9.15-16.20 News Roundup! Peace Is In Sight, Jared Kushner’s Interview, PDJT’s Bilateral Meeting With PM Netanyahu, PDJT’s Bilateral Meeting With Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, PDJT & FLOTUS Participate In the Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony, PDJT’s Presser, The So Called Experts Were Wrong Again, China Has A Wuhan Problem, When You Go Woke You Go Broke, Philadelphia Monster Shows Up, Trump Armada…..

We are truly living in historic times! Don’t take a minute of it for granted. Future generations will wish they were alive during the Presidency of Donald John Trump. What he has done in the Middle East is absolutely incredible. Our President had a plan and everything is going according to that plan.

White House Senior Advisor to our President, Jared Kushner, is the lead liaison between the White House, Israel and mid-east interests. In an interview yesterday, Kushner discussed the historic importance of the new Arab-Israeli peace agreements and what they mean for U.S. national security interests.

Yesterday our President held an Oval Office meeting with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and they took questions from the press pool.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday our President participated in a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed AL Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Yesterday our President and FLOTUS participated in an Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony to celebrate the historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday our President, VP Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo participated in a working lunch with the Prime Minister of Israel, the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the UAE and the Foreign Minister of Bahrain.

“Today, nations across the region and throughout the world are joining together, united in their determination to build a better future.” – President Donald J. Trump

[Video Below]

* Yesterday, President Trump presided over the signing ceremony at the White House to establish the foundation of the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).

+ Bahrain also accepted the President’s invitation to participate in the ceremony, following their agreement with Israel last week.

* In August, the President secured an agreement to normalize relations between the U.A.E. and Israel – the first such agreement between Israel and a major Arab country since 1994.

* The countries have committed to the exchange of embassies and ambassadors, and to begin cooperation across a broad range of fields including education, healthcare, trade, and security.

* This deal is only the beginning of normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors, with many more likely to come.

♦PROMOTING PEACE AND SECURITY: These agreements are leading to peace between Israel and the Middle East, as well as increased security in the region.

* The deal between Israel and the U.A.E. will strengthen peace in the region by giving Muslims increased access to the Al Aqsa Mosque for peaceful prayer.

+ This will counter the extremists who use the false narrative that the Al Aqsa Mosque is under attack and that Muslims cannot pray at this holy site.

* The Israel-Bahrain agreement further enhances the security of both nations while creating opportunities for them to deepen their economic ties.

* Both agreements are a result of President Trump’s efforts to rebuild trust with our regional partners and move them away from conflicts of the past.

* Thanks to the President’s bold foreign policy vision and his deal-making ability, nations across the region are realizing the benefits of his thoughtful approach.

♦FACILITATING A REGIONAL TRANSFORMATION: President Trump’s policies are leading to the most rapid geopolitical transformation of the Arab world in more than a generation.

* President Trump has fully rejected the failed foreign policy approaches of the past that helped stoke division and did nothing to prevent conflict in the Middle East.

* Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, the nations across the Middle East and Africa are increasingly working together to build a more peaceful and prosperous future.

* Normalized relations will accelerate growth and economic opportunity across the region by expanding business and financial ties.

* The agreements with Bahrain and the U.A.E. will help to advance President Trump’s vision for finding a fair and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

* The United States will continue to stand with the people of the region as they work to build a brighter, more hopeful future.

Yesterday while departing the White House to travel to Philadelphia for an ABC townhall event, our President stopped to deliver remarks to the assembled press pool and answer questions.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter:

The Economic Train is enjoying making the so called experts look like fools!

From the article linked above:

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York Empire State Manufacturing Survey rebounded strongly in September, nearly tripling the consensus forecast. The headline general business conditions index climbed thirteen points to 17.0, the third straight positive reading.

Forecasts for the headline index ranged from a low of 2.0 to a high of 15.0. The consensus forecast was 6.5.

[…] The index for future business conditions gained six points to 40.3, indicating firms are very optimistic about the future, more-so than last month. With the exception of the post-pandemic shutdown surge to 56.5 in June, it’s the highest level for expectations since 43.1 in March 2018.

The capital expenditures index shot thirteen points higher to 18.7, the highest level in several months. The reading signals that firms plan to increase capital spending.

This put a smile on my face since China has to buy a massive amount of soybeans in order to live up to the Phase 1 agreement:

Speaking of China, the truth will set you free!

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes! The NFL decided to go woke and may find themselves going broke!

From the article linked above:

The ratings for ESPN’s Monday Night Football are in, and they are not going to make the folks in Bristol very happy at all.

Against the backdrop of large-scale social justice demonstrations that included Black Lives Matter t-shirts, a giant social justice banner, an entire team standing for the “black national anthem,” and at least 20 players kneeling in protest during the actual national anthem, the Steelers-Giants MNF contest saw a 27% drop from last year.

The second game of the Monday Night Football double-header, saw another notable drop of 2.5 million viewers from last year’s mark.

These numbers are bad, needless to say. However, the full context of how bad they are can’t be appreciated until you factor in two notable variables that have been included in this year’s rating formula which should be helping the NFL, but aren’t.

First, as Outkick reports, roughly 1.2 million fans aren’t attending the games live. Which, in theory, should add to the television numbers since it would be assumed that those fans would be watching at home. Second, speaking of the home, out-of-home viewers are now accounted for in the ratings process for the first time.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that their Monster is active in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There is no other state that I would select above Pennsylvania for the Monster to do its thing.

The Trump Armada continues to grow!

84 thoughts on “9.15-16.20 News Roundup! Peace Is In Sight, Jared Kushner’s Interview, PDJT’s Bilateral Meeting With PM Netanyahu, PDJT’s Bilateral Meeting With Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed al Nahyan of the United Arab Emirates, PDJT & FLOTUS Participate In the Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony, PDJT’s Presser, The So Called Experts Were Wrong Again, China Has A Wuhan Problem, When You Go Woke You Go Broke, Philadelphia Monster Shows Up, Trump Armada…..

  1. Richard Baris just concluded his Battleground States (MN, WI, MI, OH, IA and PA) poll. His show yesterday was fantastic.

    I wrote the following thread based on it:

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  2. “A woman in a Trump mask stands in front of some pro-Trump protesters and runs the American flag through the inside of her underwear:”


    That’s really the best they can come up with, equal parts infantile and gross.

    And she’s one of the smarter ones.


    I have no idea why they think such antics help their cause.

    Every time that video is seen, DJT picks up more votes. 😂

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  3. “Richard Baris just concluded his Battleground States (MN, WI, MI, OH, IA and PA) poll. His show yesterday was fantastic.”


    I remember when he used to host The Gong Show 👍

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      1. “Are you as old as dirt?”


        I don’t know, I guess that depends on the dirt in question!

        The interwebs say The Gong Show ran from 1976 to 1978, so I was in grade school 😁

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      1. “That was Chuck Barris:”


        What, his evil twin?


        I knew it was really Chuck Barris, I just used some poetic license with his name for the sake of humor. It was meant as a slapstick type of reply.

        I was counting on one of two things, depending on the reader.

        If the reader didn’t know the actual name of the Gong Show host was Chuck (not Richard) Barris, if the reader just accepted my comment at face value, presented as though I was serious, the humor worked, because no matter what, the guy doing the polling is definitely not the same guy who hosted The Gong Show back in the mid 1970s 😁

        Chuck rang his last gong in 2017, at the age of 87. I think he would appreciate being remembered, that his name can still make people smile 😁

        So I was clearly wrong, and confidently so, which is usually funny (which was the objective).

        And if the reader did know that the Gong Show host’s name was Chuck (not Richard), then the humor still worked anyway, because my deadpan reply came across like I’m an idiot either way, and if you do it right, playing the idiot is usually funny, because people aren’t sure if you’re in on the joke with them, or if you really don’t know any better.

        So they have to think about it, and if they decide I didn’t know, then they can laugh at my stupidity. And if they decide I did know, then they can laugh at the word-play and the intentional confusion of the names.

        So either way, it should make people smile… and that’s what I’m usually trying for 👍😁

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        1. If you’re doing it in person, which is how I learned, the hardest part is keeping a straight face and pretending to be oblivious when everyone in the room turns and looks at you.

          But after the first person starts to giggle, all bets are off 😂

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        2. ” then the humor still worked anyway, because my deadpan reply came across like I’m an idiot either way, and if you do it right, playing the idiot is usually funny, because people aren’t sure if you’re in on the joke with them, or if you really don’t know any better.

          So they have to think about it, and if they decide I didn’t know, then they can laugh at my stupidity. And if they decide I did know, then they can laugh at the word-play and the intentional confusion of the names.

          So either way, it should make people smile… and that’s what I’m usually trying for 👍😁”

          Amazingly, you’ve described most of my family to a T! Some capitalize on the stupid genius schtick LOL

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            1. Yes, we do have A Lot of fun! My husband set the tone of silliness & playfulness that helped be a counterbalance to to a pretty strict scriptural underpinning. It’s helped our kids be able to function In the world while not being Of the world…& that craziness helped them not feel Too deprived from activities that their peers were more likely to engage in…

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  4. “A pro and anti-Trump protester duo are having a spirited but civil disagreement from across the barrier. Some people try to drown them out/interfere, but the anti-Trump protester motions for them to remain quiet.”


    You can tell the anti-Trump guy is clued in to what is really going on, by the way he has his mask covering his chin.

    All the best anti-Trump protestors know the chin is the most vulnerable virus entry point.

    What most of them don’t realize is that it looks like they’re wearing women’s panties on their face when they pull the mask down below their lower lip to talk.

    Not to mention that it totally defeats whatever presumed purpose the mask was intended to serve in the first place… 😂🤣😂

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    1. Yep but
      1 he was having a civil discourse which opens up the possibility of him being red pilled
      And 2. With a beard he’d look like a seventies undies ad

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  5. “PHILADELPHIA: BLM supporters have begun harassing white people eating dinner”


    Part of their devious plan to get every white person in the country to vote for Trump 👍

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  6. the jig is up…


    The Adverse Effects of Obama’s Executive Order 13583 And The Purge Of Generals And Admirals Are Now Obvious



    Sept 15, 2020

    “…government-wide diversity and inclusion training…”

    IOW…by 2020, the implementation of Marxist critical race theory in all Federal agencies…including the military .

    much more, at the link.

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    1. What is he supposed to be doing in that photo?

      Photos of Hussein are like capturing an animated Rorschach test on film.

      Why are there so many pictures of this guy in odd or awkward or just plain weird poses?

      Why is everything about him so unnatural?

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  7. My new favorite Whitmer pic–showing her as the brown shirt she has revealed herself to be…it’s like she time traveled from 1930’s Germany…ewww…God help us & set Michigan free from this unconstitutional tyrant!!!

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      1. She’s like a smaller, younger, loonier version of Gretchen the Wicked.

        That’s her ‘come hither’ face. It’s like a signal to people who are desperately seeking dysfunctional and abusive relationships

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        1. greta is a very toxic, angry and exhausted girl.

          the Left does a very good job of attracting and exploiting the psychos…the anti-social, misanthropic types.

          perpetual “class warfare” needs & breeds all that hate-filled, GOD-less angst.

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    1. Always such a pleasant face on that woman. The angular eyebrows really soften the brutality of her glare. I’m feeling a lot of warmth and love in that photo.

      And Chad there in the background. Very serious guy, Chad is. Chad frequently impresses visitors to the governor’s mansion by showing them how he can wink with both eyes at the same time.

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      1. Based on her necklace, with the Michigan pendant being backwards it appears that the photo has been flipped around. So her features are what she sees in the mirror (assuming her reflection is even visible!) so perhaps she looks more distorted than usual to us. Also her coloring/makeup is just off. If that isn’t manipulated for the sick effect it’s more like the ugly is clear to the bone scenario!

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      1. “What is wrong with her face? She looks plastic!”


        Getting her stylistic (and policy) cues from the Joker.

        It’s a process, it takes time, but this is the destination:

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    2. I read that as “come hitler” … 😐👍 .. she can take a long walk off a short pier into a vat of highly toxic chemical waste .. 😃👍 ..

      Here’s pictures of Detroit’s prosperity under the miserable demoncrats ..



      The neighborhood I grew up in is now open fields … 😖🤚

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      1. I finally got to your links & the one showing pics of Detroit are definitely reflective of so many parts of Detroit–truly tragic & sad. I wonder if the city of Detroit would be better off doing the reverse of the annexing of territory from surrounding communities, like ceding it back for better local control of issues…whatever, there are parts of Detroit that were destroyed in the “race riots” of the 60’s that have never been cleaned up. Such a far cry from the “Paris of America” as this formerly great city was once described.

        Where is your old neighborhood that is now a field. My parents both grew up in Detroit & attended Cooley High School, that was closed down a few years ago & that jewel is now mightily tarnished–such a waste…

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        1. Grew up by the Detroit City Airport, boxed up by Van Dyke/Lynch Road/6 Mile Road.
          I’d let Detroit go as long as it’s Wayne County and demoncraps destroyed it and Wayne County. I don’t want their financial sins bleeding into my county .. or the hell bound commie politics either. They chose their path.
          This sounds mean but I’m done with the “D”
          GBY Valerie ❤️

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          1. I used to attend church in that area at Van Dyke & Nevada (6 1/2 mile) in the 70’s & 80’s. We came from the West Side along I-94 to the Van Dyke exit & for Years there was this neglected billboard w/ a bikini clad woman lounging near & hawking some booze, I think. The paper carrying her face got discolored & eventually her face was green before that paper finally detached leaving her headless body to “entice” travelers…what a metaphor for the disaster that D became…

            We’ve lived in Wayne county for years on the west side in various communities. When we needed special educational help for our son we really learned about what a disaster Wayne county was! Glad you got out!!!


  8. thanks for the news roundup!!!
    wow! wow! wow!
    the Abraham Accords!!! AND the possibility for 5 MORE countries to join!
    no wonder antifa is making a big deal about supposed race problems here…they must have known THIS was coming! our POTUS is AMAZING!!!!

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  9. Great day for the world yesterday! And of course crickets from MSM. Yes definitely a special time in history is taking place, I tell that to my kids and everyone who I speak with. As frustrating as it seems at times you need to step back and look at the historical implications that are taking place. The boarder wall, the numerous different coup attempts going on, this peace deal, I could go on and on. And yet PDJT NEVER gets any credit 🤔 for anything. But the REAL AMERICAN citizens see it and are going to vote him in a massive landslide.
    Also the manufacturing uptick is great news, is that just for NY? If so I am sure King Andrew will try to tack all the credit and all. (He’s a 💩)

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  10. The loss of NFL viewers is actually larger than just the comparison between last year and this year. With more people at home one would have expected an increase in viewership – the fact that people who are essentially homebound aren’t watching is a big deal.

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    12:30PM – THE PRESIDENT participates in a High Holy Days Call with Jewish Leaders – Oval Office

    1:30PM – THE PRESIDENT has lunch with the Vice President – Private Dining Room

    6:50PM THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route to Capitol Hill Club – South Portico

    6:55PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Capitol Hill Club – Washington, D.C.

    7:00PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at National Republican Congressional Committee Battleground Dinner

    7:55PM THE PRESIDENT departs Capitol Hill Club en route to the White House – Washington, D.C.

    8:00PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House – South Portico

    All President Trump’s activities and events today are closed to the press. However, he may speak to the press and take questions as he departs to attend and speak at the NRCC dinner.

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  12. LA police shooter has NOT been captured….yet.

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  13. THIS IS a big deal for, tens of millions of Americans. Surely, MORE college football to return soon. Me thinks it’ll be contagious, just as peace is contagious in ME with President Trump.


    Big Ten announces return of 2020 college football season, after postponing due to coronavirus
    The season will begin on the weekend of Oct. 23-24


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    1. tell you the truth, I’m more worried about a President Hillary in the works…

      Biden gets in (perish that thought !) by any means necessary…

      Biden gets yanked out

      Heels Up rises to POTUS (gag)…

      HRC becomes VP

      Heels Up willingly steps down for fear of Arkanicide…and…

      HRC becomes The Tyrant Witch.

      yesterday HRC + Heels Up did a virtual “grassroots” fundraising… together …”for Biden”…

      I tried to post something ab that yesterday but it didn’t post.

      HRC’s the one who adamantly insists that Biden never ever “concede” under any circumstances …and is now “fundraising” along w/ her pantsuit comrade-in-arms, VP pick Harris.

      nothing would surprise me.

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    LIVE : Hurricane sally Makes Landfall With Cat 2 Strength In Alabama



    current info as of just a few minutes ago..

    105 mph sustained winds…historic flooding..

    videos and up-to-date coverage on this, at the link.

    just awful.

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    1. “More than 500,000 without power” – Power line men will be coming from many states to restore power as soon as it is safe. Our city hauled thousands of truckloads of limbs after the last one hit here. The Pensacola/Panama City FL area is still recovering from Michael in 2018.

      Liked by 5 people

        1. It’s just sprinkling now and then. We are more soggy than drenched. No water visible among the weeds in the bottom of the drain pond behind my house.

          I’ve seen it fill and overflow the spillway into the swamp to the east during a tropical storm.

          The day is yet young. We will be getting the feeder bands all day and until sometime Thu or Fri.

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      1. GA/FL
        I just heard from my sister, who lives in Daphne, AL close to Mobile Bay. She’s OK trees down all over the place but her house was spared. Power out everywhere. Lots of streets are impassable.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. So glad she was spared – and able to contact you. Sounds like it’s going to take a while to get power back on. In the morning after a hurricane, there’s the smell of fresh sawn pine and a symphony of many chainsaws in the air.

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  15. Abraham Accord: What NO ONE is seeing behind the “obvious” …

    • It’s COMPELLING: Energy Independence & Troop Withdrawals remove the option of “DOING NOTHING”

    • It’s BILATERAL: Trump’s Signature Tactic for “Two’s Company & Three’s a Crowd” WIN-WINS.

    • It’s CONTAGIOUS: Trump’s “Art of the Deal” Economic Innovation & Shared Star Power drive BIG WINS.

    • It’s REGIONAL: Bilateral Deals & Neighborhood Dynamics form TEMPLATES for RAPID REPLICATION.


    • Latin & South America

    • Asia & Australia

    • Africa

    • Europe … after scratching and clawing for NOTHING.

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