8.30.20 News Roundup! Why Robert Cahaly Is Right, PDJT Will Be Visiting Kenosha on Tuesday, PDJT Boat Parades Continue, Car Parade For PDJT In Portland, Their Monster Decided To Visit Mayor Wheeler At His Home, A BS D+16.5 Poll Has Frightening Data For SleepyCreepy Joe, God Is Smiling In Heaven, Taiwan Lifting Restrictions On US Pork & Beef, Citizens Of the World Have Had Enough Of the Coronavirus Restrictions, Kyle Rittenhouse Will Never Spend A Day In Prison, PDJT Visits Texas and Louisiana, Pray For PM Abe…..

Folks on the Left find it hard to believe that swing voters in Big Ten states like MI, WI, PA, OH, IA, MN etc. could decide who to vote for on November 3rd based on whether the presidential candidate supports college football being played this fall.

I am a HUGE Michigan Wolverine fan (even though we can’t beat OSU😡). I attend a game each year since 1998. A group of friends and I drive from NYC to Ann Arbor. The fact that the Governor of Michigan is giddy that there won’t be any college or high school football is a killer for SleepyCreepy Joe and Democrat Senator Peters.

High School football on Friday’s is an event in Michigan. What they don’t understand is the fact that those Big Ten teams especially Michigan and Michigan St. are going to be at such a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting in their state (no football which makes it more difficult to identify possible recruits) and around the country.

Schools in the SEC, ACC, Big 12, Norte Damn etc. are going to use the decision made by the commissioner to convince 17 and 18 year olds that if you come to my school we won’t shutdown football. If you decide to go to a Big Ten school, you are at the mercy of politicians and a Big Ten commissioner that plays politics with your future. What is to stop them next year or in the future from taking the same action.

Fans of Big Ten schools are aware of this fact. It burns them even more because their favorite team will be at a recruiting disadvantage not only this year but years to come.

Folks on the Left have no clue. That is why they laugh at the thought of picking a presidential candidate on whether he supports college football.

Problem for them is that a Robert Cahaly shared some data from two states he recently polled. MN and MI. We saw a 5 point swing in MN towards PDJT and a 3 point swing in MI. Those 3% to 4% undecided in each poll aren’t really undecided. 2/3rd’s or more will vote for PDJT.

Look at the data he recently shared. This is a nightmare for SleepyCreepy Joe and Democrat Senator Peters in Michigan.

SleepyCreepy Joe and Senator Peters better pray that Michigan or Michigan St. doesn’t lose any verbal commitments between now and November 3rd because that 4/1 will be even a bigger margin for PDJT!

While SleepyCreepy Joe builds up his stamina to get back out on the campaign trail after Labor Day, our President is going to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday to assess the damage done by their Monster.

Here is some of the damage he is going to see:

God bless Scott Presler and everything he is doing to get our President re-elected!

The incredible boat parades continue all across our country:

This has to sicken the Governor of Oregon and Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland:

Here are some more videos including some confrontations with their Monster:

On the same day that the MORONIC Mayor of Portland told our President he didn’t need his help, the Monster decided to get back to work.

This absolutely made my weekend:

Notice where their Monsters are doing most of their work. Americans are well aware of who the politicians are and what Party they belong to.

Here is the proof that shows you who Americans are blaming for the chaos. They had to skew the damn poll by D+16.5 in order to save their lunatics from jumping off a building.

Our Lord in Heaven is smiling with joy at the job our President is doing saving kids that are being trafficked throughout our country.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Marshal Service has found 25 missing children in northeast Ohio, including one in Mansfield, during a monthlong investigation, according to Ann Murphy, public affairs officer for the U.S. Marshal Service, Northern District of Ohio.

Of these cases, about one-quarter are confirmed to be related to human trafficking or prostitution, Murphy said in a news release Thursday.

The U.S. Marshal Service has been working with its state and local partners over the past 20 days to find and recover missing juveniles from the Cuyahoga County area.

So far, 25 missing and endangered children have been recovered, and they have been between the ages of 13 and 18, according to a news release. 

More winning for our country:

The Globalist leaders are losing their minds as more and more people around the world are sick and tired of the Coronavirus BS mandates.

This is a side of our President that most will never see. This is who PDJT is:

This young man will never spend a single day in prison and will be rich after his attorney sues all those that rushed to judgement in order to feed a narrative.

While SleepyCreepy Joe rests our President visited both Orange, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana where he delivered remarks and was briefed on the damage from Hurricane Laura.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

I felt so terrible when I heard that PM Shinzo Abe has to step down due to health concerns. He and our President were very close to one another. Both leaders were friends even before our President stepped into politics. Our FLOTUS and his wife got along and enjoyed each other’s company.

PM Abe is one of the strong nationalist politicians who align with the MAGA agenda of our President. PM Abe is one of the key elements of the Indo-Pacific policy initiatives. His support & leadership will be missed on the international stage.  

The good news is that PM Abe has already begun the process of decoupling his country away from China. He also is negotiating a trade pact between Japan, India and Australia. I don’t see whoever replaces him reversing course.

From the article linked above:

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to step down as prime minister amid speculation over his health, NHK reported Friday, throwing the political center of Nagatacho in turmoil over the question of who will take over.

[…] Abe’s health has been the subject of intense speculation since he underwent an examination at Tokyo’s Keio University Hospital on Aug. 14, and then returned for a followup exam on Monday.

The recent developments followed reports that his condition had declined since July and then worsened in early August. That fueled fears within Abe’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party that he may not be able to carry on, instigating speculation as to who could succeed him.

112 thoughts on “8.30.20 News Roundup! Why Robert Cahaly Is Right, PDJT Will Be Visiting Kenosha on Tuesday, PDJT Boat Parades Continue, Car Parade For PDJT In Portland, Their Monster Decided To Visit Mayor Wheeler At His Home, A BS D+16.5 Poll Has Frightening Data For SleepyCreepy Joe, God Is Smiling In Heaven, Taiwan Lifting Restrictions On US Pork & Beef, Citizens Of the World Have Had Enough Of the Coronavirus Restrictions, Kyle Rittenhouse Will Never Spend A Day In Prison, PDJT Visits Texas and Louisiana, Pray For PM Abe…..

  1. Very sad to hear about Shinzo Abe! Such a great ally – and such a GREAT leader for Japan – people took him for granted. He has been amazing for Japan. The Japanese Trump!

    Is there any word on what his condition is? I’m worried it’s something considered incurable. I hope we’re offering everything possible to help him. The Japanese medical system is excellent (no slackers and dead weight for it to support), but perhaps there is some way we can help.

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    1. Ulcerated Colitis last I checked is very hit or miss, but generally considered not curable in practice. Everyone I’ve known with it is has been a lifelong disorder, and a lot of pain + management.

      Liked by 14 people

        1. It took him out before — in 2007, the disease ended his first term as PM. Thirteen years later, it appears to be ending his fourth term. I wouldn’t count our friend out.

          Liked by 10 people

        2. UC is certainly not a joke. Sadly, with Koch’s postulates (1 disease, 1 pathogen) guiding research it’s not been possible to treat as coming from an infectious cause. Wonder if Ivermectin would be worth a try?

          Liked by 9 people

            1. It’s autoimmune so you treat with immunosuppressive drugs….which open you up to infection in your already inflamed guts with friable membranes. Tightrope

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  2. That Democrat monster is gonna get alot hungrier before November, dont let anyone look away everyone needs to see this so that it NEVER happens again…
    Awesome News Roundup Flep 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for Abe

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  3. Abe’s a good guy, and I wish him all the best. He’ll be missed on the world stage.

    Just as a side note, the third photo in the sequence shows a stunning level of outfit coordination. Trump’s tie stripes down to his right and is slightly blue; Abe’s tie slants down to his left — and he’s clad entirely in blue and white; Melania’s top is striped slanting both ways, while her bottom half is striped across; and Abe’s wife Akie is in solids. Everyone is wearing a dark navy/charcoal, a blue, and/or a white.

    It looks like a JC Penney catalog page. You’d expect the facing page to have more light/dark/blue with solids/stripes in various orientations.

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    1. Regarding the photos of Abe /Trump…I read that when foreign dignitaries visit with spouses, and knowing there will be countless photos, Melania’s office gives the other female a “heads up” on her choice of wardrobe and even background colors, such as flowers or dinner settings. This allows the other party the ability not necessarily to “coordinate” but at least not to choose a glaring clash.
      Of course, it’s up to them to do as they wish, but it is a kind gesture. I have no idea if it’s only Melania that has done this…somehow I suspect so!
      Now there’s your bit of Sunday trivia!

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      1. I can only imagine the poor first ladies of other countries trying to blend in somehow with Mooch’s garish horrible outfits. Ouch!!


      1. Still vertical. Will have MRI on brain beginning of October. Thanks for asking. 🙂

        Definitely will try to hang on to caste my vote for VSGPDJT 2020 and 2024.

        Liked by 5 people

      1. You bet your bippy on that. WP doesn’t like my iPad mini nor deluxe regular for the last few months. My PC has too much security to allow me to actually interact easily with WP. SO, I’m elated when I can read and comment from my iPad.

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  4. “Now that Biden’s Polls are dropping fast, he has agreed to get out of his basement and start campaignin,“in ten days.” ”


    What happens in ‘ten days’ that Biden is waiting for?

    Another FF?

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    1. I think that the dems have written the election off and are planning a “spectacular “- IRA parlance.
      Monkey has a lot on club ks.(container nukes),The Chinese owned ports in the us. And the months long desperate search patterns of unprecedented numbers of military choppers including the “sniffer” which has a wierd protuberance on its nose to look for radiation

      Liked by 10 people

      1. If the dems set off a nuke, hopefully that will be enough good cause for Barr to… (gulp…) arrest someone.

        I mean, setting off a nuclear weapon inside city limits is a pretty serious violation of community noise standards AND disturbing the peace.

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        1. Arlo Guthrie spent an afternoon on the Group ‘W’ bench, and had to appear in court, where he was confronted by officer Obie with twenty-seven 8″ x 10″ color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, for doing far less than setting off a nuke!

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  5. The three goofs using arm-sized Chinese finger puzzles to lock themselves together into a triangle formation are GENIUSES.

    They can’t fight, they can’t defend themselves, they can’t get their arms out, and all the cops have to do is drag one of them away and the other two go right along with them 😂🤣😂

    Drag them all face down by their ankles, across the parking lot, hitting every concrete parking stop on the way 👍

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Scott, you missed the most important point….what happens when one of them has to go to the bathroom! Forget an itchy nose, eating and drinking, limbs going to sleep, etc….it’s the potty necessities that will bring the silly little twits down!

      Liked by 7 people

    2. Hell no, don’t separate them. Leave them be for hours and hours… Let them pee in their pants. crap in their pants. Let them stew awhile.
      Very grateful the truth is coming out about Kyle. THIS kid has his head on straight!
      – 17YO. Worked his job at a pool. Cleaning graffiti off walls. First aid hit. Armed to defend himself. Tried to protect businesses. Stop dumpster fire aimed at a gas station. Defended himself multiple times.

      America needs more Kyle’s. Thankfully Kyle has a top legal team.
      2020 has been a trying year like no other. While I am most thankful for President Trump, I am grateful the D-rats are showing their 100% inept policies and total disregard for America and American values.

      Liked by 9 people

    3. Omy, scott. That’s a lil harsh, dragging them that way. That makes us no better than they are.

      I’ll say it again. Truly my heart breaks for these fellow brothers and sisters, led to the dark side by lack of conscious and/ or being devoid of any love for their God and Creator. They have a MASSIVE HOLE in their lives that only God can fill and that they are trying to fill with filth and evil, and a refusal to be peaceful, caring people.

      Let us never become like that, pleases God!! Rather, may our Glorious LORD and KING open their hearts and minds to the goodness that exists in this stupid, crazy world.

      All these folks are being fooled by the Prince of Darkness and are acting as the useful idiots of the manipulators of all this evil.

      I get frustrated with them as you do, but we need to pray for them. Bigly!!! If we don’t, who will?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. “Omy, scott. That’s a lil harsh, dragging them that way. That makes us no better than they are. ”


        The idea is that they learn a lesson, which clearly they never learned while being raised in snowflake land.

        There is much wisdom to be gained from the experience of “Do stupid things, win stupid prizes”. If we deprive them of their prize, how will they ever learn not to do stupid things?

        I agree with your general sentiments, but let us not forget, the civil authority does not bear the sword in vain!

        “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: [4] For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” (Romans 13:3-4, KJV)

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    4. The easiest way to get them out would to be light something on fire that would fill the lobby with smoke and set the fire alarms to ring, except I don’t really think we want these people to leave, so lets not do that 🙂


  6. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. full speech in Berlin yesterday. Do not believe the media…the crowd was HUGE! I am trying to find shots from a helicopter or high place. Some are estimating well over a million! The German media calling them a bunch of Nazis.

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    1. Everybody should listen to this speech. I am shocked at how spot on Mr. Kennedy is. I would have thought he would be totally on the side of the globalists….I have never been more surprised!

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Not surprised. Did you see the people giving him first aid? None of them checked anything beyond the head wound and then they started to move him. It’s not a wonder he bled out.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kyle fired at him once. Others were shooting and running. These people could never be part of our gang. Although reminded not to we DONT run with scissors or guns

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  7. Also on Kyle. The sfb who got shat in the arm was live-streaming it! Confused but clearly chasing Kyle
    [video src="https://www.wmgchan.com/static/graige.mp4" /]

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  8. Great news round up Flep. One thing though I believe the Dim governors know exactly what there doing with the Big ten football. The long term economic fallout from a cancelled season will be huge.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Yep. Just take a look at South Africa, a gigantic tragedy completely ignored by the world YSM/MCM. Farms being burnt to the ground, women (and children) raped, families chased/driven away/killed…

      Yet nary a word about it.

      Even Putin has offered refuge for these victims, who have lost everything, including family homesteads hundreds of years old, and all of their earthly possessions. Now THOSE are TRUE refugees, not refauxgees like we see here in Europe.

      But, of course, there’s no problem, because the victims are white…….

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Nicholas Stix appears to write with the authority of “been there, done that” since he once ran with a black street gang and was part of the old Youth Justice Program.
      Perhaps he knows much more than he writes about in this article — like the funding sources behind BLM which makes it the Communist operation it really is.
      He plainly states that BLM full-on follows the dictate that all white people, for all time, are responsible for any injustice ever committed against any black person, for all time; with the exact REVERSE also being in operation (no black person is ever responsible for any injustice ever committed against any white person, for all time).
      This dictate is the one behind the execrable treatment of white people in South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
      It would appear then that there is NO effective peaceful / negotiated solution for the BLM “movement” (which now includes the Antifa thugs who have, BY DESIGN and WITH FUNDING, been grafted into BLM) — except for them to be completely vanquished. They have to be dealt with as domestic terrorists and enemy combatants who are working to destroy the government of the United States.

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  9. 40% of the likely voters think America should be kept locked down. 40% say open America up. 20% are pretending to be thoughtful and undecided. Those are the ones that will decide the election on Election Day.

    The corrupt officials in charge of counting the ballots will be who actually decide the election.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. Did you actually think I was providing anything other than a general observation? Maybe you need to work on your common sense skills.

            My point is that there are three groups in America on most SEPARATE issues. Two of the groups are unlikely to change their minds. The group in the middle, in my opinion, lacks conviction and will swing one way or the other at the last minute.

            Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Lin Wood (@LLinWood) Tweeted:
      Supporters of @realDonaldTrump have been defamed, jostled, called racists & deplorables & much worse. Now one has been shot dead in cold blood.

      This is not America. This is not how we treat our fellow citizens.

      This is evil. Pure evil.

      Things are about to change.


      Liked by 2 people

        1. I wouldn’t shun the slightly-more-than-twice as heavy very light gray stuff either!

          Or the heaver-than-yellow-stuff darker gray either, especially since it’s on fricking sale right now.

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Light grey is silver. It’s actually the whitest metal on the periodic table. (Though when someone picks silver color, it’s depicted in swatches as a more dark gray than “platinum”

              Platinum, in reality is a darker gray than silver. Still pretty light but not as light as the color named “platinum” on color swatches.

              Most metals, of course, are some sort of gray color, with very few exceptions (gold and copper being famous, cesium much less so) and even the exceptions are often just a slight cast (a bit of blue for zinc, more blue for osmium, iridium has a slight yellow cast).

              I once saw an expensive chess set…nice marble board, but the pieces were cheap–except that someone had plated the “white” pieces in rhodium (about 10K an ounce right now, though it was much cheaper then), and the “black” pieces with ruthenium. Both shades of gray, but very different. That set will never tarnish!

              Liked by 3 people

              1. Here’s what I mean about the color swatches. Scroll to the bottom with the chart full of different shades; “platinum” is nearly white while “silver” is darker. That’s the reverse of the actual situation with the metals (which is why I put the color names inside quotes), although silver will turn dark as it tarnishes, so I can sort of understand it. (Consider the color of freshly polished silverware–very close to white!)


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  11. POTUS will woodshed Ole Joe in any debate.
    The debate(s) that will tell the tale, in my opinion, are any between VP PENCE and “HI-HOE” HARRIS.
    Perhaps somebody in the RNC will recognize this — now.


    1. And if they try to keep Joe Bloe Biden under wraps using COVID as an excuse, that will be a bad look for them too. After all Trump is willing to appear in public, without a mask, even.

      Conventional wisdom is that if you’re ahead you do NOT challenge your opponent to a debate. There’s generally no upside; you’re giving the guy who’s behind a free chance to get some publicity and maybe score big points.

      In this case, though, the situation is different, because Biden can’t possibly win the debate without MASSIVE cheating like having someone dictate the answers to him through a fake hearing aid.** Go for it. Biden will either refuse (bad for him) or go ahead and agree (bad for him).

      It looks like Trump is trying to goad Biden into campaigning; again, same logic.

      **wouldn’t it be a crying shame if someone had a jammer in the room?


      1. The biggest down side I see in Trump debating Biden is that Biden might pick up sympathy points. It might be seen worse than picking on a girl. But Donald is a sensitive guy so it should be okay.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yeah, he would have to handle it to be looking like he’s picking on the platform not the person (somewhat different than Hitlary). Or he could even just have a sad look on his face as Biden’s dementia comes through.

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