Dear KMAG: 20200830 Open Topic

[I was a bit hesitant to post the following article, but did because the overall message is good and pertinent. 

Most, perhaps all, of those of us who are Christians at The QTree have some doctrinal differences between us, but we can’t let minor doctrinal differences divide us. 

In the essentials – Unity;
in the non-essentials – Liberty;
and in all things – Charity (agapé love).

The difficulty lies in the specifics of what a person considers to be the essentials and non-essentials of the Christian faith.  I’ll certainly not even attempt to resolve that issue here, although I believe that a true statement of faith can be quite brief.

In the following article, this issue would be addressed in the specific definition of a “fellow with a pure heart,” a definition that is not provided.]

A Christian brother was upset with me. So upset that he was considering rescinding his invitation for me to speak to his group. Seems he’d heard I was pretty open about who I have fellowship with. He’d read the words I wrote: “If God calls a person his child, shouldn’t I call him my brother?” And, “If God accepts others with their errors and misinterpretations, shouldn’t we?”

He didn’t like that. “Carrying it a bit too far,” he told me. “Fences are necessary,” he explained. “Scriptures are clear on such matters.” He read me a few and then urged me to be careful to whom I give grace.

“I don’t give it,” I assured. “I only spotlight where God already has.”

I hope to see him today. If the subject resurfaces, I’ll give him a thought that came to me. But in case it doesn’t, I’ll say it to you. (It’s too good to waste.) Just one sentence:

I’ve never been surprised by God’s judgment,
but I’m still stunned by his grace.

God’s judgment has never been a problem for me. In fact, it always seemed right. Lightning bolts on Sodom. Fire on Gomorrah. Good job, God. Egyptians swallowed in the Red Sea. They had it coming. Forty years of wandering to loosen the stiff necks of the Israelites? Would’ve done it myself. Ananias and Sapphira? You bet.

Discipline is easy for me to swallow. Logical to assimilate. Manageable and appropriate. But God’s grace? Anything but. Examples? How much time do you have?

David the psalmist becomes David the voyeur [and adulterer and murderer], but by God’s grace becomes David the psalmist again.

Peter denied Christ before he preached Christ.

Zacchaeus, the crook. The cleanest part of his life was the money he’d laundered. But Jesus still had time for him.

The thief on the cross: hellbent and hung-out-to-die one minute, heaven-bound and smiling the next.

Story after story. Prayer after prayer. Surprise after surprise.

Seems that God is looking more for ways to get us home than for ways to keep us out. I challenge you to find one soul who came to God seeking grace and did not find it. Search the pages [of the Bible]. Read the stories. Envision the encounters. Find one person who came seeking a second chance and left with a stern lecture. I dare you. Search. You won’t find it.

You will find a strayed sheep on the other side of the creek. He’s lost. He knows it. He’s stuck and embarrassed. What will the other sheep say? What will the shepherd say?

You will find a shepherd who finds him. (Luke 15:3-7)

Oh boy. Duck down. Put hooves over the eyes. The belt is about to fly. But the belt is never felt. Just hands. Large, open hands reaching under his body and lifting the sheep up, up, up until he’s placed upon the shepherd’s shoulders. He’s carried back to the flock and given a party! “Cut the grass and comb the wool,” he announces. “We are going to have a celebration!”

The other sheep shake their heads in disbelief. Just like we will. At our party. When we get home. When we watch the Shepherd shoulder into our midst one unlikely soul after another.

Seems to me God gives a lot more grace than we’d ever imagine. We could do the same.

I’m not for watering down the truth or compromising the gospel. But if a fellow with a pure heart calls God Father, can’t I call that same man Brother? If God doesn’t make doctrinal perfection a requirement for family membership, should I?

And if we never agree, can’t we agree to disagree? If God can tolerate my mistakes, can’t I tolerate the mistakes of others? If God can overlook my errors, can’t I overlook the errors of others? If God allows me with my foibles and failures to call him Father, shouldn’t I extend the same grace to others?

One thing’s for sure. When we get to heaven, we’ll be surprised at some of the folks we see. And some of them will be surprised to see us.

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754 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200830 Open Topic

  1. Ground report. I ventured out to an upper class purple area today for the first time since the crisis started. By “purple,” I mean there have been hotly contested D vs. R undercard races there for the past few years. TRUMP SIGNS EVERYWHERE. And not just standard yard signs, but I spotted several Trump flags and at least one very large billboard-type sign. Did not see a single Biden sign, bumper sticker, or anything! I am confident that Trump and the rest of the undercard Rs are winning this district.

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    1. It does work. And once you’ve done it, on this laptop as soon as I type a-n, it types in the rest and you can see luted as “top hit”. I just did it again.

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    1. As many times as I’ve seen the one of Queenpantifa..I never noticed that she said that they proved that they don’t need the police because they were able to gun down a man in cold blood…omg..aren’t they saying that cops are too trigger happy? Hey and what about the 2 teens shot by their citizen police force earlier in riot season?

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  2. Interesting development in Trump family saga…

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      1. I would not put it past them.

        All they would need to audio of her talking and cutting it together.

        The editing software they have no a days lets you do that without issue.
        Its great when you have someone who says ‘oohhh, ummmm, ahhh’ but yeah question any audio or video. All can be edited.

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    1. Uh, so she clears the air a week or two after the initial story.

      Slow guy not buying any of this. But, nice to see the niece thrown under the bus.

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        1. Really enjoyed that series. Steve McQueen as Josh Randal. Had a life size poster of him in costume leaning against an upright post. We had it attached to the wall of a ski hut on the very top of a mountain that we used to assemble equipment for ski patrol and for snow control. It had the only stove on the whole mtn and was popular for patrollers as Mr. Cool looked on.

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          1. I’m not familiar with that show/series. I always think of Steve McQueen in the Great Escape…

            Were you in/on ski patrol somewhere? If so, any chance you might (at least slightly) enjoy Stallone’s movie Cliffhanger? Sounds like Josh Randal created an appropriate ambiance as Mr. Cool! 🙂


            1. It was the TV series that gave traction to McQueen’s acting career when he was young.

              He also raced motorcycles mainly in CA and was capt of an American team which competed in European trials. He was extraordinarily competitive. Against the wishes of the producers, he insisted on doing his own riding stunts incl jumping the fence on Great Escape. He rode Triumph motorcycles.

              I snow skied for 25 yrs, 15 of which were on ski patrol, mtn rescue and some snow control (avalanche training) in the Pacific Northwest. Every weekend was spent skiing and took our 3 kids from ages of 2 or 3. I skied in remote areas accessible by helicopter and really enjoyed it. In the summer I water skied and flew a kite from the boat.

              I have seen Cliffhanger and found it to be entertaining. We live on a small acreage on top of a minor mountain close to a city and I love it.

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              1. Love All of this–thanks for sharing! What a blessing to grow up, explore, & enjoy mountains!!! Being from the Mid-West mountains were only things I encountered on vacations…& art work–which I am always drawn to.

                My family did Not ski, but I joined the “ski club” in HS & went numerous times to such skiing opportunities as could be had in SE MI (bunny hills from your perspective) & once in Northern MI at a facility that my dad had done work for in the Summer to help clear the trees (for free horseback riding) to make it able to be turned into a ski resort–eventually.

                Sadly, my husband has never skied & we didn’t bring that culture to our kids (we never had the funds to attempt it). We did take them sledding (free!) many times when they were younger & our 2 oldest boys have discovered, & massively enjoy, snow boarding!

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  3. Sign of the times. I asked my hubby about augmenting our ammo & he said he can’t get any anywhere in SE MI, at least that he knows of…Wow!

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    1. Most on the right already own. It’s the undecided and the liberal agitators that want them now. I wouldn’t be surprised if this dry spell is on purpose.

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      1. Could be…remember when BHO wasn’t allowing used brass to be re-filled (not sure of the correct term, loaded perhaps?)…That UN subgroup on disarmament from 2013 & their agenda items, all dem wishlist crap, are quite telling in this arena too!

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      2. 100% ammo manufactures are working overtime…maximum throughput. How do I know this? Capitalism. Great concept.

        Ammo IS selling as fast as stores can get it in. Online sources the same. Guns getting harder and harder to locate. Guns are out there, but selection is terrible. Surely gun manufactures are manufacturing as quickly as they can.

        Was in Scheel’s, they are like a Bass Pro, Gander… Very little 6.5 and some 12GA. NO .32, .380, 9MM, .40, .45… Maybe 30 handguns. Normally, a few hundred in display cases. A few ARs, no AKs.

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        1. Most likely a supply and demand issue. I’m just making a guess if we have information that Antifa and BLM are trying to get their hands on weapons, which they are as we can see that they’ve started to show up with them more frequently these last couple of months, that we might do something to slow that process down.

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          1. Can’t legally stop the sales if the weapon is available and the buyer is both legal and has the financial ability.

            Nor would I suggest the asshoes 2A Rights be denied.

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  4. Along with your line about how surprised we’ll be at seeing certain others there, we better work out on this side of the veil that we will need our hearts to be sincerely glad and welcoming to them or we’re not going to be worthy of being there ourselves. I believe that’s what Purgatory is for, just in case we don’t figure that out until we get to the other side of the veil.

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    1. Kinda like saying if you want your city back you need to stand up and take it back.
      Now some might say that means by voting. A few might argue differently but surely there’s some middle ground there that will do the trick.

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      1. Citizens should let their politicians and councillors know of their priorities. For instance Portland Mayor Wheeler confirmed that he is batshit crazy during his presser today. He and his AG stated that their voices for social justice change would not stop and that was more important than bringing law and order to their city. While he chooses to ignore his own city, he seems to feel uniquely qualified to criticize POTUS and tell DJT how to do the work of the people of the US of A. He thinks he speaks for Demo Mayors and Governors across the country.

        He claims to be open to dialogue but fails to open his mind to learn from any of the signs. His presser today had close to 2500 ppl for the peak time. Of those, more than half “disliked” his briefing, which was 5 times the number of “likes”. I’ve never seen that before. He could benefit from those who pay his salary (and others) bringing to his attention that he is completely delusional and needs to step aside immediately to let control be reestablished by someone who can.

        The Police Chief seems like a decent guy but his hands are tied by reductions to resources and assets. Seems the Mayor feels it necessary to protect his own home with many of the reduced number of officers. IMO – Unless the National Guard move in it will now prompt a vigilante reaction to the assassination there last night. These lunatics are looking for any instance that they can twist to blame Trump. It’s a tough situation but it isn’t going to heal itself just b/c Mayor re-images change.

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    1. Looks like Tony Evers just told Ted Wheeler to hold his beer.
      What a jerky letter.
      He even calls Kyle Rittenhouse an “out of state militant” in the letter. Hopefully the kids lawyers pick up on that and demand the case be moved out of state.
      Best part is seeing that Evers didn’t learn about the visit until it was announced.

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      1. I still do not think Biden suffers from dementia – his gaffs could be written as easily as a speech – he knows he is a transition candidate – so guess he does not mind the insults and/or memes – I just cannot take him seriously – he is a sick man of a different kind but, not to the point of deserving our pity – imho

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        1. “I still do not think Biden suffers from dementia – his gaffs could be written as easily as a speech –”


          Which would be even MORE humiliating, if he was exposed as faking dementia 😂🤣😂

          Can you even imagine?

          What kind of sick monster fakes an illness that afflicts millions of people, all for politics?

          His goose is in a deep-fryer EITHER way 😂

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      1. I prayed for those of his family and friends who are alive and in need of support and hope and gaining some measure of understanding from this tragedy. Lord, let his life not be in vain but allow the entire community to get behind his family to show the hopelessness of this violence. Strengthen them and comfort them as you have gone ahead and prepared a place for all who know you as heavenly Father. Thank you Lord

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  5. I just had my FIRST Mask-Nazi experience… and it was hilarious!

    If I knew how much fun it would be, I’d have figured out a way to bait people into confronting me 😂

    I was at the Stop ‘N Go and one of the regulars was behind the counter. They have a plexiglass ‘wall’ sitting on top of the counter, and then the guy behind the counter is wearing a full-face plexiglass shield, like a clear welder’s mask.

    As I walk up to the counter he says something, but I can’t hear him clearly, so I said “What’s that?”

    And he pointed to his face and said “Mask”.

    And I said “What about it?”

    He says “You’re not wearing your mask.”

    I said “Oh, I never wear one. This whole thing’s a big hoax. I know you have to wear one because you work here, but this whole thing is bogus, you watch, the Covid-19 China Virus will miraculously end on November 4th, nobody will even talk about it, it will vanish down the media’s memory hole.”

    Then the guy behind takes his mask off, and says “That’s what I think!”

    So I’ve started a rebellion 😂🤣😂

    The store clerk doesn’t know what to do, the other people waiting in line have that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes, while this guy and I talk about the CDC revised figures, and how 94% of the deaths also involved comorbitities.

    Then he says some other organization just released data saying the death rate is even lower than what the CDC revised figures say.

    We’re both talking plenty loud enough for everyone in the store to hear us, and the line can’t move anyway, because I’m still swiping my card and completing my transaction while this is all going on.

    Then I say the masks are useless anyway, because viruses are much smaller than the filtration capability of even an N95 respirator, much less a cheap paper mask. Wearing a 50-cent surgical mask is like putting up a chain-link fence to stop mosquitoes.

    The other laughs and said I KNOW, it’s all idiocy!

    I said People are going to be so mad when everyone finds out this whole thing was a massive political fraud, and he agreed and says “I’m already mad!!!”

    So there I was, making friends, having a good old time. 😁

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        1. “Hey did you see that video where they had to swing the bat 20 times and still couldn’t bust the car windshield?”


          It’s all that soy in their diet, and the lack of playing any sports while growing up.

          I noticed most of them run like sissies too. They actually ‘prance’.

          Who does that?

          Spindly legs on most of them too, like twigs, in tight black jeans.

          They’re almost like these guys:

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  6. Moar good news on the Punisher! God bless this warrior for America & for the Lord!!!

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  7. How does this face compare to the pre-plannedemic/scamdemic/damnedemic face? Every time I see this video clip it makes me wonder. Has anyone got those side by side pics for comparison?

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    1. I use Here are the first results for that search. You can click on “Anonymous View” to keep a site from knowing you were tere. It doesn’t always work, but is a nice feature.
      Aug 15, 2020 … The Trump campaign is launching an aggressive four-day digital advertising campaign that will take over some of the internet’s most conspicuous …

      Trump Ads Attack Biden Through Deceptive Editing and Hyperbole …
      Anonymous View

      Aug 15, 2020 … President Trump’s re-election campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars on television ads attacking his Democratic opponent, Joseph R.

      Best Trump Campaign Ad Ever? Deplorable | Donald Trump TV Ad …
      Anonymous View
      Trump campaign ad manipulates photos of Biden – The Washington …
      Anonymous View

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    1. Was it the bioweapon they released that caused a global pandemic with the aim of crashing the US economy in an election year that gave it away?

      Asking for CNN, since they won’t.

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      1. I think I may have mentioned recently that payback can be a bitch.

        This is a guy who plots and plans YEARS in advance, loves revenge, and knows the Chinese game as well as the Chinese themselves.

        If they aren’t scared, well….

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  8. Steve, I guess anything’s possible, but when I’ve heard her speak, she seems sincerely grateful to Pres. Trump. But that’s just my gut feeling, and I could be wrong. I hope not. I think not.

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    1. Yeah, that’s IS funny…😉

      …but is the payback worth it?

      ‘Cause something tells me this guy is gonna charge a steep interest on it.

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        1. It’s one thing to do that just between a couple in their home…

          ….but she put this out on the interwebs where his co-workers, etc. gonna see it.

          That’s a dangerous escalation no matter how ya slice it.

          Jus’ sayin’

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    1. Mr. President, I would suggest to you that there is no way Creepy Joe will lose the Super Liberal vote because they won’t vote for you no matter what.

      Given this, there is absolutely ZERO downside for him to come out against Antifa.

      So, the ONLY reason he hasn’t is because he actually supports them.

      And you should say this to America….put him in a spotlight that he cannot duck from.

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    1. As a criminal himself, of course Biden is going to be weak on crime. He had the Ukrainian AG fired because the man was investigating Burisma.

      POTUS should say so…

      …and may well yet.

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    1. POTUS knows.

      This is not going to end well for Antifa people….at all.

      SOG is, by design and intention, a very smart and well trained Pit Bull that would be straining on it’s leash except for one thing…

      …the leash is unnecessary because the Pit Bull is also highly disciplined, making the leash unnecessary.

      See: the pit bull at the end of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

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    1. Just a heads-up. Speakwithanmd is completely overwhelmed. I put in a consultation request last Saturday, 8/22 – and because I’m not sick, just looking to ask a few questions and get a new Rx, I have yet to hear back from them. I have called them and spoken to a customer service rep three times and they have no excuse apart from being swamped with calls.

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    1. He did it because:

      1. He reveres and loves God AND America
      2. of his character as a man, a patriot, a father, and a Christian
      3. because it was the right thing to do
      4. he knew he was the only man who could do it

      He did it because….

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  11. BLM fool had a Negligent Discharge (ND) of an AK47 at a Carson City protest. The Sheriff, IMO, ignorantly said, “…guns have accidents…” No, not possible. guns can’t do anything on their own. The guy holding the gun negligently discharged a weapon within the city. Within a few feet of other BLM schmucks.

    FTA emphasis added below.

    The incident was streamed on Facebook Live by a This is Reno reporter, which can be viewed here. The gunshot can be heard in the video around 1:19:30.


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