20200828: MAGA Rally, Londonderry, New Hampshire

Author note: I dusted this off from the postponed rally in July. Please, let me know if there are obvious errors. I’ll fix ’em.

Riding the momentum of the finale of the Republican National Convention last night, our VSGPOTUSDJT will be heading back out on the campaign trail. He’ll do his part, and it’s up to us to do ours.

Okay, America, a repeat of this is the goal:

Oh, my gosh, were they wrong.

Well, with the exception of the absence of Chris Mathews…yeah, they’re setting themselves up for big time disappointment again using polls that just don’t match the empirical evidence in the size and enthusiasm of the crowds the president is drawing, as well as the ones Joe Biden is not.

Oh, well.

Tonight’s rally in Londonderry, New Hampshire at 6 pm eastern daylight time is sure to have vibes nothing like the mourning the mainstream media was experiencing in November of 2016 after the polls turned out to be wrong on a collosal scale.

Let’s make them wrong again, and starting in the state, one of the original thirteen, where the motto is “Live Free or Die.”

Looks perfectly idyllic doesn’t it?

I suspect that my one and only time in New Hampshire – during a marathon camping trip to New England while on an interstate between Glouchester, Mass., and Freeport, Maine, so that my mother could actually say she had been to L.L.Bean – we probably passed this town which looks to be a classic Americana kind of place with some colonial roots. From wiki:

Londonderry lies in an area that was first known as Nutfield because of the dense woods with nut trees. A petition for the town was submitted to the General Court of the Province of New Hampshire on September 23, 1719.[5] That petition stated that the petitioners had settled “at Nutfield about the Eleventh of Aprile last” – i.e. April 11, 1719. That petition requested “ten miles square” and stated that there were now about seventy families and inhabitants from both Ireland and New England. Many of the Scots-Irish settlers had left their homes in Londonderry in the Province of Ulster in the north of Ireland, and arrived in Boston in 1718 to start a new life without religious wars and persecution. On June 21, 1722, the town was chartered and given the name “Londonderry”.[6][7][8] The grant made by Samuel Shute, Governor of the Province of New Hampshire, was for a tract of land described as follows:

“Beginning on the North East Angle at a Beach Tree marked which is the south East angle of Chester and Running from thence due South on Kingstown Line four miles and an half and from thence on a West Line one mile and three Quarters and from thence South six miles and an half and from thence West north West nine miles and an half, and from thence North Eleven miles and an half from thence north north East Three miles from thence East South East one mile and from thence South South West to the South West Angle of Chester and from thence on an East Line Bounding on Chester Ten miles unto the Beach Tree first mentioned.”

And for those who have heard the word “Londonderry” before, but can’t place it, here’s some mood music.

Several sets of text have been put to this music, but, yes, it’s best known as “Danny Boy.”

I’ll add live links to this post during the late afternoon as they become available.


In the meantime, please post tweets and videos below of what’s going on in New Hampshire, and any travel stories you may have of the place.

262 thoughts on “20200828: MAGA Rally, Londonderry, New Hampshire

  1. Oh, he has not mentioned the ‘Korea Deal’ in a long time – oh, the agony of creating jobs overseas!!!

    He has not changed his complaints for many years – still complains about the same things – but, now – he can fix it!

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              1. I just bought some hot shot Turmeric online from Simply Organics, have it on the counter yet, and forgot all about putting it in my concoction until I saw your post. Many thanks.

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            1. I always add Tumeric, & Herbox no sodium bouillon. Chicken for chicken dishes and beef for beef or pork dishes.

              I will also add thyme, rosemary, sage, and garlic depending.

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  2. Good to hear D-Rats (Cuomo) blocking a pipeline in NY to move oil to states further east and north.

    One would think, New Yorkers would want a pipeline to get oil at a better price in NY. Of course, I guess, NYC is the real obstacle to the pipeline.

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    1. NYC is a real obstacle to the entire nation – a total embarrassment – one of the greatest cities in the world!!!

      Shame on DeBozo!!! Both President Trump and Rudy Giuliano are more that miffed about that!!!

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      1. I remember a giant oil refinery complex on the New Jersey coast amid all the other port/ shipping facilities. Think about it – the massive industrial force of NY-NJ has been getting its fuel on the eastern side by ship. I think New York (south) figures they’ve already got all their fuel needs met.

        Why should we let a pipeline go thru west-central-north NY state for the benefit of upstate and New England?

        Whenever we think, “Nothing bad’s gonna happen”, a learning opportunity is on the way.

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    1. Well – that was quick – he ripped her to shreds and left the pieces for Sleepy to pick up!!!

      Crazy Bernie’s supporters like my trade policies – wow – this is going to embarrass those Dims to no end!!!

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  3. And this would be your president possibly? I don’t think so.

    I want to see a woman president too, but not getting in there the way she did and she’s not competent.

    They’re all saying We Want Ivanka.
    I don’t blame them….

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    1. He’s in the NE where they understand the humor, accent and brashness.. He’s very comfortable there and it shows. Notice all the winks and grins he was giving the NH politicians!

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  4. He’s winding it down….Thanking New Hampshire…

    “Together, we will make America wealthy again,
    We will make America strong again
    We will make America proud again
    We will make America safe again
    And we will make America great again!!!

    Great Rally, Mr. President! Thank you!

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  5. So, my dad just walked up the steps, but before he did, he said his dad liked to listen to conventions and political speeches. My dad’s dad died over ten years before I was born, bit as the bits and pieces come out about him, he was one heck of a guy.

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            1. I remember getting to go to my great-aunt/uncle’s house one night after Halloween. It was a warmish fall Oklahoma evening and my gr’uncle set up a super Army sleeping bag in the side yard, with Army camp chairs, Army gaslight and a Westinghouse radio. It was dark by eight. The male voices on the Broadcasting Network were bringing in the western state totals for President Eisenhower. It was a great adventure story! I asked a zillion questions. The answer was usually “We probably won’t know for certain until well after midnight.” Aunt Jean came outside to listen. She made us real hot cocoa on an Army camp stove and darn it, I must have fallen asleep too soon.

              But the stars were bright, the tree leaves in the breeze made sounds like rain, my nose was cold in the night air, crickets and frogs were singing, and it was better even than sleeping in an Army tent.

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        1. I don’t know………..I’ve read you CAN get it again. You lose your immunity after three months. But who knows what to believe? I think if I were Rand and had had part of my lung removed I’d err on the side of caution, too. It’s a problem when you can’t really trust what you read!!!!

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          1. Forgot about his lung…..I think Reinfection is disinfo put out by CCP. They’re trying everything to keep us locked down. Did u see TGP article about their twitter army manipulating governments into lockdowns? Makes me sooo damn mad. They played us with the early videos of people dropping dead in the street & we were so scared, we bought it. I was mad before but I’m DAMNED ANGRY NOW!!

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              1. Actually it is not ‘re-infection’ it is re-infected by a mutation of the original. That is why we continue to get colds and the flu.

                I do not know how true this is:

                NPR: “….So far, researchers who are tracking the genetic changes in SARS-CoV-2 — the official name for the coronavirus — say it seems relatively stable. It acquires about two mutations a month during this process of spread, Harrison says — about one-third to one-half the rate of the flu.

                Coronaviruses differ from flu viruses in another key way that reduces the number of mutations. They proofread their own genomes when they copy themselves, cutting out things that don’t seem right. “They maintain this ability to keep their genome pretty much intact,” says Vineet Menachery, a virologist at the University of Texas Medical Branch. “The mutations that they incorporate are relatively rare.”….”

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        2. He didn’t wear one while on the WH grounds… I believe he and his wife wore one in the streets because of the ‘thugs’ … in order to avoid criticism.

          Heat, humidity and sunshine kill this particular kind of virus… Rand Paul is a physician, and he has spoken about and been quoted in print, saying masks are NOT effective.

          This is essentially what Trump said on 10 February. “The heat, generally speaking, kills this kind of virus,” he told a meeting.. “A lot of people think that goes away in April as the heat …

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        3. Same reason I do – not to fight with the Karens and Mask Nazis – *ALTHOUGH* – now the CDC is telling stores not to fight with “anti-mask” people because we’re “potentially violent”.


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      1. DH just got out of the shower, and realized that he won the NH primary, so that’s what PT was referring to. DH’s spread sheets are never wrong. He is an engr who happens to have OCD. 🙂

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