8.31.20 News Roundup! SleepyCreepy Joe Wake Up We Have Problems, Everything You Need To Know About the Democracy Institute Poll, They Are Begging PDJT Not To Visit Kenosha On Tuesday, PDJT Tells Them To Go Pound Sand, Portland’s MONSTER Decided To Kill A Trump Supporter, Mayor Ted Is A POS, PDJT’s Tweets & Retweets Are Killing Their Narrative, The Coronavirus Is Killing Their Dreams, NYC Is Gone After Seeing What Happened…..

SleepyCreepy Joe decided to take a nap while being interviewed. He saw the latest poll from Democracy Institute and realized all his hopes and dreams were fading away.

From the article linked above:

DONALD TRUMP is on course for a clear victory in the US Presidential election after he opened up a three point lead over Joe Biden in an exclusive poll for the Sunday Express.

According to the latest monthly Democracy Institute (DI)/ Sunday Express poll President Trump has 48 percent of the popular support over former Vice President Biden’s 45 percent.

In the key swing states the gap is even bigger with 49 percent for Trump to 42 percent for Biden giving the incumbent US President an almost unassailable seven point lead.

Significantly, the latest poll shows that 21 percent were positively influenced to vote Trump after the Republican convention but a negligible eight percent were inspired to vote Biden after the Democrat convention.

Trump is set to win in Minnesota 48 to 45, Florida 47 to 44 and New Hampshire, where he just held a major rally, 47 to 43. 

It also appears clear that US voters have already made up their minds with a mere 3 percent of Trump voters and 9 percent of Biden supporters suggesting they could have a change of heart on polling day on November 3.

Patrick Basham, the director of the Democracy Institute, said that the polls confirm that the Democrats completely misread the effect of the Black Lives Matter protests and the desire of Americans to restore law and order in the wake of riots and anarchic protests.


[…] According to the poll law and order is clearly the top political issue with 37 percent putting it as the most important followed by 27 percent for the economy.

Well worth watching:

This is why the MORONIC Governor, AG and Mayor of Kenosha, Wisconsin are begging our President to cancel Tuesday’s visit.

Our President told them to go pound sand!

SleepyCreepy Joe’s handlers told him that he can’t wait until after Labor Day to get out of the basement.

Everything from the DI poll occurred before their MONSTER in Portland decided to kill a Trump supporter in cold blood. I am so grateful that our President tweeted this:


This is their MONSTER and there is nothing they can say or do to change that fact!

Our President is absolutely right! The problem for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. is that a vast majority of Americans agree with him.

This waste of a human being thinks this is going to fly with Americans. This will enrage them even more since two days prior he publicly tweeted a letter refusing our President’s assistance. Thankfully our President retweeted Bernard Kirk’s tweet:

He also retweeted these three tweets:

Our President also retweeted this (sorry Crying Chuck but Americans aren’t buying your BS):

Our President retweeted this and she is absolutely right!

The day went from bad to worse for the Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. seeing their Coronavirus taking a nose dive:

Meanwhile another Democrat run hellhole is completely gone for good:

From the article linked above:

A Bronx man was arrested Sunday for allegedly trying to rape a woman on an Upper East Side subway platform in a disturbing daytime attack that was filmed and ultimately thwarted by fellow New Yorkers, police said.

Jose Reyes, 31, is accused of pouncing on the 25-year-old woman around 11 a.m. Saturday inside the Lexington Avenue and East 63 Street F train station.

“This heinous and horrendous act was interrupted by a good Samaritan who observed Mr. Reyes’ behavior and got him to cease . . . while subsequently videotaping the incident,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison told reporters.

The woman was riding the F train home from work when she encountered Reyes, who was “smoking some type of hookah and started making weird noises and laughing to himself,” Harrison said.

She and the deranged man got off at the station, where he began gesturing “in a masturbation motion toward her” as she tried to move away, according to the top detective.

“Mr Reyes follows her, which resulted in him assaulting her, punching her, pushing her to the ground, climbing on top of her and attempting to spread her legs,” Harrison said.

[…] Reyes has at least 14 previous arrests on his record, including three that took place on the subway system, though none were sexual in nature, cops said. He was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of attempted rape, assault and harassment.

70 thoughts on “8.31.20 News Roundup! SleepyCreepy Joe Wake Up We Have Problems, Everything You Need To Know About the Democracy Institute Poll, They Are Begging PDJT Not To Visit Kenosha On Tuesday, PDJT Tells Them To Go Pound Sand, Portland’s MONSTER Decided To Kill A Trump Supporter, Mayor Ted Is A POS, PDJT’s Tweets & Retweets Are Killing Their Narrative, The Coronavirus Is Killing Their Dreams, NYC Is Gone After Seeing What Happened…..

  1. This IS going to be a great week.

    Cracking up… Here I thought is was a spoof of sorts, but sleepycreepyJoe really did sleep during a live interview.
    ^^^ Just can’t make this stuff up. 🙂

    The dirtbag arrested for attempted rape NY subway station. guessing he’s already been released. Seems that is what NYC does. UFB.

    Enjoying the numbers in the polls. Betting the EC vote is much higher in President Trump’s favor than predicted above. At least some of the polls have stopped lying, in Pedo Joe’s favor.

    So glad President Trump is going to Kenosha. Americans need to see President Trump taking law and order. doing everything he can. And, exposing failed D-rat mayors and guvs, their policies…

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    1. At least some of the polls have stopped lying, in Pedo Joe’s favor.

      Actually I hope they *haven’t* stopped lying in his favor, because that way Trump will do even better than expected based on the polls.

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  2. Howdy folks, sorry for being out of the loop. Things have been very hectic at home.

    I need some help tracking down articles and information on all Trump’s and Ivanka’s various education initiatives.

    I’ll be doing this on my own too but just wanted to put this out there.

    Off to bed before I really crash.

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    1. Remember – the Democrat/Clinton paid violence in Chicago, forcing Candidate Trump to cancel a rally during 2016 campaign, was also blamed on Trump – by Democrats and NeverTrump-RINOs alike!

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          1. This week seven and next, then skeptical it’ll ever happen.

            Barr is far to worried about “politics” and DOJ reputation, which will NEVER recover if they don’t have wide spread arrests and prosecutions.

            FBI is beyond redemption.

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  3. thanks for the awesome and HONEST poll results!
    I can believe they have Joe on some kind of medication–but falling asleep during an interview? that’s bizarre!
    i also believe as Americans we DO want law and order…safety for our families and ourselves is paramount…and it’s clear the left wants the opposite!

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  4. The entire world knows why Joe is hiding…but, what the heck is going on with Comma La? Surely she should be out making 10 appearances a day…what’s her problem…(other than perhaps buyer’s remorse to agreeing to be associated with an obvious loser.). Suspect she was given a very substantial “incentive” to play the sacrificial goat role.

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    1. …buyer’s remorse to agreeing to be associated with an obvious loser.

      Hmmm, asking for a friend.

      – Is that Pedo Joe remorseful being tagged with Hoe?


      – Is that Hoe, remorseful agreeing to be tagged with Pedo Joe?

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    2. I think they are hoping to win like Hillrotten hoped to win – by lying, cheating, intimidation, calling Trump and his supporters names….same old Nazi/Communist/Alinsky tactics.

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  5. The video of Joe Biden sleeping in the interview is labeled as SATIRE.

    We have to be careful now. They want us to look foolish for spreading this kind of thing.

    If it makes you too happy or excited, look very closely.

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      1. Cause they have no original thought – how do you make what is already better – no thanks to them – better – they have no clue – I guess better for them is trashing America and pocketing the proceeds.

        There could not be a more stark contrast to the Trump Agenda – and he goes right after them – do you want your taxes raised? do you want your oil rigs and refineries closed? do you want open borders so anyone can come in? do you want to pay welfare for illegals? do you want your 401Ks depleted? and on and on – you have to be brain dead to vote for the Democrat Agenda, PR. Gee Whiz!!!

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      Mainstream Media is reporting that the most senior officer in the US Armed Forces says, “There is no role for the military in the 2020 presidential election.”

      The article reveals that General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was responding to questions submitted by two members of congress, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and Mickey Sherrill of New Jersey, who were apparently recruiting the General’s support for a military coup.

      These two were amongst the first to call for the impeachment of the President last year, for investigating Joe Biden’s ties to the Ukraine. In a Washington Post Op-Ed, seven Freshman Democrats, all former military- and intelligence operatives, claimed to be a group of unified US patriots, sworn to save America from Donald Trump.

      Abigail Spanberger and Elissa Slotkin were featured in headlines three years ago: “Ex-CIA officers running for Congress as Democrats.” The article cited the unfounded Russia Hoax as the inspiration for these so-called “patriotic” CIA operatives to run for office.

      NBC wrote that these CIA agents were “fed up” with the president and their new mission was to foil Trump. The move by the CIA to run agents in the 2018 elections came almost immediately after the president ordered devastating bombings of Afghanistan heroin operations, an operation that many believe was run by the CIA.

      This is not surprising. The CIA has been involved in the international opium market since their inception. In 1947, when agency operatives worked with the Italian mafia and used heroin profits as CIA funding.

      Slotkin and Sherrill were not the first to request the US military’s assistance in their coup d’état against President Trump. On August 11th, a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with a former lieutenant colonel of the Army wrote an open letter to General Milley.

      Like out of a Philip K Dick novel, they predicted that Trump was mobilizing a secret army and threatened that General Milley would be guilty of treason if he would not help them remove the president from office.

      The publication of General Milley’s response to these CIA operatives is a sign of the American Deep State’s weakness. They appear to be desperate.

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  6. The ChiComs are lying…and accusing India of doing what *they* are actually doing.

    That’s exactly what the Dems do here!
    It must be in the commie playbook somewhere.

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    1. This is one ploy of Dictator Xi’s opening tactics to pave the way to simply ANNEX parts of the India, some of which have been in “border dispute” with the ChiComs for ages:

      The location of the “Indian incursion into Chinese territory” is the GALWAN VALLEY, part of LADAKH. Communist China claimed “control” of the Galwan Valley AND Ladakh years ago.
      Beijing has been “administering” the northeastern part of Ladakh, called Aksai Chin, for years.
      AT LEAST 20 Indian Army soldiers were killed in the latest fight.

      Remember that India is a member of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation), a CHICOM-masterminded agreement in 2001. PAKISTAN is also a member, and Beijing has its eyes on that area too.
      So are Kazakhstan and all the other formerly Soviet Union satellite countries that border Communist China.

      Remember also that the Chinese historically think in terms of CENTURIES regarding strategy, as opposed to MONTHS or YEARS in Western countries.

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  7. POTUS is most likely going to win in a landslide.
    It’s the “DOWN-DRAFT” Republicans ALSO running that are a different situation.
    Like the Senate races.
    Here’s a list of Senators, any one or more of whom who, in my opinion, may have a chance of being replaced with DemComs:

    And others who also may be vulnerable:

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  8. Thanks again Flep… another great Recap…

    I esp like the reports on polling… if they are showing POTUS ahead this far from the election, it must mean that POTUS is WAY AHEAD… we will need that info out there to counter their lies that the election results were close or even that Republicans stole it… and you know that is going to be the DIMs battle cry…

    We need down ticket wins… across the country…

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  10. Kayleigh McEnany Press Briefing!

    Kayleigh ended it with a BOOM!

    She said (Biden/Schumer/Democrats) blaming President Trump for the violence in Democrat cities is “like the Arsonist blaming the Firefighter.”

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  11. This is goingvto be very important as the year goes on. No one here is in person except chosen few, even private schools.

    Make L.A Great Again 🇺🇸 (@GuiltyHonkey) Tweeted:
    LAUSD enrollment decline continues during online learning, with unexpected drop of 6,000 kindergarteners https://t.co/wnYaU70NlH

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  12. A Bronx man was arrested Sunday for allegedly trying to rape a woman on an Upper East Side subway platform in a disturbing daytime attack that was filmed and ultimately thwarted by fellow New Yorkers, police said.

    Allegedly, damn I am so sick and tired of that word what do they think he was doing just a routine dental exam, move along folks nothing to see here..

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        1. I tried to find out and post a link – but I think it was another José Reyes – the baseball player who was arrested for Domestic Abuse who is out on bail. Sorry for the mistake!

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  13. Closed forever. Slaves. Unless we remove all democrats.
    And they’re moving ahead with outlin8ng how the state will award reparations.

    Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) Tweeted:
    NEW CA #COVID rules:
    “A county could, for 3 weeks, average just ONE COVID-19 CASE per day for every 100,000 residents and still only be granted the “Orange/Moderate” level where “some business operations are open with modifications.” Not deaths, not hospitalizations, but CASES.

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  14. John Cardillo (@johncardillo) Tweeted:
    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘We will never do any of these lockdowns again’

    I’ve been critical of @RonDeSantisFL, but he’ll get nothing but support and praise from me for this.

    Now he needs to order the entire state fully reopened, no mask mandates.


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  15. Really good interview about the Coronavirus Hype…

    In Canada we are going full-fledged idiocy on the virus….our liberties are being curtailed….

    Hopefully, more people like Patrick Coffin of Patrick Coffin Media are fighting back…with facts!

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