ChiComs Drive a Massive Spike In Our Site Statistics!

Every graph tells a story.

Check this out – this “Boom” I got in my notifications:

OK – check out those numbers. Whatever it is, it’s not a fluke.

So I go look at the graphical view…..

That is a legitimately big spike on the end. Look at the views (big red spike), and then look at the inner bar graph of visitors. It’s HUGE.

What’s up?

Went to look at the daily numbers.

Hmmmmmmm – something seems funny.


In case that’s not obvious, we got more views from CHINA than we did from the US!

My first thought? I NEVER see China in the results. EVER.

OK – let’s TEST that memory – is that right? Let’s look ONE DAY BEFORE. Maybe I’ve been getting more Chinese viewers! Right???

Here we go…..

Nope – China is not even on the list. HOWEVER, I do have 3 accounts watching me from SINGAPORE – notorious outpost of the ChiNazis.


Suddenly there is a BOOM from China on 08/21/2020. Why might that be?


Dear KMAG: 20200821 Open Topic / Mask Article Coming / ChiCom Risks / Dealing With AQQusing Libs

(skipping down to ChiCom Risks)…..

ChiCom Risks

Yes – let’s follow the story from useful idiot MASK NAZIS back to CHINAZIS.

Even Twitter is now waking up to the fact that China is doing everything possible to destroy America, and you will see this in my upcoming article on useless, dangerous, China-imposed MASKS, very shortly.

If Twitter has decided to END its hypocrisy in going after ONLY Trump, by labeling CHINA TWEETS as what they are, then at least their censorship is a little more even-handed, but I also think (at)jackboot is getting wise to the fact that CCP is using DNC like a rented mule. CCP doesn’t care if they destroy DNC during their get-away.

And that’s just the beginning…..

China’s Thousand Talents Plan recruits foreign researchers, including Americans, and offers monetary incentives to hand their research over to Beijing. We need to stop the #CCP’s systematic campaign to steal their way to the top.— Sen. Marsha Blackburn (@MarshaBlackburn) August 20, 2020

I am still SHOCKED by the indictment of Harvard’s *DEPARTMENT HEAD* Charles Lieber. Talk about going straight for the top. Top administrator at a top chemistry university.

Say what you will about Wray – this was a HUGE bust. Never in my wildest dreams.

Yes – what I saw in science was alarming. I was RIGHT THERE in the middle of a bunch of the world’s sketchiest ChiComs – AND YET I never heard ANYTHING about their “Thousand Talents” (OF SILVER) bribery program. That’s how well they kept this under wraps. And SMART, too – they must have known I would have raised a flag if I knew about Thousand Talents.

Sure, maybe I had nothing they wanted, but I never heard scuttlebutt of this program from ANYBODY.

Of course, maybe they only show researchers the “Thousand Talents” contract after the “perky little tits” have been shoved at potential recipients one time too many. I did “almost run into” some of that action.

Notice the name? The cunning joke of betrayal as a subtext? That is CLASSIC CHICOM. They love to CROW over their victims, with the victims not realizing what is going on. Or maybe the sell-outs DO realize that they’re selling out, because they have little choice, or it gets worse.

There is NO AMOUNT OF KARMA that the ChiComs don’t deserve here.

There is some talk that BANNON is a victim of CCP shenanigans. My thoughts…..

This guy is supposedly an anti-Chicom activist . . . but WSJ story says in fact he may be a double agent. Bannon may have been had.— Larry Schweikart (@LarrySchweikart) August 20, 2020

Without even looking, I can tell you that “controlled opposition” in the China camp is filled with ringers and manipulable fools. Just like Russia AND Ukraine are both filled with “ex”-Soviet peril, China, HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia – all are deadly on ChiCom risks.— Wolf Moon Backs HCQ b/c Loves The Taste of Quinine (@WOLFM00N) August 20, 2020

Heck – the ChiComs run Koreans with their eyes closed, and can even turn Japanese into their useful idiots.— Wolf Moon Backs HCQ b/c Loves The Taste of Quinine (@WOLFM00N) August 20, 2020

The ChiComs can use ANYBODY. but they prefer white-face and black-face in America, because it’s easy and leaves no fingerprints, so why not? They get HK to “help” in their sleep. Bannon’s happy-go-lucky footsie with HK just made me cringe, TBH. “Too casual” is his weakness.— Wolf Moon Backs HCQ b/c Loves The Taste of Quinine (@WOLFM00N) August 20, 2020

Bottom line – anybody who gets anywhere NEAR ChiComs or WHO THEY TOUCH is at risk. They will MESS WITH YOU in any way they can. They will SNAKE you with influence, spying, exfiltration, sabotage, or life and reputation damage through whatever means are possible.

It’s a real shame that one has to be CAREFUL A.F. with even the nicest, most honest, communist-hating Chinese Americans, but even ABC (American-born Chinese) are deeply and heavily infiltrated and influenced by the ChiComs, and if you have a Chinese spouse or “significant other”, prepare for dangerous and “interesting” times!

Reality doesn’t care about “it sure would be nice if everything and everybody was on the up and up”.

That ain’t the way it is.

SO – it looks like we’ve got FANS IN CHINA!

Yeah. We ARE the news now.


“It’s a long story. Let’s grab a seat somewhere.”

140 thoughts on “ChiComs Drive a Massive Spike In Our Site Statistics!

    1. Fifth Column Fears: The Chinese Influence Campaign in the United States
      The growing reach of PRC influence operations present a special challenge for Asian-Americans.

      We were halfway through the lavish Chinese welcome banquet — the honey walnut prawns had just arrived — when the obligatory toasting for the USAF delegation began. I sighed regretfully but shot to my feet when I noticed the figure coming toward me, maotai glass in hand, was none other than our host and the head of the Chinese delegation, a high-ranking general in the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

      He was already a bit unsteady, but he ordered his aide to bring over another glass, and to invite someone else to my table — a friend of mine, a fellow Asian-American officer. He then waved his aide aside to pour the three glasses of maotai himself. A signal honor, and rather puzzling as neither my friend nor myself were more than middling rank.

      The toast started out in standard fashion. “To your health.” Drink. “To your families.” Drink. Then came the twist. “And to remembering that blood is thicker than water. Chinese blood runs through you. You understand us, and know that no matter what flag you wear on your shoulders, you are Chinese first and foremost.”

      I lifted the glass to my lips but did not drink. That particular line was, and is, a common phrase in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda specifically aimed at the Chinese diaspora. While that dinner was a number of years ago, the propaganda has not changed. In fact, Chinese influence operations in the United States have dramatically intensified and increased in sophistication over the last few years. This poses an unique and significant threat to Asian-Americans.


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    2. Wow. Finally Germany does something right (catch the number of users 🙂 )….
      (one of them being me, of course 🙂 [gotta get that VPN going 😆 ])

      One thing that was odd yesterday afternoon was that all at once tweets stopped expanding… I went digging through my Brave settings, etc., fiddled about with the “shields”, nothing changed it. Then, as suddenly as it started, the tweets were expanding again. Weird. Wonder if those huge numbers from Chyyyyna came as a block?

      Then again, maybe there are folks wanting the truth…. there’s probably a ton of nice folks imprisoned, as it were, amongst all those asshoes… 😦

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      1. Oh, they already burned me back in January with WuFlu. And I suspect that they (or their American proxies) at least made cursory viral drops on some of the authors here, because we had “too many” who likely had early WuFlu.

        And THAT is why they have to fight HCQ like crazy. It’s not about COVID-19. It’s about viruses in general as a tool of 4GW. Keeping our defenses down is key.

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        1. I came down with a mysterious illness early in the 2nd half of January.

          At the time, I was quite aware of WuFlu, but didn’t make the connection, because the symptoms didn’t match. Later, I saw a more complete list of WuFlu symptoms, as it manifests in different individuals, and had an “Aha” moment.

          It would be interesting to take an antibody test, to see if I really had it. Would take the test, if I could keep it from showing on my permanent record.


    3. Hey Wolfe, I went back through my logs, as my site is exponentially smaller than yours. What did I see, EVERY other day I had one or two from China and or Namibia. EVEN on my site. It means they are ramping up, and NO site is too small to “watch” We have stalkers it seems. Lets give them a good SHOW!

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      1. OMG – confirmation of what we’re seeing below, especially on the Namibian outpost, which really gives away that it’s not HK anti-CCP interest. They’re less careful on your site, and drop in openly, not worried. But alas they get bitten when we compare notes.

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        1. YES. OMG. Wolf, I just posted an IMPORTANT reply to Info from Gail on the open thread. It PROVES my assertation. Carter Page WAS a plant. NOT only THAT, but he is MUCH bigger than even I thought.

          HE was brought in to do to TRUMP exactly what he did to Sechin. Gail posted some articles, and the Preet Baharra comments, highlighting an UNANAMED confidential source (Page) WAS working for the FBI on a case involving a colleague of Sechin, and was trying to establish a MONEY TRAIL to Putin. IT ALL FITS>

          See my reply, then recall my book, it ALL fits. It was NEVER about the golden showers, it was ALWAYS about the failed Trump Tower and the implied DEBT to Putin and both Alfa and Deutsche bank.

          Page was inserted EARLY in 2016 or LATE in 2015 to do to Trump EXACTLY what he did to Sechin using Buryakov by using Lewandowski and or Clovis to do the SAME THING.

          He was there to surveil and if he found nothing to PLANT the info.

          NOW does it make all the Page hubub that much MORE suspicious. Page was NOT a victim, he was a VESSEL.

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          1. Ah, this makes sense. Did Page BALK at a plant, or was the OUTING of the simultaneous ATTEMPT TO PLANT cyber evidence enough to scare the plotters? I remember George Webb outing that stuff. Somebody was trying to plant cyber evidence in Trump Tower, and it got CAUGHT.

            Here is a graph from where they analyzed the intrusion to create fake evidence.

            Here is where Cankles and the media tried to reap on it, not knowing it was either failing or going to fail.

            A lot of disinfo got thrown at this later to hide how Hillary was in cahoots.

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              1. I think the SSCI is afraid that they provided cover for Brennan’s attempted framing of Trump. Susan Collins actually asked a key question which helped Trump, when she asked Jeanette Manfra of DHS who was ultimately in charge of the code of attribution tools DHS was using – it was OTHER AGENCIES – meaning CIA – meaning Brennan. This closes the logic circle on false, misleading, or purposefully ignorant attributions. BLAMECASTING is a CIA specialty, and there was the opening – right there.

                Komrade Kamala was all over that hearing – pure theater.

                Dig into that incident, and the Trump server, and the crooks all go down.


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            1. It was Jean Camp an IU CIS professor and Hillary acolyte, Hillary and Podesta even BOTH posted the story on Oct 31 2016 in tweets.

              My article is complete. I am actually getting goosebumps. I think it may be the most important thing I have written since my book, maybe bigger. I will be posting a link, it ALL ties in,

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              1. Beware of the disinformation on Hillary tweeting at *exactly* the same time as the article – that stuff is water-muddying discreditation disinformation using Twitter timestamp timezone confusion. The reality is that she tweeted 3 hours later – exactly. Clearly coordinated, but be careful not to overstate on that aspect. She may have done that to prep the disinfo, however.

                I’m looking for the disinformation image – can’t find it – may just be a bookmark.

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              1. As I have ALWAYS said on Obama. HE was THE boss. He has NO OUT, and ONO plausible denability, Nunes is proof of that, he SAW Obama’s PDB in that WH SCIFF.

                I think Elvis said it best “caught in a trap, I can’t walk out”

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        2. Namibia….Is that the source of those random little black boys that all of the sudden want to follow me on twister? Following lots of conservatives. No followers, no tweets. Or some show their family and plight over in Africa. I am discerning, because I have Jesus in my name, I get some ‘interesting’ follows. Not all bad, but definitely some seeking to prey on generous Christians.

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        3. I was on a little Christian blog and a Chinese woman invaded and posted sexy pictures of a woman in various poses, scantily clad, which disturbed the men there. I finally asked her if she might be trying to entice a man so she could catch a husband to help her gain entry to the U.S. She had two compatriots who sort of shadowed her. She asked me why I didn’t like her and tried to act innocent. We got her banned. It was interesting, to say the least. Before gettting her banned, we did try to give her the gospel, and she feigned interest, but it seemed very fake.

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            1. I also wondered if she was trying to undermine our little site. I mean, what would be the point of posting pictures like that on an overtly Christian site? One man there had gone through treatment for sexual addiction. Have to say “Emily,” one of the names she used, made me angry. Then there were the other who would appear at the same time. Then there were the (probably) bots that changed their “marital status” several times a day. I think the site owner final;ly removed “marital status” from the things that showed there. I never liked that sort of info posted anyway.

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            2. “ChiCom assets in the West do try to discourage Chinese expats from getting involved with religions.”

              For that matter, ChiCom assets in China discourage Chinese there from getting involved with religions, too.

              Methods of disuasion used include: closing churches, forcing churches to replace images of Jesus and Mary with images of Mao and Xi, reducing believers’ social credit scores, using phone GPS data to track users to religious observances in co-religionists’ homes (including using WuFlu socialist distancing apps,) arresting and transporting believers to reeducation camps, and quartering PLA soldiers on the families of prisoners. Oh, and organ harvesting. Let’s not forget organ harvesting. This list is not exhaustive.


            1. With a correctly set up VPN, you can be a Namibian anywhere on the planet.

              Just like Hill-the-BEAST’s Macedonian Content Farmers 😀 😎

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        1. Yep they are doing it to us ALL. My new question. Was it on CHINA and the masks, or was this ALL about the SD stuff and PAGE. NOW after Gails post, I am NOT sure it is about the masks, I think it is ON my newest revelation, that PAGE IS 100% a plant.

          Now it MUST be asked. Was this ALL really a cover for CHIA and using “Russia” as the patsy? Was the Russia HOAX entirely a chicom op? Was Comey, Brennan et al under CHICOM orders?

          Worse, WAS IT BIDEN and OBAMA under Chicom ORDERS.

          Trump DID label CHINA and NOT Russia as the BIGGEST threat to the US.

          HE DID highlight JUST what he was going to do to them and he HAS. Was it CHINA who was REALLY footing the ill to try and get Trump OUT. They have the motive, they have the means, they have the opportunity, they HAD the compromised connections.

          WERE THEY and not Five Eyes the SOURCE of the “compromising intel” Was Five Eyes a FEINT for who the REAL informants country WAS?

          Their interest in BOTH you and me makes me WONDER. Then there is ALWAYS the WEAPON they released RIGHT AFTER Trump was NOT impeached, a WEAPON proxied BY the WHO and CDC (Fauci) and one that WOULD damage Trump and his MAIN accomplishment.

          MAYBE the chicoms took matters into their OWN hands afgter the dems had REPEATEDLY failed.

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          1. “Was the Russia HOAX entirely a chicom op? Was Comey, Brennan et al under CHICOM orders?”


            That has been my working assumption for many months now 👍

            It was the Russian threat after WWII, up until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

            After that, the CCP stepped in, took over, and China has been the real threat ever since the late 1980s, getting all the benefits of NAFTA, Most Favored Nation status, control over W.H.O. and the U.N., etc.

            And obviously they have bought or blackmailed the majority of the government (on both sides of the Uniparty political aisle) of every Western nation, just like they bought off ours.

            Thirty plus years of subversion and corruption, with zero defense, until now.

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  1. “If Twitter has decided to END its hypocrisy in going after ONLY Trump, by labeling CHINA TWEETS as what they are, then at least their censorship is a little more even-handed,”


    Why would twitter do that?

    It was my understanding that Jack has been taking CCP hormone therapy treatments for so long that all that’s left to do is the surgery.

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      1. Excellent !!!! You are such an amazing Patriot!!!! um on the cusps of ….wakin up this sleepy country! Thanks Wolfie!!! For everything!!!💖 You do amazing work!!!!

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            1. HA! I just posted a YT documentary on today’s Open thread….”Riding the Dragon” Peter Schweitzer…(I’ve archived off-line..oh, and also I’m in twitmo again..til I escape…ha! More than one way…..yes Sir-ee!)

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    1. Maybe tied into my troubles. Tried using my gmail email to log into wordpissed but “ my email password was incorrect “. Wtf? My iPad rememberers that crap for me

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  2. The CCP must be REALLY worried about QAnon and the fact we think the China Corina Crud Is a BIO-WEAPON.

    Here are the actual papers DETAILING GAIN of FUNCTION (to infect humans) and CHIMERIC (composed of material from more than one organism) studies WITH CHINA!

    First Paper Australian: (ALL researchers are Chinese and  Zhengli Shi, TOP China bat virus scientist, is listed.
    Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) proteins of different bat species confer variable susceptibility to SARS-CoV entry
    Also ONE researcher — Fang Li, is from Department of Pharmacology, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, MN, 55455, USA


    Second Paper University of North Carolina:  Zhengli Shi again AND funded by the CCP AND FauXi
    “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.”

    It was Electronically Published on November 8, 2015


    Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 was passed into law in 1990. It provided for the implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention as well as criminal penalties for violation of its provisions. The law was amended in 1996 and has been used to prosecute several individuals.

    So UNC with an interesting cast of characters, HELPED the Chinese Communists to develop PART of the information, the ‘gain of function’ technology, the Chinese needed to develop this Covid-19 China Virus.

    And just in case there is ANY doubt about what the scientists were doing there is this article in Nature (the same guys who support Global Warming papers and refuse to print papers not supporting that conjecture.):
    12 November 2015 Engineered bat virus stirs debate over risky research (Update note from editors March 2020 denying lab made covid-19 — Of course.)

    FINALLY Gain of Function research was shut down, so Fauci transfers the funding to the WUHAN LAB IN CHINA!

    Notice how nicely all the elements line-up.

    1.Initial research is done in Australian and the USA with Chinese Communist,  Zhengli Shi LEARNING.

    2. When the breakthroughs are finally made OBAMA shuts down further research IN THE USA.

    3. MEANWHILE the UN OKs a level 4 Bio-Lab in Wuhan China.

    4. The scientist with the knowledge, Zhengli Shi, is the HEAD of the bat virus lab in Wuhan.

    5. Fauci TRANSFERS THE FUNDING to Zhengli Shi!


    Of COURSE Fauci (and Gates) KNEW a Corona Virus Pandemic was about to be released, THEY PAID FOR IT!

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    1. Gail Combs
      Great items, thank you.

      Is it then within the realm of possibility that DR. FAUCI has been involved in the RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT of the CCP Virus 19 since AT LEAST 2015?

      And is it then a possibility that POTUS knows about ALL of this — so FAUCI “all of a sudden” has an operation to have a vocal cord polyp removed?

      It’s sort of like that old saw, “Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?” — “Yes.”

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    2. How far the CCP goes in trying to prevent 4 more years of Trump is a question only they can answer, but I trust that utter destruction of the Democrats AND the GOP are both well within those limits to that desire.

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    3. Correction WE THE PEOPLE paid for it.

      Also, Interesting that Mike Adams, who used to post at Townhall , was a very brilliant prof at UNC Wilmington. DIED OF SUICIDE very recently after being fired and being awarded a big settlement. Fishy.

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    1. Thanks – I will! 😎

      Had an interesting [RELATED] dream last night – one of those “strategic” puzzle completion ones that take a while to figure out. They’re kinda cool not only because they typically show a specific instance of possibility which will have analogy to a developing reality (i.e., they’re approximative) – they also explain WHY dreams are predictive. And at a higher level, they explain how we’ve been kept down by tipping human thought processes in a certain way, but that’s a bit too complex to go into right here and now. However….. just a bit.

      Anybody who has been in college-level physical science that required more than 2 semesters of chemistry is familiar with something called Kekule’s dream. It’s a beautiful example of “seeing a symmetry more clearly through a looser analogy”. You will notice that we’ve been taught to be “gee whiz” about this, but the great irony is that if we had instead been scientific or better still metascientific about it, science would have benefited greatly. Again, why I call what we have “Fake Science”, which I think is largely meant to keep us down on the farm. Kekule himself saw the proper importance of his dream, but was rewarded and tipped toward using that “instance” as a melodramatic speech-ender, rather than an actual, functioning, mass-producible key to more knowledge.

      History of science is highly subversive to fake science. This is why universities oddly don’t require it in science degrees, when the true liberal arts curriculum SCREAMS that this is the best path forward to implement its vision, which I believe is highly beneficial, and key to putting humanity on its best path forward.

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      1. Kekule’s dream —

        From an agnostic, non-mystic point of view:

        Dreams allow the mind the freedom to make connections we do not make when we are awake. The idea of ‘go sleep on it’ as a method for untangling a problem is well known.

        That said my ex-husband (physicist) and I (chemist) have BOTH had prophetic dreams that have saved our lives. We recognized the site of our death causing accident and took action to avoid death.

        The ice WAS under the patch of leaves at the edge of the cliff. My Ex brushed the leaves away and found the ice. The horse DID twist, rear up and almost go over backwards while on a freeway overpass. I had gotten off and walked the horse and thus was not tossed into the traffic below. I have hated bridges ever since.

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      2. I believe we often hold the keys to all the big locks, if only we could allow our minds to believe we do. Like Neo jumping off the building, all that is necessary is the true belief that it is possible.

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        1. Bingo. When you discount all the things that are IM possible, the only things left ARE possible. Sleep was a restorative of mind, body, and spirit in medieval times, Shakespeare in Hamlet writes and USES this theory. Sleep is healing. Fresh perspective.

          I have always been very analytical in process. Try not to assume through something done in repetition. Try to approach a-z in steps.

          in other words assumption is the mother of all F up’s as one of my mentors used to say. SEE the trees AND the forest

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  3. The Chinese know how to steal development that’s for sure. How did they develop a diving program that produced on champion after another? By studying Greg Louganis. They don’t even produce their own zit popping videos. They steal from everybody else – including the ear blackhead lady in Vietnam – on YT and then monetize the channels. Seriously, this is no joke.

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  4. I just posted this over at Daughn’s

    Do not forget MichealH about 4th Generation warefare and it’s use in the USA because the Chinese can not go against the USA militarily. (Although OH!Bummer was certainly trying to kneecap the US military.)

    Second item of interest:
    Carlos/Wicter thinks China’s military is GARBAGE.

    Carlos on China (and American) military

    Remember that POTUS set in motion the taking out of ISIS and then neutralized North Korea. Mysterious explosions took out the nuclear capability of both so there went China’s PROXIES. (Mopping up is now happening and POTUS is getting US troops out of Iraq.)

    Food imported vs grown in China:

    Between the Wuhan virus, floods, Swine flu is wiping out their pig herds, in 2019 the armyworms spread to more than 8,500 hectares of China’s grain production….

    AND I just found this:

    Vast clouds of locusts made it to Xinjiang…

    AND a PROPHECY written by a Buddhist monk in the Forbidden City that is being past around by the Chinese Elite.
    “…My wife tells me this is written by a Buddhist monk in the Forbidden City named Gentleman Zigong probably in the early part of the 20th Century. This is a printed duplicate in more modern Mandarin. This is part of a large cycle of Chinese literature known as the “Ancient Internal Bible”. This is difficult to translate into modern language because it is written in a very old dialect. I view it as being similar to us in the 2020s reading Chaucer’s Middle English. So my wife really struggled to translate some of it – but in general – this is what it says….

    “The year 2020 – The year all of China will weep. The omens will be so bad that the New Year will not be celebrated. Then the plague will come. It will come with a fury – the tigers and the wolves will hide in the mountains. The plague will encompass all the land – and will eventually spread to the whole world. Very soon – rice will become so expensive that no one can eat. Then the rivers will sink all the boats. People in that year will only be able to harvest rice in the very early spring. There will be no harvest of late season rice, beans, wheat, and oats because vast clouds of locusts will lay waste to the entire countryside. I, Gentleman Zigong, assure you Chinese in 2020 that the locusts will fall from the skies and the destruction will be complete. Smoke and fire will fill the fields – but nothing will be able to stop the swarms. Once the locusts have destroyed the land and the smoke is still coming from the ground, the rivers will flood the countryside….”

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    1. And that article was later in Feb. I remember reading this article, but it was also about the time that DH started having a lot of problems. It’s interesting to see how things have progressed in terms of the prophecy from the end of February to now.

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      1. Hey Wolfe, skipping to here, don’t know if anyone else has said this yet, I FOUND the connection.

        Look on your site for a search engine referer called Baidu. I have hits every 2 to 3 days going back months. EACH refer correlates to a China visitor.

        The benefits of a small site, I can easily see a pattern. The views did not really help though, EACH time, BOTH a covid article and a dossier article were viewed. So it would be hard to see WHICH peaked the interest. The Namibia visits are more sporadic like one a week or two, but China always follows a Namibia visit, and both did not occur on the same day.

        I also notices a few viewers from Ukraine, which seems odd.

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          1. Yep, I found it enlightening to look through the stats, which I really had not done, and see what articles drew the MOST “attention” and from where.

            MOST of my articles get consistent links from the US and Canada and sometimes UK. The really Cabal attacking or Covid attacking ones get attention from Namibia and china, but usually a DAY LATE.

            The Ukraine one happened after I posted on the Cabal server there. Yeah THAT CrowdStrike server.

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    2. ” probably in the early part of the 20th Century.”

      Sometimes I wonder how much of these predictions are “prophecy” and how much of it is people who simply knew the NWO plans ahead of time.

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      1. Have a look at … they (he) seem to have a pretty good handle on things, and has been preaching about the “uniparty” for probably 30 years now… and a lot of stuff he spoke about, which seemed over the top during the Klintoon White House years, not only came to pass, but led to even worse problems (read: Øbozo and Piglosi, etc.)…

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    3. Carlos/Wictor makes a good point about the mindset of Chinese soldiers…

      He points out that as a result of the ‘One Child’ policy, and the tradition of sons being expected to take care of their aging parents…the men are less inclined to take any chances with their lives, since they are the only ones that their parents have.

      I’ve read that this is evident with their fighter pilots, in the way that they avoid taking any chances and avoid doing any risky maneuvers.

      The ChiComs ended their One Child policy in 2015…and as of January 1, 2016, couples were allowed to have two children.

      Because of the One Child policy, there is a shortage of girls in China, so couples are now encouraged to have one daughter.
      If a couple has only one son…then that perpetuates the problem of soldiers being unwilling to take chances.

      The ChiComs are swimming in a sea of unintended consequences from their heavy-handed policies for population control.

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  5. wolfmoon1776
    I second the comment someone else posted about the need for you to be careful.
    My opinion: perhaps all Q-Treepers need to be careful.
    It’s within the realm of possibility that Dictator Xi can “assign” a cohort of IT types from the PLA to glean the ISP info. of every person who posts here.
    Saddle up!
    Virtual VPN time!

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      1. I also think, if anything is done it is to kick us off social media (BTDT last election)

        This time I think they may be gauging knowledge, how far it has spread, and enthusiasm. Last time they completely underestimated the ‘shy voter’ I think they want to KNOW if Trump enthusiasm can override all the cheating and just how much Americans now hate the CCP.

        This knowledge would be CRITICAL to China’s plans going forward.

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        1. I do not hate the CCP just do not trust them.
          I can have the most interesting dreams but at this moment I am totally at peace. I do not sense danger the waters are calm even around POTUS.

          Liked by 5 people

    1. Or at least a firewall/router that can block IP address blocks (OK, I know, they can use VPNs too…). At least blocking ChiCom address blocks is a start…

      More advanced users might want to use WireShark or similar to monitor/trace inward/outward traffic. I had a Barricade router that was almost always reporting “Chi-Winnie” knocking on the IP door… which I had good and truly shut…

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  6. Stupid Chinese commie idiots are 250 mixed egg (hún dàn) reptiles whose mothers gladly whore for a 1/4 bowl of dirty, rancid rice.

    They are mentally retarded back to their 18th generations and their ancestors would be deeply ashamed and embarrassed by them in every way. In fact, the only reason why they were and have been used like the willing back-alley whores they are is because they’re so cheap, just like all the junk & garbage they make to sell to the world.

    I would not be surprised at ALL to learn that the ridiculous-looking, sexually impotent Xi has energetic relations with monkeys and that it is the monkeys that use him for THEIR pleasure.


    To any moronic CCP cuckold or whore reading this, I laugh at you and fart generously…with great enthusiasm…in your ancestor’s direction, which is all the compliment they ever deserved.

    EBODs and get stuffed you retarded commie baboons.

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