2020·09·05 KMAG Daily Thread

Asshoe Saturday!

Justice Must Be done.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People...Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they’ve never seen before.

Then-Candidate Donald J. Trump

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

The Mandatory Coin

Thought of something in the nick of time. (This will probably post a few minutes late.)

One of the products of the California Gold Rush was the twenty dollar gold piece. I’ve talked about those a few times. But there was another, lesser known item, the one dollar gold piece.

These were tiny! Imagine that a 20 dollar gold piece was somewhat smaller than a silver dollar (but much heavier). A twentieth of that…well, that would have to be less than half the size of a dime! And indeed it was. (Now, it wasn’t less than half the width of a dime, but rather, less than half the volume of a dime. If the proportions were the same, it would have to be less than 4/5ths the diameter and less than 4/5th of the thickness to be less than half the volume of a dime. But even that looks tiny.)

There were three major varieties of these coins. From 1849-1849 was what we call today Type I.

Type I $1 gold piece. In 1849 there were three different variations, open and close wreath (this looks open to me) and somewhere on some of the close wreath coins James Longacre’s initial L appears very small, This was continued into 1854.

Type I was 13 millimeters across, making it barely half the width of a quarter.

My apologies for how wretched and worn that coin looks, but it seems to be rather difficult to find a picture with both sides of the coin in it and I’m pressed for time!

Type II is by far the hardest and most expensive to collect, it ran from 1854-1856, and is also known as the Indian Princess. They made the coin thinner so they could make it wider, it’s now 15mm across.

I said it was called the Indian Princess…but no Indian Princess ever wore an ostrich feather headdress. (Yes, those are ostrich feathers.)

Again a tricky one to find with both sides shown…this is an EXCEEDINGLY nice specimen almost certainly worth five figures.

After this they did a bit of restyling making the Indian princess’s head a bit bigger.

Type III, 1856-1889

This final coin is of course the easiest to locate, and there’s only about $100 worth of gold in it, so most here can probably manage to find one.

These were very popular as Christmas gifts. When it was discontinued in 1889, that job fell to the quarter eagle (i.e., the $2 1/2 gold piece).

During this entire period of time the US was also issuing silver dollars or trade dollars (special heavier dollars made for trade with China). In 1873, in fact, all three types of coins were minted as that was the year the Liberty Seated dollar was dropped and the Trade Dollar begun, also for a while in the late 1870s and early 1880s both Trade and Morgan silver dollars were being made.

So yet another way to have a dollar in your pocket that maybe some of you were unaware of!

Important Reminder

To conclude: My standard Public Service Announcement. We don’t want to forget this!!!

Remember Hong Kong!!!

I hope this guy isn’t rotting in the laogai somewhere!

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

551 thoughts on “2020·09·05 KMAG Daily Thread

  1. Remember this photo from yesterday?

    Carlos does a whole thread on it. Seems things are not what they appear to be. (I have sliced and dice the thread and added my own comments)

    …Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt released almost completely false court documents that do everything possible to minimize Michael Forest Reinoehl’s murder of Danielson.

    The claim is that Danielson got into an altercation with two black men.
    Then Reinoehl intervened and shot Danielson AFTER Danielson sprayed him with bear spray.

    Now, eyewitness accounts are often dishonest or mistaken, but in this case we have a COP lying.

    Reinoehl was charged with SECOND-DEGREE murder.

    The Portland jury would’ve acquitted him.

    Beniga admits that Reinoehl CROSSED SEVERAL LANES OF TRAFFIC to get to Danielson.
    My father taught me indirectly that you don’t fabricate lies out of whole cloth.

    You simply muddy the waters.

    The most effective lies have an element of truth.
    If Reinoehl was already on the same side of the street as Danielson and Pappas, in THIS garage, why do we see him CROSSING the street to get to Danielson?
    The videos and the police affidavit make it impossible to know what happened.

    I am going to add this here. REMEMBER the squad was AT LEAST 5 people, Carlos now thinks it is at least 6. Some of that squad stayed behind and it is they who may have muddied the waters. Were they the ones who said “Danielson got into an altercation with two black men?”

    …The claim is that Danielson got into an altercation with two black men.
    Then Reinoehl intervened and shot Danielson AFTER Danielson sprayed him with bear spray….

    However the earlier analysis by Carlos shows a male voice spotted Danielson not Reinoehl.

    1st male voice (MV): “Move! Move! Move!”

    2nd MV: “Hey! Enemy club’s over here! We got a couple right here!” [ referring to ‘Trump ‘club’ – GC]

    3rd MV: “Him?” [<– Reinoehl – GC]

    2nd MV: "Pull it out."

    3rd MV: "Right here?" [<– Reinoehl – GC]

    (Hissing sound.) [<– Probably Bear Spray – GC]

    (Two gunshots.)

    Female voice: "Knocked him off!"

    4th MV: "Go! Go! Go!"

    Back to the later thread.

    Police Detective Rico Beniga swore out the affidavit for the arrest warrant.

    Beniga says that Danielson was armed with a holstered 9mm Glock 17 with three extra magazines in one pocket of his cargo pants.

    I have no idea if that’s true, but it seems that an armed man would not advance on another armed man POINTING A GUN AT HIM.
    Beniga lies and says that the cloud of vapor appears AFTER one shot.



    Beniga admits that Reinoehl CROSSED SEVERAL LANES OF TRAFFIC to get to Danielson.

    (I added arrows to critical statements)

    Tell me what I’m doing wrong.
    ➡️ The police affidavit says that Reinoehl stood in the alcove of the Smart Parking garage at SW Third Avenue and Alder Street.

    The garage has no alcove, no exit arrow pointing STRAIGHT OUT, and no asphalt exit ramp.

    Thanks to @Mal_McKie I now understand.

    ➡️ Reinoehl was in the alcove of the Moda Building garage across the street.

    Muddying the waters. ….

    BLOW this one up!


    If Reinoehl was in the garage across the street BEHIND A WALL WHEN HE DREW HIS GUN then how in Hades did he SEE the altercation with the two Black Dudes? WHY did he have to be TOLD who to shot?

    As Carlos said they are muddying the water to cast blame on the Trump supporter and later on the cops that took down a coldblooded murderer.

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      1. Wolfie Carlos is working on an update. We will see what he figures out and I will post it.

        However notice in the top photo that we saw yesterday, either the two trump supporters are miss ID as being on Reinoehl’s side of the street or they crossed the street just after the photo was taken and Reinoehl followed them. (My eyesight is not good enough to actually see what is happening in the videos)

        Photo with the victim miss IDed??

        Garage ACROSS THE STREET where the victim was killed (Note red awnings)

        And a gargole map view with locations marked.

        Her is another still courtesy of Carlos of the victim.
        “…They confirmed the kill and gave the cops disinformation…..”

        You can see he is in front of that garage across the street from the first photo.

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        1. Photo looks legit, as does ID. Danielson is beginning to turn to cross the street in the photo. You can see his intent right there. He was then followed across by Reinoehl. I think Danielson sensed he was being followed, and/or caught Reinoehl in his peripheral vision to the left, so he moved right. That would have given him time to get the mace ready.

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  2. Its really convenient, knowing how hot it is that fires are starting.
    The last big fire was national news in similar area! They blamed it on truck exhaust but witnesses said the saw a guy lighting fires. This is mountain area and oak glen in a regional area popular for apple harvest festivals, that begin in 3 weeks.

    KTLA (@KTLA) Tweeted:
    Update: The #ElDoradoFire has exploded to 800 acres

    https://t.co/VSSbcNbMSE https://twitter.com/KTLA/status/1302351349615484929?s=20

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    1. Super hot weather.
      Vegetation dries up.
      Humidity drops.
      Evil doers light things up.

      Good view of tanker laying down suppression (view from above)…

      Amazing 15 min time lapse from across the valley…

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      1. More on time lapse and conditions…

        Nick Maksimuk @nik_muk
        #yestv Taken from Yucaipa looking at Oak Glen at approx 11:15-11:30am 9/5/20 – temps approx 105 f

        16 mph wind and 10% humidity right now

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  3. Rochester. Whsts going to hapoen tonight?

    Susan Ashline (@SusanAshline) Tweeted:
    #Roc is going to burn tonight. At @Speedway corner of Winton & East Ave, we saw ppl trying to secretly fill gas cans hidden in duffle bags. One guy w/3 new gas cans filling them all, one taxi van from NYC… https://t.co/Vw2zD6n9jl

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        1. DP..sometimes I it here and think about this. How have so many lost their humanity? There are more individual rando attacks on unsuspecting people going about their day that are so violent. Not robbery often..just for the sake of violence.

          Liked by 8 people

          1. I don’t get it, but then I’m an artist, essentially.

            Those last two houses, actually the last four…there’s a street that stretches the two mile length of Forest Park here, BIG boulevard known as Lindell (we pronounce it LIN-dull), where those houses would fit in. Here, if one was torched, there would be hell to pay. I hope the people of Rochester feel the same way.

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        1. From the article, a tweet.

          City councillor complains that police are stoking violence! (SMH)

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          1. That’s their mantra, Church – Blame it on someone else – now – it is the Police – while there are good and bad ones in every organization – one bad apple does not spoil the whole barrel – Gee Whiz!!! Make it Stop, Church!!!

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        2. They’re not “protestors”; they’re VANDALS…

          Another urinalist unfamiliar with the English language and the concept of truth in reporting…..

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    1. I watched the Derby with some people today. No one was in the stands. No ladies parading around in hats. No choir singing “My Old Kentucky Home.” The bugler played it instead. Beautifully, but still.

      Jockeys and other people riding horses around wore masks. Outside. The announcer, Mike Tirico, I think, mentioned protesters and hoped there would be no disturbance of the Derby as they “exercise their right” or something akin to that. The worst part was the moment of silence held before the race because of “the inequities in our society.” 😡 The race itself was exciting as usual, but everything around it, on NBC, was gaslighting at sickening levels.

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        1. I kept seeing commercials for Kentucky bourbon and whiskey, and that reminded me that they’re always selling mint juleps and who knows what else at the races. The amount of money and jobs lost for this one event must be tremendous.

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          1. Agree, Truths – the left is bent on destroying all we hold dear – every year – this event was uplifting and jubilant – even if one is not a horse enthusiast – it was fun to watch the tradition and excitement associated with the Derby – and yes – the investment lost is enormous – however – God is Good – He can and will restore prosperity to America – of that I am certain.

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      1. I didn’t even know they were running it today and I haven’t missed a Derby race for the last 25 years or so. How sad….Who won? Are they going to follow up with the Preakness and the Belmont?

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        1. The Belmont was run in June as usual, though maybe a little later. The winner was Tiz the Law. That horse was the favorite to win today, but he came in second to Authenticity, so there will be no Triple Crown winner this year. The Preakness will run October 3rd.

          Everything is so messed up, and that is the goal.

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      2. More factoids. Bob Baffert’s horse won. Baffert is the white-haired trainer who had won five Derbys. Today he tied the all-time record with six. But I never saw him wear a mask, and he didn’t have one hanging around his neck or in sight anywhere. 🐴

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  4. Note: HOSPITALIZED patients – some good results

    Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin plus zinc vs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin alone: outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

    In univariate analyses, zinc sulfate increased the frequency of patients being discharged home, and decreased the need for ventilation, admission to the ICU, and mortality or transfer to hospice for patients who were never admitted to the ICU. After adjusting for the time at which zinc sulfate was added to our protocol, an increased frequency of being discharged home (OR 1.53, 95% CI 1.12-2.09) reduction in mortality or transfer to hospice remained significant (OR 0.449, 95% CI 0.271-0.744). Conclusion: This study provides the first in vivo evidence that zinc sulfate in combination with hydroxychloroquine may play a role in therapeutic management for COVID-19.


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  5. Carlos is updating….


    Let’s consolidate the FACTS in the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

    These are only the things I know for sure.

    No theorizing.

    Now I know EXACTLY what happened.

    It’s all on tape.

    Add at least one more member of the death squad. I’ll show you where he was.

    No doubt whatsoever.

    I need to download and enhance audio first.

    Be back soon.

    This is a frigging NIGHTMARE.
    (Still aggregating, and then I have to enhance the audio. The wait will be worth it. I promise. THEY HAD TO HAVE REHEARSED THIS. I now have absolutely no doubt what happened, and I can prove it.)

    (STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ANTIFA. This operation was the result of training from people who do this for a living. DON’T ENGAGE THEM. This changes everything.)

    (I apologize. It’s going to take about 45 minutes. But I just figured it out right this second. I have to PROVE IT to you, so I need evidence that’s unequivocal. I’m quite shaken, and that never happens.)

    (While we’re all waiting, I MUST convince you to LEAVE THIS TO THE FEDERAL GUNSLINGERS. Leave it to @realDonaldTrump and William Barr. This was just the first death-squad assassination. You don’t train people this thoroughly to use them once. The trainers USED Antifa.)



    This agrees with what Robert Patrick Lewis is saying.
    Aug 26th 2020,

    My 1st article for @UncoverDC – 2 months of research into the murderous Marxist tyrants of the past (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler & Mussolini) uncovering not only the same blueprint used by all to seize power, but tying it in to ANTIFA & BLM today…


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    1. I had to look up NFAC to see what it stood for. I keep seeing the name in articles, but they don’t say what it is. Not the Sons of Liberty, that’s for sure.

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  6. Remember that POTUS urged us to pray… in his Proclamation yesterday he urged us to pray beginning 9/4 – 9/6

    Pray… Deep State is sending a lot of thugs into many of the streets of America … tonight

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  7. OKAY!!!

    The Carlos thread is now up.

    He has videos and stills and transcribed conversations.

    IT WAS A SET-UP!!! He found a tape of the people who stalled Danielson and Pappas so the gunman could get into place.


    I will do the thread for Zoe.


    Let’s consolidate the FACTS in the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

    These are only the things I know for sure.

    No theorizing.

    It was a planned, premeditated sectarian assassination carried out by a death squad of six active participants.
    [photo shown last page]

    It’s not possible to know if there were more people in addition to the four males and two females.

    The gunman was prepositioned in an alcove beside the exit ramp of the Moda Building, down the street from the murder scene, which was in front of the Smart Parking garage.
    [3 photos shown last page]

    The gunman did not know who he was going to murder, but had a story:

    He was protecting two black men being threatened by Danielson.

    He said that these were his friends.

    One alleged eyewitness confirms the story.
    There’s no video or audio evidence of two black men on the scene.

    We know word for word what was said.

    This is the second video of the incident: the Stumptown video.

    It’s very important to filter out BACKGROUND NOISE.

    ↪️We now must add TWO members to the death squad.

    The driver and front-seat passenger of this car. [NEW INFO. –GC]
    [blown up photo of car]

    And there’s absolutely no doubt that “witnesses” gave the police FALSE information.

    This assassination was as skilled as ANY of the ones I’ve studied.

    The death squad was TRAINED to carry out a sectarian assassination ON ANY STREET.

    Aaron “Jay” Danielson was randomly chosen.
    The two death-squad commanders chose a target and told the gunman where to stand.

    They communicated with him electronically.

    I don’t know how. Maybe a burner phone.

    It’s likely that they ALL had burner phones that they used ONCE.
    The gunman positioned himself AFTER Danielson and Pappas turned onto the street.

    The operation would’ve worked on ANY street.

    Somebody heard Danielson and Pappas talking. Maybe in the bar.

    They were chosen because of Danielson’s cap.
    The audio surveillance allowed the gunman to be told where to wait.

    In the alcove next to the exit ramp in the Moda Building.
    [ same 3 photos]

    The commander of Column Left of the death squad looked at the gunman, telling him, “Let’s go.”


    The car stopped, and the occupants engaged Danielson and Pappas in conversation, MAKING SURE THE TARGETS WERE POSITIONED AND DISTRACTED.

    [blown up photo of car ]

    Here’s Danielson talking to the car occupants.

    Not afraid.

    Not threatened.


    That’s the cover story.

    The gunman and the trainers KNEW he’d be acquitted, and THAT would start the sectarian war.
    [long range photo of car stopped talking to victim]

    The gunman HAD NO IDEA that he would be found by the feds.

    He gave his version of events–that he was protecting two black friends–and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt UNDERCHARGED HIM.

    The gunman would surrender and be acquitted.

    Only part of the conversation between the occupants of the red car and Danielson was recorded by the Stumptown cameraman.

    I have it, word for word.
    I have to do a screen grab to make it all fit.

    Open two tabs or windows and watch the ENHANCED Stumptown video while reading along to see that I’m exactly right.

    I transcribe ONLY WHAT I HEAR.

    That’s why the transcription for the Dunlap video is slightly different.
    1st male voice (MV): “Move! Move! (pause) Move!

    2nd MV: “Hey! Enemy club’s over here! We got a couple right here!”

    3rd MV: “Him?”

    2nd MV: “Pull it out.”

    3rd MV: “Right here?”

    (Hissing sound)

    (Two gunshots.)

    Female voice: “Knocked him off!”

    4th MV: “Go! Go! Go!”

    The police affidavit for the arrest warrant is pathetic.

    Now, I know a hell of a lot about law enforcement.

    You don’t have to tell cops what to write.

    “Witnesses” and the gunman said that Aaron “Jay” Danielson was killed in order to defend two black men.
    The gunman fully expected to surrender and be acquitted by the deeply evil leftists of Portland.

    I was always careful to tell you that I didn’t know EXACTLY what happened.

    This death-squad sectarian assassination was FAR more sophisticated than I thought possible.

    Non-leftists are LAUGHING at this video.

    Nobody understands that was planted so that the sectarian death squads could be activated.

    Wear a pro-Trump hat, and you deserve to be murdered.
    [video of leftist meltdown - Trump starting new Holocaust & she MEANS IT!]

    Do you take this seriously now?


    I’ve studied terrorism for 40 years.

    The killing took 14 seconds.

    They didn’t arrest the gunman despite knowing his identity, and the the county District Attorney UNDERCHARGED HIM.


    This is the end result of the brainwashing I saw in school in the 1960s. We are now into the THIRD or FOURTH GENERATION of PROGRESSIVE BRAINWASHING. Actually it has been a century since John Dewey came up with the teaching method needed to produce good little non-thinking socialists.

    …. Over numerous decades a grand experiment engaging in social engineering with America’s youth has been steadily working to homogenize a lowest common denominator product of sub par mediocrity, creating generations of young Americans who can neither read nor write, nor think for themselves in any critical manner. According to a study last year by the US Department of Education, 19% of US high school graduates cannot read, 21% of adults read below 5th grade level and that these alarming rates have not changed in the last ten years.

    The international test results from the 2012 PISA indicate American students are lagging behind virtually all developed nations even more than in the past. China topped all 65 nations while US teenagers again scored at or below average in math, reading and science. That is because the current educational system is no longer about learning the basic A-B-C’s but simply cranking out a subclass of work force laborers. This tragic fall from grace of America’s once great educational system has education researcher Cynthia Weatherly referring to America’s current education system as “limited learning for lifelong labor.”….

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      1. That was EXACTLY what I was just thinking. They KNEW if they took him back to Portland he would get a Not Guilty verdict just like the illegal who murdered Kathryn Steinle.

        Liked by 5 people

          1. T3, I am well aware of that.

            Actually I am surprised he pulled a gun on the cops. I wonder if he had a phone call from his ‘buddies’ warning him the FEDS and not the local Portland/Seattle cops were after him and he was headed for life in prison. The organizer of that little skirmish might have been worried the guy, if pressured, would blab so they got him to go out in a blaze of glory.

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            1. Yup. This makes sense. Feds upped the ante, and Antifa matched by (1) making sure Reinoehl went to guns (likely that he was INSTRUCTED to get the rifle), and (2) set up the Vice interview to (a) get Reinoehl’s version documented, and (b) make sure the feds found him.

              So easy to wrap up that loose end.

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              1. I think they also made sure to have the NYT put out the interview of Reese Monson, BLM beanie “security” right after the murder also…which makes me believe he was directing the action in some capacity

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  8. Reposting from over on News thread.

    Video voice over says you don’t have to be in California to support the organization running the petition drive to recall the governor, Gavin Newsom.

    Two other petitions have already been circulated and dropped due to whatever reasons.
    This one is being run by a former LEO if I am remembering correctly.

    They need 2 million signatures.
    If successful, gov could be out by next March.

    See: https://recallgavin2020.com/

    OAN story:

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