A Brief Chronology of the Wyoming Gay Cowboy Narrative

In which the social justice “hoax retelling” of the Matthew Shepard gay/drug acquaintance murder fits into an even bigger social justice artistic story-born movement looking for a political event to boost it.


I did not expect to write this article. But after being sucked into a rabbithole of research, I simply had to do it.

I do not, unfortunately, have an exact answer to my original question:

What was the relationship of the Matthew Shepard murder to the movie Brokeback Mountain?

As you will see, the relationship is very strong. But just like the truth of the Shepard murder itself was originally hidden underneath calculated social justice hoaxing, so too the history of the related / unrelated movie which followed is obscured by the larger, softer, “DVD extra”, PBS “stay tuned” feature, more diffuse, more professional, and easier almost-truths of the New-York-to-Hollywood-by-way-of-Flyover-and-Writeover-Country-and-Western “artistic axis”.

There is no smoking gun. But there is smoke everywhere. One might say it’s the way that “wishful conspiracies” work.


Start here.

I knew there was some question about the Matthew Shepard murder, and that it was “also drug-related”, but I did not know just how much of a euphemism “it might have a drug angle” was.

Sadie’s original post:


Sadie Slays
June 13, 2019 at 05:51

In honor of Gay Pride month, have a red pill about Matthew Shepard.

Matthew Shepard’s murder is a vintage case of fake news. The truth is that he was a drug dealer who was murdered by people who were trying to steal his large supply of crystal meth. Of course, the fake news media blew this up as the “gay hate crime of the century,” the Democrats tried for years to use it as an excuse to push hate crime legislation, and Americans were scolded about it for years for being “big bad violent homophobes.” Even though America is probably the safest country in the world for the LGBT community, you wouldn’t know it from the way they continue to point to Matthew Shepard as proof of persecution (they can’t bring up Pulse nightclub because that would involve blaming Muslims).

So there you go. Next time someone starts whinging to you about Matthew Shepard, kindly point out the real circumstances behind his murder.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/26/the-truth-behind-americas-most-famous-gay-hate-murder-matthew-shepard

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The critical article:


This is a great article, covering the essential investigatory book, and it actually prompted THIS investigation.

I wanted to know – did this obviously “social justice re-narratived” murder – frequently mentioned in the context of the movie “Brokeback Mountain” – actually have any deeper relationship? Was it the IMPETUS for the movie? Did a HOAX create a PROPAGANDA MOVIE?

What I found haunted me. But I set it aside, never finished the post, and got distracted. Until Sadie reminded me.

Sadie’s next post:


Sadie Slays
August 19, 2020 at 00:23

Matthew Shepard was a drug dealer who was killed in a bad drug deal by people he knew. There’s even an entire book written by a gay journalist about what really happened and how the media misled everyone on it. Despite this, the DNC and media continue to perpetuate the hate hoax 20+ years later.

The parents of Matthew Shepard cast Wyoming’s votes for Joe Biden for president.
Matthew Shepard was left to die on a fence in Laramie, WY after being brutally attacked & tied to that fence on Oct. 7, 1998.
It was a gay hate crime.
Matthew died at age 21. https://t.co/YIFzYhs6kN

— David Begnaud (@DavidBegnaud) August 19, 2020

[Amazon link below]

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You will see from that Twitter post, that the social justice hoax is still going strong:

Here is the investigatory book:

When I read the Guardian article after Sadie’s FIRST comment, I figured that the story of Matthew Shepard (who was murdered in October of 1998) was likely the starter idea from which BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005) was generated.

Actually this is WRONG – it’s the REVERSE – but I didn’t know it until I dug into the chronology.


The Matthew Shepard hoax story LOOKS like the origin of the movie Brokeback Mountain in “normie political news-viewer world”. It appears like the murder “brought to light” the “gay cowboy phenomenon” which had always been there – we just didn’t know about it. Granted, there ARE gays in the redneck and cowboy worlds, but it’s not nearly as big a deal as the leftist fake news wants it to be. The TRUTH is that in liberal artistic world, the Matthew Shepard murder was a VICTIM-SYMPATHY BOOSTER (just barely) for a liberal-beloved fictional story INTO a movie.

Stated another way, a DRUG REALITY was re-told into conformance with a PRE-EXISTING BUT RELATIVELY UNKNOWN LIBERAL FICTION, which not only yielded POLITICAL ACTION, but TIPPED THE BALANCE for ARTISTIC LEVELING-UP.

The reality is not nice. A BOTTOM GAY GUY was killed by two TOP GAY GUYS in the very dangerous “meth + gay sex” world. Death is a common problem in that world – see Ed Buck. The difference here is that literature-savvy gay activists were among the first to react, possibly as “witness distancing”, and quickly turned a “bad for gays” drug story into an anti-gay “hate crime”, and the fake news media lapped it up like mother’s milk.

From the article – this is CRITICAL….

But when Matthew’s friends Walt Boulden and Alex Trout heard of the attack they rushed to the hospital. They contacted the Associated Press and a number of local gay organisations that same day. Boulden, a 46-year-old college instructor who says he was the last person to talk to Matthew before he met McKinney and Henderson, linked the attack to Wyoming legislature’s failure to pass a hate-crimes bill. Boulden later said the assault was identified as a hate crime by a policeman.

But that’s not all.

Place this in political context.

All this stuff was happening during the SECOND TERM of the Clintons. I believe that for both Clinton and Obama, the SECOND TERM was designed to be the one where radical propaganda events would be undertaken. So the media minons and leftist pols were HOT TO TROT for “progress”, and this story, bogus as it was, was simply unstoppable.

NOW – let’s TIMELINE all this “gay cowboy” stuff. You will see that it shows the TRUE NARRATIVE DEVELOPMENT.

While you’re looking at this, consider MIMETIC THEORY as a bit of an explainer here. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Girard for a description of the basic theory, which is not immediately obvious, but which is extremely useful in looking at communist victim-substitution psychology and TACTICS.

HERE WE GO….. (includes some quotes – references listed at the end)


1992 – VERMONT journalist-turned-author Annie Proulx gets NEA fellowship

1992 – old-and-famous Larry McMurtry begins writing collaboration with young hottie Diana Ossana

1993 – Annie Proulx gets Guggenheim fellowship

1994 – Annie Proulx moves to Wyoming

spring 1997 – Annie Proulx is inspired to write story by a bar scene (ranchy-type guy scoping out guys)

1997 – Annie Proulx writes story

10/13/1997 – Annie Proulx short story “Brokeback Mountain” officially appears in New Yorker

fall 1997 – story is immediately seen by Ossana and optioned by Ossana and McMurtry at Ossana’s initiation

(Note that the way magazines are released early, this could have been in September.)

“That evening, I asked Larry how he would feel if any staunch Lonesome Dove fans turned against him for being involved with a film that subverts the myth of the American West and its iconic heroes. He replied that he’d never given it a thought. I told him good, I figured as much, I just needed to hear you say the words. That was the only time we ever spoke about any political implications to making a film of “Brokeback Mountain.”

fall 1997 – screenplay is produced by McMurtry and Ossana in three months

“We had a finished screenplay in three months, and sent it off to Wyoming. In a few days Annie phoned, and we spoke for over two hours. She had points she wanted to clarify, and a few corrections, but on the whole she seemed genuinely pleased with our work. I felt fortunate to have her input, because these people were born in her imagination. She and I spoke about Ennis and his stoicism, his background, his homophobic worldview, his inability to access his emotions. She talked a lot about Wyoming, its landscape, its people and their hardscrabble lives.

What she said to me in those two hours I mentally filed away. I referred back to it for the next eight years.

We sent the script to our representatives, who in turn sent it out into the world. Our Brokeback Mountain screenplay had been in existence for a year when young Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in Laramie, Wyoming. It was horrifying. It felt like an eerie mirroring of Annie’s story and our screenplay My daughter, Sara, was attending the University of Wyoming in Laramie on a basketball scholarship when they found Matthew’s body tied to a fence not five minutes from her apartment. I flew to Wyoming to be with her. While I was there, we went to visit Annie at her home in Centennial. We spent the day together, and she took us on a picnic up near the Medicine Bow. Annie was warm and welcoming, a strong, solid presence, and it was reassuring to Sara (and to me) to know she would be close by.”

10/6/1998 – Matthew Shepard killed and STORY CHANGED by last witness college instructor Walt Bouden

Remember: (“Boulden, a 46-year-old college instructor who says he was the last person to talk to Matthew before he met McKinney and Henderson, linked the attack to Wyoming legislature’s failure to pass a hate-crimes bill. Boulden later said the assault was identified as a hate crime by a policeman.”)

1999-2002 – film under discussion but it never comes together

2003 – deal to make film is reached

spring 2004 – production begins (Ang Lee director, Ossana producer)

9/2/2005 – film festival releases begin in Europe

12/11/2005 – limited [Christmas!] release in US

1/13/2006 – US general release

1/22/2008 – Heath Ledger dies of drug overdose

7/18/2008 – Dark Knight released (Ledger plays Joker)

Timeline References:





Diana Ossana’s IMDB:


Brokeback Mountain IMDB:


Brokeback Mountain release:









I don’t think Matthew Shepard was killed to make a movie, but I think he WAS killed for drugs, and then fit to a “nicer for gays” story that people ALREADY wanted to believe. The fact that his re-told death meant MONEY for the Democrat-media-entertainment-arts-propaganda complex only insured that the re-telling would STICK.

Conspiracy theories involving individuals are often wrong, but they are useful, in that they provide a skeletal road-map to a larger reality of social conspiracies. And those conspiracies ARE promoted by people with long and patient plans.

Although it may look like Matthew Shepard was conveniently murdered for leftist propaganda, IMO it’s more likely that his murder for drugs – knowledge of the abuse likely touching his “witness friends” – was conveniently RE-PURPOSED to fit a desired narrative, and KILL the real one, of gays, sex and methamphetamine.

Many people WANTING something to be true, and all of them white-lying, wishful-thinking, exaggerating, distorting, re-telling, re-casting, or even re-remembering things – but ONLY a little bit for most of them, and with malicious intent by only a few of them – allows ONE HUGE LIE to be hidden among a large number of people.

THAT is my diagnosis of what happened here.

Liberals BROUGHT THEIR CULTURE with them to Wyoming and IMPOSED IT on the alien cowboy culture there – in thought, then in STORY, and finally in FAKE NEWS AS STORY.

Communist social justice hoaxing followed “artistes” and gays to Wyoming, as sure as communist corruption followed the Clintons to already-corrupt Arkansas.

It was only a matter of time until they would speak a new reality into existence.


83 thoughts on “A Brief Chronology of the Wyoming Gay Cowboy Narrative

  1. The movie is not my thing — I’ve never seen it, and it ain’t on my list. I grew up in the LA area near Hollyweird, and now live in Silicon Valley right down from San Francisco — when I first moved up north, my across-the-hall neighbor was on hormones in a B&D relationship as a submissive — nice enough guy (living as female)….my knowing him ended up with a very successful job for seven years. I’ve had ample opportunity to observe various flavors of gay.

    The phenomenon around the movie, however, is horrifying and ugly. And it can be easily illustrated on one web page — https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0388795/plotsummary?ref_=tt_stry_pl#synopsis .

    Read the synopsis first, and then the summaries. How do these even refer to the same movie? The synopsis outlines betrayals, fixations, self-destruction, death, ruination and lonely hopelessness…..while the summaries are all Teen Vogue “TRU LUV!!!!!!!” — because, GAY!!!! FABULOUS!!!

    It is a classic example of Scott Adams’ “two movies on the same screen.” The synopsis reads like a reason to form stable relationships and stay with them; make commitments and live up to them; seek Divine Grace to cleanse you of previous sins and be righteous going forward…..while the summaries are all, “it’s OK to Par-Tay!!!”

    I’m actually sickened much more by the hypocritical dichotomy than I am by actual gay people — several of which I’ve found to be upstanding citizens (except for their wandering genitalia).

    That gloss of cheerleading has me regarding the film with actual revulsion.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve had as mixed an experience with gays as with any other group – overall positive. In the workplace, I found the OPEN gays (many of them discreet, but not pretending to be anything but gay) to be almost uniformly fantastic coworkers, and the organization was utterly dependent on them to get the job done.

      That changed to some extent with the arrival of politically radical gays during the Obama administration – the “gaystapo”. THAT is when things started getting bad.

      To me, gaystapo are like radical feminists. I don’t hate women because of the absurd radical feminists – same with gays.
      But when the radfem harpies have too much influence, they demand political goose-stepping from normal women, and things get ugly. It’s even worse with gays – there is a stronger pressure, it seems, to conform to gaystapo demands, or be excommunicated. When gays were basically forced to turn against Trump, things got really tense.

      Yes, it’s much better when people are in stable relationships, and that’s why I find it hypocritical not to allow gays the same stable slavery of marriage that everybody else has. 😉 That said, it’s still not a “normal” hetero family, and pretending it is, for raising kids, isn’t being honest.

      Trans is a whole ‘nother story. And with kids, it’s ABUSE. That granny who rescued her kid from an op sounds like a hero to me, even if that was doomed to failure. Transing kids is MONSTROUS.

      Personally, I think we passed the happy medium a while back. I think Trump knows exactly where that exit ramp is located, too, and I think a lot of gays who wish we were back there, at optimal acceptance, are going to be voting Trump precisely for that reason.

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      1. When your sexuality is your identity, when it drives how you conduct yourself in life, when it becomes the lens through which you view the world and the lens through which you command people to view you . . . it’s a problem.

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    2. I lost my bookmarks when we got a new computer, and now tried to find this to no avail in Lifesite news.

      About a decade + ago a young man wrote an article he identified as a man who happens to be gay, not as a gay man. Very good article. If anyone has the ability to search, IIRC it is worth the read, in the context of the time period.


      Back in the 60’s – mid 90s our little Florist’s shop was fantastic. Beautiful merchandise priced in the range to be affordable by the locals and others who came from miles around. “The Boys” who owned it had awesome taste, were delightful to speak with, and eager to please. They always confirmed family values, even though they happened to be obviously effeminate. I miss them.

      There was a book, After the Ball, that was written by a marketing guy, telling homosexuals how to gain acceptance. Will and Grace came next.

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      1. I should have added that “The Boys” had boom business, no discrimination, they were accepted as who they were. Nice men who served people with dignity, so they got respect. They never tried to push their lifestyle down anyone’s throat.

        Also, at that time the area was very clannish, old settlers families throughout the area.

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  2. Marxists want to destroy the traditional family.

    Lot’s of commies in the Entertainment Industry.

    So it’s hard for me to not suspect that the push for gay narratives in entertainment, is a part of the commies’ plan to destroy the traditional family.

    Cowboys are an iconic symbol in our US history.
    They are a symbol of rugged individualism and survival…and also a symbol of heterosexual masculinity.

    Pushing a ‘Gay Cowboy Narrative’ is like a twofer:
    It attacks the iconic symbol of the Cowboy…and attacks the traditional family too, by pushing the narrative that ‘homosexuality is widespread, even among cowboys’.

    Are homosexuals treated better under Communism than under Capitalism?
    Not really.

    Although homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997…and declassified as a mental illness in 2001…same sex marriage is not allowed and gays cannot adopt children.
    They are also not allowed any protections against discrimination.

    I think both the Brokeback Mountain story and the Mathew Sheppard story, were promoted to garner sympathy for homosexuals.
    And if you are not moved by those stories…then you are a ‘homophobe’!

    Both homosexuality and ‘racism’ are used by the Left as wedge issues to divide us.

    The ChiComs love it because they want to enslave and control us, by any means necessary.
    They have been pumping money into Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry and the Arts…because they want to use them for propaganda.

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    1. The family is how values are negotiated forward most honestly in a society, IMO, because it’s done with maximum CARE for the well-being of the next generation. Of course the decepto progs have no use for THAT!

      The ChiComs are ultimately hypocritical, because they’re basically extreme national socialists and the Han core are massive racists. No matter what they say, they’re in it for China, and the Han Chinese in particular. They push rabid gaystapo crap here, but at home in China, they scrub all hints of gay themes out of movies, unless it portrays gays negatively in a way they like.

      ChiComs! UGH!!!

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      1. Just a comment on the broader idea.

        There are 300+ Million in the USA. Our overlords have unlimited funds (that they steal from us) This means all they have to do is sift through the actual crimes and pick one.

        The Zimmerman case is a classic example. They picked it sight unseen because Zimmerman is a GERMAN name, then OOPS he is and LOOKS Latino…. So they hurry up and come-up with a new classification ‘White Hispanic” …. OOPS Gramdma is a part black from Peru.

        In the case of Jussie Smollett, the Trump supporters WERE NOT COOPERATING, and still aren’t, so in that case they had to MANUFACTURE the incident. Also they HAD to HAVE A NOOSE.

        The sifting through and picking a case that fits the narrative they want to push IS KEY.

        George Floyd also fits this pattern.

        They do not care if they get caught later, by then the damage they want to cause is done.

        False flags are a completely different technique.

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    2. The point that the left obsessively tries to occlude is that there is gay and gay….if I lived next door to Ric Grenell, I’d have no problem going over and capping him a cold one and inviting him to come over and throw something on the barbie. He’s a mensch that I’d be proud to know. Peter Thiel is another example. They have a real life that is not defined by their being gay — and they’re brilliant, talented people. And it’s actually fun for a heterosexual male to hang out with the right kind of lesbian to scope the scene — they know all the tricks. If they’re people first, neighbors second, and homosexuals around fifth or sixth, everything is cool — even with nutcases like me.

      OTOH, I’m still upset about having to deal with that Brokeback abomination. All the fawning praise over s*** they don’t understand totally disgusts me.

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      1. Most of all, this point of view cannot be honestly censored in a society that even dares to SUGGEST it is free. To me, acceptance and non-censorship of these viewpoints (against gay marriage and adoption) are a litmus test of freedom.

        There are legitimate reasons – completely separate from freedom of religion, to question the wisdom of gay marriage and gay adoption. No form of allowing these things can escape those concerns, and can only be done by compromising for reasons open to debate. All those compromises must be done WITHOUT compromising freedom of speech, religion, press, etc.

        Thorny issues that must be addressed honestly.

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        1. It would have been relatively simple for the wrong things that brought about homosexual marriage to be worked out by congress, such as allowing someone’s significant other to inherit as a spouse, collect SS as a spouse, attend to during impending death in hospitals, etc. instead of pushing things to the point of having SCOTUS make laws.

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          1. SCOTUS didn’t even resolve gay marriage properly, IMO – and the reason was that they did not want to AFFIRM First Amendment protections. If gay marriage is protected as freedom OF religion for sects or churches who want to practice it, then it automatically protects those who REFUSE and REJECT the practice as well – both in WORD and in DEED – meaning SPEECH and RELIGIOUS PRACTICE.

            All of OUR problems go away by giving control of marriage BACK to religions, with states simply honoring common practices as realities through common law. Which religious practice is “correct” is no longer their concern, nor can it become their concern. Joseph Farah of WND was the guy who got me to see this years ago, and I still think he was righter than SCOTUS about it.

            Sadie is right – the BOLSHEVIKS and those behind them wanted HATE CRIME LAWS to control us, and NOT the boundaries of well-articulated FREEDOMS.

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            1. I had an in-person discussion with ‘Gabriel Malor’ in Berkeley some years back about the issue. Of course, it was it was in the middle of a Moron Meetup, libations were poured, the noise level was high….and, oddly enough, it was in Berkeley…..

              Anyway, my general thesis was that allowing gay marriage was dodging the greater issue — how had government nosed in to the concept of marriage in the first place? Nobody had any idea how many times marriage figured into the US Code at all, or where…..or whether each one might have been an unconstitutional government intrusion in the first place.

              Besides, it was clear that “governmental marriage” was broken. A large percentage of Americans were shacking up (including myself — we’ve been 30 years together) and not getting married because the stinking pile of historically-fermented government assumptions was too dangerous to take on. As an illustration, we were both managers in the 1990s, when wild theories of “discrimination” and “harassment” in the workplace were commonplace.

              To digress to a further example — we laid off this guy who had been doing QA — He had a bright light and looked at PC boards and approved them for further assembly. About two days later, we’d heat ’em up, and some boards that he had approved would fail. When we analyzed the failures, they were from things like chip capacitors delaminating — errrrr, you cannot visually tell when a chip capacitor delaminates. And times were too tight to indulge in such fripperies, so we laid him off. And got hit with an EEOC complaint that I, personally, was prejudiced against blacks (I was running production at the time).

              OK, first: I was driving cycle time hard — that’s why we could see “boards inspected Wednesday failing by next Tuesday”. Second: the financial situation was really strapped, and we needed to improve efficiency. Third: I wasn’t doing the functional testing (test and align…..though they worked for me) or failure analysis (which worked for R&D and I had no input to….though great interest in the results). Fourth: the guy sat in the middle of the production area as a bottleneck and half the floor was annoyed with him. Fifth: Silicon Valley is a very weird melting pot, and I’d hired a variety of races in competitive situations based on who would be the best fit at the time — including blacks. And, finally, the one that absolutely pissed me off the most, sixth: I had no idea this guy was black — about 10% of our workforce had darker complexions and I didn’t give a good goddamn what they were.

              But such were the crazy laws at the time, there were financial incentives to the corporation to cut me loose and have me face a lawsuit on my own — let the lawyers asset-strip me — and, were we married, award punishing damages from our joint assets to financially ruin us. (It should be noted that this is part of the globalization outsourcing BS — a Han Chinese manager in China doesn’t risk financial ruin because he’s actually treating Uighurs like slaves, but a manager in Silicon Valley can face financial ruin if he lays off a provably useless employee who can claim [after the layoff] to be black, despite never being considered black previously.)

              Similarly, the Fiancee had an incident where one of her employees was found to be accessing porn on company computers for significant parts of the workday. When terminated, this was also asserted to be racist and pressure was mounted against her, personally, and the company to “cut her loose”, with hopes of stripping us from our assets.

              Had we been “governmentally married”, either of those might have ruined us both. We have never maintained ourselves as “married” to the government in light of this.

              Getting back to the broader point — with a body of law that was a travesty of a farce regarding marriage, why on earth would gays want to buy-in to the same failed program? It was a great time to rationalize the laws surrounding “marriage” and remove the governmental taint — while including our friends who might be in committed same-sex relationships in a common-sense way.

              But the chanting rioters were all about “gay marriage”. Mozilla even defenestrated Eich for it. IIRC, the first lesbian divorce to drop into the horrible pachinko machine of family court was a scant three years later…..

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        2. The only reason that queer marriage and queer adoption is a problem in our society is because the “solutions” were forced upon society without any ability to debate the pros and cons. Same with abortion.

          When there is discussion and democratic elections/selections about a subject, minds might be changed but division is minimized. The lawfare method of legislating has done enormous damage to our society by denying us the right to discuss/associate (a First Amendment protected right).

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  3. A couple points that come to mind with this:

    One, for at least 130 years, maybe longer, the American literature publishing world has been used to further social change. Pressure was brought to bear on any number of authors, including Samuel Clemens, to write characters with a specific purpose in mind. The original manuscript of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” for example, didn’t look anything like the final product. James Thurber, I think it was, had conflicts with a publisher over the same sort of thing.

    Frankly, a lot of 20th century American Lit was published just for the purpose of social change. So much of it is downright depressing. And then the stories were put on screen. It’s all about how capitalism suppresses happiness because we have to work to succeed in a lot of ways. Come to think of it, that sort of started with Herman Melville. Didn’t like Billy Budd and the one about the Scrivener in high school, and refuse to read Moby Dick even if it is Sister MB’s favorite book and she told us not to read it until we were 40 because we wouldn’t understand it.

    As for gays…being in the arts, I know a disproportionate number. I will say that the guys are less “in your face” than the women as a general rule. They are also perfectionists in a lot of ways, which is why they can be dreams to work with. The most professional manager of a music organization I’ve had the privilege to work with was a gay man, although I think he went that direction for acceptance, and I have reason to believe that. Most gays that I have met honestly need a good psychiatrist. The militant ones are angry for some reason, and the passive ones, honestly, have streaks of Oedipus Complex or were rejected by the same sex parent in some way. I mean, this is almost universal in the people I know.

    That’s part of the social change in relation to homosexuality that I think is being pushed. It’s no longer considered to be a psychiatric disorder officially, and it’s probably because somebody pulling strings likes the decadence of the lifestyle.

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  4. The Alphabet Agenda Narrative™ always falls apart when exposed to the light of truth.

    Have been investigating all this from a historical, psychological and theological perspective since before 2002 when the ‘gay’ ‘bishop’ business arose and split the Episcopal church. My family on both birth and marriage side was impacted by persons engaging in deviant sexual acts/lifestyles.

    Around 2016, I got banned from CTH over the issue because my narrative conflicted with theirs, and I stood my ground against the mods ZM, M, et al, stating that GOD and Scripture, science and statistics were united against the LBGTPXYZ narrative and agenda.

    Honest Science (research, clinical medicine) and Statistics (police, disease incidence, etc) always reveal increased risk and incidence of multiple diseases, syndromes, injury, violence, murder, mental disorders, suicide, early death.

    Re: Scripture: There is no Scripture in all of the Bible that affirms/approved homosexual acts or lifestyles.

    When Moses brought down the 10 Commandments from Mt. Sinai, the Israelites were already familiar with the proscriptions included in the term ‘adultery’ because of the 7 Laws of Noah.

    These Noachide laws preceded and provided foundation of understanding of the Mosaic Commandments. https://www.simpletoremember.com/articles/a/seven-laws-of-noah/

    The Noachide Laws are seven laws considered by rabbinic tradition as the minimal moral duties required by the Bible on all men. While Jews are obligated to observe the whole Torah – 613 commandments, every non-Jew is considered a “son of the covenant of Noah” and he who accepts these obligations is considered a righteous person who is guaranteed a place in the world to come.

    The seven Noachide laws, as traditionally enumerated are:
    1 Do Not Deny God
    2 Do Not Blaspheme God
    3 Do Not Murder
    4 Do Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships.
    5 Do Not Steal
    6 Do Not Eat of a Live Animal
    7 Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience

    Adultery in the Ten Commandments was clearly understood to mean all prohibited sexual activity.

    Western nations have eroded and degraded our culture and laws to accommodate personal proclivities that conflict with GOD’s laws. We have forged laws that enable us to break all of GOD’s commandments and some that would force us to do so. This has weakened us as individuals, as families, as a people and as nations. Throughout the Old Testament, whenever the children of Israel fell into heresy, apostasy, disobedience, they were taken captive by pagans until they repented. We are seeing this today in the rise and spread of Islam and in the rise of disease and mental illness. See also Romans chapter 1.

    We cannot break, alter or repeal GOD’s laws; they are eternal, written in stone by GOD’s own hand. We only break ourselves and others like ships on a rocky shore, when we attempt to do so.

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    1. Matthew 22:21 Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”

      Romans 13:1 “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities.

      Evangelicals failed to interpret these scriptures with the Marriage Act laws and alienated many people. Marriage is sanctified by God and not man. God’s marriage command is a women (chromosone XX) and a man (chromosone XY) are in Holy Matrimony. The fuss about gay “marriage” forgot God’s command about marriage. The homosexuals achieved a legal civil union (Caesar’s) but not marriage (God’s). Over 30 years homosexuals and heterosexuals have made acceptable the norms of domestic partners (shacking up), no bastards stigma (baby mamas & daddys), and homosexuality. Whatever is put on the birth certificate is considered valid and the gospel truth (so put married even if married by clergy only).

      The equality wanted by home/heterosexual domestic partners began as employer health benefits. I recall that in about 2000 Disney granted benefits to all domestic partners (married or not) equally. Homosexuals fussed about being recognized as family in hospital/health situation, easily overcome with a notarized Health Power of Attorney. Now income taxes can be filed as married or head of household. The IRS asks for no proof of marriage, just want the Social Security Numbers of all on the filing form including dependents. No problem for homosexuals. Banks recognized domestic partners since the 1980s with famous shack ups ex: Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Jack Nicholson. No barriers for homosexual domestic partners to get financing as domestic partners.

      All Christians should be married (man & women) by their clergy (the only truth told by Ihan Omar, married by her clergy to one of her husbands). That is a marriage in God’s eyes. No need to get a “marriage” license because marriage belongs to God not man (much about Christians as the Bride of Christ in the Bible). The “marriage” license was invented by man (Caesar) to prevent white people from marrying black people. Because they couldn’t get a license, interracial couples who would have been considered married before the marriage license was available, ceased to be married.

      But there’s more:


      Marriage license Wikipedia

      In summary, people of faith don’t need no stinkin’ marriage license in the US (with some exceptions). So getting one’s knickers in a twist about “gay marriage” give it to Caesar and Holy Matrimony by God.

      I let God deal with the homosexuals and whatever alphabet letter one considers oneself on Judgement Day.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. NurseSuzy,
        Wish I would have read down thread to see your post before I put out my feeble post. I totally forgot about the Health Power of Attorney, Domestic Partners, etc.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. They are known to the Jewish people/rabbis, perhaps through tradition or other writings beside our Old Testament, but are not contained in the canon that we read.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Love that thread churchmouse. I always believed that even though we are born with original sin, God instilled a rightful conscience in us that is corrupted by the society in which we live.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. The irony in this for me is, Brokeback Mountain, when viewed ONLY as a movie, not as social commentary, was IMO, excellent. Because it did what art is meant to do, evoke a strong emotional response.

    That film was SAD. It made me so happy not to be gay. I don’t think it glorified gayness at all. I think those commenters on the site cthulhu posted are so deluded by their prejudices about how great gay is that they couldn’t see the movie. Depressing is not a strong enough word.

    When I see movies that really affect me, I generally watch them at least two or three times. Not Brokeback. I’ve never watched it again.

    I live in the American West, and I know quite a few “genuine” cowboys. They are among the kindest, gentlest, most amazing people I have ever known. They are protective of women, children, animals, and ANYONE they would view as “weaker.” I don’t know a single one with a racist or homophobic bone in their body. They might beat the shit out of a drug dealer, but not an effeminate gay man. No way.

    It’s interesting, but people who work around livestock a lot have a different take on sexuality anyway. There are a certain percentage of rams, for example, that are asexual or only like other rams. Those ones are sent to slaughter pretty early. It’s just a given. It’s a biological flaw they just deal with.

    I think for most people, gay is not a big deal anymore. But militant, strident, hateful activists of any stripe are offensive. And they are the ones who get all the press.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Exactly — the theme of the movie is sad and a constant downdraft of lives. It’s a tragedy with no catharsis, no redemption, no relief. And all the happy chirping idiots were going, “being GAY is FABULOUS in Wyoming, now!!! — see it on the BIG SCREEN.”

      Liked by 3 people

  6. Just because, a true story about how tough real cowboys can be.

    My daughter’s on-again, off-again husband (long story) is a genuine Montana cowboy from childhood. He now builds houses for a living, as it’s easier work when you’re forty.

    When he was young, he rode bulls for the rodeo. One time, the bull threw him and came down full force on his chest. His breastbone was broken. They wanted to life-flight him the sixty miles to the hospital, but his Dad said no, they didn’t have insurance, and he was damned if he’d pay for a helicopter ride. So Dad put him on the back seat of the car and drove him to the hospital!

    Of course, Dad was the same man who once broke his BACK and lay flat on the living room floor for three days before he gave up and let them take him to the hospital.

    These men are tough like most modern-day people can’t imagine.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Aubergine, every now and then, when I worked on remote locations in west Texas, I’d come across a true ranch working-every-all-day-on-a-horse cowboy. If you looked, you’d see supernatural strength in his core/ back/ legs/ shoulders. Age was indecipherable. Competency level, in the danger zone.

      These fellows sometimes get into fights with one another. I think it’s for entertainment, like bronc-riding. I’d say the cowboys i’ve been around are gentle and protective of regular people.

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Rodney, It is the same mindset. They are men working physical (and sometimes dangerous) jobs. They KNOW their strength and do not want to hurt anyone.

        I had a friend (well several) who was a lumberjack and also a farmer. He farmed with horses as well as tractor after working all day downing trees. I think he was maybe 5ft 3 or 4. These BLM pukes would NOT want to mess with him! His arms were the size of my thighs and I have been riding, caving, hiking and backpacking all my life so my leg muscles aren’t small!

        Liked by 4 people

        1. Them lil guys built like tanks are not to be messed with Gail, my buddy mike is 5’5″230 pounds and lays 800-900 block a day and is one of them lil tanks I wouldn’t mess with and I am 6ft tall now and 235 pounds. Before I fell I was 6’1″

          Liked by 1 person

  7. The progression or path to same sex attraction is outlined in Romans 1 – the Road to Perdition.

    In human experience, it’s usually a hurt or anger, by or toward a close family member, that sets people on step one of that road – rejecting the pattern of nature, refusing to worship GOD.

    The human identity, self-perception and sexual behavior are the first things to get set awry, disoriented, distorted by trauma and abuse.

    Our brain actually changes throughout life – by positive and negative human interactions, conflicts, thoughts, words, deeds..

    That’s why therapy works – when the therapist and client able to relate sympathetically, productively, etc.
    That’s also why psychotics and psychopaths often have severe abuse, either experienced personally or observed done to another, usually in their family, as a common factor.
    Homosexuals often have anger and rage deeply hidden in their unconscious.
    Homosexuals and psychotics/psychopaths are made, not born.

    Liked by 6 people

        1. First they go after doctors and psychologists, etc. THEN they go after PARENTS.

          I just saw today that in Australia, they are considering similar laws on TRANS – and for PARENTS – that it would be a CRIME for a PARENT to talk a kid out of “transitioning” to the other gender!!!

          Utterly outrageous. If that passes, I say cut off Australia from FIVEYES – they’re worse than the communists! Marsupial Sovietism is just as bad as Maoism.

          Liked by 3 people

  8. Wow did this post produce some terrific comments. I’m always impressed by how smart and intuitive y’all Qtreepers are. Being’s how Matthew Shepard was from Denver, I followed the story with some interest. When I found out they were gettin away with putting out a false story in order to push an agenda I payed a lil more attention.

    We have a local radio host, pretty legendary around here actually, that has talked a lot about this. He’s had that “Book of Matt” author on several times and has tried to get the truth out for year’s. On a side note, this is the same radio guy that I caught the tail end of him talking about one of Wolfie’s famous post OT one time (still wish I could find that podcast). If I recall, he was also somehow involved with Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan, who got busted running a meth for gay sex scheme and went to prison.

    I never saw that movie and I’m not going to. I grew up in a time where everyone had pretty much figured out that it’s not cool to bash gays and I’ve known several as well. The vast majority of them I’ve liked, a lot actually, but I have a cousin who’s one of those militant leftist victim gays and it sucks we can’t really communicate anymore. He’s about 2 years older and was the cousin you liked to hang out with when you had a chance. He was the coolest kid, very attractive, funny, and totally popular. Not surprisingly he’s a successful architect now in California. Him being such a talented ballet dancer should have been one clue, not to mention mannerisms, but I was totally unaware (or in denial) until my early 20’s.

    It’s my belief that he rebelled against the church we all grew up in by accepting and flaunting his perversions. He gets so much sympathy and coddling by a lot of the family, my sisters included. I won’t mention the things he’d try to make us younger cousins do as kids but he was a perv from early on. I get it, I rebelled as well in much different ways, but by the grace of God I found Jesus and His gospel. My cousin found victim hood and a mission to get everyone to celebrate gay or else you’re a homophobe. But anyways, I never connected the murder to the movie before. It’s a real interesting angle Wolf, appreciate the insights.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Just remembered somethin, … smear the queer! Does that have a different name now or do kids just not play that anymore 🤔 Oh was that a popular game back in the day. I think we also probably overused the f-word back then without repercussion as well. Not talkin about f*ck either, that one would get your ass blistered by dads belt. I mean the other f word that everybody was calling each other back then 😄😆

      Liked by 6 people

    2. Thanks for the comments! 😀 Very interesting that Book of Matt was sneaking out into public via podcasts – THAT makes sense.

      That story about your cousin – oh, does he sound like some kids I knew and also when raising our own – some of the other kids. I see it as satanic and animalistic – the “smart little monkey” syndrome – and the desire for affirmation of the deviant by getting others to join in. Kids need to be warned – sex is a huge HACK into people, and it’s easy to just throw one’s life away, 1000 different ways, by giving into urges of all kinds.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. It is satanic and seeing that church/religion now for what it is it makes a lot of sense. I had my share if demonic attacks and oppression for sure. And also, that’s Peter Boyles’ program I was talking about. He still does a radio show here in the mornings and the broadcasts are archived as podcasts. I imagine some actual podcasters have undoubtedly talked about it though as well.

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      2. God gave us some heap big medicine with sex. Slaves of the evil one try to hack that power for their own advantage. The act of sex seems to spiritually tie the person to the land, the object of desire, and more. It opens doors into multiple dimensions of the person or persons involved. It trains the brain to seek more of “that” experience. When done in the context of covenant, the effects are multiplied for good or for evil.

        AND THEN there is the issue of transmission of persistent/stealth pathogens shared between partners. If our “sex ed” covered what is definitively known about GERM transmission, kids would’t even want to kiss before marriage. Maybe the WuFlu hoax could help youngsters be more likely to think first.

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    3. I too had a distant cousin (K), but one who I believe to this day was reaching out to me. But I failed. We were late teens. As we sat talking at his little brother’s funeral, he started to tell me how he was the person who should have died because he was adopted and his little brother was born of his adoptive parents.

      We were young, I had no concept of gay, he tried to tell me how he was not worthy to live because of things he had done in his life and he was not good. We lived many miles away from each other, but I always loved him in a way I still cannot put my finger on.

      He came to my wedding reception with either a guy or a girl, I don’t know to this day. The person was dressed with makeup like KISS except for the eyes, and that was 6 years before KISS was formed. They didn’t stay long. I was devastated when he and his friend came up to me.

      It wasn’t until another 5 years that I learned at a birthday party for my grandmother that K had died – and when I asked how, his first cousin whispered AIDS. In the 70s, that was a horrible death. I finally put two and two together then and realized that was what he was reaching out to me about.

      Sorry for the long drawn out story, but if I tried to edit, I would probably just delete the whole thing.

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Thank you for sharing that Ms Jane. I suppose that could have been an alternate path that my cousin might have taken. Perhaps he thought that taking charge of what he felt inside would somehow save his life. This is why we need to strive for grace and forgiveness. I was able to confront him on things a few years ago and he did apologize, in his way at least, but it’s just hard to be so polarized in our political views. And neither of us hide where we stand so we don’t interact a lot. Once in a while I’ll add something humorous into one of his comments but there’s too few opportunities to find commonality. I’m sorry about your cousin. Surely (hopefully) you know by now that you have no responsibility in his demise.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I know I have no responsibility for his short lifestyle. Knowing now what I know, I have no doubt there was abuse in his background before he was adopted or later. He did get into drugs when he left the city for the lifestyle in another city.

          I know what it’s like about polarization, I have 2 family members who are lesbians, one is “married“ and has a beautiful son from purchased sperm. Both of them got into taro cards then into “white” witchcraft.

          I pray.

          Liked by 4 people

  9. Thanks for trying to get the truth out, Wolfmoon. IMO, their main agenda was pushing hate crime legislation at the state and federal levels. In that regard, they were rather successful in exploiting Matthew Shepard’s death. I suspect this legislation needed to be in place for their big 16-year plan. Think about their frequent attempts over the years to manufacture a war between ANTIFA and “Nazis” and “white supremacists.”


    Liked by 6 people

          1. (((Wolfie)))

            Im in mask hell, I cannot wear a mask even under normal conditions. A PTSD. Now, the brain radiation has caused pain and itching and flaking around and near my ears to the point of sometimes near panic.

            I got kicked out of the ophthalmologist’s office back in June when there were no state mask orders, by a wench charging at me, who threatened to call e cops on me. She wanted to reschedule me but I didn’t think fast enough to figure out what happened. i tried to use the ADA which is worthless, because when I called, the haughty gov wench asked me, is it that you don’t want to wear a mask or can’t. I got run around phone numbers from her.

            I tried to schedule an appointment with another doc who specialized in diabetic eyes, but no way, no how without a mask. After all the rad and chemo, I am desperate. My eyes may not wait till November.

            Liked by 5 people

            1. I see a lot of people wearing a mask with their nose exposed, slung around their chin, or just so loosely fitting is has big gaps so people can breath. No one says anything….they have fulfilled the requirement of wearing a mask .

              Most masks qre too big for me and fall off if they hook around my ears. Plus, I am allergic to elastic. I wear cloth masks which allow breathing and go around the back of my head (thank you lady up the street). Every place the elastic hits I cover with benedryl cream (Even my scalp) and if things are really bad also the doctor prescribed strong steroid one that feels like vasoline.

              God bless you. I am so sorry you have to deal with this on too of everything else.

              I hope this helps.

              Liked by 3 people

              1. My deal with a mask is PTSD. I intermittently hyperventilate or not breath. Sometimes things happen to kids when they are young, and the trauma sticks for life.

                I figured out my fear about 30 years ago when I was refinishing 6 door jams in our home. When I had the sander going, I wore the mask, stopped sanding, turned away to breath. Totally freaked out.

                Back in the 70s I discovered snorkeling, love it and can do that. Always wanted to scuba, tried it and I hyperventilated really bad. Panic set in with the gear on as I was descending.

                There is so much mask crap that I had to circumvent every time I get my blood tested, now have Immunotherapy every three weeks, and have scans, I am in panic mode because of what a Karen will do to me. When they do, it hurts real bad.

                There is only one restaurant here in town where I feel safe. I go nowhere except to medical appointments and to the restaurant.
                Our Republican Gov. put out the mask mandate sometime in July.

                DH who has a deviated septum wears a mask so to try to appease idiots who would attack me.

                So sorry for the diatribe. Thank you for suggestions LM.

                Liked by 2 people

              2. That mask hyperventilation / hypoventilation is also promoted by the oxygen / CO2 imbalance that the mask itself causes. I have learned to “cheat my mask” by pulling out the chin frequently.

                Liked by 2 people

              3. That’s what DH does. The beautician told DH that an elderly man fell over with his walker when going into a store in the strip mall wher her shop is located. It messed with his peripheral downward vision also.

                Liked by 2 people

              4. For Plain Jane —

                I am extremely phobic about being punctured. After a certain age, doctors want regular blood work. This was very, very bad.

                After some years of “toughing it out”, I had an argument with my doctor about “if you’re going to require this, you’re going to have to deal with it” — and got a prescription for generic Xanax 0.5mg. The first blood draw afterward, I took one……didn’t feel less tense…..then took another……then resolved to power through as I had in previous years — and found, to my amazement, that I only had “anticipation” stress and not “execution” stress. While the needle was in my arm, I was, like, “oh, there’s a needle in my arm.”

                My second blood draw, I took one and still had “anticipation stress” (but less, because my most recent hadn’t been so horrible), but very little “execution” stress.

                You should not do anything “mission-critical” for the rest of the day — and I had to go through gyrations to get the 10 pills I got (now 7). But this might allow you to do necessary things. It’s not like Pharma doesn’t have bucketloads of that crap to provide to junkies, you might as well get yourself 10 to deal with stress in a lawful fashion.

                Liked by 1 person

            2. I have seen a lot of people wearing the neck gator/buff style face coverings when out at stores lately. There are even buffs made with silver (anti-microbial) that should be even better. No fussing with ears and you can pull up, drop down without a lot of fuss. I wore one at a grocery store this week. No one looked even slightly upset about it.

              You might not want to spend that kind of money, but the photo might give you some ideas.

              Even just a stretchy piece of fabric sewn into that shape might be enough to get “the nod.”

              That is, if your PTSD allows, of course.
              Praying for you!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Thank you for the idea Gudthots. One of my Radiologists even suggested apiece of lacy curtain to appease or quiet the Karens. He then wrote a note to make security allow me to go to Radiation.

                The thought of anything that can even slightly press against the bridge of the nose and slightly press the concha freaks me and I start shaking. It gets worse from there.

                Liked by 1 person

              2. Ah. Then the face shield is better option? I’ve worn it into many stores. Only push back was early on and the store security guard looked like an out of work bar bouncer on a power trip. No push back going into hospital/medical center multiple times.

                Liked by 2 people

              3. Not for the coveted eye appointment, not until the radiation burns and tiny to large blood blisters go away, which heat aggravates the itching. However it looks like an option that I might be able to rig with a headband and mosquito netting, not plastic.
                Thanks Gudthots.

                I cannot walk more than from my kitchen to the bathroom using my walker since the last chemo, and then the radiation and meds really took me out, so I am not even driving now. DH is doing everything. I can make it into my SAFE local restaurant with my cane because it is shorter distance than kitchen to bathroom. I can walk in my pool thank God. But even when in the temps 80s and the water at 91, I get the chills when there is a little breeze.

                Liked by 2 people

    1. A “hate crimes” future also explains why the Gaystapo got the Ohio “Freedom of Marriage” movement to self-scuttle on a state law that was favored by a majority and headed for a win at the polls – filled with guarantees of freedom of speech and worship, and protecting clergy from having to perform gay marriages.

      The proposal was literally the opposite of hate crime-oriented.

      The Gaystapo did it by lying to the Ohio folks about it being tactically advantageous for them to withdraw. The REAL reason is that it was not about freedom for the Gaystapo – it was about CONTROL and LOSS OF FREEDOMS. And – yes – OBAMA was behind the Gaystapo position, but hidden behind the scenes – NOT up front.

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