Dear KMAG: 20200831 Open Topic

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.




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Our President is fighting for us night and day…please pray for him.


Wheatie’s Rules:

            1. No food fights.
            2. No running with scissors.
            3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Stephen M Lloyd, titled ‘Rise Up’:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Sangfroid is a noun, which means…the ability to stay calm in a difficult or dangerous situation;  coolness of mind; calmness; composure.

Used in a sentence:

He managed to remain sangfroid, even though the polar bear had begun to take an interest in him.



702 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200831 Open Topic

    1. And guess what?
      The spokesman for the NYC Office of Court Administration said, “The individual WHO MAY HAVE BEEN EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED was nowhere to be found.” (emphasis mine)
      “…may have been emotionally disturbed…”
      Doesn’t that sound JUST LIKE the “explain it away” statements from the authorities in the European Union after a Kuffar is attacked and/or killed by a Muslim?
      OTOH, in the case of the judge, one is inclined to the suspicion that the perp is a PAID thug from Antifa / BLM.
      If the PAID insurrectionist / Communist thugs are using skateboards in Kenosha, it’s absolutely possible that they’re using bikes in New York City.

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  1. A thought here –

    Uncle Senile Joe records a speech and, with many takes and much editing, it is deemed acceptable for public presentation. So Joe and his crew travel to PA, hook up a player to a speaker system and Joe, with C-19 mask covering his entire lower face, pretends to read the speech from a teleprompter while it is broadcast from the player over the speakers. At the end, Joe leaves without greeting the crowd or taking questions, or removing his spittle-filled mask.

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    1. Nice theory, but he took off his mask as he apaproached the podium and spoke without it. I would not put it past them for future events, though.

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  2. DawsonSField
    AG Barr has demoted a lawyer at DOJ who decides what secret surveillance actions are legal. The Dems are very upset that this career lawyer who could give get out of jail free cards out by ruling things legal is gone.

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    1. This article looks to be on the topic:


      Current and former national security officials are raising concerns over Attorney General William Barr’s recent decision to remove the head of a Justice Department office that helps ensure federal counterterrorism and counterintelligence activities are legal – and replace him with a political appointee with relatively limited experience.

      “It’s very alarming,” said Katrina Mulligan, who worked for the Obama administration in several national security roles and then, after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, joined the Office of Law and Policy in the Justice Department’s National Security Division.

      For much of the past decade, that little-known office has been led by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brad Wiegmann, a 23-year career public servant, not a political appointee. But two weeks ago, Wiegmann, 54, was told he is being reassigned and replaced with a political appointee, according to a Justice Department spokesman and sources familiar with the matter.

      Mulligan and other sources told ABC News that the new head of the office is 36-year-old Kellen Dwyer, a cyber-crimes prosecutor who joined the federal government six years ago and made international headlines in November 2018 when he accidentally revealed that federal charges had been secretly filed against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

      Mulligan said that given Dwyer’s limited time and experience handling national security matters, he is “a very odd” choice to replace Wiegmann, whom she described as “exceptional” at managing government bureaucracy and resolving “highly contentious matters across the government.”

      The timing of the personnel change – coming just two months before the U.S. presidential election, and in the midst of a battle against domestic terrorism and foreign interference in the election – has worried current and former members of the national security community.

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      1. Bill Clinton was in the White house from 1993 to 2001.
        1997 is when Brad Wiegmann, a 23-year career public servant joined the DOJ under a CLINTON AG.

        So yes, he was DEFINITELY A CLINTON FIXER.

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        1. So here’s the question.

          Was this guy put into the justice department in 1997 with the EXPRESS INTENT of taking this particular job, or was WJKlinton just putting buddies in places where they might prove useful in the future?

          If the former, he did FISA spying too.

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        2. Gail Combs
          Been reading through Wiegmann’s testimony before the House and listening to some of his appearances on C-SPAN.
          If I digest all of these correctly, the guy was a career “government service” hack who was YET ANOTHER OBAMA EMBED in the DOJ.
          I also suspect AG Barr discovered that Wiegmann was a “back-channel conduit” of RESISTANCE coordinated efforts to hamper / obstruct DOJ and POTUS in every way possible to surveil, infiltrate, arrest, and otherwise stop the activities of BLM / Antifa.
          And I ALSO suspect that the removal of Wiegmann is NOT unconnected with POTUS’ decisions to employ Federal law enforcement officers to STOP the PAID thugs and TAKE OUT THE TRASH.

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  3. DawsonSField
    Another guilty plea in the effort to bribe officials to illegally lobby Trump & his administration to shut down the 1MDB case where $4.5B was stolen from Malaysia.
    Looks like the unnamed party official is Elliot Broidy!
    Quote Tweet

    Justice Department
    · 28m
    Hawaii Businesswoman Pleads Guilty to Facilitating Back-channel Lobbying Campaign to Drop 1MDB Investigation and Remove a Foreign National to China
    If you don’t follow me, you may be unaware that a DOJ lawyer assigned to work with Congress plead guilty almost 2 years ago for this plot by Obama & Clinton donors to buy access to Trump! The 1MDB case connects to many of the deepest Swamps on the planet.
    7:36 PM · Aug 31, 2020

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      1. Trump Admin Is Drafting Executive Order Mandating Coverage …
        “Trump has been heavily critical of China since gaining office in 2017, but has ramped up his rhetoric after the coronavirus spread from China across the globe. He has taken to calling COVID-19 the “China virus” and has suggested the U.S. is investigating ways to hold China accountable for its role in allowing the virus to become a global…”
        Article has been removed but it is archived.

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  5. Been going to Nebraska each month for work since covid crap started up. So what happened Nebraska? Walked into Scheels and a manager asked me where my mask was. Even offered me one. How kind. Last month, no problem. Month before, masks not even thought of. The more the death rate drops, the worse the rules are getting. Yep, I left.

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    1. If you have a few idle minutes. Perhaps review Nebraska’s edict regarding “mandatory” masks. Look for exceptions.

      Nevada’s edict has buried in the fine print, masks NOT required:
      – Those with medical conditions.
      – No documentation required.
      – If no mask, a face shield SHOULD be worn. “Should” is a suggestion, recommendation…not directive in nature.

      There have been a few idiot businesses that insist on a mask. I leave.

      One idiot at Home Depot insisted I wait while she got the OK from a manager. I said, I’ll wait. She walked around the corner, returned in fifteen seconds and said I could enter without a mask.

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    2. good for you! Hope it doesn’t mean a financial hardship for you. I think more people should refuse.

      I have worn a mask twice since this mess started… once to go to the doc, and second time into the hospital for a test. Will have to wear one again Thurs for another test. The min I get into the treatment room I remove the mask. Actually, I wear it below my nose. The staff laugh with me… that’s how they wear theirs, most of the time.

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  6. Video 1:32. Take a listen to this asshoe. Such a maroon.

    Wonder if any in the congregation got up and walked out? Folks need to push back everywhere this nonsense is going on. Simply UFB, the brain washing going on.

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  7. please read! Fantastic Hollywood rant by a victim of Hollywood Cancel Culture.

    Hollywood has been in a general hidey hole especially when it comes to Conservatives this year, with the exception of the regular nutjobs BB promotes.


    “We aren’t unified under “Trump’s lies.” We don’t care about him as a figurehead. We are unified in that YOU guys want an America that is OK leaving us behind in your pursuit of YOUR vision for this country. Guess what? We’re not going anywhere.

    Name me ONE conservative celebrity in Hollywood that is still respected and gets work? That isn’t mocked incessantly by every other talking head? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    Being a conservative in this industry today, is like being gay in the 50’s: you’d rather kill yourself than be outed. And you motherfuckers LOVE it like that.”

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  8. Well this is an interesting thread by DawsonSField!

    It explains the new cries of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!

    Looks like Sheriff Roscoe & his Deputy Cleetuses are in for a bad day…

    McCabe’s defensive leaks to NYT’s again show that Comey, Rosenstein & Mueller were on Trump’s side!…

    It also clears up the conflict that President Trump worked with the FBI under Mueller to go after the NY and NJ Mob.

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    1. I’m going to give that the stink eye. It doesn’t explain Weissman, and what happened to Flynn, Stone, etc. It doesn’t explain why the Podestas weren’t indicted and so much more.

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  9. High five to this..more of this everywhere I hope~~~

    CLACKAMAS, Ore. – The sheriffs of Clackamas and Washington County say they will not send staff to help with protests in Portland after Oregon Governor Kate Brown unveiled a plan to address the violence at protests.

    The plan called on several local law enforcement agencies to help, including the sheriff’s offices of Washington and Clackamas counties.

    Clackamas Co. Sheriff Craig Roberts said the governor didn’t approach his office before rolling out the plan, intended to address the violence and arson while also protecting free speech.

    “Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder,” the sheriff said. “The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence.”

    Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett cited several risks that led to the decision, including “the lack of political support for public safety, the uncertain legal landscape, the current volatility combined with intense scrutiny on use of force.”

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        1. Right?! I don’t know if they’ll use that one. It would make the DNC look very stupid for not testing and nominating him in the 1st place. An accident is so much better..he’s a victim and that’s always good for distraction and sympathy

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  10. they must not be looking for him very hard since there’s been no arrest yet..

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      1. Found a really weird series of tweets with pix of kids, many kids out in Portland in the middle of the night seemingly being trained in guerrilla antifa warfare. Whose kids? It’s not a thread but if interested

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  11. Emails show FBI investigated Trump tweets criticizing Obama and FBI, watchdog says

    From the article:

    The conservative watchdog Judicial Watch says it has received more than 300 pages of emails between former FBI official Peter Strzok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page that includes records of the FBI discussing an investigation into tweets sent by President Trump in early 2017 about the agency spying on him at the behest of former President Obama.

    “These astonishing emails, which have been hidden for years, show the Comey FBI was investigating President Trump over his critical tweets of the agency and Obama’s spying abuse and misconduct,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These emails also show that Comey was intimately involved with illegal and dishonest FISA spy op against President Trump.”

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    1. Great. More declas. That is great! IF it is followed by indictments, arrests and prosecutions.

      But patient we have been, and are. Week seven of the “eight”, IIRC.

      We’ll win the election. I am confident of that. At some point, the DOJ is totally out of excuses to take definitive action against the coup plotters and others.

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  12. Emails show FBI investigated Trump tweets criticizing Obama and FBI, watchdog says

    New emails between Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and a number of their colleagues reveal the timeline of events leading up to the renewal of the FISA application on Carter Page and the investigation of the president following his criticism of Obama and the FBI.

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  13. Laughing… Oregon wench guv Kate Brown having difficulty getting back ups for Portland. Seems some or many Oregon Sheriffs are refusing to send their deputies to Portland to be targets for BLM and Antifa.

    Maybe Wheeler and Brown will realize they need to officially ask for Federal help soon. Without preconditions tying the Feds hands.


    REVOLT! Oregon Sheriffs Defy Order by Liberal Governor to Send Deputies to Portland to be Attacked by Protesters and Harassed by the Courts!

    On Sunday Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown requested Oregon sheriffs send their deputies to Portland to be sacrificial lambs for the violent far left protesters and abusive liberal courts.

    Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said the governor did not even bother to call him. He will not be sending his deputies into the progressive cesspool.

    Sheriff Pat Garrett from Washington County said he will not be sending his deputies to Portland.


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    1. Why should they send their guys into that sewer and fight the dregs of society and get no backup from the DA.
      All those arrests and they all skate.
      It’s happening everywhere.
      A radical was arrested at an abolish police protest in Waupaca, Wisc. Matthew Banta, 23, was filmed fighting an officer & pointing his rifle at him. During the arrest, Banta bit him on arm. The rifle was loaded & he also carried a knife. He was bailed out. ($1000)

      SAME guy arrested today……. a flamethrower?

      Matthew Lee Banta, who went by “Commander Red,” was arrested carrying a flame thrower, fireworks and smoke grenades. He’s charged with obstructing an officer and two counts of felony bail jumping. #AntifaRiots,counts%20of%20felony%20bail%20jumping

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