commander: There Isn’t Proof of the Democrat-Media Conspiracy’s Info Op Last Month About Russians Paying Bounties to the Taliban to Kill Americans;
    Claim Comes from the CIA, Who Are “Very Emotional” About the Argument


    I’m not kidding. I know people sometimes say these things off-handedly, but the CIA has been turned inside-out into an agency whose goal is not to defend America but to subvert and defeat it.

    It must be disbanded.

    please… con’t reading… Ace is just getting wound up…

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  9. Rant on.

    D-rats are some spiteful double stanard asshoes.

    U F B.


    Gov. Steve Sisolak is looking into withholding Douglas County’s share of federal coronavirus relief funds after county officials allowed President Donald Trump to host a campaign rally that violated Nevada’s ban on large gatherings during the pandemic.


    Casinos and big box stores are not limited to 50 people. Riots and protests are OK. Churches limited to 50. Asshoes in SC upheld this limit on churches.

    POS Sisolak base the couple BIG cities in NV. Sisolak doesn’t give a damn about rural NV. Has stated he doesn’t understand why fourteen of seventeen NV counties have declared themselves 2A Sanctuaries. Me thinks, rural Nevada despises POS Sisolak.

    IF Sisolak does take the $8.9 million from Douglas County, I am guessing this will go to the courts rapidly.

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  10. Poso@JackPosobiec
    Barr Wants to Arrest Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

    Barr Told Prosecutors to Consider Sedition Charges for Protest Violence
    Attorney General William P. Barr was also said to have asked prosecutors to explore whether to bring charges against the mayor of Seattle for allowing a police-free protest zone.

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  11. 4734
    Sep 17, 2020 4:40:53 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: e03d53 No. 10685190

    Focus on content [information].
    Research for yourself.
    a person that controls access, as to information, often acting as an arbiter of quality or legitimacy:
    an open internet allows innovators to bypass traditional gatekeepers and promote their work on its own merit.
    a guardian; monitor
    Deploy camouflage.
    Drop all references re: ‘Q’ ‘Qanon’ etc. to avoid ban/termination _censorship install.
    Algos [sniffers] bypass.
    Keep charging, Midnight Riders!
    [Revere’s ‘Midnight’ Ride]
    Delivery of free-information.
    [bypass controlled media narrative].

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